Get Your Hands on a Great Set of Kurti and Skirt, One of the Most Trending Ethnic Wear of 2019: 10 Kurtis with Skirts to Buy for All Occasions

Get Your Hands on a Great Set of Kurti and Skirt, One of the Most Trending Ethnic Wear of 2019: 10 Kurtis with Skirts to Buy for All Occasions

Ladies, aren't you keep staring at your wardrobe and think that all these dresses are getting old and you are missing something? Don't you feel like dressing up to something very casual and classic? So, here we are, coming with some great dresses to fill up your wardrobe with the trendy collection of the real-time world. Explore some new ideas and create your own style.

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Why You Should Have At Least One Kurti and Skirt Set in Your Closet

The best part of Kurties and skirts are, you don't need to think about society. From poor to rich, traditional to modern, everyone just loves this outfit.

They Look Super Trendy


There is no doubt in the fact that Kurti and skirt seem to be a trendy combo! And why won’t it be as you can literally wear it anywhere? From an official meeting to a simple get together and to even a wedding. You can rock this attire everywhere as it has its own charm and wonderful designs to please. There are today a number of designs in this combo available which is wonderful as you can experiment a lot. Indeed this is one of the main reasons for Kurti and Skirt being so trendy these days.

They Are Comfortable to Wear All Day Long


If you are travelling somewhere or attending all-day-long meetings or events, then you cannot find a better option than Kurti and skirt. This attire is comfy and makes you feel so light that you will feel quite light and active throughout the day. But make sure that you prefer lighter fabrics for it like cotton and georgette. They are breathable and hence perfect for the day.

You Can Mix and Match Them with Other Outfits


If you have even a single pair of Kurti and skirt then you have the perfect opportunity to mix them up with other outfits as well. For example, team up your kurta with palazzo or jeans or maybe other types of bottom wear for a simpler look. While you can pair the skirt with tops and camisoles for a western look. This is by far the best way to rock an outfit to its fullest.

10 Amazing Sets of Kurti and Skirt You Can Buy Online

Short Kurti and Skirt Set

One of the most striking Kurti and skirt set that we came across was this short Kurti and flared skirt combo. What took us by complete amaze is the colour of this outfit. The light blue colour gives such a soothing vibe and anyone wearing this outfit is going to look simply mesmerizing in it.

Both the Kurti and the skirt are made up of cotton. While the kurta is regular in texture, the skirt is provided in the crushed texture so don’t try to iron and ruin it. The short Kurti is fitted by the bust and has this flared look throughout which goes till the thighs. In fact, this small Kurti looks even more amazing as compared to the longer ones. You can definitely rock it at a wedding. Buy this skirt and Kurti now on for Rs.2,999.

Embroidered Kurta with Skirt Set

If you are looking for such a skirt and Kurti sets which are quite minimal with no embellishments and stonework then this one is for you. We found this very simple embroidered kurta and skirt set available in blue and white colour respectively.

The kurta is made out of rayon fabric while the skirt is available in cotton fabric. Going by the looks we are pretty sure that you can team up this skirt with other clothes too. Talking about the kurti then it is this shrug type Kurti with the jacket attached which creates a wonderful illusion of being two separate pieces. Furthermore, the layering looks wonderful and gives rich look to the whole ensemble as it comes together to make this superb Boho ethnic look. Buy it for Rs.2,175 from

Grey Cotton Printed Kurti with Skirt

We found a super pretty and super ethnic Kurti and skirt combo that you would like to get your hands on as soon as possible. This is perfect for those who are looking for different and minimal colours. This one is a grey Kurti with matching grey skirt which is available in the printed pattern.

The Kurti is quite long which creates a perfect ethnic look and complemented well by the peeping skirt from beneath. They have kept the skirt quite minimal and less flared too which provides great comfort and they are easy to carry too.

The Kurti is also printed with a little embellishment on its edge as well as on quarter length sleeves too. You can wear this Kurti to any parties or a small gathering with utmost ease and confidence. Get your hands on this piece which is available on for Rs.1,599.

Handblock kurti with skirt and dupatta

Fashion is ever-changing but timeless pieces can be forever. Check out this block print kurta skirt dupatta set. This is a classic choice with the stunning white and blue hand block print attire looking absolutely gorgeous and a lot feminine too. The kurti, skirt and dupatta all are made of pure cotton fabric which means you get breathable and comfy outfits here.

All three of them are pristine white colour and the print really complements it well. This time you get a long calf-length kurta with side slits and quarter length sleeves. The skirt is also fully flared with pleats in it for more ethnic touch. We really liked the dupatta too and as it is white you can team it up with other kurtas too. Buy this outfit right away on Myntra for Rs.2,749.

Ethnic Short Kurti with Skirt Set

We couldn’t found a better piece than this one for all your wedding needs. This red kurta and skirt set is the epitome of grace and class and combo truly looks so magnificent. And the best part of this kurta and skirt set is that it is available in blue colour too. Here the kurta is available in short length till thighs while you get a nice flared skirt with it which is so decked up in embellishments and detailed work that it looks no less than a lehenga.

Both the Kurti and the skirt are made out of rayon fabric and has intricate thread work done on it. The Kurti has a round neck and quarter length sleeves but unfortunately, you do not get matching a dupatta with this set. You can buy them online on Flipkart for Rs.1,499.

