Are You Ready to Welcome the Little Goddesses This Navratri? Here are 10 Navratri Gifts for Kanya This Year (2019)

Are You Ready to Welcome the Little Goddesses This Navratri? Here are 10 Navratri Gifts for Kanya This Year (2019)

Navratri is celebrated among friends and family by sharing Navratri gifts. Navratri marks the beginning of an auspicious period when people indulge in shopping for the home, family and friends. It’s considered lucky to start any new venture during these days. This year celebrate this auspicious festival by buying Navratri gifts. You can choose from our wide range of spiritual gifts for Kanya.

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Why Is Kanya Puja Performed?

The Main Reason Behind the Puja

The ritual and tradition of Kanya Puja is a very important part of Navratri. It is celebrated because it is said in scriptures that every human has a part of god inside them. However, the god remains only if the human continues to stay kind and innocent.

Children are usually considered innocent and pure. They have no evil thoughts inside them. Thus, it is believed that worshipping a child for a day can have faster results. This is because if a child is happy then God is happy as well.

Kanya Puja is celebrated on the 8th and 9th day of Navratri. It represents 9 different goddesses. Their names are: Kumarika, Trimurti, Kalyani, Rohini, Kali, Chandika, Shambhavi, Durga and Subhadra.

Important Factors of Kanya Puja

Little girls usually sit in the Kanya Puja. They are considered to be a replica of NavDurga goddess. Hence, they are worshipped on the 8th and 9th day of Navratri. People actually invite girls to their houses and offer them food as we offer it to god. Hence, it is called as bhog.

The reason behind doing this is that the Goddess Durga will be pleased. She is worshipped in various forms during these nine days. Also, it is said that Goddess Durga had actually killed a cruel demon during this time by taking an avatar of a small girl. Hence, the goddess will be impressed.

Although, an important thing to remember is that the girl that is worshipped should be healthy and completely free from all the diseases and even physical issues. Also, you need to invite girls based on your desire. If you want to glory and fame, then invite kshatriya girls. On the other hand, if you want wealth and prosperity, then vaishya girls and if you wish to have a son, then Shudra girls. Brahmin girls are invited to fulfill all sorts of desires.

Kanya Puja Vidhi and Rituals

Some various traditions and rituals need to be followed while performing Kanya Puja. There should be 9 girls only. Thus, invite all the girls beforehand. If some girl cancels, you will have time to invite another girl.

Once they come, make sure to wash their feet. After that, give them clothes and gifts. Gifting clothes is compulsory and with that, it is a good idea to give one more item. Arrange a special pedestal for that day in your house and ask the girls to sit there.

Perform aarti on all the 9 girls. After that, put tilka, rice grains and vermilion on their forehead. Then offer them food and water. The food usually comprises of puri, chana and halwa. Women devotees then have to touch their feet after they are done.

Decorate the House Before Performing the Puja

Various preparations need to be done before the Kanya Puja. However, do not forget to clean and decorate your house as well. It is important to have some decorations so that a proper festive vibe is created.

Kanya Puja is usually done in the morning and thus, decorating the house with lights is needed. Instead, you can have flower garlands and torans at your home entrance. Apart from that, you can also do rangoli near the entrance.

If you have a center table, then decorate it well. You can put some fresh flowers in a vase. Apart from that, just covering the tabletop with an embroidered cloth will also look very nice. Also, a pedestal needs to be arranged for the rituals. Make sure to decorate that with flowers and paints if possible.

10 Gifts That You Can Give Kanyas after the Puja

Jungle Book Tin Pencil Case


Put some thought before purchasing a gift for little girls. It is a good idea to gift them things that are either useful or attractive. Gifting them stationery is always a good idea as they are studying. A good gift option is Jungle Book Tin Pencil Case from

It has a theme of jungle book and thus, all the girls will love it. The pencil box has a nice and colourful print on both sides. It is made out of high quality and durable tin. It has one compartment and thus, it is possible to organize all the stationery properly.

It is priced for Rs.29. You can consider gifting a scale, pencil and eraser with the pencil case. Apart from that, if your budget permits, you can include a sketchbook and a crayon set as well.

Fida Arts Multicolour Velvet Elastics Hair Ties Scrunchy Bands for Women


Little girls love hair accessories. Most of them use fancy hairbands and colourful headbands as well. Thus, gifting this Fida Arts Multi Colour Velvet Elastics Hair Ties Scrunchy Bands for Women from is a great idea.

There are various colours available in this pack. Also, 12 pieces come in pack. So, you can either divide them among all the girls and combine another gift with it. You can also give one pack to each girl and that should be enough.

They are metal-free thick hair ties that will not hurt your hair. The hair ties are also very soft and thus, girls can use it easily. It is made out of non-toxic velvet fabric which has a good texture. It is strong enough to hold long and thick hair. One pack of 12 pieces in priced for Rs.199.

Mythological Tales Story Books Set of 5 - English

You can give an educational gift to all the girls. Gift this Mythological Tales Story Books Set of 5 from They are mythological stories and thus, kids will learn about the Hindu culture and scriptures in a fun and easy way.

