8 Personalised and Unique Gifts for Boyfriend with Images for When Words are Not Enough + Bonus Gifts He Will Love (2018)

8 Personalised and Unique Gifts for Boyfriend with Images for When Words are Not Enough + Bonus Gifts He Will Love (2018)

Turn pictures into wonderful gifts for your boyfriend through some creative gift ideas that we have for you. All you need are some good quality pictures of some your favourite memories, and a little time to place your order online. It is as simple as that. We also have homemade gifts with images that you can make for him, and if nothing pleases you, there's a list of the year's hottest products that you can buy for him instead.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Personalising Gifts with Images

  • Decide romantic or practical when it comes to gifting
    Would your boyfriend appreciate a romantic gift or one that he can use everyday? Both are good ways of showing how much you appreciate him but depending on the type of person he is, he might receive a romantic or practical gift better than the other. Figure out which he would prefer and gift accordingly.

  • Make sure you have high resolution photos
    If your gift involves photos make sure that you use high resolution pictures with good quality. Even though some photos may look fine while viewing them on a phone or tablet, sometimes when printing them out, especially if you have to enlarge them, the photos might not come out right.

  • Pick a budget and stick to it
    Keep a budget in mind while you're picking out a gift. It achieves nothing to empty your account, especially if you're going for a romantic gift rather than a practical one. The best gifts don't always have to be the most pricey ones. People always react better to thoughtful gifts than simply expensive ones. Thoughtful gifts show how much time and effort you spent into showing them how much they are appreciated. Expensive gifts just make it seem like you're throwing money at a problem till it goes away.

  • Gifts you can make at home
    You don't always have to buy him something as a gift, making something at home is perfectly acceptable as well. At the end of this article we've mentioned some DIY projects you can do at home that can serve as some wonderful gifts.

6 Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriend Using Pictures

Presto Wooden Photo Frame by Engraving Process

Source www.amazon.in

The Presto Wooden Photo Frame is a wooden plaque on which you can engrave any photo of your choosing. Simply send the photo you want engraved by e-mail to the ID provided and mention the theme (birthday, wedding, anniversary etc) while placing an order and the company will laser engrave a photo onto a plaque with dimensions of your choosing.

The plaque is made from high quality beechwood that has a melamine coating. You can also engrave the message in any language you choose. A great gift for any occasion, the Presto Wooden Photo Frame is priced between Rs.599 and Rs.1,899 depending on the dimensions of the frame you order which can be between 4 x 5 in and 9 x 15 in respectively.

The Presto Wooden Photo Frame can be ordered online through Amazon.

Custom Photo Color Changing Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Celkase is a company that sells custom coffee mugs that can be personalised with a picture. The really interesting thing about this product is how the photo is not always visible. It only appears when the mug is filled with a hot liquid, otherwise it looks like any normal coffee mug. Made from ceramic and having a volume of 400 ml, the mug also features a heart shaped handle and a high polish finish.

Simply send your photo to the e-mail ID provided on the product page along with any message you want printed. Priced at Rs.99, please keep in mind that this product cannot be returned once delivered. The Celkase Custom Colour Changing Coffee Mug can be ordered from Amazon.

Sehaz Artworks 'Forever Love' Wood Pasted Photo Album

Source www.amazon.in

The Sehaz Artworks 'Forever Love' Scrapbook with Wooden Finish is the perfect way to store your most treasured memories. Containing 30 sheets of 180 GSM black paper of the dimensions 26 x 16 cm, you can print and paste all the photos of you and your boyfriend on both sides.

The album is wire bound and has a wood cover with the words 'Forever Love' engraved on it. The company also makes similar scrapbooks in a variety of designs. Make a scrapbook of all the wonderful memories you and your boyfriend have shared and give him the perfect gift to go through whenever he misses you.

Priced at Rs.1499, the Sehaz Artworks 'Forever Love' Wood Finish Scrapbook is available for purchase online via Amazon.

