Congratulate Your Man with 10 Celebratory Gifts for Husband's Promotion(Updated 2019)

Congratulate Your Man with 10 Celebratory Gifts for Husband's Promotion(Updated 2019)

Celebrate your husband winning that promotion he's been working for with these 10 super cool gift ideas. Nothing beats the satisfaction of hard work being recognised and rewarded with a promotion. It is a big moment for him and must be celebrated. Show him how proud you are of him with these promotion gifts specially picked out for the hard working husband.

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A Promotion is a Big Deal, the Right Gift Will Make it More So

Make Sure the Gift is Inspiring


The sweet taste of success! Make it sweeter still with inspirational gifts that continue to fire you husband's drive and passion to reach even higher goals. Your husband is the pillar of your life who keeps the relationship steady and stable along with you. He deserves to know how much you love and respect him. If he's constantly reminded of how much he means to you he will become double the man he is and will reciprocate with more love to you.

Show your appreciation in any way you think will bring a smile on his face. Send him a message or an email to remind him of how wonderful a man he is and how much effort he puts into his work both in his office and in your relationship. Cook his favorite lunch and dishes time-to-time and send him a sticky note along with the lunch box. Let him take few nights a week for himself or go out with him to his favorite place and enjoy with him. Let your gestures speak for your love for your husband.

Show him your love with an inspirational bracelet. The strength stability bracelet steals all the weakness and gives strength and improves immunity. This not only has the ability to get your husband rid of any tiredness but also looks stylish and fashionable. This Moneekar therapy bracelet has 4 elements to bring back the activeness into your husband. Go score this little wonder on Amazon for Rs.1,399.

Or go with a more traditional way and gift him a roller ball pen by Parker. Its tip is made of chrome trim and has a shade of premium brown. Also available on Amazon, this ball pen will give a more sophisticated and elegant look to your husband's corporate look.

As satisfying as a promotion is, it also means your husband's responsibilities as work will increase and he will have a bigger role to play. You gift must not only congratulate him but also give him the encouragement to take on his new role with confidence.

Gifts that Will Enhance His New Position at work

He got promoted in his office for his well-deserving efforts and hard work and you want to gift him something which reflects his new designation and his new work regime. This can be anything from apparel and clothing accessories to help smarten him up for his new role, tools he will need to assist in his new responsibilities, or small indulgences to show he is a man on his way to the top. Does he need to meet a lot of new people everyday? A slick card holder will add an elegant touch to his business meetings whenever he whips it out to hand out his visiting card. If his new role increases the frequency of his travel, intelligent travel essentials will keep him comfortable on the go.

Give him a gift which will be useful to him and is practical. He must use an office briefcase, you can buy him a slicker, more luxurious upgrade. A briefcase is reliable and will be used when he travels for either work or any other reason. Going with this choice will never backfire as he'll appreciate the thought you put into to get him a gift which will be useful for him. But make sure to go with a briefcase that is suitable for him and compliments his style and personality. Also, choose a color which he is more likely to choose himself if he goes briefcase shopping.

Pick out the leather briefcase by Hammonds Flycatcher in brown. Made with genuine leather, this briefcase has a lot of space for your husband to keep his belongings. Its full-grain leather makes it very durable. Packed firmly from all the sides and compartmentalized in different pockets, small and big both, this amazing leather bag includes zip and slip pocket for organization and one rear pocket too. It comes with a warranty of 1 year but as seen from its strong material this leather bag will keep on going for a number of years. Available on Amazon, this brown leather bag is priced at Rs.3,333.

It Should be Useful at His Workplace


A promotion means a lot to your husband who has been spending his days and sometimes nights too in order to get his work done and receive the recognition that he deserves. Help him take a little bit off his shoulders by gifting him something which makes his work a little bit less hectic. Organising tools for the workplace, a smart clock with additional built in features, useful gadgets that help him save time, anything related to his area of work that makes his workload a tad easier to bear will be appreciated.

For your working husband, a virtual assistant to help him do his work a win-win situation for both of you. Amazon's Echo Dot 2nd generation has all the abilities to be a very wonderful assistant. It can direct you to your destination using her own voice and also tell you the score the match your husband is interested in. It can play his favorite song and can also do a number of the complex operations. Not only Echo Dot can help your husband in his office work but it'll also help you by making him relax at home. It is priced at Rs.5,899 on Amazon. He can use it at work if he has a private office or help him out at home.

Pick Sensible Gifts Rather than Expensive Things

When it comes to buying gifts for men, buying a gift which is practical and can be used on daily basis or frequently is more sensible than buying a gift which makes you shell out more money. Choose gifts which are useful to him. Buying him things like practical scarves, belts, wallet, good socks, travel bags and desk organisers may seem like impersonal gifts but he will use these a lot more than say, a fluffy heart shaped cushion or a really expensive pair of dress shoes.

