10 Incredible Gifts for a Girl on Her 16th Birthday and Over a Dozen Ideas to Make Her Day(updated 2019)

10 Incredible Gifts for a Girl on Her 16th Birthday and Over a Dozen Ideas to Make Her Day(updated 2019)

Are you looking for 16th birthday gift ideas for your daughter, or sweet 16 gift ideas for a niece? BP-Guide India has dozens of ideas for gifts, how to make her day extra special and even a list of 16 small gifts to mark her 16th birthday. From pretty earrings, vanity sets, canopy beds and bath bombs to inspiring posters, plush slippers and a whole lot more, find here all the creative 16th birthday gift ideas you will need.

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At 16 She is a Lady, So Give Her Gifts Suited to a Young Lady

Feminine Gifts Fit for a Young Lady

The sweet 16th birthday, when a girl is leaving behind her adolescence years and welcoming her womanhood, marks a special moment in every girl’s life. While some countries celebrate this as a landmark birthday, others follow a different tradition, but a carefully chosen gift for girl 16th birthday can make her day. Though most will think of surprising the birthday girl with something that she will appreciate, but making it a complete surprise could go negative as well.

Since she’s about to turn into an adult, a mature discussion with her on what she wants for her birthday might reap better results. Pick from any of the ideas mentioned below, or feel free to explore the web for finding the right feminine gift that defines the personality of your 16 year old princess.

  • Gadgets like a smartphone or a tablet are a part of your teenager’s life. So, she will not only love, but appreciate receiving something related to her gadget.
  • A customised case for her phone that adds to her personality and fashion style will make her more than happy.
  • Give her room a make-over that will help her let go off any stress or depression. She will love to be in a place where she can spend some time away from her family, siblings, and friends as most 16 year olds tend to do.
  • Not willing to go for a complete makeover? Use princess-themed, pretty and dreamy wallpapers to give her room a feminine touch, and make her feel like a princess at home.
  • High heels are something that she is likely to be fascinated about. Now, when she is entering womanhood, this is the right time to get her the first pair or stilettos, high heels, or pumps.
  • Appearance is something she is going to be more concerned about from now. Get her fashion accessories and light makeup that will highlight her beauty and develop her feminine personality like lip gloss, necklace, bracelet, and other items.

Gift Have to Be Significant

16 year old teenagers are at a crucial point of their life. While transforming to womanhood, she might behave as a young lady as well as a little girl at times. Moreover, at this tender age, most girls have a number of hobbies and interests that you can use to think of a number of 16th birthday gift ideas for daughter.

You should avoid getting her something that she is less likely to use or has already got. Gift her something fabulous that shows your care for her as well as reflects her personality and encourages her future plans.

16 Year Old Girls Have a Well Defined Personality, So Target That

The term independence is gaining ground under their skin, and 16 year olds are willing to deal less with the rules, responsibilities, and chores of a household. On the verge of starting to learn independent life skills, they don’t want but need your support to learn the required emotional and practical skills to deal with the challenges life will be putting forward.

Not only this, the teen will not be much concerned about her future as of now. You need to help her prepare for her future studies as well as career. Thus, you can either gift her something that complements her independent nature or helps her in planning and/or preparing for a better future.

  • A gearless bike could be her gift to roam freely around the town.
  • A smartphone, if she doesn’t own a personal one as yet, could be her gift to interact freely with her social circle.
  • A set of books if she likes reading, or DVDs if she is more comfortable watching videos, based on how to be strong and get prepared both mentally and emotionally for the future.

Gifts That Can Nourish Her Hobbies and Dreams

At this age, the teenager girl in your house has started dreaming about a bright future ahead and they tend to avoid activities that prevent them from achieving the same. As a parent or a guardian, you should also encourage her to follow the right path instead of pushing her to complete your dreams.

