Looking for the Best Reward Chart Ideas for Your Kids? Here You Can Improve the Behaviour of Your Kids for the Long Run, Try These Reward Charts and See the Difference for Yourself (2020)

Looking for the Best Reward Chart Ideas for Your Kids? Here You Can Improve the Behaviour of Your Kids for the Long Run, Try These Reward Charts and See the Difference for Yourself (2020)

Rewards help motivate and inspire. Reward charts are a powerful parenting tool that provides positive reinforcement for good behaviour while helping encourage your child to complete difficult tasks, homework and chores. Reward programs offer children a good incentive to improve their behaviour. When it combined with the points system, parents can achieve great success. Check out our easy to use reward chart ideas.

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What are Reward Charts?

Reward charts are very practical tools to improve a child’s behaviour right from the tender age. You can find them in various forms and you can even create a personalized reward chart on your own too.

Reward charts comprise various behaviours or tasks in them along to be achieved by your child. The way your child behaves get recorded in this reward chart with you. Ultimately, you can examine how your child is behaving and what is the set goal for him/her.

You can also decide some points or perks if your child achieves a certain goal or level in this reward chart. This way your kids will be excited to complete their tasks and you can also improve their behaviour in a fun way. Reward charts are a proven and powerful way to encourage good habits and behaviour in your kid and to discourage bad habits and behaviour in them.

How Reward Charts are Helpful for Kids?

Helps in Improving a Kid's Behaviour

The sole purpose of a reward chart for kids is to improve their behaviour and to make them understand the virtues to live life. Kids between the age of 3 and 8 years are quite tender and this is the age where you need to make them learn about good things the most.

Reward charts are a fun way to make your child understand that what is good behaviour and what is bad. You can mould and shape their future life based on the behaviour at this tender age.

Helps Them Understand the Difference Between Right and Wrong

Exposing your child just towards good things is not enough to shape them as a person. They should also know about the bad things that exist in our society and reward charts help in the same. These charts help them understand the difference between right and wrong and also their potential outcomes too.

Just like treats and rewards, you can also decide a few punishments based on the bad things they do. Do not go too hard on them because your purpose is to prepare them for a better future.

Motivates Kids to Do Better

There can be times when your child can get bored of doing the same things without any outcome. Reward chart turns this boredom into a fun game. These charts keep them excited for doing good things in return for rewards and treats. This is a great source of motivation too. You should know that reward charts aren’t bribes but a practical approach towards parenting.

Interesting Reward Charts for Kids

Morning Routine Reward Chart

The time between your kids waking up and going to school is comprised of a lot of activities. Some of these activities are important to develop their motor skills and their behaviour too. You can set such kind of a reward chart for kids, which are comprised of all the required activities consisting of their morning routine.

We picked such a reward chart for your kid called “Morning Routine” reward chart. This reward chart includes activities and tasks like making their bed, eating breakfast, get dressed, exercise, use the toilet on their own and maintaining their hygiene and brushing their teeth.

The chart goes on for the entire week, including Sunday too, so that they can follow the same routine even on holidays. You can rate their performance based on three smileys which are Very happy, happy and grumpy. This is such a fun way to check on your kid’s morning routine.

Pet Care Reward Chart

If you have kids as well as pets in your home, then we have just the right kind of reward chart to check on the behaviour of your kid for your pet. Generally, kids and pets get along very well, but still, there are some manners your child needs to learn about respecting everyone including humans as well as animals.

This reward chart here is called “Chores with Pets” and you can easily get a print out of it. This reward chart is only comprised of the activities and you would have to find a performance chart for every day on your own.

It includes activities like feeding the pet, walking the pet, giving water and other activities depending upon the kind of pets you have at home. This is such a helpful way to develop a deep bond between your pets and kids.

Classroom Reward Chart

Home shouldn’t be the only place where you can make your child learn about good manners and behaviour. Their school can also take this initiative to develop good habits in them even at a tender age.

So, for the school premises, we found this Classroom Reward Chart for the basic development of your child. It doesn’t mention specific tasks or performance marking schemes in it. However, this can be used as a form of the template.

You can mention date, class, points, group rewards, the kind of behaviour you want the students to do etc. This way, one can monitor a child’s behaviour, even in school and apart from developing their mental skills, teachers can focus on their overall personality too.

Progress Reward Chart

Kids age 3-8 are in such an age group where it is important to nurture them with love and care. Your slightest of ignorance can affect their behaviour to quite some extent. This is why you should applaud even the slightest of their progress and efforts.

So, we found this behaviour reward chart for them, which tracks every single bit of their progress. This is such a unique chart which is comprised of how much percent your child has completed the task, how many points he/she gets for it and what kind of reward is decided for this much progress.

So, even when your kid is not able to complete the full task, he/she won’t be disappointed. They will be quite motivated to perform the full task next time. You can’t find a more fun way to improve your kid’s behaviour.

