Cute Couple's Gifts to Give on a Marriage Anniversary! Choose from Our 10 Modern Anniversary Gifts for Indian Couples (2020)

Cute Couple's Gifts to Give on a Marriage Anniversary! Choose from Our 10 Modern Anniversary Gifts for Indian Couples (2020)

Finding a meaningful anniversary gift for the couple can be quite daunting. Get some awesome ideas in this guide where we have anniversary gift lists drawn to get you inspired! Here are ten anniversary gift ideas that are definitely great for the couples you know.

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How to Pick Anniversary Gifts

Based by Year of Marriage

An anniversary is a special occasion. If you have received an invitation to an Anniversary party then you definitely can’t show up empty-handed. Flowers and chocolates are great. But what if the people you are buying the gifts for are people you are very close to? Like your parents for instance? Or your best friends? Wouldn’t you want your gift to be a bit more memorable in that case? Picking up an anniversary gift for a couple can be tricky business but not if you follow a few simple guidelines.

The simplest and oldest rule of buying anniversary gifts is by the year of marriage. The first year is paper, the second year is cotton and it goes on like that. Having a designated material for a gift can help you narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to pick a gift.

Based on the Couple's Personality

If you don’t want to stick to age-old traditions and play it by the book then there are other ways to select your gift. The couple’s personality is one factor which can help you decide. Usually, a married couple will have shared interests and things that they both like. For example, some couples love to entertain. If you are friends with a couple who loves hosting dinner parties and brunches then gift them a beautiful dinner set or a set of glasses. If the couple is bohemian and artistic, gift them a painting or a nice vintage poster. If they are into sports and love spending time outdoors, give them camping equipment or a set of tennis racquets. A bottle of vintage wine for wine lovers, movie festival passes for people who love art films and a great set of kitchen knives for gourmet lovers are all thoughtful gifts which you can consider.

Based on Their Age

What is the age of the couple you are buying your gift for? Are they in their mid-twenties or are both of them sexagenarians? People’s taste change with age and so does their lifestyle. The activities that a person in their twenties will enjoy may be different from that which a person in their fifties will love. You can consider giving your friends something a bit naughty like a dirty card game but if you are celebrating your grandparents’ anniversary then you definitely have to think differently.

Choosing your gifts based on the age of the couple also helps you narrow down your choices. There are certain gifts which work for all ages like crockery or home décor. But do consider their taste before you pick your gift. For older couples, we would suggest gifts like books, crystal, porcelain or metal figurines, a set of embroidered towels, comfortable his and her house slippers. For younger couples, you can pick your gift based on your level of intimacy with the couple. Quirky canvas prints, wine glasses, beer mugs and personalised gifts with fun wacky messages are all great gifts.

10 Best Anniversary Gifts for Indian Couples

Set of Engraved Wine Glasses


This is the perfect gift for the couple who can’t imagine date night without a glass or two of their favourite wine. Engraved wine glasses will make any occasion seem that much more special. The Engraved Wine Glasses set is perfect for a couple who likes a bit of fun in their lives. These stemmed wine glasses from the brand Ocean have a volume 0f 350ml. One glass is engraved with their names and a small custom message on the glasses. Just provide the information at the time of ordering. Buy the set for Rs. 1,299 from

His and Her Bathrobes

Bathrobes may not be the sexiest of clothing items, but they sure are comfortable. For the couple who are comfortably in love and like nothing better than to unwind together, get the His and Her Bathrobes from These white cotton terry towel bathrobes are not just super comfortable but fun too! They come with cheeky embroidered messages at the back which reads Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right along with a black moustache on the former and a red lip print on the other. You can add your own personalisation in the form of monograms and text of up to 15 characters. These robes come with an attached hood making them perfect for lounging around in. Give this set to a couple whose idea of romance is staying in and watching Netflix with a huge bowl of popcorn. Buy this amazing gift for Rs. 4,299.

Photo Album

It may be the age of digital photos now but for older couples, physical photographs are the documentation of their life and they need to be protected. A personalised photo album, therefore, would be the perfect gift to give to someone like your parents or in-laws for the occasion of their anniversary. Buy the Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Photo Album from The Pipal as an anniversary gift. This album can hold 200 photos of 5" X 7" size. The album comes with a cover and measures 11" X 10". The Photo album cover can be personalised on both sides at no extra cost with names on the front and anniversary date on the back. Provide your text at the time of ordering. You can purchase this classic gift at Rs. 2,179.

Gourmet Gift Basket

A couple who eats together stays together. So get your lovely couple a gift that they can enjoy with all of their senses. The Sweet And Savory Gourmet Hamper from The Gourmet Box does not just look appealing but tastes amazing too! This basket filled with sweet and salty delicacies is the perfect representation of a couple’s sweet and salty relationship. This amazing hamper comes with a pack of Flavored Oatmeal Cookies, a jar of Flavored Popcorn, a pack of Flavored of Seed Crackers, some Flavored Marshmallows, 2 Cereal Bars, a pack of All Natural Granola Pack, 2 mini bottles of Chocolate Fudge Gift Set and some colourful Candy in a test tube. The products are neatly packed into a beautiful box filled with colourful filler paper, faux florals and ties with ribbons. You have the option to add a personalised message which will be written on a pretty Gift Tag. Buy this hamper for Rs. 1,990.

