Looking For Thoughtful As Well As Memorable Return Gift Ideas? There is No Better Option Than Customized Return Gifts!

Looking For Thoughtful As Well As Memorable Return Gift Ideas? There is No Better Option Than Customized Return Gifts!

You always want to ensure your return gifts makes deep impact on the minds of the recipient and is remembered forever. A customised return gift shows that not only did you remember them while making a purchase, but you also went out of your way to make your gift stand out! You can choose the perfect customised gift according to your need and occasion from our suggested items listed below, so read on!

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What Are Customised Gifts

Gifting is one of the oldest and most cherished social habits of our species. No gift is big or small, but the feeling is; and the history of gifting dates back to even before the known civilisations existed on this planet, in the era when Homo sapiens used to live in tribes. The tribal would gift the primitive things such as precious looking stones, bark of a tree, animal skin or tooth etc. Today’s customised gifts have the recipient’s first name, full name, surname, initials or photograph etched or printed on it, which induces the feeling of being special for the recipient of the gift. Personalised gifts have garnered much appreciation and popularity in the twentieth century and are considered cool in modern society.

Importance Of Customised Return Gifts

Return gift is a nice way of saying ‘thank you for coming and blessing us’ to the guests while they are leaving your party. You can make this gift extra special by customising them for each of your guests or their families by getting their name, surname or initials etched on the presents. You can also gift them customised gifts with their photographs printed on it. This way, you leave an impression with a special memoir which they would love to keep and cherish the memories of the special event.

However, a single gift item always can’t be an ideal one for everyone and you need to consider the customized return gift as per the age group, gender, lifestyle and habits etc of the recipient. Also, the occasion plays an important role while choosing the gift. So, a customized return gift for a kid’s birthday party can’t be the same for a wedding party.

Customised Return Gifts For Birthday

Kids are always excited about the Birthday parties, be it their own or a friend’s birthday. The fun, games, dance, chocolates and the gifts are few of the important factors which make this day so special for them. Let’s check few customised return gifts for birthday which will bring a big smile on the face of these little champs.

Personalised Kids Rainbow Umbrella

Children would love to sing ‘rain, rain go away’ with these personalised umbrellas. These umbrellas can be carried to school, market or in the park, as it’s made of sturdy material and the shades are captivating. The rainbow inspired umbrella has lovely bright colours and you can get the first name as well as the initials printed in flowery design on it. The umbrella length is 22 inches and cloth canopy is 17 inches long. You can order this personalised kids rainbow umbrella for Rs. 399 from perfico.

Personalized Musical Pencil Case

The personalised Musical Pencil Case is made of premium quality fabric which is durable and won’t tear easily due to rough use by children. Dimensions of the pencil case are 8.5” x 4.5” (inches) and it has Velcro tabs for easy access to the items inside plus it has two zipper pockets which can be used to slide pens, pencils and crayons etc inside the case. The vibrant coloured prints on the case make it look like a mini piano on the black background and the name of the recipient in the same colours give a joyful look to this cool musical pencil case which is available for Rs. 449 on perfico.

Customized Wooden Box

This beautiful and customised birthday return gift wooden box by chococraft is available in many different designs and can be customised as per your choice. You can surprise your guests by giving them a return gift in these customised wooden boxes. Items like candies, cakes, chocolates and cookies etc can be gifted in these wooden boxes and you can order them at chococraft.

Customised Chocolates In Wooden Box

One more amazing customised return gift for birthday by chococraft; two customised chocolates in a customised box will fill the recipient with joy and make them feel special. A nice way to express your gratitude towards your guests, these chocolates as well as the boxes have the name of the recipient, so they can relish the chocolates and cherish the memoir of the wooden box. You can also include your special message for the guest on a card, which is included in the box and this box with chocolates can be purchased from chococraft for Rs. 395.

Customised Table Clock

Children would love this gift as they can wake up every morning with this customized table clock with a cute picture. This clock made of MDF and shaped elegantly can be customized to add a photo. This cool looking clock can be an ideal return gift for the birthday party of your child, and can be ordered for Rs. 500 from personalizedgift.

Customised T Shirts

One more customized gift from Mompreneur, these customized T Shirts will leave everyone talking about your choice and taste in gifting. You can easily make a custom design for the tee-shirts using images and quotes. There is a large variety available in terms of styles and materials online. We suggest you check out printland where custom tee-shirts are available for Rs. 150 and above.

Personalized Scrap Book

Let your child’s creativity flow and the feelings blossom when they stick their favourite cartoons, pics, characters, cutting etc. in this customised scrapbook. The cover of the scrap book is printed on card stock paper and the child’s name can be printed on it to make it personalised. The A4 size scrapbook has 8 coloured pages inside and the 2 staples along the centre fold to look like a real scrap book. There are many beautiful themes available to choose from which include jungle, cartoon, superhero and Barbie etc. The personalised scrapbook can be purchased for Rs. 250 – 300 from prettyurparty.