This set contains 5 books. All the stories are in English. Each story has a moral and thus, it teaches children different values and good habits. The set includes tales of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shri Krishna, Indian Mythology and Indian Epics. Each book has illustrations so the children are interested in reading it.

These books are suitable for children from 6 years to 13 years of age. It has a paperback binding with 360 pages. The set is priced for Rs.450. If you have a lesser budget for gifts, then you can order two sets of these tales and gift one to each girl.

Disney Large Coffee Mug Princess Print

Girls love cartoon and princess characters. Gifting an item with a picture of that will surely make them happy. Thus, gift this Disney Large Coffee Mug Princess Print from It comes in off white and pink colour.

Girls can surely use this for having milk in the morning. It comes with a handle and thus, it can hold hot beverages as well. The mug is light and very easy to hold. Kids will surely love drinking milk in this colourful mug with prints of Disney princesses.

The mug is ideal for girls from 3 years to 10 years of age. The dimensions of the product are 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 9 cm. There are different Princess prints available in this one. It is priced for Rs.97.50.

Hm International Dora Sipper Plastic Kids Water Bottle

It is a great idea to gift utility items to kids. Not only kids but, their parents would also be very happy. Hm International Dora Sipper Plastic Kids Water Bottle With Neck Strap from is a great choice.

It comes with an easy push-button so that it is easy for kids to open and shut it. The zipper also has a pretty cartoon character on it which makes it look really attractive. The push-button also keeps the sipper germ gree and spill-free as well.

The sipper is wide-mouthed which makes it easy to clean. The sipper has an adjustable strap which makes it very easy for the kids to carry. The brand recommends hand washing the bottle. Do not scrub at all. It is priced for Rs.169 and comes with a capacity of 450 ml.

All in 1 42 Pieces color kit set Crayons & Water Colours for kids

Nv Collections All in 1 Colour Kit is a good gifting option from Kids usually love drawing and colouring. Thus, they can use this set to encourage their hobby. Apart from that, it can be useful to them while completing certain school projects.

The set has 42 pieces of stationery. It contains pencil colours, crayons, sketch pens, sharpener, eraser, watercolour cakes and a pencil. It is all secured in a box which is very easy to carry. The box is in red and is made out of plastic.

The set is ideal for kids who are 4 years and above. The crayons and other stationery is made out of non-toxic material. This set will fuel a child's imagination and help them develop creativity. It is priced for Rs.197.

Ekta Bowling Set


Games refresh everyone's mind. It is a good idea to promote kids to play various physical and mental games. Thus, you can gift this wonderful Ekta Bowling Set by Kids usually play video games and thus, they don't know about these wonderful games.

Gifting this will catch the kid's interest and they will want to learn to play this. It can be played indoor and outdoor both. The set is made from durable plastic. Playing in a group is fun but, kids can play this alone as well.

It is suitable for kids who are over 5 years of age. It comes with pins and a ball. This is a game that even parents can play with their kids. It is priced for Rs.249. This is surely a unique and fun gifting option for the girls.

Ferrero Rocher Multi Layered Chocolate

If everything fails, opt for chocolate. It is something that all kids love eating. Opt for this Ferrero Rocher Multi-Layered Chocolate from It is a bar of milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it. Four pieces of chocolate come in one box.

It is organic and completely vegetarian. The maximum shelf life of this chocolate is 6 months. Thus, it is a good idea to check the date before gifting it to the girls. The chocolate is delicious as it contains multilayers.

The chocolate comes packed in a nice and attractive box. You can gift it directly to the girls. It is priced for Rs.149 and is of 50 grams. You can combine a set of pencils or small set of crayons with this one.

Daizy Flower Girls Jewellery Necklace Bracelet Set

Girls love dressing up. Hence, gifting them this Daisy Flower Girls Jewellery Necklace Bracelet Set from will make them very happy. It is a jewellery set which is suitable for girls who are 3 years to 13 years of age.

The set contains one necklace and one bracelet. It is made out of pretty pearls and rose. The set is pink and off-white which will go with most outfits. It is made out of durable material and thus, will last for a long time.

Your little one will surely look pretty while wearing it. Team it up with a nice pink coloured frock. The necklace is 8.5 inches long and the bracelet is 2.5 inches long. It is priced for Rs.152.

Baby Heart Shoulder Handbags Kids Girls Sequins Crossbody Bags

Baby Heart Shoulder Handbags Kids Girls Sequins Crossbody Bags from will surely make the little girl super happy. It is a heart-shaped bag with a thin belt to carry. It is embellished with colourful sequins.

It has a zipper closure so that it is easy for the kids to carry it without dropping anything from the bag. The product width is 12 cm and the height is 1 cm. It comes with only one pocket as well.

It is made out of durable P.U. fabric. The bag is very attractive and will go with most outfits of the girls. The bag is convenient and water-resistant as well. It is priced for Rs.202. This is a great gifting option and it is in the budget as well.

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Gift Them Something Intellectual

When choosing Kanjak gifts, make sure that you present them with something that will be cherished for ever. Apart from gifts mentioned, you can also give educational and comic books. The nine days of fun and madness is about to begin, and devotees will be immersed in the celebrations of Navratri. We at Latestly, wish everyone Happy Navratri 2019!