Couple Bedsheet


If you want to gift a couple something useful that they will definitely use, then get them a set of bed linen. But we are not just talking about any old ordinary bed linen here. Gift them a set which will make their anniversary night seem like their first night together all over again. The You and Me Couple Bedsheet set from Yaya Café can put a couple into the mood for love. This set contains 1 Printed Double Bedsheet, 2 Printed Pillow Covers and is made from glossy cotton. The set is made of high strength micro fibre yarns that is super comfortable and stays wrinkle-free. It has a thread count of 400 and weighs 1.4 kg. The sheets are available in the colours pink, peach, beige and mango. Buy the set for Rs. 2,999 from

Set of Ramen Bowls

Gifting crockery for one’s wedding anniversary quite a traditional practice. But for young couples who prefer small intimate meals, a large dinner set is hardly an appropriate gift. For couples who love their Asian takeout, their noodles and their ramen, get the Ceramic Set of 2 Rice Bowls. These Asian style bowls are perfectly suitable for serving soup, ramen, rice, miso soup, etc. These bowls can hold a full cup of rice which is the serving size for one. Apart from noodles and rice, these bowls can be used for salads or appetizers as well. These elegant drangon fly print bowls come with lids to ensure that your food stays warm even after serving. They measure around 3-5/8 in Dia x 3-5/8 in. These bowls are dishwasher safe as well. Buy the set for Rs. 1,950 from

Decorative Bed Blanket


Cuddling on the couch all wrapped up on a chilly winter morning is the picture of a perfect Sunday for a couple. To make this picture a reality, gift the Raj Rang Multicolor Patchwork Vintage Throw Blanket to your favourite couple. Patchwork quilts have this quaint and cosy quality which makes this super soft blanket or throw not just a comfortable piece but a decorative one too. Use it in the living room as a sofa throw, or drape it over an armchair to add a splash of colour; in the bedroom for some light cover, as a picnic blanket, while camping, or anytime you need some warmth. It’s a reversible machine quilted throw which is super lightweight. It measures 51 x 67 inches. To maintain the softness and vibrancy of the throw use dry clean only. Buy this beautiful gift for Rs. 5,819 from

Foot Massager


Constant aches and pains can stress out a person and this may be the cause for conflict among numerous couples. While giving each other foot massages can be romantic, sometimes one just wants to relax and unwind without putting their partner to work. An electronic foot massager is an ultimate solution for painful feet.

Get the Dr Physio Electric Powerful Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine for a couple who needs it. This machine has been designed for pain relief and comes with vibratory function and different massage settings. It has the Deep kneading Massage which can help soothe tired feet, relieve tightness, increase blood circulation and release stress. Shiatsu and Reflexology therapy Rolling massage gives reflexology therapies to different organs of the body and to target the sensitive points of the soles. Acupoint Massage effectively stimulates foot acupuncture point which helps in pain relief and relieves physical and mental fatigue. This foot massager with air pressure has auto power shutoff, is easy to carry around. It also comes with a remote. Buy it for Rs. 3,999 from

Fondue Set


Fondue is perhaps one of the most romantic foods ever and can send your date night meal to new heights. The Homesake Ceramic Fondue Burner is therefore a great gift for a couple who loves to have a quiet romantic night in with some melted cheese and chocolate. This black and orange set functions with the help of a t-light, which makes it an eco-friendly device. This ceramic set is microwave and dishwasher safe. This sleek and simple set is easy to put together, use and to clean. It weighs just 535 gm and measures 14.5x11x10 cm. It can be carried on picnics, short trips and to the terrace for an outdoor meal under the stars. Buy this set for Rs. 650 from

Movie Marquee Photoprint

The saying is ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ and if you know a couple whose love story can beat the ones in movies then we have the perfect gift for them. The Personalised Movie Marquee Photo Print from is made to celebrate a couple’s unique romance in cinematic style. This creative movie marquee art features the names of the stars that is the couple and a special date. You can include your own title or pick one of three inspired by popular romantic films. Make your choice from a selection of full colour, film noir-inspired black and white, or classic sepia. This would be a unique way to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Order this unique piece for a price of $85 which is around Rs. 5,961 for an unframed one or $125 which is around Rs. 8,765 for a framed one.

Want something more relatable? Then why not gift them a special couples' portrait. Yes look for any great photo with the couple or their family and get it made as a portrait, either handpainted or caricatured. There are several options available online. One such is this option, where you can get a lovely handpainted portraint of the couple. Prices start at around Rs. 9000. Too expensive? You can also look for engraved plaque options that engrave the photo onto wood such as this site.

Send Them on a Surprise Date

Spending one’s anniversary with a bunch of people is not the most romantic option. The best surprise for a couple would, therefore, be a surprise date for just the two of them. Arranging a surprise date is not hard, but maintaining it is. If the couple in question is your close friend, relative or parents then it is another matter. Otherwise, take the aid of someone who is close to them. Make sure that they don’t slip up and ruin the surprise. Get them to take the husband and the wife to the venue of the date, but separately to maintain the illusion.

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Keep Anniversary Gift Simple And Fun

We all know it’s hard enough to shop for one person. But choosing a gift that strikes a balance between thoughtfulness and practicality can be a real challenge when it comes to couples. The key is to make sure you go with gifts for couples that take into account the pair's shared interests. Plus, you have to make sure you pick up something neither of them owns. Give gifts that are fun and surprising, without feeling cheesy.