Finding the Perfect Gift for a Crush is Tougher than a Friend or a Lover(2020): Guide to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Female/Male Crush

Finding the Perfect Gift for a Crush is Tougher than a Friend or a Lover(2020): Guide to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Female/Male Crush

It's just a little crush. Or is it a big crush? A tortuous, all-consuming, restless-nights-of-pining crush? A crush you feel like you'd do absolutely anything for...except sit them down, look them in the eye, and tell them how you feel? If words and bravery escape you, or you just want to get creative, here we've put together a collection of simple, relevant gifts to give to your crush in big feelings reveal.

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Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Gift

Gifts are complicated even in the best of times, more so when it comes to your crush. It's a fine line being cool and poised without turning creepy while showing them that you care. On the other hand, it should also show your emotions but not be taken too seriously. In addition to that, it should also be humble and not indulgent, so as not to put them in a spot. The right gift might just be the stepping stone of your relationship.

Before you spend time choosing that special gift for your crush, there are some key points you need to consider.

Do Not Overspend

While you are tempted to give your crush something expensive, curb that feeling and put it aside for when you are dating. Remember, you are not in a relationship still. You don't want to scare them at this point. Moreover, the person you are interested in might not even know about your feelings for them. Better go for a smaller still meaningful gift that would speak volumes about your feelings. Something modest yet thoughtful. Let the gift convey what is in your heart.

Consider Their Interests

The gift you get for your crush should reflect their interest in some way. In the light of them not knowing your feelings, this can go a long way in impressing your crush. Make a list of everything you have noted about them. Small and big. You are sure to find a few cool ideas.

Your crush’s interest matters a lot when you are looking to impress them. For example, you do not want to give them a box of chocolates as a gift if they are a health nut or a fitness freak. This would certainly undermine their diet and it would end up being a dud.

So, yeah! You really want to know about them before choosing a gift.

Purpose of the Gift


Besides you looking to get her a gift, is there any reason or is it any special date? Maybe it’s her birthday? Or is it any holiday, maybe Christmas? Or Valentine's day and you have finally decided to convey your feelings? While you may think that these don’t matter in the face of a gift, it decides what your gift is going to be.

If it’s a holiday or birthday, your gift might not be the only one. Her friends and family might also be giving her gifts on this special occasion. And if so, you might want to spend some extra attention to making sure your gifts get across. You do not want your gift to be one of the many.

Add a Card

Sometimes all it needs is a card. Nothing conveys your feelings better than a card with appropriate words. But not just any card. A card that expresses your emotions. But how is your card going to be? Is your card going to be silly and funny? Or maybe thoughtful and romantic? Maybe it’s for an occasion; but whatever it is, there cannot be a better time to tell them how you feel. The right words have the power to make them feel good and appreciated.

Keep It Sweet and Simple

While your gift should reveal your interest in them, it should in no way influence them. In truth, it is not going to make them like you back. Chances are they would prefer you don't do that. So, better keep it simple yet sweet. The important point is to let them know that you like to date them. If in confusion, go for the safest way: Chocolates, flowers, etc. Don't confuse and muddle it, making it difficult for you and them.

Best Gifts to Convey Your Interest to Your Crush

For Women

Heart-Inspired Double Layered Necklace


Women love jewellery; Well, at least most women do. The Heart-inspired Double Layered Necklace is well suited for your crush. The dainty necklace from the house of Jewels Galaxy is perfect as daily wear. Made from brass with gold coating the necklace is multi-layered with a single heart-shaped pendant. With each layer featuring a different design, this piece is quite stylish and trendy. It can be worn by women of all ages and paired with all outfits. The charming necklace is available in Nykaa for Rs. 384.

Beautiful Ruins: A Novel by Jess Walter

A beautiful love story that transcends borders and years is a perfect gift for the book lover. The best selling novel Beautiful Ruins by author Jesse Walter originates on the beautiful coast of Italy and ends in the glitzy Hollywood. A brilliant read for a bibliophile, the book is delivered in a romantic yet funny manner. The “Edgar Allen Poe” award-winning author takes you to the stunning coast and lets you live with the characters, laugh with them and even cry in places. Costing you $2.98 or Rs. 223, the novel is available at Amazon.

Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set


For the person on whom you are crushing bad but don't know what to get. The gift set consists of shower gel, body butter and body scrub all from their Japanese cherry blossom range. Smelling of the sweet scent of Japanese cherry blossom, the products leave your skin soft and supple. The shower gel is enriched with aloe vera, so as not to leave the skin dry. The body butter contains shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, the combination of which gives you hours of hydration. The scrub is a blend of aloe vera extract and jojoba oil to nourish your skin while exfoliating and polishing. The Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set costs Rs. 1,600 and is available to buy at Nykaa.

Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Wouldn't you love to confess your feelings in the vicinity of the most beautiful wonders of the world? While you cannot take her to the city of love and Eiffel tower, you can gift her with this Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp. The beautiful lamp is essentially a model of the Eiffel Tower encased in a glass bottle wrapped with LED lights. Powered by a USB, the lamp measures 29 x 9 x 9 cm. The lamp costs you Rs. 1,400 and is available at Big Small.