Every teen has a passion, and so your 16 year old girl will have too. Look for what excites her, either by observing her behaviour or by asking her and listening to her. Taking out time to evaluate and fulfill her dreams is going to be one of the best gifts she will receive on her 16th birthday. Helping her take a step ahead towards her hobbies and dreams is one of the best, creative 16th birthday gift ideas.

  • Get her enrolled in an art class if she gets excited about drawing, sketching, or any other art form.
  • A science program would be a better choice for her, if she talks about stars and other concepts of science.
  • If she is interested in music, buy her a guitar or any other instrument of her choice. Or, if singing is her passion, you can find her a music teacher.

10 Sweet and Spicy Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Girl on Her Sweet Sixteen

Vanity Set

As mentioned above, the once little girl is now all grown up and on the cusp of adulthood, hence will be more concerned about her looks and appearance. You can take this opportunity to fulfill her desires of looking and feeling the best, and what could be better than a make-up kit or a vanity set. When getting dressed before leaving home in the morning or just trying out some new dresses or dress-up skills, she will always remember your love and affection.

Gleam Dresser With Mirror in Wenge Finish by @Home with cushion stool, and shelves is a complete set for the new woman in your house. The matte-finished multi-colour tone looks elegant and adds a style statement to the interiors, with spacious shelves to accommodate all the make-up essentials for the teenager. The termite and stain-resistant 24 x 12 x 73 inche table with a light on top can be used in living room, bedroom, or even garage. Buy this vanity set for your young lady from Pepperfry for Rs. 9,449.

If the vanity set does not match with the theme of her room you can look at other options available online, or you could even get something custom made. This need not be very expensive and you can take help and ideas from home decor books and images online to find a design that will fit well in her room and perfectly suited to her requirements.

Infinity Earrings

Appearance, the latest addition to the list of concerns of the teenager, is not only defined by make-up and dresses. Accessories play a vital role in defining the personality of a woman, and she is likely to have an eye on some must-have accessories in her jewellery box. There are many items on the list if you are looking for sweet 16 gif ideas for niece, but the gift should be unique and must express your love and concern for her.

Blingg Infinity Glitter Danglers Metal Dangle Earring is a nice way to express your emotions for the little woman. The infinity design speaks of an unconditional love, a promise of being together forever while the metal, dangler design will add a diva look to her appearance. Get this pair from Flipkart for Rs.701 and add a special touch to her appearance, even if she goes in a regular outfit or for some party. If she has a more subtle taste opt for Infinity Earrings by Alex and Ani for about Rs.3,220.

Luxury Princess Canopy Bed

Source www.amazon.in

Bedroom is a sanctuary for a girl to escape from the outside world. You can use this as an opportunity to express that you care about her freedom and privacy. Create a haven for the teen-woman with a number of options available, ranging from fairy tale bedrooms to floral furnishings along with sophisticated decoration for grown-up woman.

Add luxury to the life of your 16 year old princess with the Sinotop Luxury Princess Bed Net Canopy Bedroom Décor. Suitable for 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.5 m, and 1.8 m bed sizes, this hoop not only keeps little flying bugs away but also adds a romantic appeal to the bedroom. Available in purple colour, you buy this gift for girl 16th birthday from Amazon for Rs.4,364.

Yet another option is the Boho and Beach Bed Canopy with Feathers and Stars, also available on Amazon for Rs.3,190. The white feather boa canopy adds a dreamy and funky look to any bed and can fit over a single as well as double bed. It is easy to mount and the hardware has been included in the package.

Beauty Junky Passport and Ticket Holder

Well, she’s 16 now, and will be looking forward to planning various small and long trips with her friends, and maybe with family members as well. One of the prime concerns after her well-being would be that she has all her small but important belongings like cards, tickets, passport, cash, and others safe. There are many passport and ticket holders available that not only protect the belongings from wear and tear, but also carry additional pockets for cards, cash, and more.

