Celebrating His Victory: 14 Gift Ideas and Ways to Celebrate Husband's Promotion at Work(Updated 2020)

Celebrating His Victory: 14 Gift Ideas and Ways to Celebrate Husband's Promotion at Work(Updated 2020)

Your husband got promoted! Celebrate his achievement with the right gift!. Nothing is as rewarding as being recognised for all your hard work so help your husband relax, celebrate his success and motivate and prepare him to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Find here all the best job promotion gift ideas and ways to celebrate husband's success.

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Ideas to Acknowledge His Hard Work and Success

Send Him Flowers and Chocolates

So your husband got that big promotion at work that that he had been working towards for ages. All that hard work needs acknowledgement and what better way to do that than to give him a gift? Getting a promotion is quite a big achievement and needs to be celebrated by the closest people in his life. To show him how proud you are of his victory at the workplace, send him a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. It’s the perfect surprise for someone as special as your man.

A man needs to be indulged too sometimes. It’s the age of gender equality, so make your man feel special and pampered. He does the same for you, doesn’t he? Send him a bunch of Dazzling Roses Combo from fnp.com which costs around Rs.999. It contains 4 red roses, 2 yellow, 2 white and 2 pink roses all packed into a beautiful blue paper bouquet tied with a yellow and a pink ribbon along with two Toblerone bars.

Gifts That Enhance His New Image at Work

Now that he has a promotion, he must have a new designation as well. When you are buying a gift to celebrate husband’s promotion then get something that helps him showcase his new position. How about a set of business cards with his new job title on them? You can order them online from Vistaprint.com. A suit is another great option for a man who has to frequently attend business meetings, dinners and lunches. Buy him one in a comfortable yet classy material that he can wear on a daily basis. Choose classic colors like blue or black, depending on your husband’s preference.

Things That Will Help in His New Role

If you are desperately looking for job promotion gift ideas then try to pick things that will help him tackle new responsibilities at the workplace. With increased workload he will need a better phone to mange everything. Get him a brand new smart phone with multiple new features to make his life a little bit easier. You can buy him the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. It has an extremely fast octacore processor which will make life easier for your busy husband. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.48,942. An external hard drive is another useful gift for your man to store all his files. Buy the Seagate 1TB portable hard drive from Amazon for Rs.3,999.

Throw a Surprise Party for Him

Celebrate your man’s big win by throwing him a big congratulatory surprise party. Don’t let him know what you are planning. Keep everything totally under wraps. Get his friends and family in on the secret. The best surprise would be to spring it on him when he’s least expecting it. Casually inform him about dinner at a friend’s place, and give him the surprise of his life when he gets there. You can also surprise him on the context of taking him out to dinner. Make sure that the people closest to him are there, also include his friends from work. Make the party an intimate and memorable one.

Gift Ideas to Motivate Your Husband Even More

Motivational Coffee Mug

What's the one staple across workplaces? Coffee! The cuppa that unites, strengthens and helps people power through the workday. And that means your husband must have a kickass coffee mug at his desk, whether to drink from or just hold his pens. Get him a mug that will fire him up each morning when he goes into work because nothing gets a man going like some creative motivation. Get him the Get Shit Done Coffee Mug worth Rs.289 from amazon.in. It will inspire him to work even harder and remind him that he is a man who can be relied on to get things done.

Parker Pen

Pens are classic gifts to give to almost anyone and best suited to give for a promotion. The Parker Classic Gold GT Ball Pen has a beautiful gold finish and will look great tucked into your husband’s suit or shirt pocket. You can buy it for your husband from Snapdeal for Rs.344.

Desk Organisers

Source www.amazon.in

A desk organiser will keep the desk clean and help your husband get work done faster and in a more efficient way. The Stonkraft Wooden Rosewood Desk Organiser is worth Rs.599, which is hand made from Indian Rosewood(Sheesham) and features elegant brass design. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing but will keep your husband’s desk neat and tidy at all times. You can buy it from amazon.in.

