Find the Best Deals on Lehengas Online: 10 Stunning Lehengas on eBay That You Can Buy Right Now! (2019)

Find the Best Deals on Lehengas Online: 10 Stunning Lehengas on eBay That You Can Buy Right Now! (2019)

The elegant lehenga is one of the most beautiful of Indian clothing for women. Whenever anyone talks of ethnic dresses or clothes shopping for a wedding or big event, the first thing that come into our minds is lehenga. We bring you the best of the lehenga collection available on eBay. Not only are these hand picked dresses gorgeous, they are available at some remarkable prices, so start shopping!

Lehengas - the Epitome of Elegance and Style!

Lehengas have been a part of our tradition from the ancient times. The queens and princesses used to wear these. Lehenga are thus, the epitome of elegance and royalty.

Why Almost Every Girl Loves to Wear a Lehenga?

Lehengas are a symbol of our tradition. No Indian woman ever looked bad in a lehenga. In fact, we look elegant and royal in this. Thus, it is favourite of almost all Indian women! Here three reason behind the craze for lehengas in indian women.

The Royal Touch

Lehengas give us a royal touch. It makes us feel like queens and princesses, strutting out of their lush palaces! Is that not how we dream to feel? Lehenags make us feel beautiful and traditional like the queens used to feel. They make us feel royal!

Beautiful Designs

Lehengas are almost always designed with beautiful patterns or with a lot of bling or with both! Lehengas have amazing embroidery done all over or have sequins and fancy materials stuck and adorning the entire fabric. This makes them look elegant and charming.

Old World Charm

Since lehengas are traditional and have been around for centuries now, they take us closer to our roots. And we love that! It has an old world charm about it that makes us love these so much more.

The Top 10 Lehengas on eBay That You Can Buy Right Now!

We have dug up EBay and found some ravishing lehengas for you to choose from! Go ahead and select the one that will suit you the best!

Lengha Choli Indian Party Wear Lehenga Lengha Choli


Lehengas are the favourites of one and all! Women love wearing lehengas and men love to see their women in these! Almost all lehengas are party wears. But this one is definitely a party wear and how! It is smoking hot and exuberates glamour. This one is grey in colour with sequins and designs all over the skirt. There is a silver touch to it that lends the lehenga it's unfaded beauty. The blouse is yet another stunning piece! It shares the design with the lehenga and the lehenga choli. You can wear it to any party, be that a marriage function or a nice get-together. This lehenga is for the diva! Get this piece for Rs.3,163 in India and $43.99 in the US.

Navy Blue Lengha Choli Indian Party Wear Lehenga Lengha Choli


Here is yet another gorgeous piece that is enough to take your breath away! This lehenga set is gorgeous and elegant- all in the same breath. The skirt is a beautiful navy blue with golden designs adorning the entire fabric. The blouse is equally ravishing with intricate designs all over it, too. The choli is almost a contrast compared to the skirt and the lehenga. The colour of the choli is light orange and its semi-transparent appearance makes it look even better. You can buy this lehenga for Rs. 2847 in India and for $39.59 in the US from eBay.

Embroidery Lehenga Choli Pakistani Bridal Wear Traditional Heavy Lengha Blouse


Here is a treat for your eyes! This ravishing lehenga choli set will leave you drooling over it. This is elegant and beautiful. If you are one of those people who does not prefer a lot of bling, then this piece is for you. This lehenga choli has a green blouse. The shade of green is soothing to the eyes while being simply decorated with flowers at the shoulder. The skirt is just as amazing as the blouse. It is a blue skirt- navy blue, actually, and it has golden leaves studded all over it. The choli that comes with it is blue in colour and is made of the net fabric. You can wear this to all the awesome parties you attend and you can turn some heads! This lehenga will cost you only Rs. 3225 in India and $44.85 in the US.

Bollywood Indian PartyWear Lehenga Lengha Choli


I do not understand how to start writing about this lehenga. For one, I suspect this one is from fairyland or something because things from this world are not this beautiful! This lehenga is light blue in colour- like the colour of the clear sky with a thousand studded sequins all over it. If Cinderella were an Indian, she would have worn this to the ball! This lehenga is absolutely stunning and is made for the diva. The design is fresh and the colour is beautiful. You can wear it anywhere, too. Buy this beauty at Rs. 3307 if you are in India and for $45.99 if you are in the US.

Wedding Lehenga Choli New Style Designer Heavy Embroidery Lengha Lehnga Dupatta


This is a stunner right here. This is specially designed for weddings. If it is your wedding and you do not know where to get your lehenga choli from, or what to buy, this is it for you! This set comes in multiple colours like blue, navy blue, pink, red, maroon, rama, and wine. If you are wondering what colour rama is, it is a shade of green that looks very pretty. The lehenga, of whatever colour you choose it to be, has intricate work done all over it. The blouse, on the other hand, is of one colour and looks beautiful with the choli. If you are not the bride at the wedding, you will still probably like wearing it but you must check with the bride, first! You can buy this for Rs. 3364 in India and $46.78 in the US.

