Looking for the Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend? Shop From Our List of Highly Recommended Gifts that are Both Sentimental and Special (2018)

Looking for the Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend? Shop From Our List of Highly Recommended Gifts that are Both Sentimental and Special (2018)

So you’ve made it this far. The important thing is that you’re here, which means you didn’t forget your first anniversary, but don’t go and screw up the execution now. You still want to find a gift that truly reflects your feelings, one that will be remembered for years. Are you feeling the pressure yet? Hey, don’t blame us; this is what commitment is all about. You’re going to have to do this every year for a long time, so get used to it. We’re here to hold your hand through this one.

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Why to Celebrate This Milestone

Even though this is your first anniversary but let's start it off with a bang shouldn't we? Here at BP guide not only do we pick the best of the best gifts but also help you give him the best gift you could. When it comes to gifts, of course, people think of it as a formality but what we here at BP guide we believe that giving a gift is more like giving someone a precious thought over an element that not only defines what you feel for them but also to some extent shows how you care enough to go this far and invest your time, money and also your thoughts into finding them something that makes them happy.

How to Choose the Just Right Gift

Choosing a gift requires a lot of time and hard work because it defines more than an item for them and for you. Over the one year, you have spent with him you might have seen the good and bad side of him, he must have made you smile on various occasions and thus you want to give it back to him on this special day. It is a tedious task to find a gift that someone is going to definitely like or rather love. Thus we have various parameters to look into. When choosing the perfect suitable the gift we customise it according to the recipients choice because often we make the mistake and gift people what we like but let's make this day and gift more about him.

His Hobbies

The best way to play safe is gifting him something that is related to his hobbies because obviously in his spare time he is either with you or doing something that relaxes him. A hobby is something a person not only enjoys doing but also are passionate about. He might not get much time to actually practice it more often but he wishes he could. If you are still confused about his hobby, talk to his friends or even better keep it secretive and search his facebook for all the pages he has liked.

His Age

Well for girls this might be a touchy topic but it's always okay to ask a guy his age. Its sure for you he is like wine, getting better as he goes older. Age is another important factor to consider . Something he liked and would die to have 2 years back might not interest him now, and something he could not and would not want might be something he actually needs by this time of his life. However, there are some things that have no definite age group to gift by such as cakes and flowers. At Refinery29 you can find various gifts according to age.


Budget is a picky topic as you don't want to go over the line and also don't want to pick up something that seems cheap. After jotting down all the probable answers to the parameters above you can configure yourself a roundabout amount. Since its just the first anniversary you might not want to give him something like a diamond ring because that will show you as a person who is too soon to conclude but also gifting him something like a toffee will be too casual. Where as to increase the budget you could actually plan the gift before hand and start saving . The approximate budget would be of between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000.

Top 10 Ways to Surprise Him

Since we are done with the parameters and are decided on the budget. Here are the top 10 gifts you can buy to surprise him. If he is more of a go out type person rather than materialistic items then go on to the latter part and decide which one suits it best. Always remember to think of this in his point of view.

Mens Personalised Wallet

Source www.etsy.com

Nothing says I love you more than a personalised gift just for him. On this beautiful leather wallet, you could write any message for him. Imagine him buying coffee and just right when he is about to pay he sees a cute love message from you to remind him of you. At Rs. 2,893 you can have your own handwriting engraved on the wallet with a variety of options to choose from to customise this from engraving only inside to an engraving on the top of the wallet as well and that too you have a choice. This is available in camel colour and brown, choose any now at Etsy.

Set of 2 Rings

Source www.etsy.com

Nothing is cuter than putting a ring on it. This gift is smart because not only will he wear your love but also the best way to let the girls know he is taken. It might seem like a big step to be doing this but don't worry it's a promise ring. Promise rings are mainly because you want to keep a promise to him about loving him and making him smile no matter what. This is an anniversary gift so this is something to remember your beautiful relation. This ring comes in rose , white And gold colour. You can now buy it at Etsy and even better if there is any date you would want to put into the ring for Rs 3,257.

Hard Working Man's Hygiene

Isn't he a hard worker and it's sure that he gets messy and does take time to take care of him. This gift will not only say hey, take care of yourself but is made with natural ingredients. Even though men might think it's more feminine to be using grooming products but hey never hesitate to care of yourself. With a macho scrub and some masculine all natural deodorant, this grooming set will do him wonders at just Rs. 4,195 at Uncommon Goods. Grooming products not only help to clear his skin but also if you both are having a session together it will make your bond firm.

Screen Protection Plan

We all love our phone, don't we? And most of all it's the first thing we see when we wake up. Being in a relationship you hold your phone the dearest thing in the world well yes him of course too but the phone is what connects you to the outer world it's what keeps you alive. Those moments when we flip the bed all over just to catch a glimpse of it being safe ... Horrifying if something bad happens to it isn't it? Well, this gift just like bpguide has got you all covered. This will grant him a second chance to not repeat the mistake he made and keep his phone and himself alive. Starting from as low as Rs. 150, however, the phone too has to be bought at Flipkart.

