10 Thoughtful Gifts for Husband's Promotion, and Tips to Make Him Feel Special (2020)

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Husband's Promotion, and Tips to Make Him Feel Special (2020)

Looking for gift for husband's promotion? BP Guide India has some amazing promotion gifts that will make your husband feel appreciated, loved, and on top of the world. But even better, we help you understand the frame of mind he is in so you can not only get him fantastic gifts that match his mood. So read on to find everything you need to make your husband feel amazing.

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Did Your Husband Just Get Promoted?

Well, this is a happy time after all. All the months of hard work, the overtime hours and other things that he must have worked at have finally paid off. It surely is a time that should be celebrated and made memorable for him and what better way than getting gifts for husband promotion that shows how proud you are of him? Planning a small surprise for him, maybe a dinner or a movie might also be just the thing that he would like. Read further to see the list we have compiled of the best gift ideas for husband promotion and tips that would ensure that you choose the best suited things for this occasion.

Here's What He is Thinking

Before you jump to seeing what the best gifting ideas are for such an occasion, it would be better if you first understand what your husband is probably thinking at this point of time. It will help you understand what kind of ideas or expectations he has from this turning point in life and how he is viewing it. This will ensure that you choose the correct gifts for husband promotion or experiences. So, here are the top 3 things that are probably running in his mind.

#1 Sense of Entitlement

He has surely worked very hard and given a significant amount of time and effort in reaching where he has, hence, having a sense of entitlement is usual. It is okay if he feels that he ‘deserves’ it and rightly so. Try telling him how proud you are of his achievements and that he surely deserved it after all the work he did for it.

#2 Happiness

This one is a no-brainer; he is surely very happy and is also kind of relaxed now as he is viewing things from a better angle. The happiness not only stems from the fact that he has been appreciated at work and rewarded for it but also the fact that the promotion will get other kinds of highs and facilities in life that he has probably been wanting since long.

#3 Looking Towards the Future

Your husband might also be looking more clearly at the future as the boost in income and other facilities that he would derive from a promotion indicate a more secured life. He might probably be looking at more investments, savings or other aspects that would make life more beautiful for the two of you; he has a better idea of the future now.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Husband's Promotion to Make Him Feel Special

So now that you are looking for gifts for your husband's promotion you must have realised that it can be a very tricky business. You need to find things that suit his taste and preferences and also something that speaks to the two you about this occasion. If you still don’t have a better idea of what to get him, don’t worry, read further and see the top 10 gift ideas for husband promotion that work best for such an occasion.

Instant Singapore Holiday

Gifting him a beautiful holiday for the two of you is something that he would absolutely love after all the time and efforts he has given at work. It would also do you two good to take some time off and enjoy in an international place like Singapore. You can book an instant holiday package to the exciting multicultural cosmopolitan destination at just Rs.37, 583 per person from Cox and Kings for 4 nights and 3 days. The package includes certain meals, accommodation and several other things. Surely now is the time to relax for a few days and savour the success! Book the tour package here.

Day at the Four Fountain Spa

Who says men don’t like the spa? Your husband would certainly appreciate a day at the Four Fountain Spa where he can let go and relax with a massage, sauna, steam and more along with a cup of his favourite tea or coffee. You can buy a card for a day, starting at Rs.1,000 only and choose what kinds of therapies or plans interest you and him. It might also be a nice idea to buy two cards and for the two of you to spend the day together at the spa. This service is available in several cities in India. You can buy spa vouchers and gift cards online here.

70 mm Surprise

Although this particular item is like the most expensive thing on the list, however, honestly, it is worth every penny spent. For Rs.9,200, you can make your husband’s dream of being on the 70 mm theatre screen come true. Available exclusively on Oye Happy only, you can showcase two pictures and messages on the theatre screen for 15 seconds at any INOX outlet across the country. However, you need to book this in advance and also check the price as it might differ from city to city. Just choose the theatre location, movie and show time; and watch the surprise unfold. This is one thing he would never forget in this lifetime. Book your slot here.

Lifestyle Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

Has your husband wanted to buy something since a long time? Didn’t get a chance to shop and splurge like he wanted to? Well, you can try fixing that. Available on Amazon India, you can buy a gift card worth Rs.1,000 for just Rs.920 that provides you access to shop for the same amount at any Lifestyle or Home Centre outlets across the country. It also offers several other benefits and discounts which could make your spend more worthwhile. If your husband is not a fan of Lifestyle or prefers some other brand then you can also find similar gift cards online.

