Looking for a Gift for Boyfriend on His First Birthday as a Couple? Get Inspired By These 12 Cool Gifts and 5 Celebration Tips (Updated 2021)

Looking for a Gift for Boyfriend on His First Birthday as a Couple? Get Inspired By These 12 Cool Gifts and 5 Celebration Tips (Updated 2021)

Want to impress your boyfriend on his first birthday after you became a couple? Don't worry if you are stumped for ideas. Our gifting guide will give you 17 cool ideas to explore as well as tips to celebrate the special day so that he feels cherished, so click here.

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How To Choose Best First Birthday Gift For Boyfriend

Birthdays bring excitement and joy in everybody’s life. We celebrate birthdays of those who are close to us in our life like brother, father, mother, friends and many more. But the most important one is celebrating the birthday of your boyfriend. And if it is his first birthday with you then you will definitely feel it needs to be special.

On this very special day, you have to show him that how valuable he is to you. You may be considering several ideas but a thoughtful gift is mandatory! A good gift can convey your affection towards him, and make the day memorable. But keep in mind these few things while choosing his gift.

Notice His Likes and Dislikes

It is you who know your man better than anyone else, so while choosing a gift you should keep in your mind the things that he likes and dislikes. Choosing things that he likes shows him that you have paid attention to him and will reveal your caring attitude towards him.

Gift Something He Genuinely Needs in His Daily Life

While choosing the gift take note of his daily routine to see how you can give something to improve it. Sometimes the gifts that we select are only acted as a showpiece which unnecessarily occupies space in the room. Hence, select a gift which you think your boyfriend needs in his daily routine like perfumes, aftershaves etc. You can easily make your boyfriend happy by gifting such essential things in daily life like shaving sets, body care kits or travel mugs. So go for the gift which is useful, not just beautiful.

12 Ultimate Gift Ideas for Boyfriends's First Birthday

Personalised Slim Wallet

Source www.urby.in

Every man has to change his wallet frequently because this is the thing he uses the maximum. Many times you are the reason for that. Isn’t it? So now you can save yourself by gifting him a new wallet on his birthday. This wallet from Urby is a sleek and stylish option. Made of genuine leather and designed to to compact and easy to carry, this wallet is sure to make his life easier. The wallet can also be personalised for an additional charge of Rs. 150. You can be order on urby.in for just Rs. 1,495. The wallet is made up of pure leather and its quality is also very good. It has two main pockets and 4 slots for keeping different types of cards. Besides this, there is a separate pocket for keeping coins.

A Surprise Mini Vacation

The best thing that you can plan to gift on his birthday would be something that allows you two to spend some quality time together. This you can readily arrange by planning a mini holiday trip with your boyfriend at some very exotic place. During this period of togetherness, you two will be able to let your relationship move to the next level. A good vacation option is going on the Alleppey-Munnar Kerala Weekend Tour.

In this 4 day and 3 nights vacation, you can spend two magical nights in Munnar with a mysteriously attractive 1-night stay on a houseboat in Alleppey. Apart from that, you two can also enjoy the views of still waters of Mattupetty Dam, Eravikulam national park, beautiful waterfalls and tea and spice plantations. You can book this vacation on Traveltriangle.com at the cost of Rs. 15,049 for two. This trip will last forever in your mind.

Stylish Laptop Bag

You may by now know your boyfriend's routine and his preferences. Look for something that will make things more convenient. This could something mundane like a phone stand or a bag for daily use. Such a thoughtful gift will show him that you have paid attention and are considerate enough to buy something just for his requirements.

We have chosen a chic laptop bag that has been handcrafted using leather and canvas. The bag comes with a main padded compartment that can fit in laptops of up to 15-inch size. A separate section has been provided for storing documents or other essentials. The bag closes with a flap bearing a magnetic clasp. The dimensions of the bag is 16.15 in x 1in x 12.5in. Check this cool product out on Jaypore for Rs.

Exclusive Tickets to His Favourite Concert/Game

You can gift your boyfriend the tickets to his favourite game on his birthday, and share his happiness by accompanying him. This could be certainly a memorable gift from you on his first birthday with you. If your guy is more of a music buff, then look for concerts of his favourite artists or bands. Or else play tickets if he is a theatre guy. Ultimately the point is to give an enjoyable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Classic Set of Aviators

Sunglasses can add more style to your boyfriend’s look. You can gift this aviator shaped Vincent chase sunglasses to your boyfriend. These glasses are classy and will add versatility to your boyfriends look. The double-bridged frame design adds contemporary style to it. The box also includes a case, selvyt cloth and a maintenance screwdriver. These glasses are built in such a way that they enhance contrast and visual clarity with reduced strain on eyes and also are antiglare . Select a colour that'll fit your boyfriend - the three colours available silver, black and golden. You can buy this item at the cost of Rs. 999 from Lenskart.com.

Cool Sneakers

Source www.amazon.in

If you feel that your boyfriend’s needs to change his old, dull looking sneakers with a new and smart one then you should choose this one without any hesitation. These sneakers are unique in appearance due to their mesh type texture. By gifting these Puma Men's Bold Extreme Idp Sneaker you can let your boyfriend feel special on the first birthday he's spending with you. The specially engineered mesh provides good ventilation and flexibility to the forefoot. You can buy this item from Amazon.in for Rs. 1,399.

Stylish Headphones

If you boyfriend is someone who loves listening to music or is a keen gamer then consider gifting him the latest wireless earphones. You will find a lot of options - there are different kinds suitable for different needs so be sure to consider that aspect before finalising the pair.

