These 10 Cool Gifts for Husband's Promotion Will Double His Joy. Plus Party Ideas For A Fun Night

These 10 Cool Gifts for Husband's Promotion Will Double His Joy. Plus Party Ideas For A Fun Night

If you are stuck looking for gifts for husband's promotion , we have some awesome ideas. Your husband is obviously in a mood to celebrate, so throw him a success party and also get him any one of the awesome promotion gifts we have rounded up for you. Check out our creative ideas for the party and his gift.

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Planning to Throw a Promotion Party for Your Husband? Don’t Forget to Include the Following

Give the Party a Theme

Having a theme for the party always sets the mood for the guests and brings a sense of excitement for all. The theme should be finalised based on the choice of your husband, or if you are planning a surprise then choose some funny or cool theme. Like suppose if your husband is into old movies then you can choose to have a retro theme. You can choose to dress up as one his favorite actress, plus you can arrange the costume for him which is similar to what his favorite actor looks like.

For couples, romantic themes always work and are liked by guests as well. The romantic theme is lot similar to Valentine day based themes, such as the combination of red and black etc. You can go beyond this and think something creative which will be appreciated by your husband and take him by surprise. Few other themes are mentioned below.

Invite His Loved Ones

After you have decided to surprise him you have to include all his near and dear ones to attend the party you planned in his honor. All you have to do is make a guest list and include friends and family from far away (those he hasn't met for a long time). If you want to see him completely surprised then you can go beyond and call upon his close friends and family staying overseas to congratulate him on his big achievement. The guest list should also include people he meets daily, like his colleagues and friends from the office, neighbors, friend circle, your besties and relatives, etc.

Make all the Arrangements in Advance

Once you are set for the surprise and plan to go ahead and have a party, you have to decide on where you are actually going to implement it, that is the venue of the party and other detailing of the party like decoration, food, games, music and dance, and other minor arrangements. Everything should be executed in a planned manner and your husband should remain clueless regarding the whole scheme. Cake is an important factor of every party and should be ordered well in advance, plus it should match with the theme of the party and should also be in a flavour your husband enjoys. Next comes the present; shower him with gifts which he would appreciate. Few gift ideas are given in the article below to help you choose a perfect gift for his success.

Creative Themes for Husband’s Promotion Party

Starry Theme

A job promotion is good news which you would like to share with others in a special way. It is an achievement and to have such a starry party theme is mind-blowing. Stars represent glory and permanence. It will convey a hearty message that he is a shining star of the surprise party. For his future good luck and that he always shines like a star, a starry party theme is perfect for the event. The theme should run throughout all ideas including invitations, decorations, games, etc. There are many creative ways this theme can be included in all the elements of the party.


If you want to make the event glamorous then organise a casino theme for the promotion party. All his office colleagues and friends will feel connected to the theme. You can arrange a few cards game, and give a feeling of a casino by organising poker, chips game. Make sure money is not involved and it just serves the purpose of enjoyment to the guest.

Under the Sea

Underwater themed pull the string to add the fun element to your celebrations. Everything at the party should be in blue color so that it will take your guest to dive into the celebration and take the feel. You can get the theme balloons and decoration stuff online like aquatic animals to hang around at venue or costumes for few workers and ask them to roam in that getup all around, plus the photo booth props for funky clicks.

Top 10 Ideas for Gifts for Husband on His Promotion

Bike Wall Clock with Unique Clock Hands


Is your husband a bike lover? If he is passionate about bikes, then this will be a perfect gift for him. It is designed in the shape of a bike and could be gifted to someone who is a die-hard fan of bikes and speed.

It's beautifully carved with a semi-circle at the bottom and bike design at the top. It is made of high-quality acrylic in matt finish. The center implies the gear structure, short length gear in white (hours), long length gear in white (minutes), small gear in red (seconds). It is to be handled very carefully as it's an open design clock and you should not play or tamper with the clock hands. To adjust time use the circular revolving option given on the clock movement. This item has customization options as well as per the requirements. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,585 at

Shazé Peace Sign Cufflinks for Mens


Cufflinks embrace the style of attire and provide the royal look when it is worn. With promotion comes extra responsibility, and in a position that requires him to look as elegant as possible, he will truly stand out when right kind of cufflinks with coat suit is paired.

They will be a stellar addition to his collection, with a sleek silver-toned finish which goes with every formal irrespective of color and style. The silver finish with simple design will probably be a right choice for not only business events but for weddings also. This item can be purchased for Rs.995 at

Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer


When you want your husband to look his best, grooming tools which are easy to use come to the rescue. The new Philips cordless beard trimmer BT3221/15, corded and cordless with titanium blades removes the closest and smallest hair and gives a shave which lasts for 3 days. It is easy to use and is built to provide a one-and-half hour of cordless power backup, it lasts up to six times longer vs ordinary trimmers. It has 20 different length settings with zoom wheel, that can be selected by just turning the wheel to required length number with lock-in, functionality.

