Diamonds That Don't Damage the Planet? Move to High Quality, Intricately Designed Sustainable Jewellery at Unbelievably Affordable Prices

Diamonds That Don't Damage the Planet? Move to High Quality, Intricately Designed Sustainable Jewellery at Unbelievably Affordable Prices

Want to splurge on jewellery but the ongoing sustainability discussions are making you feel guilty? If you wish to buy jewellery but at zero cost to the environment and a clean conscience, it is time to move to sustainable jewellery. From high-quality lab-grown diamonds that resemble their mined counterparts, to contemporary jewellery that suits every occasion, you have a wide variety of options to satiate your love for bling sans guilt pangs! With this objective in mind for our readers we started researching trustworthy and high quality sustainable jewellery brands when we stumbled upon DiAi Designs. Read on to know more.

Why It’s Important to Adopt Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery?

Mining, whether for fossil fuels like coal or for precious stones like diamonds, has a disastrous impact on our environment. It disrupts the entire ecology of the place where the mine is located and the process is virtually irreversible. Many of you would be shocked to know that to mine a single carat of diamond more than 200 tons of earth gets displaced. What if your desire for that shiny diamond can be satiated by a lab-grown diamond which has exactly the same features of the mined diamond, is surprisingly affordable and comes with a lot less environmental impact? This is where ethical and sustainable jewellery comes into the picture. It not only ensures that the current generation can fulfil its desires for wearing sparkling diamond jewellery pieces but also that you leave a more beautiful and sustainable environment for future generations.

Producing Exquisitely Crafted Jewellery from Lab-Grown Diamonds

You would be surprised to know that a lab-grown diamond is optically, chemically, physically exactly the same as its mined counterpart. Moreover, it is as shiny as the traditional mined diamond and yet is available at jaw-dropping affordable prices! It also eliminates your guilt pangs because it has been produced using ethical practices and with minimal impact to the environment.

All these predicaments about conventional mined diamonds set Disha thinking. So, even though she comes from a traditional family of diamond jewellers, the yearning to go a step further and make a significant impact to our environment while achieving the aspirational fulfilment of contemporary women led her to create DiAi Designs.

Today, DiAi Designs is known for its exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces made of hallmarked solid gold with internationally certified high quality lab-grown diamonds which will make every woman proud without burning a hole in the pocket. Moreover, every jewellery manufactured by DiAi Designs comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty so that you have a worry-free jewellery owning experience.

We caught up with Disha Shah, Founder and Owner of DiAi Designs to know more about her journey and experiences, and the exciting things planned for her business.

At DiAi Designs, each design is made for the modern woman, from a modern woman just like you. All designs are intricate and painstakingly crafted, so you feel good about the jewellery that becomes a part of you.

Disha Shah – Founder-Owner, DiAi Designs

The Vision Behind Creating a Successful Sustainable Jewellery Brand with Disha Shah, Founder-Owner, DiAi Designs

Founder-Owner, DiAi Designs
Disha Shah
Disha grew up in Hong Kong and is a major in economics and management. After doing a few jobs and internships she realised that she wanted to do something different and achieve much more. She wanted to create modern, classy yet affordable diamond jewellery which people could wear every day. She wanted the designs to be contemporary, lightweight and minimal. She also wanted to do her bit for the environment by using lab-grown diamonds instead of mined ones. This is when she decided to setup DiAi Designs. Being an outdoor person she loves to be close to nature and is extremely fond of adventure sports.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • I grew up in Hong Kong and majored in Economics and Management and then pursued the Family Managed Business course in Mumbai. I worked at multiple jobs and internships but later realised I wanted to do something different!
  • Q. What led you to create DiAi and how did you go about it?
  • It was the vision to see majority of the people to be able to afford diamonds and be able to wear fine jewellery every day without having to spend too much on it. I wanted people to be able to have something to pass on for generations without having to think twice about it. So, that was my major motivation and inspiration. Apart from the lab-grown diamond aspect, the design aspect was equally a priority for me. I wanted to create modern and lightweight designs. I did a lot of research but I could never find the kind of dainty, minimal designs that I was looking for, so I decided to create them myself.
  • Q. What made you consider ethical and sustainable jewellery?
  • When I learnt about how lab-grown diamonds were made, I was amazed by how environmentally friendly and affordable they are, for days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I always wanted to create something that is luxurious and can still be worn every day, but I never knew how or what product to use. All my doubts ended when I found out about lab-grown diamonds. That’s when I realised I needed to use my creativity in a way where I can make durable, everyday luxury without compromising on the designs. I wanted to create designs that were stylish and modern, yet timeless, and lab-grown diamonds were the way to go for that. In our generation where everyone is much more practical, people want luxury without having to dig a hole in their pockets.
  • Q. What is your process and how much of the designing do you do yourself?
  • Lot of the designing is done myself. I don’t do the technical designing but I conceptualize the piece and think about how it would be styled. We then move on to creating how it would be durable and timeless. I like to discuss every new piece with the craftsmen, because their skill set is majorly underrated and the ideas they have to make the jewellery lightweight yet sturdy are impeccable!
  • Q. What are lab-grown diamonds and how do they compare to the mined ones?
  • Since a diamond (whether it is mined or lab-grown) is formed from carbon, its chemical composition and hardness is what is the most important. Hence, if these properties match, it makes a lab-grown diamond no more different than a mined one and it is indeed, as sparkly too! Lab-grown diamonds are essentially like test-tube babies, made in the lab with the same DNA as a mined diamond.
  • Q. How often do you find people are resistant to switching from buying mined diamonds to lab made ones?
  • In the beginning I faced a lot of challenges, especially since I came from a background of natural diamonds. My family and other people from the industry were very apprehensive about it. “How can we start working with lab-grown diamonds? We’re into the natural diamond industry”, they said. However, this was a practical decision, it made more sense. People had a lot to say about my decision, but a few months down the line, those people started purchasing from us too. Because as time went by and people started to think more practically, with an environmentally-conscious mind-set, they realised that lab-grown diamonds are the future. Of course with any change, comes resistance, and people were unsure about how these diamonds would last. But once they started to realise that the composition is exactly the same and there’s actually no difference, they were on board with the idea.
  • Q. What are you trying to achieve?
  • Often we get so busy with our daily work to sit back and think about this. When I’m lost or faced with challenges at work, I think about this question. It instantly motivates me to work harder and not give up. I want to walk on the streets and see 3/5 women wearing DiAi. I want them to feel empowered to be able to afford fine jewellery themselves and yet be proud to flaunt being a part of sustainable fashion.

