10 Gift Ideas to Impress Your Boyfriend's Mother and Tips on How to Handle a First Meeting

10 Gift Ideas to Impress Your Boyfriend's Mother and Tips on How to Handle a First Meeting

Buying a gift for your boyfriend's mother can be tough. So, here we have provided you with the list of items which she will be bound to like no matter how is your relations with her. Nervous about meeting her for the first time? We have helpful tips to help you soothe those nerves too!

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Boyfriend's Mom is an Important Person for Both of You

Your boyfriend's mom is an important person. You cannot ignore or neglect her. You also need not be terrified from her. Since the day you get introduced to your boyfriend's mom, you need to start building a warm and caring relationship with her. It is important that she likes you and you two should get along well. You have to be respectful with her at all times.

You need to earn her love and prove to her that you are the right girl for her son. You will have to put in some effort but always be yourself. It is not possible to fake a goody goody face forever and hence it is important that you be genuine. Speak out clearly about your opinions and at the same time always encourage her relationship with her son. If your boyfriend's mother takes a liking towards you, you will definitely make your boyfriend happy.

Tips to Win Over Boyfriend's Mom

Take Her Out for Lunch

So now you have understood that you need to put an effort to build a good relationship with your boyfriend's mom, here are some tips that can be helpful. The first important word of advise is to take her out for lunch. The idea behind lunches, dinners or coffee is to build a casual bond with her initially, and by doing this you two will get to know each other somewhat better. Bonding over food brings out conversations that cement relationships. You can talk to her about your future goals and also give her a hint that how much you love her son. She should know that you are here to stay for a long time and perhaps forever. She should know that you genuinely care for her son.

Go Out Shopping with Her

Once you know her a bit, you can take the relationship to the next level. Take her out for shopping as we all know how much a woman love that. You obviously do not go out shopping with a casual acquaintance. So now, that you both go out shopping together, the relationship has definitely progressed. While shopping, always be respectful. Give importance to her choices but do not buy anything till you liked it. This will make your stands clear right from the very beginning to avoid any issues later. Instead of buying something for yourself, offer her to buy something for herself as a gift. Your gesture would make her feel special. Don't convey any fake emotions, be natural.

Send Her Hand-Baked Goodies

Moms love hand-cooked stuff. How about baking some cookies or fresh bread for her. Through this, she will come to know about your cooking skills and maybe she will appreciate your hard work. She also feels assured that her son won't go hungry with you by his side. Instead of getting it delivered to her house, it would be a great idea to take it yourself. It is often easy to get to your boyfriend's mom's heart through food. Discuss some of your favorite recipes and ask her for some cooking tips.

Tips for Selecting Gifts for Boyfriend's Mom

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Keep it Simple

Gifting your boyfriend's mom could be tricky. She may not like something that you think is perfect. You need to play safe at first with your gifts until you know her well. Pick up hints from your conversations with her. Also, keep it simple. Do not spend lavishly on her gifts for she might consider you to be a spendthrift. Simple presents like kitchenware, some gift vouchers or a frame would do the trick.

Don't Make it Too Personal

You have no clue about her dressing preference, her color choice and her style. Do not spend on personal items like clothes, perfumes or bags. These are too personal and everyone has a particular style and preferences. Instead, go for neutral things like crockery, glassware and such decorative things.

Ask Your Boyfriend for Inputs

If you really want to hit the jackpot ask for some inputs from your boyfriend. This will help you to know exactly how she is. He obviously knows a lot more about his mom than you do. You might think that a glass bowl would be a perfect gift for her but he might just tell you the opposite. And he would be too happy to help.

10 Wonderful Gift for Boyfriend's Mom

Here are some tips to help you pick up the perfect gift for your boyfriend's mom. All these gifts vary in range and you can pick up something that appeals to you the most and fits in your budget.

Portable Music Player

This genius new invention is selling like hot cakes in India. With its typical vintage look, it re-ignites nostalgia and melancholy amongst our elders belonging to the 60s and 70s era. This modern portable music player called Carvaan has a typical 70's tape recorder look. It has a storage of more than 6000+ old songs. I am sure your boyfriend's mom would love this unique gift. She can listen to all her favorite old songs anytime and anywhere. Get this at discounted rates from Amazon. Priced at Rs.5,549, this one is an evergreen asset.

Gardening Tools

If your boyfriend's mom loves gardening, then here is a gift, that she will definitely love. Log on to seniority.in and buy her this lovely ten piece gardening tools set. Coming from Falcon, all the tools are high in quality. This one indeed is a very thoughtful gift and a sureshot way of winning her over. No one actually invests in a gardening tools set for a gift and when you do it, your gesture will be appreciated. This is a well-balanced selection of quality tools packed in heavy duty folding bag essential kit for all garden lovers. With these right tools, your boyfriend's mom can maintain her garden well. This kit includes all the necessary tools that can be used for weeding, transplanting, cultivating and growing while taking care of the soil and the plants in the garden.

