If You Can Organize Your Kitchen, You Can Organize Your Life(2020): Make Your Kitchen Unique with Our Home Decor Ideas.

If You Can Organize Your Kitchen, You Can Organize Your Life(2020): Make Your Kitchen Unique with Our Home Decor Ideas.

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Take a quick glance at your kitchen. What do you see first? A dingy, boring wall? Or worse, an outdated faux paint job complete with ivy or fruit-themed stencil work? It’s time to make a change. It is important that your kitchen is just the way you want because that will give you mental peace while cooking. You should enjoy being in the kitchen. Here are ten pocket-friendly kitchen decoration ideas that are of great use:

Things to Keep in Mind to Have an Astounding Kitchen Decor

#1 Select the Appropriate Kitchen Decor Items

The kitchen is indeed the heart and soul of any home. A great kitchen is always worth the effort. Once you have planned on the layout of your kitchen, then the next step is choosing the kitchen decor. Making use of the correct decor or furniture is a crucial step in deciding the look of the kitchen. Decor items include hand kettles, wall stickers, fancy racks, magnetic racks, knife holders, metallic wall arts, and other similar items. Before planning to purchase any item, consider the available space of the kitchen. Similarly, plan on the size of the decor items. Make sure not to cram up the entire space available as no one wishes to own a congested kitchen area. Additionally, the size of the decor should not overpower the space.

#2 Correct Countertop is Must

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The second thing that you should consider is the use of a correct countertop. A countertop is the most important element of a kitchen area. Hence, make sure you have a look at all the available options. You would not want a countertop to end with scratches of the utensils. Similarly, acids from tomatoes and lemons can stain the area. When it comes to purchasing the perfect countertop, make a point to look for low maintenance. There are multiple ideas that are available online from where you can take some great inspiration.

#3 Focus on Lightening of the Kitchen

Finally, another aspect that should be taken into consideration is the lighting of the kitchen area. Poor lighting can make working in the kitchen a distasteful experience. Additionally, poor lighting can bring about an overall negative look to the kitchen. Hence, make sure to select long illuminating lights to brighten up areas. Here we shall look into 10 of the best kitchen decor items that you can purchase.

Does Your Kitchen Look Boring? Make It Exciting by Adding Enchanting Decor Items

#1 Tied Ribbons

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Make your kitchen area a colourful twist with these light holders. They are the perfect pair of wall art that will beautify your kitchen space. Simply add them to the bare walls and watch the area glow up. The package comes with two metal bases, 6 tea light candles, and 6 glass holders. The tea light holder is made up of glass while the product base is made from metal. The decor pieces will add an amazing vintage look to the kitchen. The product uses only high-quality standard items to deliver the best experiences to the customers. To book your orders, simply checkout amazon.in.

#2 Stainless Steel Kitchen Storage Rack

Adorn your kitchen space with this amazing storage rack. This rack is the best accompaniment to fill up your spices all in one place. Never misplace your essential items with these lovely looking racks. This is your ideal sized shelf that will occupy less space on your countertop. The Stainless Steel offers durability and ensures the decor items lasts you long enough. Flaunt the rack with style and show your friends and family the new addition to your kitchen space at only Rs. 649 rack is also a great option for gifting purposes.

#3 Glass Containers

A glass container is the easiest decoration item for your kitchen. It is an item that will last longer and save you a lot of money in the long run. This set of 2 Glass Containers with lids is the perfect solution to store your dry ingredients. The dry ingredients will stay fresh and airtight for a long while. It will also be effortless to store and restore the ingredients without much hassle.

As glass is a non-porous material, it does not absorb any particles and hence is a great option for germaphobes. If handled with care, a glass container can last for a long time. It is also environmentally friendly and reusable. Displaying ingredients like flour, wheat, barley, oats, cereals, rice, etc. in glass containers is the easiest hack to elevate your kitchen decor. Consider them for gifting purposes or present them to yourself. The glass containers will be the perfect addition to your kitchen area. The price of this decor item is not more than Rs. 607.

#4 Spice Rack

A Spice Rack is essential for all cooks with a large variety of spices. This particular spice rack contains 16 containers along with a 360° rotating rack. Additionally, it has a multi-purpose scoop and funnels too. The spice rack helps to categorize and store spices individually. This makes sure they don't mix up or combine together. The stainless steel lids provide airtight storage.

The 360° rotating rack makes the spices easily accessible and very much convenient. The rotating spices in a spice rack add a little colour and flair to any corner. It is an interesting piece of kitchen decor that you should consider purchasing for your space. Click on the click to be directed to the official site wherein you can make your purchase at only Rs. 749.

#5 Eco-Friendly Bowl

A natural coconut bowl adds character to the kitchen. It is an eco-friendly bowl that will be a unique piece in your kitchen. This coconut bowl is a splendid take on plastic and glass bowls since it is made from a natural coconut shell. It is a multi-purpose bowl that can be used for serving cereals, smoothies, and ice-cream. Besides, it can also be used for displaying fruits and veggies.

Also, you could use them to store little trinkets or keys. Each bowl is finished with a virgin coconut oil polish, which makes the bowl last long. These marvellous bowls are truly unique since no two pieces are alike. Every bowl has a different shape, size, cut, colour and this is what makes it a treasure to buy. Own your unique piece of the bowl and bring your kitchen space to the next level with these Eco-Friendly Bowls at only Rs. 265.

