Have You Thought About Getting a Gift for Your Husband on the Wedding Day? Here's Why You Should and 10 Things to Gift Him

Have You Thought About Getting a Gift for Your Husband on the Wedding Day? Here's Why You Should and 10 Things to Gift Him

Sure there are gifts galore at any Indian wedding - from the gifts for the groom and his family, the guests and relatives, those helping and just about everyone involved. But what about something personal, not from your family, just an intimate gift from the bride to her groom? He is going to be your husband from this day on after all. Make him yours with these special, romantic and memorable wedding gifts for husband.

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Things to Remember When Selecting Wedding Gift for Husband

Select a Gift that Will Last a Long Time

Gifting the one which can last for a longer time can remind your love for him whenever he uses it. Gifts always remind you of the time you received it a, and more importantly the person who gave you. Gifts should be like that lasts for a long period of time and could be used multiple times. Below you will find a few options for gifts that will last long or maybe forever, such as a watch, engraved cufflinks, or even a small piece of jewellery.

Make Sure it is Within the Planned Budget

Do not go for a very expensive gift, but make sure it is within the planned limit which should be set before purchasing any gift. Because gifts are a total surprise and there are chances that it is may not be very useful for your husband and in today's age gifting is all about considering the choices and preferences of the person you're giving a gift to. You can take gifts with exchange options, if at all it does not fit him or does not suit him then he can get it exchanges and if no exchange is available then decide all aspects before purchasing and one important factor is the price for that particular item should not be very high.

The Presentation Matters

The beauty of gifts is enhanced when you present it in an attractive fashion. Instead of making it a typical store wrapped present, you can get more creative and present your gift in unpredictable ways. For example, decorate it beautifully with love and use pretty themes as it is a wedding gift. You can write a note or love letter with every gift which add a very personal touch, and for the first gift you give him as your husband, it should be memorable.

You can also pack it in a funky way and make sure he opens it when he is all alone, or something which makes him suspicious about what you may have planned for him. You can hide the gifts in his wardrobe only to have him discover it out of the blue. The presentation is the key you see!

10 Best Gifts for Husband on Your Wedding Day

In the world of online shopping, there are a lot of options available. We have brought you to some of the best products available in the market. Now let's see a few of the options which you can consider while shopping for your marriage and at the same time you can explore through this. Have a good time.

Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Steel Black Smartwatch

Watches are gifts which are used by everybody and we also have the plethora of options available for watches. From so many brands offering some great watches in the market you can choose from the one you found that your would-be husband is very fond of and will go crazy by adding an exquisite watch to his collection.

Fossil is a brand which is known for their stylish yet elegant watches and now they have moved their signature style to meet the modern technology smartwatch. When talking about compatibility they can be paired with both Apple and Android devices. It will add a classic charm to his personality. It gives a professional look as compared to silicone band activity trackers. It will be useful in tracking his daily moves, activities, get updates on SMS etc. It is made up of stainless steel that will complement all his professional and casual attire and will go with the trend. Buy the Fossil Q Founder 2.0 Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Steel Black Smartwatch with a regular black strap from flipkart.com at Rs 19,995.

Ray-Ban Rectangular Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

Gift him a pair of shades that match his style on your big day so he can use them during your honeymoon afterwards. Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory and even promote eye health by keeping them protected from harmful rays of the sun as well as the dust. They can be used while driving, relaxing by the sea on a beach and during sunny days. A pair of sunglasses can create a unique look and feel, making him feel confident in his appearance. They help to make the vision clear, it's suitable for activities in bright sunlight, such as driving, and for snow, ice as well as water. It is a very cool sunglass with brown color and rectangular in shape. It will suit on every face cut and will embrace the looks. We recommend Ray-Ban Rectangular Sunglasses (RB4165). This item can be purchased for Rs.4,842 from amazon.in