DecuT 3 Layered Romantic Handmade Explosion Box DIY Kit

Source www.amazon.in

If you aren't great at art and craft but still want to gift your boyfriend something of that nature, then the DeCut DIY Handmade Photo Explosion Box would make a great gift. The box comes with messages and is ready-made requiring you to simply paste the pictures you desire onto it.

When the box is closed it looks like a boxed gift that when opened fall apart to show a multi-layered card with messages. A great gift for your boyfriend, simply paste the photos you want to remind him off and put little messages for him where designated to show him how much you love and appreciate him.

Priced at Rs.1,400, the DeCut 3 Layered Photo Explosion Box DIY Kit is available on Amazon.

GiftsOnn Satin Personalized Cushion with 9 Photos

Source www.amazon.in

The GiftsOnn Satin Personalized Cushion is a great gift that your boyfriend can keep in his house. You can personalize the cushion with 9 different photos of your choosing at the time of purchase. Made from satin and measuring 12 x 12 inches in size, this would be a great gift for your boyfriend to remember you by when you are away.

Choose 9 photos depicting your most treasured moments and gift this to your boyfriend to remind him of all the great times you've shared. Priced at Rs.999, the GiftsONN Satin Personalized Cushion is available for purchase through Amazon.

Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalised White Tower Photo Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

The Zoci Voci Acrylic White Tower Photo Lamp would be a great addition to your boyfriend's home. Sized at 11.5 x 4 x 4 inches, this lamp can be personalised with 12 photos of your choosing. After placing your order, simply send your 12 photos by e-mail to the ID provided with your order number.

The lamp supports a 3W bulb and shows all the photos beautifully when lit up. Made of acrylic, the digitally printed photos come with a lamination to ensure a long life. Gift your boyfriend this lamp to remind him of your love and how it will always shine bright.

A great gift for all occasions, the Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalized White Tower Photo Lamp is priced at Rs.2,000 and can be ordered online via Amazon.

Some Other Cool Gifts He Will Appreciate

Bose Wireless Noise-Masking Sleep Buds

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend requires absolute peace and quiet to fall asleep then the Bose Wireless Noise Masking Sleep Buds would be a great gift for him. The sleepbuds mask out all background noise and allows the user to listen to a variety of calming and soothing noises such as, the crash of waves on a beach, the crackle of a campfire, rustling leaves etc. that can be chosen from the companion Bose Sleep app.

Their small size and comfortable tips allow you to keep them on all night and still sleep comfortably, even if you happen to sleep on your side. The rechargeable battery allows up to 16 hours of uninterrupted use on a single charge. Priced at Rs.22,900, the Bose 785593-0050 Noise Masking Sleepbuds (in white) can be ordered from Amazon.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend is in dire need of an upgrade to the bags he takes while travelling, the Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag would be a great gift for him. One of the company's most popular models, this bag contains their signature shoe compartment for easy packing and organization during travel. Durable and lightweight, this highly fashionable duffle bag would make a great gift for a boyfriend who is an avid traveller. Alternatively he could also use it as a gym bag.

Priced at Rs.17,875, the Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag can be ordered from Amazon.

Boat Stone 600 Waterproof and Shockproof Wireless Speakers

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend loves to listen to music then the boAt Stone 600 Waterproof and Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker would make the perfect gift for him. With 8 hours of uninterrupted music on a single charge, the speaker is IPX6 rated for 100 per cent water resistant as well as dust resistant. The speaker is also solidly built to withstand most accidental drops and has a great crystal clear sound quality.

Perfect for outdoor or pool parties or for blasting music in the shower, this is a gift your boyfriend will keep thanking you for a long time to come. Priced at Rs.3,990, the boAt Stone 600 Waterproof and Shockproof speakers can be ordered online from Amazon.

Lego Red Brick Alarm Clock

Source www.amazon.in

If your boyfriend happened to grow up playing with Lego blocks or is just a bit of a geek in general, then he will definitely appreciate the Lego Red Brick Alarm Clock. Shaped like the iconic Lego brick, this alarm clock as has a LCD display that lights up and comes with snooze and light buttons on top that are shaped like the studs on a Lego brick.

