Our Specially Curated List of the 10 Best Corporate Gifts Available in India That are Fit to Present to Corporates on Any Occasion (2019)

Our Specially Curated List of the 10 Best Corporate Gifts Available in India That are Fit to Present to Corporates on Any Occasion (2019)

These 10 corporate gifts are the best as they will not only meet ones needs, but also offer some utility. When presenting corporate gifts, make sure to give something useful to the recipient. Another thing to keep in mind is not to gift a rather to expensive or cheap gift. This means you should have a gifting budget and gift something with some value.

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Why Corporate Gifts Are Important?

Corporate gifts are an important part of a business. They not only strengthen your bonds with the client or your employees. But also they develop trust factor and respect for you and your company. Adding a personal touch to professional gifts makes your employees and clients feel worthy of their work. This motivates them to work harder and also reminds them of your company and acquaintances. This develops a habit of approaching you again and again. This can be implied for both a promotional purpose and a token for their hard work. They are a great source of marketing your brand because, in today's time, everyone posts their pictures or gifted items on social media and thus your gifts may bring in more clients too.

Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Gifts for Employees

Be Conscious of Employee Preferences

Unless your gift is something the employees value, it will just remain in their store room. As you are gifting them for their valuable association with your organisation, make little effort to know their taste and gift accordingly. Perhaps your employees may like gadgets more than household items. Or they may like some useful desktop item. Try to consider the general profile of the employees and make your choice.

Set an Appropriate Budget

Setting an appropriate budget is an important task in gifting your employees. Because over expenditure seems like a showoff while if you spend too less, it seems like you are too modest and you don't value much for your employees. Choosing not so budget friendly gifts may lead you into trouble. So, in such cases either set a fixed budget or choose an expensive gift for those with higher experience in your organisation and a moderate gift for the newcomers in your organization. Make sure not to end up feeling modest to your long term employees or show off to new employees.

Try to Gift Something Unique

If you want to create excitement in your employees, try gifting them different things every time you gift them. This not only makes them happy, but this encourages your creativity. A gift should be something special, and even how you pack the gift has an impact. Try to find new and trending items that give a wow factor.

Best Corporate Gifts to Consider

Scissor Mug Gift Set

This is a unique gift idea. Every person needs a mug for either coffee or tea or even a pen holder. Whatever be the reason every employee will find a mug useful. An attractive and cute mug will be a great addition to their desk or kitchen. This mug has a 3D handle in the shape of a scissor that makes this mug look more striking.

It has a beautiful black shade and an option of golden or silver scissor to choose from. It is 5 inches long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches high and has a capacity of 325 ml. This is available for just Rs.799 and is highly durable to cold and warm temperatures of the liquid. It is made up of strong and long-lasting material. You can get this delivered to your doorstep through online booking on Big Small.

Lion Gear Clock

This lion gear clock is a really useful option. It is table friendly and it will look great on your table with its good finish. The size of this clock is 29 cms x 13 cms. This clock requires 1 battery and is always in motion. The gears of this Lion Gear clock keep moving constantly in radial motion. This piece is just for Rs.3,000 on Big Small.

Executive Gift Set 4 in 1

As the title says, this is an executive gift set having 4 useful items that are a perfect gift for your employees. This includes a pen, key chain, Card Holder and a Diary Planner. This gift set includes all the necessary office essentials for your employees, a pen to note down their ideas, a key chain for keys or pen drive, cardholder to hold business cards and a diary planner to jot down notes or anything. The pen included is a metallic ball pen. There is a metal key chain with a hook and a dual visiting card holder., and also a planner diary with magnet lock. All these are organised and packed beautifully in an executive gift box. This is also available in three different colours, blue, black and brown. The whole set costs just Rs.392 on Branded Corporate Gift.

Personalised Diary

Personalised diaries never go out of trend. There is the best solution to the confusion of what to gift your hard working employees. This gives a professional look to the gift and a close bond between the employees and the organisation. These can be used at the office for the professional purpose such as noting down meetings detail, upcoming meetings, etc. or can also be used for the personal purpose as a daily journal or diary.