Sky Blue Floral Design Lengha Choli Indian Party Wear Lehenga Choli


Here is another stunner from a different world! This lehenga is chic and sophisticated and looks gorgeous! This one is fit and flare, which means that it clings to your body till your things and then flares up at the bottom. If you have a sleek physique, this is perfect for you. The blouse is equally beautiful. The entire lehenga is white in colour with floral designs made all over it. This is perfect for parties and festive occasions. However, we Indians consider wearing white on a good occasion a bad omen. Thus, you must be careful about that. You can buy this at Rs. 3307 in India and at $45.99 if you are in the US.

Bollywood Lengha Designer Dupatta Ethnic New Velvet Lehenga Choli Indian Lehenga


This one has a velvet skirt that is black in colour. The entire lehenga is studded with silver dots which make it look stunning- as all the stars of the night sky have come down on your skirt! The choli is even more stunning! It is made of a peach coloured net fabric that has floral designs made all over it. It, too, has a velvet finish that makes it look the best! Wear it to your cousin’s wedding or to the Diwali party you need to attend or to the grand Eid’s dinner! It will suit perfectly! You can buy this at Rs. 3078 in India and at $42.81 in the US.

Bollywood Designer Lehenga Choli Pakistani Ethnic Beautiful Lehengha Suit


Okay. So, if you think it is the time to thank us for bringing you these perfect designs, then hold up! We are not done yet! This piece that we dug up will make you forget many other designs. This lehenga set is a classic and has been recreated with a modern twist. The blouse is solid pink with absolutely no designs. That somehow, is very interesting to us. The hot pink colour is vibrant and gorgeous. The lehenga, on the other hand, is a lighter shade of golden that has floral designs extending upwards from the bottom of the skirt. It is beautiful and vibrant. Wear it to any party and kick some asses! Buy this at Rs. 2851 in India and at $39.65 in the US.

Yellow Studded Bollywood Lehenga Choli-Indian Ethnic Designer Lehenga


This is yet another beautiful lehenga choli set that is vibrant in colour. The skirt is yellow with sequins studded all over it. The blouse is golden and is similarly fashioned. It is bright and cheerful. You will feel like the Sun of the party if you decide to deck up in this. This is best suited for people with a lighter skin tone. Also, if you are in your twenties or early thirties, you will look great in it. We do not recommend this to ladies who are a little older than the age groups we have just mentioned, because this might look a little over the top on them. Otherwise, this is just as stunning as all the pieces we have mentioned before. The price in which you will get it at in India is Rs. 2444 and in the US, it is $33.99.

Top Selling Indian Lehenga Choli Flower Print Skirt Ethnic Wedding Dance Wear


Now, you are free to thank us! After we give you a detailed description about this last piece of lehenga, you will probably thank us even more! This one is one of our favourites sheerly because of how simple and elegant it really is! It is beautiful, honestly. This one is again best suited when worn by a young woman. Ladies with a darker complexion will look better in it because of the contrasting colours it holds. The blouse is solid blue in colour. Actually, navy blue. There are silver sequins at the hem of the top. The lehenga is more like a skirt and will be liked by people who do not prefer much bling. The skirt is cream in colour and has floral designs all over it. You can wear it to wedding parties or to any other party you will be attending! You can buy this for Rs. 2156 if you are in India and for $29.99 if you are in the US.

What Would Enhance Your Lehenga Look?

Now you are probably thinking that wearing a lehenga to a party is going to do the trick. But let me correct you slightly, it is not enough! A lehenga can be absolutely gorgeous but might not be enough to look ravishing without its matching accessories. You will literally have to deck up if you wish to look gorgeous. Don't worry if you have no clue regarding that. We will help you out! We have put down three things that you must include while wearing a lehenga.

Jootis or Mojris

Jootis look the best with lehenga. They are often brightly decorated and look beautiful. They have sequins and mirrors and various other little things that adorn them. The jootis add a traditional charm to your lehenga that is highly praised and appreciated.

Draping the Dupatta Right

We know that dupattas are often treated as old school items but trust me when I say this, these look beautiful with lehengas. Dupattas complete the look and make you look better. They add a certain amount of coyness to the appearance that is the asset of the Indian woman. Always take a dupatta or a choli when you are decking up in lehenga.

Matching Accessories

These are very important parts of our look! Not wearing accessories can be disastrous in some cases. Pair your lehenga with perfect accessories and sport them like a diva! Wear one statement piece and you are ready to rock and roll!

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Be ethnic be unique

Lehengas are a great choice to wear in indian parties especially at weddings. You can choose from the provided varieties, and also select directly from Select that match your personality and become the charm of the party.