Simple Tips to Guide You to the Best Gifts for Hubby and 10 Fantastic Gifts for Your Husband

Simple Tips to Guide You to the Best Gifts for Hubby and 10 Fantastic Gifts for Your Husband

Confused what to buy for your husband's next birthday? It may seem like the gift options for men are limited to clothes, accessories and a few things he is interested in, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Best Present Guide has tracked down some amazing gifts for men that you can give your husband for your anniversary, his birthday or promotion at work, or just because you want to say thank you for everything he does.

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First Things First: How to Select Gifts for Him?

Are you among those ladies who often get into a dilemma when it comes to giving a gift to your husband? Well, even if your husband comes in the list of those men who are tough nuts to crack, you need not worry. Here in this exclusive post we have compiled a list of awesome gifts ideas for your husband. There might be some questions poking your mind or you might be wondering how to begin. Fret not! Just read on and get ready to melt your husband by giving him unique gifts. The best thing that comes into play is all of the gifts that are mentioned here will not blow your budget. Also, here in this post, you will get some fabulous ideas so that you can select the best gift for husband. So, are you ready to make your beloved husband feel more special? Dive in and know some amazing tips and gift ideas for your honey!

Gauge His Interests

Firstly you need to analyze the things your husband loves to do. Does he love playing games or he enjoys watching movie with you? You need to brainstorm so as to come up with the list of things that your husband adores or would love to receive as a gift. This one is one of the easiest ways to come up with a great present - but look beyond the obvious things. For instance, if he is a gamer then he would already have the best gaming console, maybe more than one, and plenty of games. You need to find out which games are on his wishlist, the ones he has his eye on, and get those for him.

Choose Wisely

So, after wracking your brains for several hours you have now come up with an amazing list of his interests. Now the vital thing that comes into spotlight is, picking the gifts wisely. Neither you nor your husband will like to blow up money on unnecessary things. If you can afford expensive gifts then go for it. But the crucial thing is, you need to keep in mind to pick the gift that matches his interests. For instance, your husband will not like to receive a novel from you if he is not a reader or shows no interest in reading, or give him things he already has. So you need to be prudent while selecting a gift from him.

Browse Online for Gift Ideas and Deals

Many women tend to go to the local gift galleries as they find it the most convenient option. Do you also feel so? Well, there is no doubt that shopping locally is a good option but you can also consider buying gifts online. There are a bunch of online websites where you can buy exotic gifts for your husband. In fact, you will have a wide array of options to select from, reviews that guide you to the best options, and you can also clinch some great deals and discounts. Isn't that great?

Creative Gifts for Your Darling

Your husband is your darling and you would surely want to give him a gift that he either can put in this treasure trove or make most of it. Giving a creative gift he has never imagined will surely make him feel special. Well, you need not brainstorm your mind as BP Guide has brought an ultimate list of creative gifts for your husband. You just have to read on in order to select the best creative gift for your adored husband.

Precious Memories Photo Album

Who does not cherish great memories? Everyone does! If your husband is an emotional person or he likes to keep a record of every special day then this Crack of Dawn Bow Tie Birthday Photo Album is perfect for him. This meticulously handcrafted album features a classic black and gold color that makes it one of the masterpieces. It showcases a wonderful bow design, flower and two buttons that exhibit a torso of a well-dressed male. This item includes one album and one keepsake box. The size of this fantastic album is 10” x 6” and it comes with 10 pages, 20 sides, which can accommodate around 20 gorgeous photos of 4” x 6” dimensions. You can get it from the First Cry website at Rs.1,538 only. The best part is you have an option to personalise it for any special occasion. Is not it a creative gift for your husband?

Mini Travel Scrapbook

Is your husband a nomad? If so, then this Crack of Dawn Crafts My Travel Diary Handmade Scrapbook is perfect gift for him. It has a stupendous compass and suitcase design which gives it a great appeal. This item includes one scrapbook and one keepsake box. It measures 10” x 6” and has ten pages along with 6 photos of 4” x 4” as well as a journaling space where your husband can scribble the memories. This is pretty wonderful travel gift that you can give to your husband. It costs Rs.2,249 and you can buy it from First Cry.

Natural Bath & Body Set


Did you know it’s not only ladies who take extreme care of their body, but men also have a desire for the same! However, they often do not speak about it and even they do not buy any body care kit for themselves. Whether your husband has any such desire or not, you can still gift him this SOS Organics Assorted 6 Piece Natural Bath and Body Set. This set is made of natural ingredients and have all the essential oils for nourishing the skin. The pack comes with apricot face scrub, two luxury bath soaps, natural lip balm, apricot hand cream and natural shaving bar. This amazing set costs only Rs.499 and is available at Amazon. This would be a unique gift he will ever receive. In fact, it can be one of the best surprise gifts for husband.

Ultimate Gifts for Your Honey

Did you know men also want to receive something unique and unusual that amazes them as a gift? If you have not given your husband a gift that is uncommon or outstanding then you must ponder on this regard. Your honey wants to get something incredible and you can give him by going through the exquisite list of gifts that are jotted down. Read on and get ready to pick one of the kind gift for your husband.

