Remodeling Your Kitchen or Thinking of Upgrading Your Stove to a Hob? Choose from the 10 Best Kitchen Hobs in India Suited to Indian Cooking (2020)

Remodeling Your Kitchen or Thinking of Upgrading Your Stove to a Hob? Choose from the 10 Best Kitchen Hobs in India Suited to Indian Cooking (2020)


If you still relate a kitchen stove to the old fashioned two-burner one, this article is for you. Stainless steel cooktops are a thing of the past. Aesthetically stunning kitchen hobs are in right now. Spill-proof, rust-proof, more burners than you probably need are the current trend. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on the best kitchen hobs in India.

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Why a Kitchen Hob is a Better Choice Than the Gas Stove?

Kitchen appliances, especially a cooktop is an integral part of any kitchen. A lot of things like convenience, safety and comfort have brought in a major change on how we perceive cooking today. The kitchen has become a creative place where we bond with our family members. If you are renovating your existing kitchen or planning a new one, among several things you also need to decide between built-in hobs or freestanding cooktops.

Both have their own pros and cons. So, it is essential to check your needs and usage before you decide one. These days, many of the households prefer a built-in hob as its smart and elegant look, best suits the contemporary kitchen decor. The concept of built-in evolved a few decades back when a horde of appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, coffee makers, food processors and hobs competed for space in the kitchen.

The increasing appliances and the need to make the kitchen look as sophisticated as the rest of the house, made it necessary to camouflage the devices and match it aesthetically with the other things in the room. All these things made the built-in concept quite popular. However, both freestanding and built-in are two different styles that cater to people based on their personal taste and the characteristics of their house. Several popular brands in India have introduced hobs in the market that are both versatile and stylish.

3 Tips on How to Buy a Gas Hob

Choosing a proper cooktop is very important when setting up a kitchen. Gone are the days when every other cooktop is made of stainless steel. Toughened glass and fibreglass is in right now. But you need to consider the below points before you proceed.

  • Material: The material used for the body of the hob must be corrosion and scratch-resistant and durable. These features will also give a premium look to the hob. The burners must be made of brass, as it will last longer.

  • Budget: Generally, we fix a budget before buying a product, but while buying a hob it is suggested to stretch your budget a bit if required, as hob is a fixture that remains in your kitchen for years. If you purchase a bad quality hob then you may have to replace it in a short period thereby spending an additional amount on installation.

  • Number of Burners: The kitchen hob is available in 3, 4 and 5 burner variants these days. More space is required for 3 and 5 burner hobs as compared to 4 burner variants. So, if you have a big kitchen and you don’t have to save space for additional cabinets then you can go for 3 and 5 burner stoves. Four burner hobs are quite popular as it occupies less space and a 60 cm chimney is ideal for this unlike 90 cm for 3 or 5 burner stoves.

10 Best Kitchen Hobs Available in India in 2020

Elica Brass Cooktop Hob


ELICA is one of the renowned brands in kitchen appliances, especially the cooktops. There is an array of models from the brand that are quite popular in the market and among buyers. You will find a perfect model that suits your requirement and budget from Elica. The stunning 3-burner Brass Cooktop from Elica is perfect in every aspect. It is stylish and draws you with its intense blackness and ruggedness.

The black tempered glass and stylish knobs perfectly match. The brass burners are spaciously placed and the dimensions are cleverly thought of. Tough pan support, reliable knobs, brilliant burner design, auto ignition is some of the features that make this hob standout among others. If you want an easy to maintain, reliable and budget-friendly gas hob to enhance the modern look of your kitchen then this is a perfect addition. The cooktop hob is available on Amazon for Rs. 12,999.

Seavy 3 Brass Burner Built in Hob


Seavy cooktops combine cutting-edge technology and quality material. The brand has an array of size, shape and cooking methods. Seavy 3 Burner Gas hob top provides efficient performance and an amazing design that is perfect for Indian homes. A few smart tweaks like superior brass burners, toughened glass top and a great auto-ignition are some of the excellent set of features of this burner hob top.

The corrosion-proof coating and rust-proof pan supports make it easy to use daily without having to worry about losing its colour or peeling. The hob looks stylish and sleek with an intense black appearance. It is backed by a one-year warranty. The price is reasonable and hence a great choice for those with budget issues. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 10,699.

Prestige Hob Glass Top Gas Hob

Prestige is a renowned brand for kitchen appliances in India. It manufactures a wide range of products from kitchen utensils to cookware and much more. The Prestige 3 burner glass top hob comes with brilliant features and is perfect for small to medium size families. The hob has 3 sabaf burners that are specially designed to provide uniform heating thereby using less LPG.

The convertible design allows it to use both as a gas stove and hob depending on your choice. The pan supports are made of superior quality cast iron making it stable and durable. It comes with a toughened Schott glass surface. The cooktop is in dual colour (Black and White), which makes it very attractive. It is ultra-slim and fits in kitchens of any size. The price is around Rs. 11,499 at Boip.

Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob (Pnh6b6b101)

Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob, (Black) is an elegantly designed kitchen appliance with premium quality and features. The seamless modern design of these hobs is perfect for any kitchen. The pan supports have a perfect geometrical shape that ensures utmost safety and stability. This 4 burner gas stove comes with tempered glass and is square in shape. The hob has a beautiful black finish and the quality is no doubt top-notch. It is one of the highly-rated Bosch Products.

The hob has auto-ignition with easy to use and sturdy knobs. However, the burners are made of aluminium which is the only con of this fabulous hob. Nevertheless, the hob is specifically developed to cater to the Indian market and the even and efficient flame from the powerful burners are perfect to cook any Indian cuisine. It comes with a 2-year warranty. The price of the hob is approximately around 21,999 and is available on Flipkart.

