Want to Buy a Luxury Watch But Can't Decide Which Brand(s) to Go For? Here are the Top Brands for Watches That You Can Consider (2020)

Want to Buy a Luxury Watch But Can't Decide Which Brand(s) to Go For? Here are the Top Brands for Watches That You Can Consider (2020)

Wristwatches aren't merely a way to tell you the time; they are much more than that - they are a symbol of your style and temperament. You can't just walk into your meeting wearing a sports watch, and similarly can't go for your morning jog wearing your 24-carat gold watch! If you have been looking for the best luxury watch brands in India, you've found the right place! Here are the top brands you can consider.

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Watches Are Convenient

Most people think that they don't need to buy a watch because they have a phone that they can use to check the time. However, if you are in between a meeting, it may look as if you are being rude if you take out your phone, even if it is just to check the time when someone there is talking.

Moreover, there are some places, like school, if you are a youngster, where you cannot take out your phone no matter what. Wristwatch, on the other hand, you can carry everywhere, and to check the time, it only takes a second rather than fifteen on the phone!

Furthermore, you must have some clothing that doesn't have pockets. If so, you can't easily carry your phone and will have to place it in a bag. This way, it can take lots of time to check the time on, and a watch can really save your time.

Shows Your Punctuality & Conscientiousness

Other than adding to your style, watches are also a great way of showing your punctuality and conscientiousness. Watches show that you appreciate the importance of time and don't want to waste any of it. In actuality, they don't just make you look punctual, but various researches have proven that they have such an effect on you that you actually become more punctual.

This way, you will have higher chances of getting approved for a job proposal and even get quick promotions in no time. This is so, because, then you won't be late for office because you didn't check the time and got late for the train, and watches will help you to make a positive impact on your employer as well.

Top Brands For Luxury Watches In India


Source myntra.com

With its ventures like Nebula, Titan Eyeplus, and Tanishq, Titan has become one of the most trusted brands in India. It was formed by TATA Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation in 1984. It soon grew to become the fifth-largest watch manufacturer over the globe.

It, moreover, provides lifetime warranties for most of its products and even free insurance for its prescription spectacles. The company has also made innovation like the Karatmeter so that the customers could check the pureness of a particular gold.

The company's expertise is visible by its Raga Moonlight Women White Analogue watch, which can be bought from Myntra for Rs. 18,495. The watch has a circular case with stone detailing and time reset option. It, moreover, has a gold-toned bracelet and is water-resistant to 30 m, and also has a two-year warranty.


Source montredo.com

Blancpain was founded in the year 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in Villeret, Switzerland. It is the oldest watchmaking brand and saw various managements after the company left its management in 1932. In 2002, Swatch Group took it over and is still its subsidiary. It is known for its mechanical watches and makes only thirty pieces every day. It has made watches like The Great Wave, Fifty Fathoms, Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel, Tourbillon Carrousel, The Ladybird, and Villeret Shakudo Ganesh.

You can buy the Le Brassus watch from Montredo for Rs. 2,720,375. This particular watch shows the GMT, the month, moon phase, and weekday. It has automatic movement and can be worn by both men and women. Furthermore, it has a round form, sapphire glass, platinum case, and white dial colour. The diameter of its case is 42 mm, it is waterproof for up to 50 m, and it comes with a black leather bracelet.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Holdings, now known as the Capri Holdings Limited, is an American brand founded in 1981, in the British Virgin Islands, by the American designer Michael Kors. Now, it is headquartered in New York and manufactures clothes, watches, shoes, and handbags, etc. Moreover, it has over 550 stores and about 1500 in-store boutiques all over the world. It manufactures cheap luxury watches for women of all ages, and most of its accessories are manufactured in Italy.

The Mini Camille Pavé Two-Tone Curb-Link Watch is one of the best watches available on its online store in India. This two-tone Camille watch by Michael Kors will cost you Rs. 41,000 while really adding to your style. This luxury mini watch has been made with stainless steel and has silver-tone hardware as well as a 34 mm case, It has a Quartz movement and Pave topping chain links. Furthermore, it is mini-sized, has clasp fastening, and is also water-resistant to about 5 ATM or less.


Source myntra.com

Giordano began its journey in 1981 and soon became one of the best retailers of men, women, and children's clothing and accessories. Starting from Hong Kong, it has spread to about 40 countries over the world, with its over 2,800 outlets. The brand focuses on five values, namely knowledge, quality, service, innovation, and simplicity.

In 2013, it received the award of Global Emerging Market Retailer of the Year. It was named as one of the best companies in the Arab World by Forbes. Right now, it manufactures more than two billion products, including luxury watches, tops, bottoms, and other accessories.