Love Explosion Box

Source giftony.com

Cards and letters have always been the traditional way of showing you care and, well, there is a certain charm to it that no other thing can match. If you think the same, then you could consider ordering the Love Explosion box for just Rs.1,450 from Bonding Gifts. It is basically like a card but with a very creative twist. It looks like a box and when the lid is removed the contents, basically 45 different photos, burst out along with a cute teddy sitting in the middle. Available in black and red colours, this is a unique gift that would suit this occasion.

Special Flower Hamper

Source www.fnp.com

Well the classic gift for such an occasion is surely flowers and chocolates. You can find this signature gift with some more modern additions on Ferns and Petals; for just 1,549 INR you can get a hamper with 12 roses in a bouquet, a teddy bear, a 500 grams truffle cake and 5 Dairy Milk chocolates. The gift comes packed in a beautifully way and would certainly make for a nice thing for this occasion as its romantic and also indicates a certain kind of celebratory mood. You could also order this hamper as an additional thing along with a gift that you would want to give.

STAR Husband Trophy or Award

Source www.amazon.in

This one’s really quirky, funny yet a cool thing to get your husband. Your husband’s been a great guy and you are proud of him, so why not award him with an actually trophy that says what you really mean? Available for Rs.790 on Amazon India along with free delivery service, this beautiful gold coloured trophy that says ‘My Star Husband’ is just the kind of thing to suit this occasion. Almost 11 inches in height and made of sturdy quality material, this could be the gift you are looking for.

Face Care Gift Box for Men by Kama Ayurveda

If you are looking for something relaxing and calming to gift your husband then maybe the Face Care gift box from the leading luxury Ayurveda brand, Kama Ayurveda, is exactly what you need. For just Rs.650 on their official website, it is a good starter pack for skincare with two bottles of cleansing and hydrating treatments for fresh and invigorated skin. Your husband would really love the pampering experience that this box of natural goodness, free from any artificial substances, would offer. It also comes in a beautifully crafted box that makes it a nice gift. Buy it from here now.

Taj Experiences Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

Taj is just the name that comes in one’s mind when we talk of luxury. You could now gift your husband some quality time and memories at one of the Taj properties across India by buying him the Taj Experience Gift Card from Amazon India for just Rs.900; however, worth Rs.1,000 in value, the card can be used on every valid spend at the hotels from food to rooms to even spa services. The best part is that you can even reload the card from the official website and keep on re-using it till the amount available on the card is completely exhausted.

Personalised Multi Photo Frame with Wall Clock

Gifts that are personalised are always special because they show that the person put a lot of thought, effort and time into choosing the gift and creating the personalised effect. Also, it keeps on reminding the receiver about the occasion and its memories. You can consider getting a personalised multi photo frame style wall clock for your husband which he can put up anywhere in the house or at his work as well. Several pictures of the two of you can be added to this. Available on Regalo Casila for just Rs.1,119, this wooden clock is really attractive and probably the thing you need.

What to Focus on When Choosing a Gift for Husband's Promotion?

So, did you choose a gift for him finally? Well there are some other gift ideas for husband promotion and tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that what you are choosing is what he actually would like. Choosing a gift or deciding on how to celebrate an occasion like getting a promotion is a slightly tricky business because unlike other occasions you don’t really know what the ‘norm’ is or if there is any in fact. Also, you spouse might have different ideas or expectations about the same than you and it is important to consider that as well because, well, it is their day after all. So here are some of the things that will help you in choosing a gift or deciding on what to do.

Choose Something Relaxing

Considering how hard he has probably been working since a long time, your husband would certainly appreciate a nice relaxing time. Choose something that would help him relax and enjoy himself for some time, it could be anything from a gift to a small holiday as well. Keep in mind his taste and preferences as well before choosing something.

Keep it All About 'Him'

Remember, it is his day and should be all about him. Think about what he likes and choose a gift or any experience based on that only. Make him feel special and express how proud you are of him and what he has achieved through his determination and hard work. Also, don’t forget to express this in words because sometimes that is the best thing to do.

Add Extra Perks

You can think of other ways as well to make the day more special and memorable for your dear husband. It could be anything, from arranging his favourite dinner to going away for a weekend to a place that he has wanted to go to for a while. You could also think of the little things that would make him feel happy and special.

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Read his mood and fit in something besides a gift

A promotion doesn't happen everyday and your husband to respond to it in any number of ways. After the initial euphoria has settled down, talk to him or gauge his mood. He may want to announce it to the world and have a party, take a break and go away somewhere, or he could even want to just relax and unwind at home with the family. It's best to go along with what he'd like, and perhaps figure out the unsaid things he would like to have or be pampered with.