While you would gravitate towards the sensible and practical passport holders, don't forget a very important feature. It must also look cute! Your sixteen year old is very likely a beauty junkie so all the useful features will not appeal to her unless they come in a pretty package. Which is why the Beauty Junky Passport and Ticket Holder is perfect for her. Not only is it very pretty, the eye catching colours make it easy to spot. There are three dividers for pocket money, passport and tickets, and important stuff, all kept safely in place with the elastic strap. Order it for £8 or Rs.702 on MissieMay.

Dream Big Canvas

Source www.gifts.com

As teenagers are growing to adulthood, they are moving towards the time when they desire more privacy and freedom. While trying to escape from the external world to their own space, bedroom is the most preferred escape point for teenagers. Instead of compelling your 16 year old teenager to come out of her room more often, you can add something to the place to motivate them alongside adding a style to their room.

Get her the Dream Big Canvas which can motivate her with words like 'dream big', 'make every day count', 'never give up' and 'explore new paths'. It can be personalised with her name and year. Since the 16th birthday coincides with the first major board exams students give, use that year. If she is preparing for her 10th grade exams then this will encourage her and if she is already done with them, it will motivate her to keep working towards her goals. Available in sizes 11 x 11 inch and 16 x 16 inch, the message is printed on museum-grade art canvas and mounted on a wood frame. Buy it for about Rs.1,680 on gifts.com

Vintage Keepsake Box

Teenagers have a long list of keepsakes from their family members, siblings, and friends that they want to keep with them as a memory for lifetime. You can explore a list of creative 16th birthday gift ideas for the little girl to make her feel special when she turns sweet 16. In order to help her recollect her memories, a keepsake box can be an amazing choice that she would not only love to have, but also need the most at this point of time.

Vintage Pattern Keepsake Box is a perfect option for gifting your little girl. The 18 cm x 18 cm wooden box is big enough to let her keep all her important items in it. Moreover, the box can be personalised by getting her name written on it, in the center of an embroidered pattern. Get her this vintage keepsake box from Gingercrush for Rs.1,499.

Cute Plush Slippers

Along with facial appearance, feet are another are that women are quite concerned about. Lady house boots and plush slippers are a great choice for cold feet of ladies that not only keep them warm but also add a funny style element to their lifestyle. Moreover, these cuddly plush slippers are a perfect funny gift option for your loved ones.

Pick up these adorable Totoro Plush Slippers. The soft cushioning will keep her feet warm while the anti-skid sole will keep her slipping. The unisex slippers are available in a free size that fits up to UK size 8. Not a fan of Totoro? There are unicorn slippers complete with rainbow hued horns, minions, Super Mario brother, Homer Simpson, even zombies and poop emoji slippers. Buy a pair for Rs.1,499 on Big Small.

Latest Gadgets

Source www.amazon.in

Today’s teens are more technology obsessed than any of the previous generations, and consider tech items like smartphones and others as an inseparable parts of their life. Though choosing a gift for girl 16th birthday can be a tough task, a teen-friendly gadget can be a good option to choose. Additionally, since teens have quite distinct choices in terms of personal tech items like smartphones, media players, and others, you can choose a cool, useful accessory for her.

If she is a music lover and loves to go loud on her favourite tracks, the Bose Soundlink Color II 752195-0100 Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect choice. The small-sized, water resistant speaker delivers a bold sound with the innovative Bose technology, and can be carried anywhere due to its rugged manufacture and soft touch silicone exterior. Access digital assistants or use internal mic for speakerphone as the battery lasts for around 8 hours. Get her this Bluetooth-enabled premium quality speaker from Amazon for Rs.11,500.

Bath Melts Gift Set

Source www.amazon.in

Kids and teenagers like chocolates and this class of pre-adult people like to have fun at any place, inside or outside the home. Having fun during bath time is something that kids love, and growing from teenage to adulthood, your 16 year old will also love it. For chocaholics, fun lovers, bath bombs and bath melts are going to be a perfect luxury gift.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set is a perfect gift option for the teenage girl. The pack contains 6 bath melts each, made with cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils. Get this pack from Amazon for Rs.2,202, but do tell her to not use all at once and keep some for later to enjoy multiple sessions of fizzy, chocolaty aroma in her bathroom.