The men's analog watch by Giordano costs Rs. 14,450, available on Myntra. This particular watch has a mechanical movement and has a round metal dial. Moreover, it is multi-function and has a time reset option as well as a two-year limited warranty. The watch is water-resistant to up to about 50 meters and has a black stainless steel bracelet with a fabulous foldover closure. The dial width of the watch is 42 mm, whereas its strap's width is about 22 mm.

Emporio Armani

Source armani.com

Emporio Armani is known to make one of the best clothing as well as other accessories like watches and glasses etc. The brand has boutiques in cities like Toronto, Bahrain, Jeddah, Bogotá, Miami, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, New York, and New Delhi. Moreover, its parent company, Giorgio Armani, was founded in 1975, by Sergio Armani and Giorgio Armani.

The Two-Hand Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch by Emporio Armani costs Rs. 31,000 and is a great representative of the type of products it produces. It has two hands with a quartz analog movement and stainless steel of 32 mm and 3 ATM. Moreover, it has a silver dial with a rose gold case and a silver stainless steel bracelet.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the most expensive brands in the whole world. The watch brand was founded in 1851, in Geneva, Switzerland, by Adrien Philippe and Antoni Patek. It is known for its complex mechanical watches and being one of the few companies to employ the Chrinifer M-15 X steel. Moreover, it created the most complicated watch, the 'Calibre 89', for its 150th anniversary.

Its watches have been worn by Christian IX, King of Italy, the Sultan of Egypt, the Queen and King of Denmark, and John Mayer. The most expensive watch by the company was the Henry Graves Supercomplication 18-carat gold that sold for 24 million dollars.

The expensiveness of the brand is visible through its model Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial Sky Rose Gold and Diamonds Men's Watch, 6104R-001, which costs a staggering Rs. 30,011,360 if you buy it from World Of Luxury. This watch weighs 1.5 kg and has a diameter of 44 mm. It has a clasp fold over, is water-resistant to 30 meters, and its band is made with crocodile leather. It has silver-tone hands, black dial, a rose gold case, a swiss label, a diamond bezel, and a round case.

Tommy Hilfiger

Source myntra.com

Founded in the year 1985, by Tommy Hilfiger, the brand has risen to have over 1500 outlets over the world. It has become one of the most expensive brands of all time in India that sells clothing as well as accessories like watches, eyewear, and belts, etc. It has stores in over 90 countries and is one of the most liked brands as well that manufactured men's, women's, and also kid's products. It, furthermore, produces products that are simple yet eye-catching.

A great example of the fine products that the brand produces is the Women Black Analogue Watch TH1782144 that costs Rs. 14,500, available on Myntra. It has an analog display and quartz movement. It is powered by a battery and has a calendar as well as a time reset option. Moreover, it has a textured stainless steel dial that is round and a black stainless steel bracelet with foldover closure. The watch is water-resistant for up to 30 meters and has a two-year warranty. The width of its dial is 35 mm, whereas its strap's diameter is 15 mm.

Things To Consider When Buying A Luxury Watch

Check The Watch's Movement

The very first thing that you need to consider when buying a watch is the mechanics used to make the movements. This is the life of the watch itself. The top watches contain in-house movements as they are convenient.

There are three major types of movements. The first one is mechanical, which is the oldest one and uses springs and cogs to make the movements of the timepiece. These will, however, require regular winding, which is a little inconvenience.

If you don't want any rewinding but the same tick as the mechanical watch, the automatic watch is the best choice for you. It uses the motion of your wrist to provide energy to the generator, which runs the movements.

Quartz movement is exceptionally accurate and uses a battery to run itself. The batteries only need to be changed after a couple of years, but the watch doesn't tick with this type of movement.


There are four major styles of watches. The first one is a sports watch. This, as the name suggests, is best for wearing while doing sports as it is sweat resistant and is too heavy, among other things, as well. Moreover, sports watches don't cost much.

The next one is the luxury watch, which is highly costly but signifies your style and personality. This one is best suited to be worn at business meetings and corporal events as they not only show you as a stylish and classy person but also prove that you are an accomplished person.

The casual and vintage watches can be used for various purposes, like for personal events such as birthday parties or other types of parties. However, these can also be worn at weddings and corporal events. They are cheap but look extremely ice if worn in the right way.

The Composition

Now, this is a really important one. After all, you don't want to find your watch broken apart after a little fall because you didn't have the time to check the materials that it was made of. For the strap, the best choices include rugged NATO nylon, a handsome calfskin, crocodile skin, or exotic stingray.

For the cases, luxury watches are now available in various, versatile materials. The handiest one is stainless steel, which won't be affected much even if it takes a hard fall. However, if you don't want a heavy watch, titanium ones cost a bit more but are more versatile and are lightweight as well.

Gold is a great choice if you want to appear as an accomplished person. Also, you can choose from yellow, white, and rose gold, depending on your style. Ceramic, on the other hand, always looks good and new as it is scratch-resistant.

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