Best Gifts for a Girl on her 18th Birthday

Best Gifts for a Girl on her 18th Birthday

Turning 18 is a momentous occasion for a girl as now she is officially an adult. She is excited about a whole new world opening before her! Why not celebreate this milestone with a gift that will make the truly memorable? We have picked a selection of gifts that girls of 18 years of age will love to get, so read on.

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The Perks of Turning 18 Years

She Can Get a Driver's License

Your daughter is about to turn 18 and you’re wondering where time flew by? Your little princess is about to take a big step of becoming an adult. As a teenager, getting a driver’s license is considered as a ‘rite of passage’ and kids usually count the hours and days until they can get their driver’s license. Although this period can be scary for you as a parent, put aside that fear and take part in their excitement. Why not, surprise your daughter with a driving lesson as a birthday gift – she’ll definitely love it.

Financial Freedom

18 years old – what a momentous birthday! Don’t know what to get your daughter for her 18th birthday? Why not ease her into semi-adulthood by creating a bank account without a guardian. This will teach your children everything they need to know about being responsible for money and it also encourages good savings habits. While you’re at it, you should also encourage your daughter to keep track of her expenses so that she learns to appreciate the value of money and things.

No More Restrictions at the Movies

If your daughter loves movies just as much as you do – this is the perfect opportunity to introduce her to all the wonderful movies the world of cinema has to offer to you. From Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino – 18 is an ideal time for your daughter to start growing a niche taste in a particular movie genre. Now your daughter can very proudly flash her ID card without being stopped at the entrance. Buy her tickets to brilliant movies by these amazing directors and she’ll thank you for it later.

Can Vote, Buy a House or Get Married

Legally adult – these words can be daunting to any parent, especially of an 18-year-old girl. But no one is going to be more excited about it than your daughter, so join in on the excitement and inspire her. They begin to understand that freedom exists but so does responsibility and accountability. Rent, vote or even marry someone? They’re going to be overwhelmed by these wonderful opportunities available to them, but when you hold their hand and take them across the bridge from childhood to adulthood they’ll understand the importance.

How to Buy Gifts For a Girl Turning 18 Years

No More Childish Gifts

18th birthday – this is a big one! Turning 18 is a momentous time in your daughter’s life; the age where they can legally drive, rent an apartment and vote. You need to get a gift that has to be completely original and also live up to the occasion. Celebrate their milestone with a unique gift, whether you’re looking for keepsakes or something that they will cherish forever – we have a few ideas that’ll make your daughter remember her 18th birthday forever.

If your 18-year-old loves music, why not buy concert tickets of her favourite artist or an MP3 player? And if she’s one of those tech savvy kids, she’ll love the latest GoPro camera or the latest iPhone. You know what would top it all? If you treat not just your daughter, but treat her friends too, maybe throw a sophisticated dinner party or visit to the spa.

Expensive Presents

A girl’s 18th birthday marks the transition from a girl to a young lady. You little girl is turning into a beautiful young lady, and it’s time to shower her with some beautiful, expensive gifts; because she’s ready to take on more responsibilities. You can show your confidence in her by buying her a cool gadget – the latest smartphone, laptop or an iPod. Your budget will not stretch? Don’t worry, why not something cool like a branded handbag, a beautiful earring or an elegant bracelet.

Personalised Gifts

18th birthday is the one we all wait for with a great zeal of excitement since it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. If you’re looking for a gift that will hold a sentimental value, a gift that your daughter will cherish for the rest of her life, a personalized gift is the perfect solution. It could be anything from a scrapbook filled with photos of you and her together or a trip abroad to her favourite country. When you hear the words personalised, you only think of personalised mugs or engraved jewellery. It’s much more than that. A personalised gift could even be a book by your favourite that you’ve always wanted to introduce your daughter to once she grows up or a personalized keychain with a duplicate key to your house to signify that you take her seriously now!


Do you want to open the door to a world full of opportunities and fun experiences? Unlock this door for her and show her a glimpse of what’s in store for her. 18 is a magical age that leads to wonderful new things in a young girl’s life. If you find the traditional gift ideas boring, treat your daughter to a day of experiences. It could be a bungee jumping experience, parasailing, hot air balloon ride or diving. What’s important is that her 18th birthday should be a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

10 Gifts to Give a Girl on Her 18th Birthday

Small Diamond Earrings

Thinking of buying your daughter a piece of jewelry for her 18th birthday and you’re not sure what she’ll like? The best bet is fancy earrings, even better – chic diamond earrings that she can wear to any occasion. We understand that choosing from a vast range of jewelery can be quite a conundrum, but earrings are simple, minimalistic and will always come in handy. The Petite Miracle Plate Stud Earrings from Caratlane is only Rs.15,717.

Send Her on a Holiday With Friends

Your daughter loves travelling? What better way to celebrate her 18th birthday than a surprise trip to her favourite place? All-expenses-covered trip to Goa to usher in her adulthood will definitely be a birthday to remember and an amazing experience for your daughter. The package from Makemytrip is an ideal option; it includes airport transfers, buffet breakfast, a complimentary dolphin spotting trip and a deluxe pool view room! All this at just Rs.18,499.