DiAi Designs' Most Trending Products

Midi Halo Necklace

The Midi Solitaire Diamond is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, to give an overall bigger look. It comes with an attached chain that is dainty yet sturdy (suitable for your everyday use).The Midi range is for those who love solitaires, but are on a budget and don’t prefer ‘too much bling’. All diamonds are hand-picked for a flawless, white & lustrous look. Priced from ₹ 39,400.00 - ₹ 65,800.00 you can buy it from here.

Sun Moon Union Bracelet

Keep the universe in your hands, as a daily reminder, that there is something greater than us. Trust, believe and manifest with the two most powerful forces of our existence. The Sun and Moon are interlocked and flexible, giving movement to the bracelet style. Attached with a double chain for sturdy everyday wear. This beautiful bracelet is priced between ₹ 18,900.00 - ₹ 22,900.00 and you can check it out here.

Grand Oval Classic Fine Gold Ring

The Grand Solitaire Diamond is set on our all-time favourite, Classic Fine Gold Band. The fineness of the ring is what gives it the premium look, allowing the diamond to be in the spotlight! The thin band is a classic that is safe to wear every day. Pair it with a diamond eternity band to complete the look. The Grand range is great for investing in a timeless piece and for those who like to feel luxurious every day. All diamonds are hand-picked for a flawless & lustrous look. This beautiful ring is available for ₹ 77,500.00 - ₹ 2,18,000.00 and you can buy it from here.

Where Can You Find Them?

What Makes DiAi Designs One of the Most Sought After Sustainable Jewellery Brands?

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • Quality and finish are the most important to me. The way I think of it is, that if I were to order and spend this much on something I bought online, what would I expect from the product? Our team personally tries on every piece of jewellery like it’s their own, before we ship it, to ensure there is no major issue. In terms of the finishing of the jewellery, we have setup Quality Control after every stage of the production process.
  • Q. What makes DiAi jewellery better/different from those of other brands?
  • Every brand is unique in its own way and we love to support other brands, especially small businesses. Our customers tell us our designs, finishing and personal attention to every order is what they appreciate the most. We have had multiple jewellery brands, big and small, copying our designs and style, but we have accepted this and moved on with the thought that we must be doing something right, for them to do this!
  • Q. What are your own interests? (Optional: How did you spend time during the lockdown)?
  • I am an outdoor person and love all things nature and adventure. That said, a relaxing day at the spa wouldn’t hurt either. ;)

What's Next for DiAi Designs?

More and more collaborations. We are working towards this because I truly believe when you join forces and come together, you can create something magical!

Important Tips/Recommendations for People Buying Jewellery as a Gift?

When it comes to giving jewellery as a gift, it's something that's both sentimental and meaningful because it takes a lot of thinking to find the appropriate gift for your loved ones. And that's where we come in: we assist our clients in selecting the appropriate piece for their loved ones based on their preferences, as well as personalising the pieces to your specification, making it truly yours!

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Trust Only the Reputed Brands for Sustainable Jewellery

Once you have decided to buy sustainable and ethical jewellery you should buy it only from reputed brands that you can trust. DiAi Designs is one such reputed brand which has created a name for itself both in India and overseas. Share your experiences of buying and owning DiAi Designs' beautiful, sustainable and ethical jewellery pieces with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.