Sunflame Ct Hob Gas Hob, Black

Sunflame is one of the oldest brands of India that is available from the past three decades. Sunflame CT Hob Gas is a great choice for people who are looking for an efficient, sturdy and budget-friendly hob that suits their contemporary kitchen. The highly efficient 4 brass burners are designed to meet the cooking demands of the Indian families. They are tough, durable and produces good heat to cook an array of dishes in no time.

The elegant and sleek looking hob has black tempered glass that is scratch and heat resistant. The glass top is also stainproof, so you need not worry about the spillages leaving any stain on it. The pan supports come with a special coating and the drip trays are made of stainless steel that is rustproof and durable. The hob is available on Tatacliq and the price of this easy to maintain and sturdy CT hob is Rs. 9,589.

Hindware Elisa 3b Built in Kitchen Hob

Hindware is one of the popular brands for quality and efficient products. The simple design and reliable knobs make Hindware Elisa 3B Kitchen Hob one of the easiest products to maintain. The hob top has many more positive features like well-placed burners, good pan supports and toughened cooktop. If you want an efficient and quality product then Elisa 3B would be a perfect choice.

The ZAMAC knobs give precise flame control which is efficiently used by the brass burners. The toughened glass and drip trays with enamel coating are the most discussed features of the hob. The price of this kitchen hob is Rs. 23,990 and is available on Hindware Appliances.

Glen 1073 Tr Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen is one of the leading brands in India for kitchen appliances. Glen 1073 TR Burner Glass hob has a smart design that makes cooking simple. There are 2 semi-rapid burners, 1 auxiliary burner and 1 tripe sized burner. This ensures optimal performance and produces a uniform distribution of flame. The sturdy pan supports are enamelled and can accommodate even heavy utensils without any hassle.

The firm grip stylish knobs ensure easy operation. The product comes with a 2-year warranty while the burners and glass valve have a 5-year warranty. The elegant hob is made of stainless-steel and glass-ceramic body and is available at an affordable cost. The price of the hob is 9,094 and is available on Glen India.

Faber Gb 40 Mt Cig Hob Automatic


Faber Hobtop is one of the best hobs that is known for its premium glass finish and scratch resistance features. This sturdy and durable hob comes with superior quality burners and an amazing technology that ensures the best safety for users. Besides adding a luxurious look to your modern kitchen, it comes with a long-term warranty for burners and valves. The innovative design and intelligent features make this one of the sought-after kitchen appliances in the market. The hob is also known for its efficient performance and sabaf 4 burners with 2 ring burners and 2 medium size burners. The price of this hob is Rs. 17,499 and is available on Amazon.

Pigeon By Stoverkraft Spark Series 4 Burner Automatic Hob Gas Stove


Pigeon is one of the popular brands in India for kitchen products and is a new entrant in the gas cooktop field. Nevertheless, the brand has become a favourite among people in no time. The Stovekraft Spark Series from Pigeon has a stainless-steel body that gives an aesthetic appeal to it. Ease of cleaning, energy-efficiency and quality brass burners, unbreakable knobs, drip trays, cast-iron pan supporters are the unique aspects of the hob. The aluminium gas cog offers high thermal resistance. The contemporary design makes it the best-suited appliance for a modern kitchen. It is available on Amazon for Rs 10,999.

Whirpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Hob


Whirlpool is one of the popular brands and is known for its high-quality. The Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas hob (Elite HD 704 Brass Gas Hob) is attractive, durable and comes with high-efficiency intellicook Brass Burners. The multi-control flame feature of these burners gives uniform heating and is best for Indian cooking. There is 5 years warranty on brass burners while toughened glass comes with 10 years comprehensive warranty. The price of the hob is approximately Rs. 19,990 and is available to buy at Amazon.

Related Topic: Difference Between Hob and a Regular Gas Stove

A stove plays a vital part in Indian cooking. You have to choose between cooktops and hob tops. Both are sleek but very different. Here are a few of their pros and cons.

  • Hobs are installed on the kitchen platform, unlike the traditional gas stoves that are just placed on it. Hence, traditional stoves can be moved while hobs remain permanently fixed.

  • Built-in hobs give a sleek and elegant look and it is integrated at the same level as the kitchen platform and the gas pipes are concealed. However, Cooktops are raised a few inches above the kitchen counter and gas pipelines are visible making it look bulky and hence not suitable for a small kitchen.

  • The traditional cooktops are priced reasonably and spare parts are available easily in case there is any damage. Built-in hobs are more expensive in comparison to freestanding cooktops.

  • One of the drawbacks of built-in hob is that the installation process is complicated. Also, if you want to replace the hob later, it can be expensive and can damage the cabinets. However, freestanding stovetops are quite easy to install all it needs is a gas connection. Moreover, it is portable and hence can be shifted to any location.

  • The major advantage of a cooktop is that it is easy to clean and maintain. The appliance has sturdy feet, so if there is spillage then you can clean it easily by lifting the cooktop. Besides, the burners and rings can be removed whenever you want to clean them. However, in the case of built-in hob extreme care must be taken while cleaning or using it. It is important to avoid any kind of liquid spillage, as it can damage the burners.
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Whatever the size be your kitchen, you have a stunning selection of hobs suiting your budget. There is no need to compromise on the aesthetic quality or the number of burners. Nor do you need to compromise on the material of the hob. Then, you have your selection between hob tops and cooktops. While hob tops are known for their artistic quality, cooktops are more functional. But cooktops are no less beautiful. Brands like prestige have come with stunning designs without compromising on the quality they are known for. Above all, do deep research on the safety precautions the hobs come with. Safety is a priority when working with gas stoves. Just don't compromise on anything. For something that is an absolute fixture in your kitchen for a long time, you simply shouldnot compromise on anything.