In fact even if you buy him a really good quality and pricey item for personal use he is likely to put it away for special occasions and go back to his well worn items for daily use. The idea is to congratulate him, and smarten him up so he approaches his new role with confidence, not make him look like he's won the lottery or has acquired illusions of grandeur.

Practical Gifts to Congratulate Husband With on Promotion


Just like women, men too like having different accessories and a wallet is that one item which transcends the boundary of being just an accessory to an absolute essential. Even if he has a wallet it must have served him for several years, so gift him one if it looks like he could do with a new one. He might get to travel a lot or attend more meetings after receiving his promotion and gifting him wallet would make for a perfect present. He whips it out to pay for things, he may store his visiting cards in in besides a whole bunch of stuff. You want your man to make a good impression by pulling out a sleek and elegant wallet instead of a bulky and battered lump. A good wallet sits well inside the pocket without spoiling the silhouette of the garment.

Calvin Klein Men Slimfold Leather wallet is one good option, available on for Rs.8,790. Made with genuine leather, it has a sleek exterior with an embossed logo. With card slots, bill compartment, interior linings and open pockets this wallet combines utility with class.

Leather Duffel Bag

Does your husband's promotion require him to travel more frequently? If it does, you hardly want your man to lug that unsightly weekender that you use as an extra bag when travelling for holidays. What he needs is a smart and well designed bag that has plenty of room for all his essentials yet doesn't make him look like he is carrying his entire house for a business trip. Never underestimate the importance of the appearance of luggage. It is not a superficial concern, the right travel piece can elevate him to the level of a professional who must be taken seriously.

Duffel bags are best when it comes to overnight bags meant for short business trips. You can also go ahead and pack your items into the bag if you both are going on a short vacation. Leather duffel bags are tough and resilient and if looked after, continue to look good even as they age. Don't want to spend on an expensive leather bag? There are excellent bags in canvas which will serve your husband just as well.

There are plenty of options available online and you can find one to suit your budget. You may want to consider the Hidesign Men Tan Brown Leather Duffle Bag. It has one roomy main compartment with a zip closure and two zip pockets and three slip pockets. There's also an external zip pocket besides a slip pocket. The clean simple lines of this no nonsense bag is the ideal work travel bag. Buy it for Rs.10,995 on Myntra.

Luxurious Pen Set


Pen sets tend to be the best gift you can give to your husband and it is also one of the items that your husband would love to use and carry with him. Gift him a pen which looks classy and is a good item to be added to his corporate look. Fine pens have been an age old gifting item, often presented to men on momentous occasions and your husband will appreciate such a fitting gift.

Present him with a Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen which is available for Rs.1,205 on Amazon online store. It has a sleek and classy design and writes with a smooth finish. With high performance, its iconic slim design and bright sliver finish will give your husband the pleasure of holding a stylish and elegant pen.

A Smart Watch


A promotion often mean that your husband has been working very hard in the office and gifting him a watch would remind him to relax a bit and enjoy his leisure time with you after he has received his promotion. It will also make him remember your every time he looks at his watch. No, you don't always have to go with the traditional watches. With the advent of technology smartwatches have come on the market and you can pick out one smartwatch for your smart husband.

Go with Fossil Explorist Hr Smartwatch available on Amazon for Rs.21,995. This watch packs in a lot of features. Sync this watch with your husband's phone and he'll get all his texts, messages, calls, emails on the display of the watch. He can control the music apps from this wrist and the watch is also equipped with Bluetooth. It will even track his heart rate. Compatible with iOS and Andriod devices this watch has its own microphone and speaker. Now, he'll not miss any calls from you.

Sensible Gifts to Give Your Husband on His Promotion

Personalised Name Bar Desk Accessory


Your husband got promoted for his efforts in the office and giving him something that he can keep on his new desk is a good promotion gift. And instead of getting just a showpiece, you can gift him something that shows his new position in the office.

Pick out a name bar desk accessory for him. Even if he doesn't have an office with his name on the door, the desk bar will give him quiet satisfaction each time he looks at it. Reminders of what he has already accomplished so far are important to keep him motivated.

This Office Desk Name Plate made of brass and wood is one such name bar you can buy at Engrave( The brass and wood piece will bear his name and his designation and will add more integrity to his persona in the office. You can gift this gift to your husband when he starts his first day in his new role or when he reaches a project completion milestone. Whatever the reason maybe just show your appreciation to him with this personalised present. Priced at around Rs.1,899, this small wooden plate will make a lasting impression on anyone about your husband.

A New Laptop


When it comes to presenting a gift to your husband for his well-deserved promotion, laptops often come first in the mind. For they can be used for his new office related work and for a tech lover husband laptops are always a good present. While buying a laptop always make sure to dig deeper into the specifications of the laptop that you're buying. The laptop should be the latest model and should be compatible with what your husband likes in an electronic item. Evaluate the needs of his work and buy him a laptop that fulfills those requirements.