Bed Linen

Pepperfry since its inception in India has done Indians proud with its large repertoire of luxury decor items for your house. They have a wonderful range of stylish bedsheets. Gift one good quality bed sheet to your boyfriend's mom and you will have her on your side forever. This one will speak volumes on your high taste in home decor. It is a thoughtful gift as a bedsheet is one of the most needed items in any household. The soothing floral print on a white base instantly perks up your bedrooms and also assures a restful sleep. Get this today at Rs. 1599 from pepperfry.com

Candle Holders

You can never go wrong with a candle holder. Priced at Rs 539, this suitable base for a candle holder looks pretty on your side-tables and bed-side tables. Crafted from iron and coloured in dull gold, this looks like a vintage artifact enhancing the overall decor of your living space. This can be a unique gift for her and will put the crowning to her beautiful house. Buy it from pepperfry.com.

Cushions Covers

Pretty, colourful, striking and comfortable, these vibrant cushion covers speak for your high-end furnishing choice. Impress your boyfriend's mom by gifting her these cushion covers. Reasonably priced, get these at Rs 399 from pepperfry.com. These are made from good quality materials and offer a soft and comforting touch. The engaging designs and colors of these covers will enrich your home spaces and will blend perfectly with your furniture.

Table Lamp

Urban ladder has some amazing home decor stuff. Browse through their large stock. Check this amazing table lamp reasonably priced at Rs.2,249. An impeccable fusion of iron, wood, and cane, this natural coloured table lamp has the grandeur to completely transform your living spaces alone. If your boyfriend's mom prefers minimalistic decor, then she will be thrilled by this smart choice. Order online today from Urban Ladder and enjoy quick delivery.

Hand Juicer

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If your mom always insists on extracting fresh juice for yourself then chances are that your boyfriend's mom would also have the same thinking. Our mothers have also instilled in us the importance of having fresh fruit juice and to stay away from canned ones. This handheld fruit juicer is a lovely invention which extracts not only fruit juice but also vegetable juice. Easy to clean and non-electric, this one is a smart choice for your daily juice needs. Gift this juicer to your boyfriend's mom and she will know how inclined you are towards fresh food. Priced at Rs 599, this one is a perfect buy. You can get this from Snapdeal.

Jewellery Holder

This pretty little vintage-style jewelry holder has a certain rustic vibe to it. All women love their jewelry. Gift this unique accessory to your boyfriend's mom and she will know how organized you are with your belongings. This one costs Rs.3,543 and you can order it online from uncommongoods.com. This one also ensures that you do not lose your delicate and dainty earrings as you can easily attach them to the edges of the holder.


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If nothing appeals to you or you are unsure of everything else, then give your respect with flowers. Often the perfect gift for any occasion, flowers say it all. Get this mesmerizing orchid bouquet from fnp.com and have it delivered to your boyfriend's mom at home. Priced at Rs.1,449, these arrangement comes with a glass vase which can be re-used as a desk organizer or to grow house plants, and can be redecorated with some DIY crafts.


Vibrant and cute, these fruits-themed coasters are a lively fruity addition to her dining tables. These will prevent her furniture from getting spoiled with the leaks, and add some colour . Get this unique set of 4 fruit coasters for your boyfriend's mom. It is a light and casual gift and sure to be liked and appreciated by everyone. Get this set for Rs 899 from bigsmall.in.

Bonus Tips to Get the Right Gift for Your Boyfriend's Mom

A big fact about gifting is that one tends to gift something that appeals to them first. You obviously never end up buying something that you would personally never use for yourself. This very fact about gifting makes it special. A gift not only shows your love and respect for the recipient but also speaks about your high-end choice. A gift makes the recipient happy and also impressed with your choice. Keeping this in mind, never compromise when it comes to gifting. A compromise does not mean your budget. Before selecting a gift, always have your budget fixed. This helps you to select the best available in your budget. A gift voucher for an elderly lady would seem rude as they obviously have their own money to spend. When choosing a gift for your boyfriend's mom, remember to never give her a gift voucher but always an item itself. These little tips help you never to go wrong with gifting. Happy gifting!

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Don't forget your boyfriend's parents

If you are into a long-term relationship then your gift list must include your significant other's parents too. Finding the right gift for his mom depends on three factors: her lifestyle, your relationship with her, and the length of time you’ve been dating your boyfriend. Give her gifts that encourage more of togetherness. Remember that she wants more of her son so gift something from the heart and show her that you care about her son.