Each diary measures 7 inches in length and 4.75 inches in width. This is a personalised diary of zodiac signs. Each diary costs Rs.425 per piece. You can order a minimum of 30 books in one go for this much price on FNP.

Personalized Black and Golden Ballpoint Pen

Source www.igp.com

Pens are evergreen gift ideas. This is a personalised black and golden ballpoint pen. The black is a classy colour with a golden stylish look. These are simple and handy gifts. With personalisation, they look different and unique. Every employer or client needs a personalised pen. This is a must in gifting purpose.

This beautiful pen can be customised with your companies logo and name. This pen is just for Rs.355 each and you can order at least 25 pens at this price on IGP.

Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker is a different and thoughtful gift you can give to your employees. Made of plastic and metal, this waterproof watch uses Bluetooth to establish a mobile connection. It supports both Android and iOS systems. Like the basic function of a fitness tracker, it can track and count the number of steps, mileage, calories, etc. It has a battery capacity of 70mAh and comes with a one year warranty. When you gift your clients or employees with the fitness tracker, they feel an attachment with your organisation for keeping in mind their health and showing care and concern towards them. This fitness tracker can be personalised with your organisation name and logo. This is available for just Rs.1,195 which can vary on bulk orders. You can reach out to Branded Corporate Gift to get special discounts on bulk orders.

Card Holder

Cardholders are best gifts for corporate gifting purpose. They look elegant and are useful at the same time. They can be personalised to add a personal touch. Every person in the corporate sector must have a cardholder to keep and record all those business cards that one inevitably collects while meeting people. No one knows when one of them can come handy. And searching for that one everywhere is not a simple task than having a cardholder for all those important contacts.

These cardholders can be engraved with your organisation name and logo. They can also be personalised with a particular employee name for adding an extra personal touch. These are available for just Rs.299 You will get various designs and templates to choose from on Print Venue.

Calendar Watch

Calendar watches are trendy office accessories for table tops. These can be placed in personal cubicle tables or common office room tables. They have both calendar and watch facility in an attractive look.

This watch has a metallic body. It is available in black and silver colour combination. It can be personalised with organisations name and logo. This is available in a size of 4.25 inches and costs only Rs.338 per piece on Trophy Kart.

Car Vent Mobile Phone Holder

Nowadays, mobiles have become an important part of our lives. From answering calls to navigation, everything is dealt with mobiles. Sometimes, though we don't recommend, still it gets a compulsion that we have to use mobile phones in the car. Then rather than moving your hands off steering to hold phones, just use these car vent mobile phone holders. Naturally, this makes for a really useful gift for your employees or clients.

This car vent mobile phone holder is designed for hands-free driving. It can be stuck to any air conditioning outlets. This mount can be held easily with clamp hold and can be extended and retracted as per the size of the mobile. It can be easily installed and it has a width of 58-88 cm. It costs around Rs.75 per piece and varies for bulk orders on 5by7.in. You can also customize it with the organization's name and logo with extra charges.

Mini Card Pendrive

This mini card pen drive is pocket-friendly. This is a new way to market your organisation name or brand name along with a purposeful gift. It is not only a professional gift but also a classy way of marketing too. This is easy to store and simple to handle.

This is made of plastic and has a size of 10.5cms x 7.2cms x 1cm. It is available with three different capacities 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB and weighs just 0.05kg and is available in multicolour. It can also be customized with your organization's name over 60 x 30 mm on one or both sides. It will cost you Rs.370 per piece when you will order 20 pieces on 5by7.in and Rs.365 per piece when you order 200 pieces.

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Corporate Gift Items to Wow Clients

At this juncture you are now well versed on gifting corporate gifts. This is all about gifting corporate gifts in India, and much like in any other region, remember to consider peoples heritage that is their cultures and religious points of view, so as not to get into conflict or arouse any misguided feelings cause of the gift. With the budget set, you are sure to never fail with the gift ideas given above, so make sure to make it a colorful undertaking.