Classy Formal Suit

We don’t call it power suit without reason. A suit will make your husband look as powerful as he feels. Buy him a piece in blue or black. Pinstripe suits look really classy. Choose one which goes with his personal style. Be careful about getting the correct size. The suit needs to fit well. So make sure you get his measurements correct before you buy the suit. True Blue Navy Blue Solid Suit from jabong.com is a great choice. It costs Rs.9,199.

Wrist Watch

Watches are always great gift options and the Timex TWEG15103 Stainless Steel Analog from snapdeal.com will make the perfect promotion gift for your man. It costs Rs.4845 and is made from high-quality silver metal. It has an analogue display and goes well with formal wear, perfect for when he needs to look sharp at work meetings.

Tie and Pocket Square Set

Source www.amazon.in

A tie set is another classic gift for a man of business. Moving up the ladder at work not only entails more responsibilities and greater recognition, his appearance also matters a lot more. More eyes are on him now and you want you man to be well dressed everyday. Vibhavari Men's Tie, Pocket Square & Cufflinks Set from amazon.in will cost you around Rs.949. It features an elegant blue-white combo in Jacquard woven silk material

A Laptop

If your husband carries his work around with him then buy him a laptop. He probably already has one but if he's been using it for a few years now, giving him an upgrade to time with his promotion is a great idea. The HP 15q 15q-ds0017TU Laptop has an Intel i3 7th gen processor, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, DOS Operating System, 1 TB HDD and a 15.6 inch display. You can buy it from flipkart.com for around Rs.18,999. If your budget can accommodate a more expensive laptop then you can invest in an another model. Check your husband's work requirements first; if he prefers to use his office laptop for work, then perhaps give him one more suited for leisure with better specs to support steaming, browsing, images, gaming etc, based on his personal interests.

Park Avenue Grooming Kit

Source maxxave.com

Does your man's new role require him to travel more frequently? He will need a travel sized pack of all his grooming essentials. The Park Avenue Good Grooming kit with free travel pouch will let your man stay well groomed when he is traveling for work or when he has to show up for those early morning meetings. The kit has a Park Avenue deo, shave cream, talc, soap bar, after shave lotion in a small travel sized pack and a shaving brush. You can buy it for Rs.420 on Amazon.

Beautiful Love Message Bottles with Bike Shaped Keychain

Looking for a romantic way to tell your man how proud you are of his achievements and how much you love him? This cute teddy bear with artificial roses from flipkart.com costs around Rs.280. This gift set with all these cute sets will let your hubby know how much you love and appreciate him.

He must have been investing a lot of time and energy at work lately and now that he has the time to bask in his success he will also seek to reconnect with loved ones. Work has a way of making you sacrifice family time so assure your man that his hard work is appreciated by his family and you are always there to support him.

Plan a Romantic Dinner

Nothing says you love him better than a romantic dinner just for the two of you. Set up a romantic dinner date for your man at a cozy restaurant or right in the comfort of your own home. Light some candles, decorate the table with some fresh flowers and celebrate his success with a bottle of wine or champagne. You can cook for him or order his favorite meal from a restaurant. Create the perfect ambience and enjoy each other’s company.

Bonus Tip: Make Him Feel Important and Appreciated

The most important gift that you can give your man is to make him feel important. When you celebrate his achievements, it immediately boosts his morale. By doing something special for him to celebrate his win you will not only make him happy but also more self assured. A confident man is always an asset to the society and to everyone around him. A man’s wife is one of the closest and the most important people in his life. By acknowledging his accomplishment, you will reassure your husband about your love for him.

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A Promotion Means More Responsibilities

He must have put in days and months of hard work, perhaps even years, to have earned that promotion, and a better position means additional responsibilities. Help take some of the pressure off by helping him relax and unwind. You may have your own responsibilities to deal with, at home and at work and two busy people can often set off each others nerves especially when tired. It will take some effort on both your parts but find ways to be each other's pillar of support so you can help motivate your partner to attain greater success.