Personalised Plates

The personalised plate’s combo contains a place mat, a 330 ml mug and a 8 inch diameter plate. You get the options of Spider man, Barbie and Mickey Mouse themes to choose from and every item will have the name mentioned by you while ordering. The kids will be happy to see their name appear right beside the images of their favourite character on the dinner table. The personalised plate’s combo can be ordered for Rs. 1000 from prettyurparty.

Queen Of Awesomeness Mug

You can gift this Queen of Awesomeness Mug to your friend as a return gift on your birthday party and pleasantly surprise her by this unusual return gift. You just need to provide a clear high resolution picture of the recipient and the mug will be personalised as per your order. This ceramic mug has a capacity of 330 ml and can be purchased from excitinglives for Rs. 199.

Wedding Couple Personalised Dolls

These couple personalised dolls make for a cute and stylish gift and can be gifted to a young couple attending your birthday party. These personalised dolls can be hanged on the rear-view mirror of your car or at the work desk and they would look attractive at any such place. The dolls are 11 cm long and the 3 D moulded faces on the soft doll have a funny look due to the protruding nose. The Wedding Couple Personalised Dolls is available on excitinglives.com for Rs. 599.

Customised Return Gifts For Anniversary

Anniversary is one of the most special days in a couple’s life after marriage and while you are celebrating your anniversary, it’s a good idea to show your gratitude towards the guests for taking out time and attending the party. We have picked few decent and budget friendly return gift items for anniversary party.

Unique Personalised Table Clock

The 5 x 5 inches table clock sits on a stylish frame and is made from medium density fiberboard. You can get it customized with a photo of the guest couple and surprise them with this cool gift while they are leaving from your anniversary party. This Unique Personalized Table Clock can be ordered from fnp for Rs. 449.

Personalised Black Magical Mug

This personalized black color magical mug is a brilliant return gift for anniversary party as it displays the picture slowly and magically in a minute of pouring any hot beverage into this cup. The ceramic mug is 4 inches high and diameter is 3 inches while the capacity is 325 ml. The recipient will be in shock initially to see a black mug as a gift item, but the moment they will pour a hot drink into the cup, the magical transformation of black mug into one with their picture will leave them speechless. The personalized black magical mug is available for Rs. 499 at fnp.

Personalised Tag

Crafted from medium density fibre board, the Personalised Tag acts as the identity and style badge for the owner, as it carries an attractive photograph along with the name of that person. The 10 x 7 cm tag can be hung on school bag, laptop bag, purse or even on your work desk as a cool style statement and can be ordered from excitinglives for Rs. 199.

Personalised Photo Coaster

Now your guests can keep their drinks in style on the personalised coasters with their photograph and flaunt their Instagram photos. The high quality wooden coasters are 9 x 9 cm in size and are made from faux wood. You need to provide high quality pictures of your guests and then see the happy faces when they open this return gift received on your anniversary. Price for 1 coaster is Rs. 125 and can be purchased from excitinglives.

Anniversary Calendar Keychain

A unique return gift for anniversary, the personalised key-chain is made from high quality wood and the square shaped beautiful key-chain has the anniversary month calendar on one side, with the special day marked with a heart, and the other side has a personalised photo of the recipient. You can also get a custom message of up to 15 characters printed on this key-chain which can be ordered from zestpics.com for Rs. 295.

Customised Return Gifts For Wedding

The big day of your life after which a new era begins and this day is witnessed by your close friends, family members, relatives and well wishers. Now you may need some special return gift for the guests so that they can remember and cherish your wedding day. Let’s check out few such items which make for excellent customised return gifts for wedding party.

Customised Photo Frame With LED Lamp

This 3D illusion lamp can be a nice return gift for wedding, especially for couples. You can get it customised with their picture. When set on a handcrafted wooden base, the Dan innovative lamp creates an optical illusion due to the acrylic glass design and the LED light. You can also customise it with names and taglines along with the photograph and make it a memoir worth praising and preserving.

This customised photo frame with LED lamp can be used as a home decor item in living room, bedroom or office desk and can also be used as a night lamp. The dimensions of the lamp are 23 x 23 x 5 cm, weighs only 300 gm while it runs on 220 V household power supply. This 16 colour changing, majestic customised photo frame with LED lamp by Apna Photo is available on amazon for Rs. 1455.

Customised Cushion

These poly fibre pillows are 12 x 12 inch in size and the cover is made of poly cotton. You can customise these cushions to create a wonderful return gift for wedding, with up to four photographs of the recipient along with a personalised message on the cushion and the light cushions weigh just 181 gm. The decorative customised cushion by Pix Art can be ordered from amazon for Rs. 299.

Personalised Ceramic Planters

The set of personalised ceramic planters contain two pots in blue and pink colours respectively and you can customise each of them with two separate photographs of a couple. You can use this set as a return gift for your nature lover guests and can order them from igp for Rs. 845.

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