He can choose for short beard or long beard look, clean shave on removing the wheel to get the zero trim as required. It's rounded tips and gentle combs protects your husband from skin rashes, burns, cuts and irritation. The self-sharpening titanium blades with their innovative lift cut 30 per cent faster, for superior cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness. Additionally, it has a battery indicator and easy to clean and comes with a travel pouch. This tech-savvy device is faster and saves lots of time. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,919 at

Creative USB Hot Cookie Mug Warmer for Office


A cute mug warmer is an elegant choice to gift if your husband likes to sip coffee while working hard to achieve his desired goals. It's a simple and smart table decoration piece which could be used at office or at home. It keeps your favorite beverages like tea, coffee or soup hot when you want it. It has got a light indicator which lets you know when it is hot, and an on/off switch button for ease. With its extended cord length, it could be used anywhere with zero pain. It is easy to clean and store in the office where we don't get much time for other things. This item can be purchased for Rs.669 from

Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen with Compass


The 300 ballpoint pen is an all-time favorite of the professionals. It works with a simple twist of the cap and smooth writing is the perfect accessory to carry to work or parties and leaves a lasting impression. With its classic touch, appearance and tapered end towards the cone, makes it demanding in the corporate world. The special edition dual color (matt silver and black), gift box in royal look, combined with the antique compass makes for a beautiful gift. A pen defines the responsibility factor and statement of elegance. The desk compass that accompanies this beautiful writing instrument makes for a stunning decor piece that can be used as a trendy paper-weight or a perfect gift for the maritime enthusiast. This item can be purchased for Rs.1,789 at

Clarks Men's Torbay Lace Leather Sneakers


Every man must have a range of footwear to cater to his different daily needs. While he does need a numer of formal wear for work and formal events, on his days off and his leisure days demand different shoes. Clark's collection of casual wear and boots are the perfect every day must have footwear. Their lightweight soles make styling easy for men. Laced up shoes with genuine leather make them unique and stand out from the ordinary pair of shoes. This brand ranges from affordable to high price with a plethora of options and colors available like slip-on, loafers, etc. It is easy to clean with the dry brush. This item can be purchased for Rs.3,999 from

SDR Charging Electric Kettle and Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug


Attractive travel accessories for one who is overwhelmed with work is a perfect gift. While a promotion is a cause for celebration, it throws hell lot of more work on your husband, so gift him something which does not consume time when doing some non-productive work. This thermos cup comes with double wall stainless steel lining, plug-in car adapter to simulate heat which keeps the beverages hot and warm as required. It is leak-proof with an open twist top, is light and durable. It keeps your drink fresh and uses the car battery for heating. You can give him tea, coffee or milk while he starts from home in the morning, which he could consume on his way to work at signals or few stops. This item can be purchased for Rs.989 from

Sound Pro Bluetooth Speaker White

This is a perfect gift for someone constantly on the move. Speakers are a perfect way to enjoy music without the invasive nature of earphones or cumbersome and bulky headphones. Bluetooth speakers are wireless, easy to carry and portable. They do not take much space and can be carried easily. This Zebronics product comes with an international advanced Bluetooth chip which supports all Bluetooth devices. It also comes with FM function. It has got an inbuilt microphone for making hands-free phone calls. It has got a micro SD card slot and charges at a quick rate, that is within 2 hours or so. It's a fantastic gift for music lovers and it comes in amazing colors. This item can be purchased at Rs.1,282 from

iClever Portable Tri-Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad


Get technical gadgets for tech-savvy people. This advanced technology keyboard is foldable and could be used while traveling for business meetings. It's new multi-point sensitive touchpad provide greater convenience, also it could be connected to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and you can switch among the devices by a single tap on the function key. It is a cordless device and battery backup last for 60 hours with 90 days of standby time. From a compatibility point of view, it works with almost all devices present in the market. This item can be purchased for Rs.7,041

Specially Designed Ceramic Coffee Mug for Your Loved One


Is your husband one who doesn't care for elaborate gifts, or doesn't like too much money being spent on gifts for him? We know that it is really hard to find a cool and unique gift on a budget. Gifts that are customised can easily fit in your range and convey your message from the heart. The Coffee and Congratulatory Mug can be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup or any liquid of your choice. It's designed with a large handle so that it provides comfortable grip while holding the mug with some hot beverages in it and he does not burn his hand. It's dish-washable and microwave safe. The print on the mug is guaranteed to last. The message on the mug will always inspire to work hard and cherish the memories of success. This item can be purchased for Rs.259 at

Bonus Tip: Ideas to Make Him Feel Extra Special

Roses and Cake


Red roses depict love between couples from ancient times. A bunch of red roses beautifully packed with heart shape paper, ribbon and bow towards the stem looks gracious and romantic to him. To show your happiness for your husband’s latest achievement, you have these elegant congratulatory bunch of fresh flowers like strands of rose, lily, carnation, orchids, etc. With flowers of your choice, you can combine a cake with a message on it, which complements his special day. He would love your way of congratulating him on promotion. Something like this combo of 10 roses and a half kilo chocolate cake will cost you Rs.1,299 on

Complement Your Gift with a Nice Congratulatory Note

With every gift you shower on him, attach a nice quote along with that. You can also write other quotes too, which you think would be perfect for him. Or browse online for other brilliant quotes relating to promotion.

Some quotes for congratulating husband:

  • This promotion is going to cost you more responsibilities, tighter schedule, more hard work and yet this is what makes you closer to your success. Congratulations for this brilliant success.
  • You do not deserve this promotion, rather this promotion deserves an amazing man like you. Congratulations on your success.
  • The only person I could think of that is capable for this promotion is you and only you. You deserved this. A very happy and warm congratulations.
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Make your husband feel rewarded

A well deserved promotion is recognition enough, but at the workplace; back home you must make him feel equally appreciated. Men do a lot for their family, and even if he is a career driven mind, for him a big motivation would be to do better so his family can live better. Acknowledge all these unsaid things in your own way, tell him he deserves this recognition, pamper him and let him know he has your support for what's to come.