Friends Getting Married or Celebrating an Anniversary? Give Them One of These 10 Amazing Personalised Gifts for Couples (2019)

Friends Getting Married or Celebrating an Anniversary? Give Them One of These 10 Amazing Personalised Gifts for Couples (2019)

Personalised gifts speak for themselves when they gain the proper reactions from the recipients they were intended for. Send thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to a couple who are close friends, and be a part of their joy and matrimonial bliss. Here are some cute and romantic gifts they can use for their home and will be forever grateful to you for.

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Why Look for Gifts That Can Be Personalised

Personalized Gifts Have Sentimental Value

Unlike ordinary gifts, personalized ones are way special and they definitely stand apart. When you shop for a generic gift online or from a store, you cannot really do anything about the way it looks and its design. But when it comes to personalized gifts, you can add a personal touch by customizing it. You may choose to add images or text to the gift images, for example. The recipient will end up feeling really special after receiving such a thoughtful gift. Most importantly, personalized gifts hold a sentimental value which other gifts lack.

They Help Build Stronger Personal Connections

If you wish to truly touch the heart of the giftee, then consider giving them a personalized gift. When you give someone a special gift that has a personal element, he connection you have with that person grows stronger. Let's say you are giving a customized photo frame to a newlywed couple. They would be really moved by the gesture when you put their lovely picture in the frame and give it as a gift. It brings you closer to the couple as they notice all the effort which you have put in. You can opt for writing a note or a card that you can tag along with the gift to make it even more special.

Personalized Gifts Are Ideal for Every Occasion

No matter what the occasion is, personalized gifts always work wonderfully. If it is a birthday, you can add customized text to add birthday wishes and put images with birthday graphics. If you are gifting someone on their anniversary, then there are customized rotating cube photo frames and the like which can be well suited for the occasion. Customized gifts give you the freedom to choose the way you want the gift to look, making them ideal for all sorts of occasions and you can tweak it to make it relevant.

Top 10 Awesome Personalized Gifts for Couples

Personalised Rotating Pen Holder


This is an amazing multi-purpose desktop essential. This wooden pen stand is a perfect gift for keeping all stationery items. It serves as an ideal desktop companion at home and even in the workspace. Moreover, you can personalize it with lovely pictures of the couple. All you need to do is upload any 4 high-resolution images which will be printed on the pen holder. It can be given as a wedding gift and you can select the best pictures of the couple together. Shop for this from Fnp for Rs. 649.

Mr. & Mrs. Personalised Anniversary Cushion Set


Looking for a perfect gift for a married couple? Give them this amazing cushion set to make their day special. It has Mr and Mrs written on two pillows with one pillow that holds the date of their wedding. It is available in white and is made from satin. The modern print makes it look amazing. Moreover, the pillow with the date has a Mickey and Mini picture on it which looks adorable. It is an ideal gift for a couple whom you are close to. Shop for this from IGP for Rs. 1180.

Personalised Couple LED Photo Frame


Surprise the couple with this personalized photo frame that looks amazing. It is a round shaped photo frame that has Mr and Mrs written on it. It makes for a very romantic gift which would look at home in the bedroom or the living room. You can customize it using a good photo of the two of them. Make sure that you put up a lovely picture that they can always glance at and feel amazing. Moreover, you can also add some text apart from the picture to make it all the more special. it will be a unique gift to give to the married couple on their anniversary or even as a just because gift. You can shop for the same from for Rs.1,300.

Heart Shape Paper Puzzle Made of Hard Board


Make the gift for the lovely couple even better by gifting this personalized puzzle to them. It is a heart-shaped puzzle that can be put together to create a complete picture of what you want. You can personalize it with the image of choice. If you are looking for a gift for the married couple then you can upload their picture while shopping for this online. The material used is hardboard and the puzzle has a total of 90 pieces. This adorable gift is suitable for an anniversary of the couple as well as any other special celebration. Buy it from IGP for Rs.400.

Personalised Magic Mug


This is a black mug which magically changes colour and reveals a picture when hot beverages are poured in it. You can customize it with a beautiful picture of choice. As soon as any hot beverage is poured into the mug, it changes colour and the image can be seen. Seeing this transformation is indeed a pleasure to the eyes. You can give this to any couple on the occasion of their anniversary or marriage. It is indeed a perfect gift of love. Shop for the same from for Rs. 349.

