Planning a Ceremony for the New Mother-to-Be? Check Our Top 10 ideas for Valaikappu Gifts to Give Guests (2019)

Planning a Ceremony for the New Mother-to-Be? Check Our Top 10 ideas for Valaikappu Gifts to Give Guests (2019)

Being a new mother is very overwhelming particularly as the due date closes on. That is the reason our ancestors had the Valaikappu function to ease the mother and celebrate her new status. Keeping this in mind, guests come trooping in with gifts and blessings for the soon to-be mother. It's only fitting you honour their presence with suitable return gifts as they depart from the function. Find here some amazing ideas for return gifts, as well as what to keep in mind when planning a seemantham ceremony.

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The Beautiful Occasion of Valaikappu

There is something absolutely beautiful about this festival. Valaikappu is the celebration of the mother to be and the child she is nursing within her. This festival is celebrated in the southern regions of the country like Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Valaikappu is prevalent in Hindus, Muslims and Christians, and that makes it more special.

Hosting a Valaikappu

Hosting a Valaikappu is even more special. It can be for your friend or for a family member who is going to welcome a new member. This festival is beautiful and brings in good vibes into the family. In a way, it prepares the family for the new guest. However, hosting such a festival can be quite difficult. There are things that you must keep in mind. But you don't have to worry a bit. We have prepared a pretty nice list for you to take guidance from. So, sit back and relax.

Curate a Traditional Food Menu

There is nothing better than a traditional food menu for Valaikappu. The festival smells of traditions and heritage and it is only a cherry on the cake if you curate something traditional. It adds a special flavour to the occasion. Food is always the best thing about any event and that is the reason why you must put more stress here. No matter what, the food should be fantastic!

Decorate the Venue with Flowers

Flowers are charming and add a colourful vibe to the occasion. They bring in good vibes and make the occasion even more special than it already is. Flowers are the best things you can use to decorate the venue with. Flowers symbolise happiness and strength. They are synonymous to all things beautiful and that is the kind of beauty you want to add to the day.

Keep Mother-to-Be's Taste in Mind

This is a very important step that must be kept in mind. The star of this South Indian baby shower is the mother. Her taste matters the most. Keep her taste in mind while fixing everything. Take note of her favourite colours and the food she loves having. Load her with the kind of gifts that she is most likely to love. This will make her happy and bring in positivity to not just herself and the family, but also to the baby she is nursing within her.

Top 10 Gifts That Guests at A Valaikappu Would Love!

Now we can safely turn to return gifts. If you are the host of a Valaikappu, you must plan return gifts to give back to your precious guests. This is important as it will make them feel taken care of. Making your guests feel great is one of the key things to organising a great event.

Chowki Ganesh with Diya


What is better than a Chowk Ganesh as a return gift? Ganesha is the symbol of power and mirth. He is said to be the face of benevolence. No puja can ever start without Him. By giving someone a chowki Ganesh and a diya you are giving her the blessings of prosperity and good health. The diya symbolises light and strength. That is the kind of thing you would want to wish for your well-wisher, right? This will prove to be a thoughtful gift for your guest. This is available at The One Shop at Rs. 299 only!

Meena Dry Fruit Box (Round)


Here is another great gift that will sweep your guest off of her feet. I mean, who doesn't like dry fruits?! Dry fruits are the exotic and expensive gifts that hold the power to please anybody. If you do not know the taste of a person, then dry fruits is the best option. They leave no room for complaints. Especially this box. It is not just great to look at, but the contents are great to munch at, too! What more?! This box is not expensive like most other such boxes and that is why it is not just great for your guest, but it is also awesome for you and your pocket! You can buy this from The One Shop for Rs. 265 only!

Ball of Stone Candle Holder by TIIPOI

Ball of Stone Candle Holder by Tiipoi is a double sided holder for pillar candles and tea lights, slightly larger than a cricket ball. Turned from soapstone, a soft rock that comes in shades of greys and blues, this will add a charming allure to any place where it’s lit. Each holder is hand-turned and crafted by artisans. This could be the ideal gift for the occasion and guests would also remember it for a long time. It is available for Rs. 1,300 only on Join Paper Planes. You can also get it wrapped from them.

Dry Fruits Gift Box

Here is another dry fruits gift pack that is valuable and inexpensive. Not only your guests but also your purse and your pockets are going to love this box. It contains all the great dry fruits that everybody loves. Stuffed with 100gms of almonds, raisins and cashews( oh! Cashews!), this box is heaven in a gift-wrapped box! What more can anyone ever ask for?! It is perfect! Your guests are guaranteed to love this box! This one is available on Flipkart at Rs. 258! Unbelievable? Go and check it out yourself!

