Wear Bright Yellow Kurtis to Make a Bold Style Statement: 10 Designer Kurtis in Yellow Colour to Make You Stand Out from the Crowd in 2020

Wear Bright Yellow Kurtis to Make a Bold Style Statement: 10 Designer Kurtis in Yellow Colour to Make You Stand Out from the Crowd in 2020

Associated with humour, amusement and spontaneity, the colour yellow is bright, cheery and perfect for a summery day. Brighten up your day wearing this wonderfully attractive colour. Here are top 10 yellow kurtis that you can wear to work or just a day out. Read on and enjoy!

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The Colour Yellow is a Sunny and Versatile One

If you have ever closely observed the rainbow, you might have seen seven different hues of the colour. Every shade of the rainbow represents the different meaning of colour. Today, we are going to talk about the most vibrant and happy shade of the rainbow, that’s yellow. Colour yellow has that bubbly and the positive vibe around it can make anyone happy. However, yellow colour has been represented in plenty of different ways and styles. The sole meaning of the colour might be the same, but it has been presented in different styles.

Traditional Meaning

If we discover the meaning of colour yellow from the traditional and cultural values point of view, almost in every culture it stands for happiness, sunshine, and warmth. Yellow colour has been associated with different religions as in Hinduism and ancient Egyptian culture, this colour had special meaning and values. Yellow is the colour of caution and signifies strength in some cultures. Yellow has been part of every tradition around the globe.

Unique Meaning

Yellow has numerous unique and diverse meanings in the world. In Japan, the colour, yellow is used to represent courage. In China, the meaning of yellow is a bit naughty as the adult films are referred to as yellow movies. However, in Russia, it is used to refer the insane asylum and called a yellow house. The Mexican relate the marigold with the death and yellow is worn by the people in the condolence ceremony of the dead. In the Middle Ages, the yellow patch was used by the Jews to the label. Thus, in every era and in every culture, this colour has represented unique and different meanings.

Spiritual Meaning

The colour yellow is associated with wisdom and intellectual energy. It represents happiness, joy, warmth and new hope for everyone. So, it is a natural spiritual healer of the soul. When you are feeling low during the gloomy days of winter include some yellow clothes in your wardrobe and you can experience the sheer happiness and positivity engulfing you immediately. Yellow has a way to mend our depressed soul with the zeal and optimism. It works with our body chakras and eliminates anger, sadness, shame, resentment, prejudice, etc., away from the body.

Best Contrasting Combinations with the Colour Yellow

Ready to welcome some happiness and warmth in your life with the help of colour yellow? But don’t just drape a yellow fabric on you. Yellow might be a magical colour, but it can be bit overpowering, especially for the clothing. So, wearing yellow clothes is a big fashion blunder. Ideally speaking, highlight or match the yellow with a contrasting colour from the spectrum. There are plenty of different colours with which yellow works great and offers the perfect look. So, if you want to wear yellow clothes, don’t forget to highlight them with the following complementing colours.


Black and yellow together creates a very bold combination, but if the marriage of the colours is perfectly balanced they can deliver a sophisticated look. To make the colour combination perfect, use the black as the base of the garment and use yellow embellishments to decorate it. You can use yellow embroidery, stone, threads and all sort of different embellishments to enhance the yellow on the black base. Moreover, with the black Kurtis, you can drape the yellow dupatta over them to illuminate the yellow more.

Light Purple

The next hue that works very well with the yellow colour is the light purple. The purple colour is very subtle and elegant so when it is paired with the vibrant yellow, their marriage is one of happiness and vibrancy. It elevates your outfit to another level. In Kurtis, you can pair the yellow kurta with the simple light purple legging and you are ready to steal the show. However, light purple and yellow colour can be matched in different ways like embroidery, embellishments or dupatta of light purple colour on your yellow kurti.


If any colour can take elevate the yellow shade to a whole another level of the beauty that would be green. Lime and green colour combination is created by nature itself. If you observe the lemon tree carefully, you can see a perfect colour combination of yellow and green. So, on your yellow kurti use the green embroidery or embellishments and nothing can beat that refreshing contrast. Using a yellow net dupatta with a green kurti would highlight both the colours perfectly and creates a new vibrant hue out of it.

10 Sunny Yellow Kurtis to Order Today and Look Like a Bubble of Happiness

Are you ready to spread some joy? Are you ready to stock your wardrobe with the bubbly yellow Kurtis? Then, you have numerous options available on the market. Yellow is one of the favourite choices of many designers. That’s because Kurti is the perfect outfit for a casual sunny day or for any happy occasions. Not to mention it is also trendy. You have plenty of options in yellow Kurtis, however, if you are looking for the perfect yellow Kurti, check out the list we have for you.

Embroidered Pure Silk Viscose Straight Kurti

Source www.ajio.com

Modern and stylish are the two words which can be used to define this yellow silk kurti. This is a modern outfit because of all the side tie-ups and banded cuffs designed on the kurti. The beautiful embroidery crafted on the yoke of the yellow kurti makes it highly stylish. This kurti can be paired with the large dangle drop earrings and straight palazzo pants. Moreover, to complete your look, don’t forget to wear flat sandals with the Kurti. This amazing casual modern yellow kurti can be ordered from the ajio.com for Rs. 1,600.