#6 Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are some of the no-brainer decor items of a kitchen. They add a lot of style and personalization to the kitchen. They also carry some stories and memories which makes them even more irresistible. This set of 5 refrigerator magnets is of the 'Live to Eat' theme which makes it absolutely fit for the kitchen. Refrigerator Magnets can also be used to display art pieces, paintings, bills, receipts, post-it notes, to-do lists, etc.

They are some of the most bought souvenirs. This set of magnets adds a little artistic flair and expression to the kitchen. Additionally, they can be used to add a pop of colour to the kitchen area. They stand apart from the rest of the kitchen and that is what makes them unique as ever. If you have lost your heart on this item, you can buy it at only Rs. 795.

#7 Planters

Ceramic Planters is an unmissable decor item for any beautiful kitchen. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. This planter comes in an attractive dusted blue colour with ridges all around it. The gorgeous glaze on the ceramic planters makes it eye-catching. Ceramic is highly durable if handled with proper care. Maintenance is effortless too since it can be gently dusted with soft dry cloth. The ridges around the planter give it dimension and style. It will definitely be a refreshing and beautiful piece on your countertop. To place an order for the same, go to nursery live and have it at only Rs. 225.

#8 Prestige Tru Edge Kitchen Knife Board Set

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The Prestige Tru Edge Knife Set is the one important thing to have in your kitchen. The all in one set is a perfect addition to your kitchen space. The set comprises of five knives, a chopping board and a pair of scissors. The product is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability. Besides, the knives offer extra sharpness and have a sleek design that makes it an attractive possession. The vegetable acids do not affect the sharpness of the knives. Additionally, the chopping boards provide a clutter-free chopping experience. It is also a great idea to consider them as gifting pieces where they do not burn a hole in your pocket. Buy this at only Rs. 624 from Helmetdon. Also, who would not like a sleek and stylish knife board set.

#9 Asmi Collections Chef Wall Stickers

Add a personal touch to your bare kitchen walls and purchase this unique wall sticker. The stickers are eco friendly, removable, and self-adhesive which means you can easily peel and paste. The material for the same is PVC vinyl. The stickers are of high quality and are waterproof too. They will easily last for 4-7 years without any fade of colours. The product is easily available at just Rs. 249 and can be purchased easily from Shop Clues.

#10 Hand-Painted Kettles

The outstanding touch of a hand-painted kettle will amp up your kitchen to another level. This kettle is a beautifully crafted and hand-painted piece by talented artisans of Rajasthan. It will add vibrancy and culture to your kitchen. The rubber grip makes it easy to use. The colour of the kettle will not be affected by any hot beverage. It will be a beautiful addition to your normal kitchen, making it compliment-worthy. The intricate designs will impress your family, relatives, es, and guests. This unique piece will make your guests want to know where you got it from. It will be a delight to have it with your morning and afternoon tea. You can purchase the same at Rs. 803 from Flipkart.

Are You Going to Decorate Your Kitchen? Consider These Ideas

Do you wish to own an ultra-glam modern styled kitchen that will make everyone super jealous of your possession? Here are some of the tips and tricks that you could implement. This would change the look of your kitchen with a simple low cost and effort.

#1 Find a Focal Point

Visit your kitchen and look at the first thing that you notice. That has to be your focal point. Decide on a focal point in your kitchen and work on the same. It makes a drastic difference and does show up in the area. Focal points are usually eye-catching and draw tons of attention. One way you could do that is to paint a wall in a different shade than the others. You could also step ahead and add pieces of art or other decorative items to the newly painted walls. On the other hand, you could also try for textured or vibrantly coloured wallpapers.

#2 Open Shelving

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This is the new fad which is gaining popularity. Try implementing open shelves in the focal point. This will attract tons of attention and make the kitchen area stand out. Once you add layers to the wall, the beauty of the space will be intensified. Additionally, you could also add some lights under the shelves to illuminate the spaces. This will add a decorative touch to the room. Open shelves add visual space to the kitchen area and add great contrast to the room.

#3 Personalize the Kitchen Wall

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You can use chalkboard paint to amp up your kitchen area. It is a great inexpensive way to brighten your kitchen space. Get your innovative mind on and choose a bold and black chalkboard that will stand out. You can also use shelves or layers too and experiment with the same. There are multiple ways you can design and develop the kitchen area using the same.

#4 Cutlery on the Wall

There are a lot of magnetic racks that hold cutlery together. You can use these and dedicate a wall to place this cutlery. This is a sure shot to stand out an element that will bossy the look of the walls. Additionally, they are also a great way to save up on some stand space. There are multiple ideas that you can browse online. Choose the best ideas and implement them in the kitchen area to make your kitchen stand out.

#5 Have a Hanging Plant

Add a natural touch to the kitchen area by adding hanging plants in the corners. If you find any missing element in your kitchen, it is probably a plant. You could experiment by adding different kinds of plants in different corners to beautify the space. A kitchen is usually set up in a bright place which is the reason they are the perfect place to nurture plants. These beautiful plants bring a natural touch and liveliness to the kitchen area. Browse online for some interesting ideas that you can implement in your kitchen area.

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