Designer Off-White Kurti with Skirt


Sometimes we come across such ethnic pieces which are quite simple but looks quite powerful and works like a magic for making a strong statement. This Kurti and skirt combo here is just the same. The designer off white and black combo is to die for, literally.

Here you get off-white Kurti with a black skirt and despite being so minimal, it is their design and pattern which makes it look super stylish and perfect for a cocktail party. The Kurti is A-line having a front slit and detailing like boat neck and cold shoulder sleeves. While the skirt is simply plain with no embellishments and patterns. The Kurti can be tied up to the back giving a very clean look. We would highly recommend this outfit for a wedding or party. You can buy it on for Rs.2,299.

Rayon Printed Kurti Skirt Set


We found one more Kurti and skirt set which is apparently the best choice you can make for rocking that wedding reception or sangeet night. This is a blue coloured all-decked up Kurti skirt set which looks absolutely ravishing and stunning.

Both the Kurti and the skirt are made out of cotton blend fabric and quite embellished which makes them perfect for big affairs. The kurti is knee-length having a mandarin collar and quarter length sleeves. It has this jaali work on all over it in foil print which looks quite amazing. Moreover, you can also spot this foil print on the skirt as well but it has been kept less flared. You can buy this set on Amazon for Rs.985.

Beige and Coral Striped Kurti Skirt

Deepika Padukone’s brand All About You never disappoints us, whether it is about Kurti and skirt or some western wear. This time we chose this beige and coral striped Kurti with a skirt with zero embellishments and a hundred per cent sass in it.

Let’s talk about the skirt first. You get this coral-coloured solid skirt with little to no flare in it. Made out of the cotton blend, this is lightweight and perfect to wear all day long. Now, the Kurti is rather stylish with a striped pattern on it and a drawstring on the waistline to tighten up with Kurti as per your requirements. You can see button detailing in the front and quarter length sleeves. This is perfect workwear look when you are thinking about wearing something ethnic to your office. Grab it now on for Rs.1,049.

Printed Kurti with Flared Skirt and Dupatta

We found one more blue Kurti and skirt set but it is entirely different from the one mentioned above. This is a lot more casual and the lighter piece where you get printed short Kurti with the lightweight skirt and even a net dupatta too.

All of them are blue colour but the Kurti stands out because of silver print on it. The short Kurti on this flared skirt truly makes it a perfect indo-wester outfit. The skirt is easy to wear with an elastic waist and drawstrings. All the elements are made out of cotton fabric which is very much breathable and airy to feel. You have the perfect opportunity to grab this attire on for Rs.1,979.

Rayon Kurti with Skirt

Rayon is probably the most loved fabric for its comfort and look, so we decided to pick kurta with skirt designs in this fabric as our last pick for this list. We got our eyes on this ice blue Kurti and off-white skirt. Despite being light colours, they both compliment each other so well and both the Kurti and skirt are made out of rayon fabric. We can say it is a fuss-free attire as it has no embellishments and works on it.

In fact, the length of the Kurti is till knees to keep things minimal yet stylish. The Kurti matches with the skirt well with the gota work on the edges of both the pieces. You can wear this attire to the office and even to small functions too. All you need is some really pretty earrings to go with it. You can buy it now on for Rs.999.

How to Style Kurti with Skirt like a Pro

You can not change anything easily except for your wardrobe style. So, what are you waiting for? It's not the time to see other's fashion style, its time to show your own style. We are always here to help you out.

Wear Long Kurtas

If you are thinking about achieving a more ethnic and feminine look then we would recommend you to wear long Kurti with skirt. Long Kurti is a lot more ethnic and traditional in terms of look and perfectly matches up with the skirt. The border of the skirt peeping through the Kurti is going to look simply amazing and it will give you a whole different appearance.

Get that Dupatta for a Super Ethnic look

Do you want to take things a notch higher? You should better pair up your kurti and skirt with an additional dupatta also. We would highly recommend you to go for this when you are attending a wedding or some other function. You can easily find a separate matching dupatta online or even in nearby clothing shops too. Don’t forget to go for proper accessories to go along with it.

Accessorize with Long/Statement Earrings

Gone are the days when necklace used to be the prime concern while accessorizing a certain look. Women are inclining towards the trend of stunning earrings these days and it works like a charm all the time. All you need is some long statement earrings to go well with your Kurti and skirt and you will be looking like a diva in no time at all. All you need is a little confidence to match up with your attire.

Choosing the Right Kind of Skirt

You can find a lot of types of Kurti and skirt combinations and you really need to know which one is going to suit your body in the best way. There are a lot of types of skirt available in the market and what you should know that skirt and lehengas are two different things for sure. A skirt is a lot less in terms of flare and way comfortable to carry. So, choose the type carefully.

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Combine modern style with traditional Indian fabric and designs

Pretty lights, fireworks and beautiful Indian wear, can anything else describe Diwali better? It’s the perfect occasion to show off your gorgeous desi side! This season show your friends, family and your loved ones, a different side of you. Kurtas and skirts have always been a part of Indian traditional wear. They have transformed over a period of time into different forms and styles. It is a very versatile piece of garment and can be worn in all types of occasions like formal, casual and fancy. These are just some examples there are other n number of examples out there to explore. So, all the best.