A great gift filled with nostalgia for some, this would be a great way to help your boyfriend get up on time. Priced at Rs.3644, the Lego Red Brick Alarm Clock can be ordered online via Amazon.

DIY Gifts for Boyfriend with Images

Like mentioned earlier it is not always necessary that you have to buy your boyfriend a gift. Given below are a few ideas of gifts you can make at home by yourself quite cheaply with little to no effort that he will still appreciate.

Photo Mason Jar

You can make a photo 'frame' out a mason jar quite easily. Simply print out your photos in acceptable resolution with dimensions that'll fit inside the jar. Put the photo in and place it in such a manner that the photo curves along the curves of the jar. Close the lid and you have your very own Photo Mason Jar.

The jar gives the photos a bit of a snow globe effect and are quite pretty to look at when placed on your bookshelf or showcase. You can also keep changing the photos in the jar regularly when you get tired of them.

Use empty glass jars you have at home or pick from a huge variety of mason jars that are available on Amazon and can easily be purchased from there. One such option is the Godskitchen Mason Jars with Colourful Lids. The set of 4 jars holds 350 ml, which is a good size for displaying pictures in. The regular sized mouth makees it easy to slide pictures in without distorting them too much; buy this set for Rs.449 here.

DIY Distressed Photo Block

Make a Distressed Photo Block with pictures of your choosing easily at home. This is quite simple to do but will require some time and a little bit of patience.

Distressed Photo Block

You will need:
  • A scarp block of wood with dimensions of your choosing. Choose a 8 x 10 in. block if you have no idea how large you want it to be. You'll definitely be able to find this at a carpentry or hardware store for cheap. If they don't have one readymade you can simply just ask them to cut you one.
  • Two paints of different colours. One will be your primary colour and the other will be the secondary colour that'll be seen on the distressed parts.
  • Mod Podge Matte Finish Glue and a brush to apply it, both of which can be ordered from Amazon for cheap.
  • Photos you want to use. Go black and white if you want a more retro look but make sure they're of good quality regardless.
  • Printed out messages you'd like to add
  • Upholster tacks that are once again, easily purchased from a hardware store or Amazon
  • Vaseline
  • Sandpaper

  • Sand the edges of the block to make it look more worn like old scrap.
  • Paint the parts you want the distressed look to be with your secondary colour(If you're confused just pick gray acrylic paint).
  • Once the secondary colour is dry apply vaseline on the parts you've painted so that your primary colour won't stick to it as well as the edges and corners.
  • Paint the top of the block with your primary colour. Use two coats of spray paint for a quick job but other types of paint will work as well(Use white if you're unsure of what colour to use).
  • Now sand the places you had applied vaseline to and the primary paint will fall off revealing the secondary paint underneath giving it the required distressed look.
  • Cut down your pictures and messages to the required size.
  • Apply the mod podge glue generously across the top of the block. Stick the pictures and messages and leave it to dry.
  • Apply two more coats of the Mod Podge over the photos and leave it to dry to give it that matte finish.
  • Stick the upholstery tacks on the corners of the pictures and messages.
  • Wrap it up and gift.

Show Him He is Appreciated

WIth this list you hopefully have a better idea on what to get your boyfriend. Remember like mentioned earlier you don't have to spend tons of money to show him that he is appreciated, a great DIY gift would achieve the same result. What is important is how loved and appreciated your gift makes him feel, not the amount on its price tag. Gift your boyfriend one of these great ideas on a birthday, anniversary or just in general to show him how important he is to you.

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Use a few, carefully chosen images

A few pictures that hold special memories is better than a whole bunch of haphazard images. Depending on how often the two of you take pictures, you'd have a few or many to choose from. Avoid the ones that either of you have used as wallpapers or shared on social media; dig around to find a special few that he may have never seen or which evoke a great memory. These will have a far bigger impact than a whole bunch of puckered selfies.