Go with a laptop as gift only if you're sure about all features and only if it fits in your budget. A laptop may seem like an expensive gift but if chosen wisely it will be the gift which stays on for a long period of time and is generally a practical gift too.

The Ideapad 330 series is a good option. It has an anti-glare display and comes with the latest high-performance AMD processor. With 4GB RAM, Windows 10 and Intel's HD graphics card this laptop will fit all the work needs of your husband. Available on with prices started at Rs 26,490, this laptop packs in a number of latest features and trends and will never let your tech-savvy husband down.

Electronic Gift Cards

If you aren't sure what your husband needs or what is best suited to his new job, just give him a gift card. The gift of choice is often the best kind of gift. He may have something in his mind that he wants to treat himself to and your gift will make it easier for him to buy it; even if he doesn't want anything at the moment he can always redeem it at a later date.

Give him gift cards from websites that he often shops from or which have a wide range of products he can choose from. The gift card can be sent via email or is also available packed in a decently decorated box. The gift cards available on Amazon can be bought in different denominations from Rs.500 up to Rs.7,500. This small piece of item packs in a surprise for a receiver. Your husband can buy his favorite book, shirt or any other item. As this gives your husband the freedom to choose his own present it is a good choice for him. Also, going with gifting an e-gift card is a good option when you're confused between a number of items and do not have much time to select and pick one present.

Canvas and Suede Travel Set


Try to get a good understanding of the new responsibilities that your husband has after the promotion as it will help you in giving him appropriate presents. If his work involves travel you know he is constantly misplacing small personal items on his work trips. Help him get better organised with a set of travel bags to hold his personal items.

This Canvas and Suede Travel Set from consists of three pouches in different sizes that can be used to store anything from toiletries to travel documents and phone chargers and cords. These small things are immensely important when on the move and they are equally easy to lose. The pouches are equipped with a nifty little feature - panels to block RFID readers that can scan and capture his credit card information, making them ideal to keep all kinds of important things in them. The bags are made of washed cotton canvas with suede accents and can be monogrammed with up to 3 letters.

Engraved Cuff Links


Cufflinks are the perfect gift for a man's promotion as they add the right finishing touch to a formal ensemble. Can you imagine a man dressed in a classy suit, complete with an elegant necktie, a pocket square and shoes buffed to a high shine but missing cufflinks on his shirt sleeves? Sure you can. But you will not forget a man who has worn cufflinks. It's as simple as that. Attention to detail is what gets you noticed, and remembered. And a man on the rise such as your husband who is armed with a new promotion absolutely needs a good pair of cufflinks that he can wear with a number of his formal clothes.

You can opt for engraved cufflinks, personalised with his initials or even an encouraging message. You can order a pair at where Personalised Men's Cufflink made of brass cost Rs.2,100. The rhodium plating on it can be either rose or yellow gold, or you can choose a platinum plating. Get it etched with your husband's name, company logo, a message or whatever you please.

Make the Gift Presentation Memorable

Throw Him a Celebration Party and Top it With a Gift

That promotion sure took its time but now that your well deserving and hard working husband has finally gotten it, celebrate it with a party for him. Office work can take a toll on a person's social life and you can lift his spirits by inviting over your family members and his friends for lunch or dinner. Spending quality time with his loved ones will make for a perfect day for your husband. He can break the news of him getting promoted to everyone and everyone present can raise a toast to him. Make arrangements for him to spend a stress-free and lovely evening with his friends and see him returning with a big smile on his face. Spending time with friends and family is a good stress buster and when the good news is celebrated with loved ones it becomes a more joyous occasion.

Whisk Him Off to a Refreshing Holiday

Earning a promotion is no easy feat as a lot of consistent hard work is needed. When you do get it, the feeling of being rewarded is immensely satisfying. But a promotion also means more work, new responsibilities, perhaps a change in the work portfolio.

What your hubby needs at this point is a relaxing holiday where he can rest and rejuvenate so he can face the coming challenges with renewed energy. Plan a small and simple holiday party in response to your husband's promotion. Relax on the beach or go trekking in the mountains, take in historical sites or soak in food and culture of an exotic place, whatever it takes to get your man feeling refreshed.

If he would prefer having family and friends around, invite those whose company he enjoys best. His bosses may not appreciate him taking off on a long holiday just as he has been given new responsibilities, or he may have been encouraged to take a break. Either ways check with him first before making the arrangements. Look into all the details so all your husband has to do is unwind without worrying about arrangements.

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Prepare for What's to Come

A promotion is a definite cause for celebration, after all it is a recognition of your husband's efforts at work and a way for his employer to express confidence in him; there may be more money involved too. But there is a lot more work ahead, be very clear about that. A promotion is hardly an indication that your man will be able to put his feet up and relax, far from it. Moving up the ladder means more responsibilities, means he will rely more on you for his personal needs. Let him know you stand by his side as his pillar of strength.