Philips 13-in-1 Multi Groomer

Source www.amazon.in

A well kept beard does not happen by chance as there is meticulous grooming involved. When speaking about the beard culture, is that beards are sometimes associated with grime, dirt, and an overall lack of cleanliness. This is a stereotype that has died down over the years, but still persists in some ways today. So help your man trim and style his facial and body hair with one handy tool. The Philips MG7715/15 13-in -1 Face, Hair and Body Multigroomer Trimmer comes with 13 different attachments your husband can use to groom himself. There are plenty of advantages of using this over a standard razor or grooming kit. The groomer has been designed to reduce itchiness that is common after shaving, reduces the dreaded beardruff, prevents hair from getting rough and dramatically reduces rashes associated with shaving and helps promote hygiene. This item can be purchased for Rs.3,699 at amazon.in

Amanati Leather Biker Jacket for Men

Source www.amazon.in

Leather jackets are pricey pieces of clothing, but there's nothing like a leather jacket to keep him warm and comfortable. It will give your husband a rugged appeal. Jackets may help to showcase attitude as well. If good quality leather has been used in making the jacket then it will be of excellent quality and will offer windbreak and water-resistant features.

Get him Amanati Mens Slim Fit Biker Jacket made from Genuine Lamb Skin. The high-quality genuine leather jacket can be one of the good options as a gift. This jacket is made of soft, good quality leather which sits comfortable against the skin but it is also lined with satin to provide greater comfort to the wearer. Wearing this jacket would not only make your husband attractive but also will make him feel comfortable and keep him feeling warm and cozy. So if you're heading someplace cool after the wedding, this is the ideal gift for him. This can be purchased for Rs.6,499 from amazon.in

Amazon Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

A great gift in today's age is the gift of choice. You may or may not know enough about your new husband to settle on something he will value, and if there isn't enough time to think it through, rather than risk a gift which he never uses, give him a gift card.

This Amazon.in Gift Card in a Blue Gift Box card comes in a beautifully hand-crafted colorful box, and you can choose the gift card denomination as per your requirement. It contains a card inside it with sixteen digit code which can be redeemed in 365 days from the date of purchase. It can be used in parts or in one go as he wishes. There is a plethora of gift cards available today and if you know he happens to favor a particular store or brand, give him a gift card from there. We recommend Amazon for the sheer variety and comfortable shopping experience. The Amazon gift card can be purchased for Rs.10,000 or less from amazon.in

Apple iPod Nano Armband

Source www.amazon.in

Does he have an iPod Nano but uses it sparingly? Give him something that will help maximise the use of his favourite music gadget - an iPod armband. Before we actually get into describing the uses of this armband, let;s revisit the potential of your average iPod - apart from listening to music, it can be used to get your husband into serious shape. How? iPod can plan routes for his runs and he can load it with map details, distance and time goals. Cool isn't it, but wait, there's more. He can use it to learn foreign languages, record and play back meetings or lectures and so much more.

Which is all great but how exactly does an armband come in the picture? This particular armband is perforated to allow the skin to breathe, thereby reducing sweat build up, making it comfortable to wear for a long duration. The band also covers everything but the screen, not only protecting the device but giving access where necessary and also keeping the iPod securely fastened on the arm. When your husband has a way to use his iPod more, he will benefit from all it can offer. He doesn't have an iPod Nano? Aren't you tempted to get him one now? This item can be purchased for Rs.7,639 from amazon.in

Customised Couple Alphabet LED Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

A personalised gift with a special message can do the job for this day. Personalised gifts are perfect for your husband on the wedding day. Get him this Designelle 9 x 18 x 2" Couple Alphabet Led Lamp Customised and Personalised with Any Alphabet. The lamp is shaped in the initials of yours and your husband's names and will bear your names on each letter. It is a cute gift that you can use to decorate your new home or room with. This item can be purchased for Rs.2,250 from amazon.in

Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalised White Tower Photo Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