Beauty Pamper Pack

A significant amount of pollution in the real world does a damage to the skin, the external beauty for which the teen is getting more concerned about now. This is why she is/will be using bath oils, vitamin-rich items, rose water, and other products to keep her skin hydrated with the right nutrition. In short, she now loves to pamper her skin and would love any skin-healthy addition in her wardrobe.

Get her this Marshmallow and Rose Pamper Pack which is a lovely bath set with everything she will need to relax, unwind and feel like a pampered princess. The set includes a bath tea bag, a bath sundae bath bomb and a scented candle with a burn time of about 15 hours; all products are scented with marshmallow and rose. There is also a tub of rose face mask with moisturizing and toning properties. All the products are handmade in England and the set can be ordered from prezzybox.com for Rs.1,404.

16 Gifts to Mark Her Sweet 16!

Still didn’t find what you were looking for? If you are still confused after viewing this whole list of 16th birthday gift ideas, you can make her day exciting in another way. Instead of buying one big present, you can get her 16 small gifts to mark her sweet 16. A particular list of items that you can add to the list of 16 gifts for her is given below, and you are free to change or swap any item according to her likes and dislikes.

16 Gifts for Sweet Sixteen

  • Start her day with a delicious birthday cake, obviously keeping her favourite flavour in mind.
  • Don’t forget to add a special birthday card that not only carries wishes, but also your love and affection for her.
  • Does she like chocolates? Or wafers? Why not add that to the list?
  • A photo frame with her best moments and favourite memories is sure to spark her interest.
  • Girls love teddy bears. Add one to your list of gifts, while the size depends on your budget and her preference.
  • Know her favourite colour and add a nail polish of her favourite colour. You can add multiple bottles if you wish.
  • If she is fond of reading, get a book from her favourite author.
  • A set of scented candles to help her relieve stress and unwind with the sweet fragrance.
  • Get her a new pair of clothes that match her personality. Even a single cute top or scarf will do.
  • Adding a new set of comfy sleepwear will be worthy addition to the list of the girl transforming to a woman.
  • Complement her new clothes with a beautiful pendant. A simple one, with hearts, birds, or any other thing depending on what she likes.
  • Let her flaunt her beauty with a bracelet along with her new clothes and pendant.
  • Since she now loves to enjoy more time alone, a personal diary can be her perfect companion.
  • She might not wear a bracelet on every occasion, and here, a watch can be a worthy replacement.
  • Since she is likely to get per personal vehicle soon, or at least start learning to drive, gifting her a cute keychain could be a useful addition.
  • Last, but not the least, let her enjoy the day by booking a ticket to her favourite movie show or a concert.

Dream of Every 16 Year Old Girl: Lots of Branded Clothes, Bags, Shoes Makeup and Jewellery

However, if you still aren’t sure that any of the gifts you have seen here or have listed from other sources, you can always be sure of certain things every woman loves to have. Branded clothes, jewellery, and cosmetics are something that all women will love to buy, and would be happier to receive any or all of these things as gifts.

Though the most important thing while selecting a gift for girl 16th birthday is to evaluate what she likes and dislikes or has any particular desire. Evaluating this single parameter can help you choose the best present for her when she steps into the crucial part of her life.

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Choose Creative Over Expensive

The truth is you can get some pretty nice gifts if you fork out a little more, but the world is already so materialistic and she will soon be out there on her own. So, as much as possible, show her how to find pleasure in simpler things. Sixteen is a big birthday and she must have already put in requests for an expensive gift, if not for her birthday then after clearing the board exams. If she deserves it, go ahead, but also give her simpler presents as bonus to show how other things can also bring joy.