Elegant Personalised Couple's Ring Set

This set of shiny and elegant rings makes a great gift for any couple. You can easily add the name of choice on these rings. The glittery rings can be worn by the couple on a daily basis and they will be touched by this beautiful gift. All you need to do is to personalize the ring by giving the names of choice while placing the order. Be it their wedding anniversary or any special occasion for the couple, this gift works wonderfully and adds a romantic touch to the celebration. You can shop for the same from Archiesonline for Rs. 399.

Wedding Wishes Personalised Plaque

This personalized wooden plaque looks beautiful and makes an amazing decorative gift for any couple. It is a great way of making the day extra special for the couple. This stylish plaque has a beautiful wedding message written on it along with the names of the couple as well as their wedding date. It has a retro look and half of the plaque is covered with an image of the couple. You can choose a suitable image to put up on the plaque by selecting the personalize option while placing the order online. Shop for this from Archies Online for Rs.499.

Parts of Heart Personalised Pendants

People in love are inseparable and a thoughtful gift should resonate this feeling. Give this amazing set of the necklace to any beloved couple on the occasion of their wedding or anniversary. It comprises two chain pendants that form a heart shape. It can be personalized by adding the names of the couple on it. The couple can wear one pendant each that bears their name. it is indeed a romantic gift for the couple. You have to simply feed in the names of the couple while placing the order online. Shop for the same from Archies Online for Rs.399.

Valentine's Candle

If you are looking for a perfect gift for any couple then these valentine candles are the best choice. It has two heart-shaped designs that can be personalized with pictures you choose. You can select the best images of the couple and upload them while ordering the gift online. It has a glowing tea-light inside of it. The wax walls do not melt and are permanent. The candle is hollow and the tea light is placed within it to create a soft and pleasant glow. The quality of the product can be assured as the print is permanent. You can shop for this candle from Exciting Lives for Rs.899.

Personalised Square Framed Clock

Personalized gifts are undoubtedly charming and this gorgeous framed clock is a great example of this. It is a wooden clock that features the image of choice. You can choose a beautiful picture of the couple from their wedding day or any other romantic picture that they would love to glance at each day. This framed clock can be kept on any table or shelf to give an amazing appearance. You can upload high-resolution images to give it a nice look. Give it to any couple and see their reaction as they receive it. Shop for the same from Exciting Lives for Rs.599.

Tips for Buying a Good Gift for Couples

Choosing the right gift can be quite tricky. When you are choosing something for a couple, then it can get really difficult. Whatever you buy should appeal to them both and you have to put in a lot of thought before you present a gift to them. Both the husband and wife have different tastes when it comes to gifts and you should be mindful of it while choosing the gift.

However, there are a few tips and tricks which you can use to choose a good gift for the couple. Below is the list of things that you can consider while buying a gift for a couple. While shopping for a gift for a couple, it is a great idea to look into what their interests are. If they are huge fans of reading then going for a collection of books from their favourite author would be the best gift. Moreover, they would appreciate it more than any other gift as it relates to their hobbies.

Likewise, if the couple loves to travel then you can perhaps gift them with travel gear and accessories. You can take it to the next level by sending the duo for a trip to somewhere romantic and fun. Their reaction after receiving such a lovely gift will be incredible.

Decide on a Budget

Giving a gift to a couple close to you is indeed very special. You can tend to go overboard with the idea and gift them something which is out of budget. However, you really do not have to burn a hole in the pocket while trying to make the giftee happy. It is a good idea to define the budget at the very beginning so you do not have to worry about it. Have a specific price range in mind before stepping into the research. While shopping online, you can make use of filters to set the price so that you see only those products which fall under the specified range.

Go for Gifts That They Can Use Together

It is a great idea to look for gifts that the couples can benefit from together. For instance, you could go for coffee mugs that have the couple’s names engraved onthem. They can sip from their favorite cup of coffee in each other’s company. If you are looking for funky gifts then giving couple t-shirts to the two of them would be a nice idea. They can simply pair the t-shirts with any casual jeans and wear them while hanging out. If you are willing to spend a little more then you can also give them an experience as a gift. Sign them up for an upcoming trek or pamper them at a couple spa. It will indeed be a memorable experience and they would certainly be grateful to you for the efforts.

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Personalize The Joy Of Marriage

Marriage is a thing of joy, as a couple are being joined together in holy matrimony, you can show the joy you feel by sending a personalized gift that will leave an unending image of you in their minds, and bring them so much joy at the same time.