Clean Room Reward Chart

No matter how young your kid is, he/she should learn to do small things on their own. This includes cleaning their room too. Kids cleaning their room learn the value of organizing things and to live with hygiene and discipline.

These small efforts prepare them for big things later in life. So, you can use this “Clean Room Reward Chart” to track what kind of cleaning tasks are performed well by your child.

This reward chart includes a lot of small tasks for a kid like put shoes away, put laundry away, hang up clothes, dusting, make the bed, put away toys and many more. If your kids start to develop such good habits at home, then they can adjust to other places too which prepares them for their future endeavours.

Good Habits Reward Chart

The next one in this list of reward charts for kids is “Good Habits Reward Chart”. You can find a lot of different types of reward charts or task charts for your kid for a different part of a day. However, this reward chart is much more inclusive and collective.

It consists of all types of good habits a child should learn over the years. It can be about spending your day nicely or about living with good virtues in life.

Some of the tasks included in this reward chart are sharing toys, being good in bath, dressing on their own, not whining or crying, going to bed on time, behave nicely in the car, waking up in a good mood and a lot more. These little things can make a big difference in the overall behaviour of your child.

New Friends, Reward Chart

You should try and develop such kind of habits in your child where it becomes easy for them to get along with everyone (new or old in their life). It is only possible if they have friendly behaviour individually and socially. If you are finding a bit difficult then you can use this New Friends Reward Chart for it.

You can set a task or good behaviour in it. Each time your child does something good, they get to name a character mentioned in the chart.

So, as your child will perform the tasks, he/she will be naming their friends in the chart. You can set different rewards for different tasks too.

Chores Reward Chart

If you want to target more activities for your child then, you can opt for this Complete Chore Reward Chart. This chart isn’t restricted to just cleaning the room or behaving nicely to their elders. It is comprised of almost all the good habits you want your child to develop.

Some of the behaviour mentioned in this chart are picking up the mail, walking the dog, hang up clothes, clearing the table, watering the plants, taking out the garbage and a lot more.

You can opt for the customizable reward chart to add or remove certain tasks or activities from it as per your convenience.

Physical Activity Reward Chart

Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle and innumerable gadgets these days, kids have started to ignore the habit of physical activities.

But, now you should take the matter in your own hands. This is why we thought of including this physical activity reward chart called “Walk to School” in this list here.

The reward chart can be set for 2 months covering each day of the month. Here, you can track if your child has walked to the school and then walked back home or not. This way you would know whether they are doing enough physical activity or not.

Daily Goal Reward Chart for a Week

And the final one in this list of reward chart for kids is the Daily Goal Reward Chart. You can use this chart for a week and it focuses on one goal each day.

You can reuse this chart for the next week by using a pencil for filling it up. Such kind of behaviour charts is good when you want to take things slow and focus on one good thing at a time. You can write the goal for each day and can track whether your kid is achieving it or not.

Setting different goals for different days would keep things interesting for the kid and they will be motivated to do it too.

How to Improve Your Kid's Behaviour Other Than Using Reward Chart?

These are a few reward chart ideas that we think are just perfect for improving the overall behaviour of your child from the tender age. However, if you think that reward chart isn’t an entirely correct approach for parenting then we have some other ideas to improve your kid’s behaviour in a fun way. These ideas can also work the same way reward charts work.

Praise Your Children for Doing Good

The best way to motivate your child to do something well is by praising them for their good behaviour. Make sure that you do not let your kid’s efforts go in vain. Almost everyone responds in certain positive ways when they are praised and the same applies to your kids too. This appreciation and motivation will help your kids to do even better and to keep their behaviour good.

Communicate with Your Kids

Most parents lack proper communication with their children and this is where they are doing wrong. You should communicate as much as you can with your kids to understand what is going on through their mind. You can’t expect them to do what you want when you are not even letting them know about it. Sometimes the reason behind the weird behaviour of your child can be personal issues like bullying or mental health problems. Talk to your child about it and get to know about their life.

Make a Routine for Them

Kids too can have a long day, which includes school, playground, tuitions, hobby classes etc. To ease their burden a bit and to monitor their behaviour you can make a properly structured routine for them. It works just like a reward chart for kids and you can also take care of their meals and breakfasts in this way. With this routine, you can also get to know if they are overworked and resting properly or not.

Maintain Discipline at Home

Everything starts at home, especially when it comes to your child’s behaviour. If you want to nurture your child, make sure you maintain discipline at home too. Your kids should understand what you want them to do and why and if they misbehave then you can set certain punishments for them. Rather than scolding them, you can set timeout periods as they are proven to be better ways for the behavioural development of your child.

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Maintain Positivity All Throughout the Process!

Even if your child isn’t able to earn a reward for the day, try to maintain your positivity. There’s always tomorrow to do better. If you punish your child because he wasn’t able to show good behaviour for that day, you might end up rendering your chart and all of your efforts useless. Just keep encouraging your child and show him/her what behaviour you want to see.