Aroma Set of 6 Scented Candles by Hosley

In times of turmoil and stress, an aromatic candle is just what you need. Candles are perfect gifts for someone whose lives would benefit from light and hope. Available at Pepper Fry, the candles are quite appealing and would go with any home decor. The gift contains a set of 6 candles along with their glass jar both of which are gold-tinted. Measuring 1.97x1.97x2.48 Inches, the scented candles burn for almost 4 hours. The gentle and soothing aroma can be calming for the senses. The Aroma Set of 6 Scented Candles by Hosley is priced at Rs. 799.

For Men

Q&Q Analog Designer Black-Metal Watch

Can you think of a better gift to get for a man than a watch? Though cliched it might seem, a leather-strapped, analogue watch is a classic gift for a man. The Q and Q watch from Myntra takes the crown when it comes to class and beauty. The watch is black throughout with gold hardware. The dial is black with a textured finish, quartz movement and gold glow in the dark inlays. The straps are again black leather. The water-resist feature allows for water resistance up to 50m. Priced at Rs. 799, the watch has a manufacturer-provided warranty of 1 year.

Vintage Travel Journal

For the wanderer who yearns to travel; The Vintage Travel Journal with its anchor and compass decor makes an ideal gift for the traveller whose travels take him to destinations both exotic and urban. With its unlined pages, it provides for a blank canvas on which he can unleash his creativity and yearning. The binding allows him to swap the pages for fresh pages if need be. The pages are wrapped in PU leather, in vintage style for an authentic look. Costing Rs. 599, the travel journal is available to buy at Big Small.

Landscape Painting by Numbers

For the aspiring artist who could never find time or patience. Paint by Numbers is very relaxing and stress relieving since there is nothing much to think about except paint according to the instructions. Everything needed for the painting is provided with including the canvas, oil paint, brushes and instructions. The canvas has the painting pre-drawn with numbered boxes. Your crush would just have the colour according to the numbers and the painting is ready. Costing you Rs. 781, the Landscape Painting by Numbers is available to buy at On Shop Deal.

Motivational Goal Poster

A simple gift can be practical and useful in many forms just like this Motivational Goal Poster from Flikart. A simple quote but can be apt for many situations right from building your career or acing his exams at college to even developing a gym routine. The poster itself is printed on a high quality 250 GSM matte paper. The poster sizes vary from a mini, regular, jumbo, giant, laminated framed and glass framed posters. The prices also vary depending on the sizes, starting at Rs. 170 for a mini-poster.

Aquaholic Copper Bottle


Gone are the days when plastic bottles are considered trendy. It's time you get back to old-school days and go for copper bottles. The copper bottle keeps the drink nice and cool at any time of the day. Apart from keeping the water fresh and cool, it has many additional health benefits too. The bottle holds 600 ml water and has a leak-proof design with beautiful enamel paint. Standing at 19 cm, the bottle is very handy and attractive. It is also very easy to clean and store. Costing you Rs. 899, the copper bottle is available to buy at Pop XO.

How to Give Gift to Your Crush


If choosing a gift isn’t stressful enough, presenting it to your crush is even more so. Let’s consider that you have purchased the perfect gift, something that they’d love. Then comes the nerve-racking part; deciding on how to give a gift to your crush. What you can do is, follow these simple steps, pull up your sleeves and get in action.

Set the Scene

Are you one for surprises or someone who prefers to be straight-forward with your gifts? While few might like surprises, not everyone goes by it. Frankly, it can make your crush anxious. Here’s the catch. If you prefer surprising them, you can build up the scene by sending them flowers or cards or such. Or you can be straightforward and give them their gift. They might not know, a gift is coming but not any less happy.

Do You Go Public or Private

You are still in the getting to know phase and haven’t yet understood them. But you need to decide if you are going for a grand gesture and gifting them in public or doing the same in private. If you are going for a grand gesture, make sure you set a romantic scene. Confessing your feelings in private with a gift or otherwise also works.

Presentation is Important

A big reveal always sets up for some excitement. It can be as simple as a beautiful presentation. A beautifully wrapped gift always incites anticipation and excitement for the gift. It may be a wrapping paper or a beautiful gift bag but make sure it is neatly done. If possible get it done at the store itself.

It’s a Matter of Words

We’d tell you that something simple like a card works wonders. So, make sure you add one to your gift. Carefully worded, beautifully nuanced cards are the most memorable and can reflect your feeling in the best way possible. You can tell them what led to this moment without being creepy or appearing stalky.

Maybe It’s a Secret

Not yet ready to express your feelings yet? You can also give them your gift secretly, though we’d suggest you not to. If you still choose to, leave your gift in a place where only your crush has access. You could courier it to them or leave it in their mailbox if you know their address. Or you could leave it at their desk or locker where only your crush has access.

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