Personalised Makeup Pouch

Young girls absolutely love makeup and love exploring new looks. Your 18-year-old daughter will love a cool makeup pouch in which she can transport her cosmetic items to look effortless and chic anytime, anywhere. What’s more, you can even get a personalised pouch from Gifts by Meeta in India Mart. They’ve got amazing pouches that come with their names or initials on them. These beautiful pouches are not only perfect for makeup items, but she cans use it to stow her paint brushes, gadgets, earphones and more. These typically start from Rs.1,199.

Cool Laptop Bag

If your 18-year-old daughter is a tech savvy person and loves her gadgets then a new laptop bag could be the perfect gift. Laptops are delicate and require good care when you’re moving from one location to another. If your daughter uses her laptop a lot outside of her house, then you should consider buying her a stylish, premium-quality one, like the Chumbak Geo Bird Laptop bag which is quite the rage now. Buy it for just Rs.2295.

Expensive Perfume

Smells trigger memories and emotions for many people. It has the ability to transport people back in time. Perfumes have an ability to attach a layer to your personality that will enable people to connect you to a particular smell. Perfumes are a very personal gift; no one knows your 18-year-old daughter better than you do, you know her personality, character and her lifestyle – express all these in a scent form. You’ll get wonderful options to choose from at Flipkart – Dune by Christian Dior is ideal for young ladies. You can buy it for Rs.6471 on Amazon.

Luxury Bath Products

Although your daughter is legally becoming an adult, she’s still far from drinking legally, but that shouldn’t stop her from having a luxurious bath is some amazing cocktail bath bombs. Your 18-year-old daughter will absolutely love the idea of having a long, dreamy bath with the Prezzybox Luxury Bath Melts collection. It contains 3 tranquil soufflés and 3 soothing sundaes willed with different essential oils to suit every mood. This collection starts at Rs.1405.

Name a Star

Get a real star in the sky named after your precious little princess for her 18th birthday. What could be more special than this? It’s a unique, everlasting gift that she’ll remember every time she looks up at the sky. You can get it done at the Star-naming registry at a starting price of Rs.2500.

Keepsake Box


At 18 your girl is a young lady, she has a lot of small things that she holds dear such as nice jewellery, her small but growing collection of makeup and other personal things. Give her a pretty jewellery box the better to organise her things, or a set of keepsake boxes to store her precious things. Scrafts Passion Floral 3 Piece Set is a vintage style multipurpose keepsake box set that would be ideal to hold a number of things. She can assign a different purpose for each box and they would also look good on her dresser. The chest style boxes are handmade from wood and have leather trimmings. But the set for Rs.1,655 on Amazon.

Gift Box Subscription

Not sure what to surprise her with on her 18th birthday? Why not let gifting experts do all the hard work. Subscription gift boxes allow you to choose a category, some even let you select the traits or interests of the receiver and then a curated gift box is delivered to the person. There are loads of subscriptions to pick from and you can opt to have a single box sent to her or sign her up to receive a box of joy every month for a few months. There is everything from food, books, pets, fashion and beauty and mixed treats gift boxes to choose from.

We suggest the Girlish Cosmo gift box from that a monthly selection of skincare products and make up essentials. There are different one time boxes to choose from apart from a monthly subscription with prices starting from Rs.950.

Birthday Song

Such an important day needs to be made momentous with a special gesture. When gifts have been used up or forgotten, the memories created on this special birthday will live on. A birthday song written specially for her is one way to make it a memorable birthday. If you know how to pen down a few lyrics, maybe strum a guitar while you sing, it will be a really special moment.

If you cannot, help is at hand from Oye Happy which has a gifting package for My Birthday Song, where a personalised song is penned for her by a lyricist and performed by an artist. At the time of placing your booking you need to provide a few details about the recipient of the gift and within 72 hours the lyrics will be sent to you for approval. Once cleared, the song is performed and recorded by professionals and the video sent to you via email. The song will last for a minute and can be in either English or Hindi. You can also have up to 15 pictures added to the video. Order it for Rs.7,950.

Throw Her a Party

A surprise party may be a cliche but it is always pleasant to have one. If you are a friend you can get together with other friends and plan one for her; that way if everyone does not have a budget to accommodate individual gifts you can all chip in for a party where everyone can have a good time.

Parents planning a party can either engage the help of her friends for a surprise, or plan a party with her so she gets to include all the things she would like for her big party. Help her pick out a beautiful dress, select and send out invites; you can also make a fun day out of tasting and selecting cakes and organising the decor and props for the party. It is a big day for her so include her in the plans and let her make the big decisions.

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Make it a Memorable Day

Turning 18 is a very important milestone which marks the transition into an adult, and although her life may not change much immediately, it does make her more aware of her new responsibilities. Several years down the line she will remember the time she turned 18, so do your best to make it a birthday worth remembering. Through gifts, words and actions, make it a special day for her.