We have chosen the sleek JBL Pure Bass Sound that offers 3 hours of continuous playback and with easy controls on the earbuds. The product comes with voice assistant integration and has 1-year warranty. This option is available on Myntra for Rs. 7,999.

Spa Day at a 7 Star Hotel

In this busy and hectic life schedule, it is really very hard to find a relaxing time for yourselves. So can make your friend feel calm and relaxing on his birthday by arranging a spa day at a 5-or 7-star hotel. This spa treatment will let him feel refreshed. A variety of massages, like a deep-tissue massage, hot stone massages etc. are available in the spa which removes all the pain and fatigue from the body. Besides these, a variety of treatment therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology are provided by many premium hotels. These massages and your presence can make his first birthday with you memorable.

A Subscription Box

Bored of the standard gifts? Then why not consider a subscription box? In this option, your boyfriend will receive a gift box that will contain items related to the chosen theme such as books, grooming, food etc. The box can be one time or you can order for a chosen time period such as three months or an year. There are tons of different kinds of boxes including skincare, books, socks, underwear and accessories. Look around and pick something that will please your boyfriend. Our selection is this funky socks subscription box from InSkinn. Every month, your boyfriend will receive a curated set of quality socks with a variety of designs. The starting plan offers 1 pair delivered for three months for a price of Rs. 199.

Date Night at An Exclusive Restaurant

A date night at an exclusive restaurant would be the ultimate gift that one can imagine for your boyfriend on his first birthday with you. You should also make special efforts to make that date night unforgettable for him by dressing yourself in a way that he likes the most. Make it a night he will by filling each and every moment with a beautiful memory.

A Formal Shirt

Source www.amazon.in

You can add in your boyfriend’s collection of shirts a new one, of your choice. This formal shirt of Peter England from amazon.com would be a decent pick. Its white colors will definitely add elegance in your boyfriends look. This shirt is made from 82% Polyester and 18% viscose and designed for comfort fit. It would look amazing when paired with black trousers. You can get this shirt in Rs. 899 on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can buy him a jacket - either an ethnic Nehru jacket or a casual linen jacket that he can wear to both official and informal occasions. this FabIndia Linen Jacket available for Rs. 2,995 is an elegant choice.

A Special Ring

On his first birthday, you can gift him a promise ring as a token of your love which he can keep forever with him. You can buy this diamond "The Dwivya Ring For Him" from bluestone.com on this first birthday celebration. This gold ring is made of 18Kt Gold (3.1 gram) and is studded 2 small diamonds in the shape of Lord Ganesha. The offers a certificate of authentication,so you are sure of its quality. This ring is available online for Rs. 17,038 on the site

Alternatively, Personalised Cufflinks!

If jewellery seems too much, then any kind of personalised accessory can be a great idea. How about customer made cufflinks? You can personalised options where you can add photos, own message or your boyfriend's initials. Check out this option available on pinitup.co.in for Rs. 1,200

Bonus Tips For An Impressive Gift

Beware While Shopping Online

If you are ordering your gift online then the first thing is that you must opt for only reputed stores so you are not cheated. You also thoroughly read up on the quality of the product. Sometimes the product looks good in the picture but when it is delivered to you it looks totally different. So, before ordering your product read the reviews related with product written by different users and also go for good branded products only. Sometimes the products delivered are broken or deformed. So get the item shipped to you so you can check it and gift wrap it once you know it is fine.

Think about Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes whatever inside gets secondary and the outside wrapping of the gift steals the whole attraction. Packing should be such that it raises curiosity among the people about the item present inside it. So decorate your gift beautifully before presenting it to your boyfriend. This will add more value to your gift.

5 Beautiful Ideas That Aren't Tough On Budget

A Scrapbook: Beautiful Memories Captured

When you are not able to or want to buy something online and offline then you can also think of gifting a scrapbook that keeps inside it the sweet memories of your relationship. You can fill the scrapbook with events in chronological order starting from the day when you two first met with each and then onwards till his birthday. This whole lot of events and stories will refresh all the memories that you two have shared together in past. By this, you two can live those sweet moments again and again. You can also add comments and best wishes of your best friends in the scrapbook.

A Heartfelt Letter

When you do not have enough money or time to buy a good gift for him then a letter would surely be the best possible option for expressing your feeling and love. Let your love flow freely while writing a letter this will make your letter genuine and true. Include a few favourite pictures to make the letter more emotional and heartwarming. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate your effort in writing that letter and keep it with himself forever as a token of your love.

Cook his favorite dishes

It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. On his first birthday together, cook his favourite sweet dish or a meal that he loves. To make the right impact, set up a romantic atmosphere by setting up the table with candles and flowers. Don't forget to get his liquor!

Spend Some Fun Time Together

If you both have decided to spend your time together at home then you can enjoy each other’s company by playing a board game which both of you like the most. You can also enjoy drinks and snacks while playing the game. Losing a game on this day will not hurt you; instead will provide you with a special pleasure.

Favorite Movies n Snacks All Day Long

You are the one who is better aware of his favourites. So, if nothing extraordinary comes in your mind on his birthday then going together for a movie of his choice would not be a bad option. Or plan a movie movie marathon - line up a bunch of his favourite movies, stock up his favourite snacks and beverages, make the couch comfy and you are set for a fantastically fun day.

Bonus Tip: Have a Mini Party!

If you want your boyfriend’s first birthday with you to be unforgettable for him and others, then you can plan to throw a surprise party for him where all his best friends, some old childhood friend and close family members are invited. He will love spending his day with all his loved ones and it will make for an unforgettable day.

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