Home Gym Dumbbells Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Don't you wish he could take the gym home? So he won't be gone too long out and you all left to feel lonely. So if his hobby is gyming get him this gym kit through which he can do exercise at home. From Dumbbell to getting a perfect muscular body, he can get muscled up everyday and there is nothing sexier than he will be with you. At Rs. 1,028 he can choose the weight he wishes to have and he will get a set of 3 dumbbells with adjustable and durable weight. Buy now at Amazon.

An Experience to Live for.

Is he the types who don't dwell in materialistic gifts? Is he more about nature. Well since you already have his hobbies figured you will get a heard on this section rather. Here is a list of all the experiences that he will relive forever and remember you. This first-anniversary gift is like a party right outside a movie that he would want to watch again and again.

A Trip to the Mountains

As you visit hill station where you will get to see what gives you real inner peace, not artificial peace that you get at any other place. Out there at the peak of the mountain, it's just you and him. ( yeh jawani hai deewani flashback? ) Whether be it Sikkim or Manali you can venture anywhere he would be willing to go because this anniversary do something bold, something adventurous gets your adrenaline real high at Yatra and get yourself a trip to beautiful Manali ideally one of the most romantic places to be in with your beau at just Rs. 21,025.

A Spa Day

Source interlude.com

Being at work or doing chores really breaks your body and it begs for a break and thus nothing makes you feel better than a spa. While people might wonder why to go for a spa session when you can just use a massage chair well, a massage session relaxes your muscles and also you can inform the masseuse about the area where it hurts so they can give you a solution for the pain. Also, spa helps in enriching your skin with nutrients with the oils used to make it baby soft. Starting Price is Rs. 4,100. With best recommendations of the spa, you both can choose a couple spa date at cntraveller.in.

A Night Spent Laughing

Isn't his smile the best? And hey laughter is the best medicine. So cut him loose from all the tension since a couple that laughs together stays happy together, laughter helps in not releasing tension but also helps you becoming stress-free and also gives you a better perspective. Laughing is contagious and is the best thing to do when turning a person's smile upside down well Kenny Sebastian is one of the best comedians who does stand up shows and you can catch him live at Insider.

Date in a Cabana

A Fancy restaurant is quite mainstream now, isn't it? But how about a date in a cabana. To make it better at Rs. 12,000 a bottle of wine (red or white) is included in the package. Whether it's about fancy food or a date or just spending some time together this is the perfect occasion to look in his eyes and tell him you love him and also tell him about all the beautiful moments you have had with them. Book now at Oye Happy.

Some Furry Time

Dogs are the best, aren't they? They put on a smile at every moment you are with them. And studies show dogs tend to detect the emotion of a person and calm them down by making them feel safer and also by helping them relax.

At Rs.3,450 you can choose from:

  • Angel: a golden retriever, known to be the friendliest dogs this dog will be the best companion ever had.
  • Muffin: a labrador; this all-time good boy can lick all your problems away.
  • Cocoa: a shih tzu; this cute little cuddle the boy is going to make you smile with all his power.

At Oye Happy and book yourself 2 hours with and the dog. From hugging them to taking them on a walk, these dogs will be all yours and will give you both the best 2 hours you both have spent.

Some Ways of Making This Awesome

Source www.123rf.com

Since it's the first anniversary you might be nervous and jittery but calm down, you are nervous because you don't want to miss or mess up anything to happen with him because he is a special person for you. And many times that is the key, telling him what he means to you.

Invite Him Over for Dinner

If you both aren't dwelling into abstract things then how about picking up your laptop do some searching at All Recipes and find yourself the recipe of his favourite dish. Remember the dish keeps going on and on about his mom would cook for him, well you can master it or even make it better by searching the recipes here which are trendy and authentic.

Make Him Meet Your Parents

Source sohedid.com

Nothing helps a man's confidence like him knowing the girl he is with is all in. It's a big step to tell your parents about a guy, with all the social and ancestral traditions this is a big risk to take. This anniversary gifts him surety that you are in this to infinity and beyond. However, give him a heads up about all the grilling coming his way once he meets you dad.

Have A Movie Marathon

Netflix and Chill are like the spa at home. Get your PJs on and put up his favourite movie on a large screen. Netflix is the next in thing in India, so if you aren't planning on taking him outside go on and bring the theatre home. With a base price of Rs. 500 you can get a subscription to this amazing site and unlock the world of movies and TV shows. Maybe you can start Brooklyn Nine-Nine together and go for a series marathon too.

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Anniversary Gifts That Show Love

Three hundred and sixty-five days—and counting! You just made it through your first year of marriage, which means it's time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with the perfect 1-year anniversary gift? That said, we realise that finding a first-anniversary gift that’s both special and sentimental isn't always easy. Select the gift that expresses your love for him.