Good Luck Two Layer Bamboo Plant


Bamboo plants are considered lucky by a lot of people, especially the Japanese. They even have numerous folklores connected to these bamboo plants. Now how this superstition has percolated through cultures to reach our land is beyond our topic today, but this is actually a great gift that also looks great. What is the harm of giving something that not only looks stunning but also supposedly does a lot more than that! You can get this at Ferns N Petals at Rs. 499 only!

Henna Designed Candles

This one took our breath away and we will not be surprised if you hop onto the same boat with us regarding our reaction to this! Candles are great. We all love candles. And henna is great, too. It is nice and helpful in ways more than one. But when put together, these two make a fiesty couple. And that has been proved here! White candles adorned with designs made with henna look mesmerizing! They look sophisticated and classy and they are perfect for any place. It can be placed in the sitting room and in the bedroom. Give this one to your guests and watch them beam with happiness! This candle is sold by India Mart at Rs. 350. Go and grab it before it is too late!

Apple Shaped Dry Fruit Box


Okay. So you can pat our backs once we have shown you this one. A box to store dry fruits is already awesome and it becomes already better when it is in the shape of an apple! This box is colourful and vibrant! It will bring in good vibes into the life of your guests and well-wishers. She can easily store all her stock of dry fruits in this box. Not only is this attractive but it is also convenient and handy. It is pretty and will suit the taste of almost anybody! Grab this one from The One Shop for Rs. 425 only and wrap it up!

Chrome Plated Gift Set – Silver Leaf


So it is time you thank us. You can begin right after we have shown you this one. It is so beautiful that it will take your breath away for good! I doubt you will be able to part ways with this set. It is a chrome plated gift set with beautiful patterns drawn on each of the contents. The neatly arranged box contains two bowls, one tray and a spoon. It is a beautiful set to give and to receive. It has a certain amount of royalty to it that it almost looks regal. If you want to give someone a taste of royalty, this one is the best gift you can think of. You can get it from The One Shop for Rs. 445 only!

Brass Lantern Diya


Diyas are great and a diya made of brass is absolutely the best. This diya is beautiful, in a word. It is not just a diya, it is also a pretty lantern. It is beautiful and classy. There is an edge of sophistication to it that makes it a great gift. It is great as a centrepiece and a masterpiece for the bedroom! Your guest will most definitely love it! You can buy this from The One Shop for Rs. 265 only!

Homemade Assorted Chocolates

Now, this is the real deal we are talking about! This is the boss of all gifts and we are not even joking! Chocolates are awesome and homemade chocolates taste like heaven on your tongue! The chocolates are assorted and absolutely awesome to taste. This is the best gift you can give anybody, that is if you can actually part ways with such a gift! In case if you cannot, we hope you will only enjoy this just as much as your guest would have! Let's hope this box will not tempt you to be the evil you! Get this box from Qtrove at Rs. 385 only!

Make The Gifts More Special for the Guests

Gifts are great but there must also exist some kind of special touch for your guests. There should be something to make them feel special. You can do a number of things to ensure this and some of these have been listed below. Choose the one you like the best or simply do all of these and watch your guests depart with satisfied grins on their faces.

Add a Thank You Note

Notes are very special and they make a person's day. It does not take more than a minute to write a note and a simple thank you will be more than enough to convey your gratitude towards that person. It is a wonderful gesture that has the power of strengthening the relationship you share with each of your guests. The bond will deepen and be a happy thing to cherish.

Add Some Traditional Sweets

Adding a packet of traditional sweets to your gift will make the occasion even better. Giving sweets can forge bonds in moments! Look for sweets that are easy to carry and not messy. Of course, pack them well. Ensure you order them in advance and have a well-balanced estimate of how much to order keeping in mind the number of guests you anticipate.

Put All of It Together in a Hamper-style

This is the real deal right here. This is the best thing you can do. Choose your gift and make a hamper out of it and packets of sweets. Add a note with each such hamper and pamper your guests to the fullest! This is bound to make this very happy and will surely satisfy them. Go on and do it. And watch the miracle happen! We can guarantee that your guests will love you more after such a kickass party!

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Valaikappu - Beyond Religion

All cultures honour and celebrate new mothers-to-be in different fashions. What is celebrated in the west as the Baby shower is celebrated as Valaikappu ceremony or Bangle ceremony in South India. It is an occasion to bless the mother and ease her into the final days of pregnancy. It is also done to ensure the safe birth of the baby and to ward away evil eye and spirits. It is a celebration that goes beyond religion. Though the ceremony varies depending on the region and the religion, the concept remains the same; To protect the mother and the baby at their most vulnerable times.