Activity Tracker


If your husband is passionate about gadgets and is interested in sports or fitness then this Mi Band 2 activity tracker will be best for him. It offers amazing features such as heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and step tracking. Your husband will be able to monitor his activity levels and can even calculate the calories he has burned in a day. This item also features a dialog top Bluetooth chip as well as military grade gravity sensors and its battery lasts for 20 days. This aluminum case with anti sweat thermoplastic elastomers will certainly make your husband stand out in a crowd. You can get it from Amazon at Rs.1,799 only. A fairly affordable gift, isn't it?

PSP Handheld Gaming Console


Is your husband fond of gaming? If yes, then this PSP Handheld Gaming Console is what you can present him. It has a mélange of features such as 1.3 megapixel camera, built-in games and built-in WiFi that gives you instant access from any hotspot. Featuring built-in microphone, it has a duo memory stick slot for storage expansion. Your husband will also be able to listen songs and he can even watch-full length movies. This item support SD card, and your husband can play WMA, MP3 and MP4 music files. It comes with one USB cable for charging along with a charger. Just get it from Amazon at just Rs.2575 and explore its myriad of features.

Mini Tripod


Now your husband can capture great videos! That said, if your husband already has a camera then this Mini Tripod will help him by giving him a comfortable hand grip in order to capture the best moments. It has an elegant design, and is made of top quality material which makes it highly durable. It is pretty intuitive to use and is light in weight. The best thing about this mini tripod is that your husband can carry it anywhere. With the pus-button mechanism, it will let your husband position as well as lock the ball head in one rapid movement. Your husband just need to push the button and it will release the ball joint to let it move freely. Won’t you like to give this attractive item to your husband? Grab it from Amazon today at Rs.1,519 only.

Personalised Gifts for Your Beloved Hubby

Want to give something outstanding so that your husband can remember and love you more than ever? If so, then you can consider giving him personalised gifts. Are you under the impression that personalised gifts cost a lot? That is not true at all. In fact, you will be amazed to see the price of the gifts that are mentioned below. Well, you must try giving a personalised gift once in a year to your husband as who will not love to receive a gift who is specially customised for him!

Yellow Lamp with Picture

If you want to give something extraordinary to your husband then you must count on this Yellow Personalised Lamp. Its exotic light will brighten up yours and your husband’s evening and night. It has a place where the picture you provide will be added. This item comes with a wooden base so that the glass bottle stands stable no matter what surface you place it on. It has an LED light inside, which when switched on exhibits a bright light and illuminates your picture. You can get it from at Rs.777. This will undoubtedly be a dashing personalised gift for your husband.

Cuddly Love Cushion

What can be more alluring than the cushion that exhibits the lovely photo of you with your husband? Sounds romantic doesn't it! This Cuddly Love Cushion is what you can consider giving your husband. The best part is, this exquisite gift is perfect for valentine and anniversary. It measures 15 x 15" and you can select a photo of 2 MB to 5 MB to display on it. This love cushion will surely enhance your husband’s love for you. Buy it today from Flower Aura at Rs.849 only. The bonus thing is, this will be one of the romantic gifts for husband.

World's Best Husband Personalised Anniversary Tile


Your husband is your hero, no doubt about that. However, sometimes you need to show or tell him that to augment your love. So, tell him that he is your hero and you love him to the moon and back by giving him this World’s Best Husband Personalised Anniversary Tile. It will certainly be a mesmerizing gift that you can give him on your wedding anniversary. Moreover, it can be the most romantic gift for husband, so dear ladies you must count on this product. This item is made of ceramic and measures 8 x 8 x 1 inches. It comes with a sturdy table holder and you can get it customised with an elegant photo of 300-dpi resolution from IGP at Rs.470 only.

I Love You Card

Your husband knows well that you love him, but sometimes it becomes crucial to tell him how much you love and adore him. You can express your feelings by giving him this ‘Baby I Love You Card’. It measures 28 cm (height) x 20 cm (length) and has a lovely pattern of exotic hearts. You can get it personalised with your name or text and a picture. You just have to drop a high resolution picture of 2MB to 10 MB size on the mail id provided at Archies online website. You might be wondering that this whole process will cost you much. Is not it? Well, it will cost only Rs.399. Yes, you read it right. Best deal ever! Order this today from here.

A Wonderful Gift for Your Husband can Also Be a Gift of Time

No matter what gift you give to your husband, nothing can replace the value of time spent with him. We spend quality time with the people whom we adore and love. As your husband is the love of your life, you must spend some time with him and talk about the memories you both cherish. Make sure you pamper him as it will showcase your love in the cutest way. Love is what you both share, so make every moment unforgettable. Well, you have an exotic list of wonderful tips and gifts idea. Now, what are you waiting for dear ladies? Just go and get an exquisite gift for your better half.

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Don't wait for the last minute

Shopping a few days before the event can add unnecessary stress to the whole gift giving experience, and often you will have to settle for what is available in the stores near you. When you start the gift hunt early you get time to explore all your options, get something customised for your husband or even attempt making a present for him. All in all, the gift chosen at leisure has a better chance of amazing your husband, so give yourself enough time to find a really nice present for him.