This wonderful gift choice will be personalised using memories and photos taken during your courtship period. If you have got a couple's photo shoot done prior to the wedding, you can use those images too to make a very personal gift for the both of you. This can rest on the stool near your bed after marriage and will help you remember the time you have spent together. It's a 12 piece image lamp with rotation or non-rotating option as required. It will have a plug and play facility and will be a glowing LED lamp in dark. The Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalized White Tower Photo Lamp measures 11.5 x 4 x 4 inch and is made of acrylic. The laminated adhesive based digital printing makes your images come to life. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,039 from amazon.in

Surprise Honeymoon Tickets to Sri Lanka and the Maldives

After marriage honeymoon is a mandatory phase for couples to get to know each other in a better manner. You can plan a honeymoon for your dream location with your prince charming. If you haven't yet made bookings and travel plans, try Sri Lanka; it is a beautiful place for two people in love yet the travel and stay costs are reasonable. Its an extremely soothing place which attracts lots of tourists every passing year.

It is a tropical and incredibly diverse island situated at the southernmost region of India, which offers holiday seekers everything from calm beaches to Elephant safaris to Pubs and oceans and beauty of divine hills with tea plantations around them. The peak time to visit the country is in October during it's monsoon or rainy season followed by drier weather. The best time to visit is in December to March so if your wedding falls during this time, consider making a trip here. There are several ways you can book your travel on websites like hellotravel.com where a 7 day tour package called Mesmerizing Sri Lanka And Maldives costs Rs 66,000 per person.

Diary with Your Thoughts About the Wedding

Whether you're starting a new job or heading off to start a new chapter of life, it always helps to always make note of some memories so you can relive them again. For newly married couples, making notes about your thoughts about the wedding in the days and weeks leading up to it, the anticipation of marrying the man of your dreams, and what you you look forward to in your married life can be very romantic reading material for your husband. You can also write the things you like about him and pen down quotes to relate with your current and upcoming life.

Use a plain diary to write down love notes for your future husband. Or buy this Writing Journal with Motivational Quotes: Diary with Motivational Quotes of the Day to Inspire Your Thoughts. The 150 page journal has lined pages with inspirational quotes at the bottom of every alternate page. This item can be purchased for Rs.519 from amazon.in

Bonus Tip: Plan Something for Him that Money Can't Buy

While we are at it, let’s make it clear, materialistic gifts aren’t the only way you can express your love to your husband. You can find other ways to tell him how much he means to you without having to spend a lot of money. The essence of it lies in the small things you do for each other which end up occupying the biggest space in the heart. Below is a list of things that you can do for husband dearest to make him feel extremely special and loved. Check out some useful ways by which you can make a special space in his life and heart.

Make Handmade Gifts or Cards that Show Your Love for Him

Money cannot buy everything we wish. Gifts which actually show you love and talent in your new home after marriage is predicted by handmade gifts you make for your husband. It is above every gift we purchase from the market. It is prepared with dedication wrapped with care and presents your the love you have deep within your heart. Handmade gifts include making lots of things at home and shows your creativity level. Few things like, cards, or a love note, a handmade sweater or scarf can be very touching.

By Doing Small Things for Him Like Appreciating Him

You do not always have to empty your pockets to bring a smile to your husband’s face. You can also show him the affection and care by doing simple things to win his heart over and over. You can be his personal masseuse and give him a nice back rub after a tiring day. You can plan a date without having to let him do all the work and take him back by planning everything out very carefully. You can also pop some champagne or have a couple of beers together to simply unwind and talk to each other.

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With marriages being the kind of high energy, frenetic events that they are, it may not actually hit you that you're married and this man in your husband. The vows have been exchanged, the dotted line signed or it may have started to come to you as you took rounds of the sacred fire; there are also the physical symbols of your new status. But give yourself time to let this knowledge sink in, taste the feeling of calling your sweetheart husband for the first time and acknowledge the significance of this moment. That alone can be a remarkable experience for both of you.