Rayon Yellow Stitched Embroidered Anarkali Kurti

Source indiarush.com

So, here is the perfect green and yellow color combination kurti for you. The kurti has a plain yellow base on which green color embroidery has been crafted. Moreover, the stylish button panel on the right side of the kurti and that cute loops in the sleeves are the main highlights of the kurti. The Anarkali style yellow and green kurti has been designed on the rayon fabric which makes it a perfect outfit for a hot summer day. You won’t require any extra accessories with this yellow kurti which is available on indiabrush.com for Rs. 941.

Gardenia Yellow Cotton Kurti

Source m.voonik.com

Gardenia brand has designed this beautiful yellow straight solid kurti. This is a casual wear straight cotton kurti with the calf length. The round collar neck and the quarter sleeves give the highly professional look to the kurti. The highlighted part of the kurti is the straight panel black buttons which makes the yellow kurti more stylish. Just wear your small stud earrings and your casual office going look is ready. So, to look professional and stylish at the same time order yellow cotton kurti from voonik.com today for Rs. 648.

Yellow Crepe Straight Stitched Kurti

Source m.voonik.com

This is a yellow kurti by Gardenia in the crepe material. A beautiful A-line kurti up to the ankle length is the perfect outfit for attending kitty party with your friends. The kurti has a symmetrical purple floral patch in the center with the boat neck. You can pair this yellow kurti with the contrasting light purple leggings or palazzo. Moreover, you can use the light purple scarf or dupatta with the kurti as well. This is a workwear for the stylish women, so you can wear this kurti with simple stylish watch and stud earrings. This yellow crepe kurti can be ordered from voonik.com for Rs. 1,149.

Yellow Plain Cotton Straight Kurti Sold By Anuswara

If you are a fan of comfortable casual clothing items , then this yellow plain kurti from Anuswara is for you. This is a solid yellow kurti with the round shape back neck and Chinese collar on the front. It is casual knee-length kurti with the styling of a wooden button to give the extraordinary look to the kurti. You can pair the kurti either with your black denim or can with Anuswara Designed Palazzos to get an impressive look. This kurti is available on craftsvilla.com for Rs. 332.

Yellow Rayon Plain Calf Length And Layered Sleevesÿ Straight Kurti

Are you a bit tomboyish and want to wear bright yellow kurti with your capris or jeans? Then, this is the kurti designed for you. The comfortable rayon fabric kurti with the round neck or elbow sleeves is the ideal for college going or office going girl. You don’t need to wear any extra accessory with this yellow kurti. Just pair your sneakers with the kurti and to add a funky look to your attire, you can wear silver bangles also. This trendy kurti is available on craftsvilla.com for Rs. 462.

Mustard Yellow Coloured Laced Kurti

You can take your traditional look to next level with this standard yellow kurti. The embroidery on the front of the kurti is very finely designed to add the stylish look to the kurti. The kurti's viscose fabric makes it lightweight. The round neck makes it comfortable to breathe. The front pleats on both sides of the button placket give it an elegant touch. You can pair this kurti with the classic black legging and an ethnic Kolhapuri chappal. To complete the look, you can wear chunky jewelry and bangles. This kurti is available on mustardfashion.com for only Rs. 1,000.

Yellow Plain Viscose Stitched Rayon Ethnic Kurtis

Source m.mirraw.com

Okay, so if you are looking for the stylish kurti to wear daily and enjoy the comfort, then you should get this kurti. You can create the vibrant look with this yellow color rayon Anarkali kurti. The kurti has been designed with a round neck and three fourth sleeves. Moreover, the beautiful screen print border adds the vibrancy factor to kurti. So, wear black churidar and round earrings and you are ready to go to your office. This kurti can be ordered from mirraw.com for Rs. 1,039.

Embroidered Straight Kurta

Pink and yellow always work together. In this kurti, you will see beautiful yellow kurti with the pink floral embroidery in the front. The special embroidery type called kasuti is used on this kurti. This is a regular yellow kurti with the notch neck and three fourth sleeves. This calf-length kurti will look awesome with the pink palazzo. You can get this perfect pink and yellow kurti from fbbonline.in for Rs. 699.

Trendy Partywear Yellow Colour Full Stitched Taffeta Silk Kurti

If you want to wear pure silk yellow kurti on the traditional functions, then get this trendy party wears yellow colour taffeta silk kurti. This is an Indo western embroidered yellow gown style kurti which can be worn on special occasions. You should wear your traditional gold jewellery with this kurti and cream churidar. Order this party wear kurti from b4ufashioncollection.com for Rs. 799.

Be Happy, Be "Yellow"

When you are feeling low or had a bad day at the office, then you just need a little bit of happiness to keep you floating. And, that one droplet of happiness can be provided by the colour yellow. As we have already discussed that colour yellow has a deep impact on our soul and can help in healing our soul. So, whenever you feel low and want to give a boost to your inner happiness, then adopt colour yellow in the form of your clothing. The easiest clothing option that you can wear anytime and anywhere, is a stylish kurti. So, make yellow kurti a permanent member of your wardrobe and always stay happy.

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Style Your Kurti the Right Way

Kurtis is very easy to carry and style. They give women a flawless look. The best part about kurti is that it is not ages bound, anyone can wear it and it will make you look younger than your age. Make your style your kurtis with different bottom wear. Palazzo pants are high on trend right now. Keep the colours of your top and bottom wear in the same shape family. If you are going with different colour combinations with your top and bottom wear make sure that they complement each other. Style your kurtis with skirts and give your leggings some rest. As for the footwear, don’t be shy from wearing heels. Add a waist belt on to your kurti to enhance your look. Do not over accessorize with kurtis. They are a very simple outfit so accessorize accordingly. Style your kurti with jeans to give it an indo-western look.