Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ribbons, DIY Techniques and Tips to Add That Special Final Touch to Your Presents (2019)

Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ribbons, DIY Techniques and Tips to Add That Special Final Touch to Your Presents (2019)

Having found the perfect gift is hardly a job full done. But you've probably realised that by now which is why you're out looking at ribbons and whatnot. We figured you could do with the little help because that gift needs wrapping, pronto. So here are some pretty ribbons you can buy, and ideas on how to use them as well!

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The Importance of Gift Wrapping

Gifting is said to be a joy not only for the receiver but also for the giver. The giver spends a lot of hours looking for the perfect gift and hands it over with excitement, waiting eagerly to see the reaction of the recipient. The receiver on the other hand is thrilled to receive a gift from a loved one.

An integral part of the experience is having a beautifully wrapped gift with a cute ribbon bow. The wrapping adds a charming touch and increases the anticipation of opening up the gift, making it that much more fun. Getting the gift wrapping done in the store itself makes it look professional and neat, but does lose out on the personal touch, doesn’t it?

Wrapping the gift yourself adds to the joy of giving and makes it a one-of-a-kind package. In fact, gift wrapping can be used to express your creativity, and to add further personalisation to your gift.

A Delightfully Packed Gift: Tips to Get it Right

Get the Right Supplies

Gift wrapping primarily needs three things - the wrapping paper, the ribbon and a card.

  • Gift Wrapping Paper
    The choices in gift wrapping paper are incredible - you can get plain coloured sheets, or plain sheets, thematic sheets, patterned sheets and so much more. Try to match the paper with the occasion and also the recipient. For example for a Christmas gift, look for design themes that evoke the Christmas spirit. Check out your nearest craft/stationery store or online to find the right option.

  • Ribbons
    Choices in ribbon differ by material, design, colours and patterns. Here again, keep in mind what you want to communicate before making your choice. Also ensure your ribbon goes well with your chosen wrapper paper (contrast or matching etc.).

  • Card
    The card is where the recipient’s name and your message goes. You get readymade cards with pre-printed messages that go on top of gifts, which is a convenient option. Another option is to make it yourself using some cardstock and your creativity!

Boxing the Gift Makes it Easy

Gifts mostly come in their own boxes but sometimes they don’t - like when you’ve hand crafted the gift. When there's no box, try to find a one that fits the gift snugly, as it makes the wrapping much neater and easier to manage.

Get Together the Right Tools

A neatly wrapped gift is no mean achievement. The first step is to collect all supplies in one place so we are don’t hunt for anything in midst of the wrapping exercise. Other than the chosen gift wrapping paper and the ribbons, you'll need scotch tape, glue, and scissors (assuming your gift is already boxed). Find a clean free space to work in, gather all your supplies plus the gift and you're set.

Be Precise in Your Measurements

Measure twice cut once! Critical for the wrapping to be crisp and clean is ensuring your measurements are accurate. To do this, you need to map the shape and size of the gift to the paper. Do a rough check of how the paper will get wrapped around the gift/box. Measure and mark clearly before cutting the paper.

Decorate It

So you’ve wrapped the gift? Now for the final touch—adding decoration to increase the visual appeal, a ribbon, an embellishment, a pretty card.

Of these, elegantly tied ribbons surely add a little something to the gift. Elaborate or simple, cute bows of ribbon on a gift are pleasing to the eye and make the gift more special.

Gift Wrapping Ribbons: 10 Options to Make Your Gift Stand Out

If you are keen on adding ribbon with the bow by yourself, you can either go with readymade options from craft stores- the best for those of us who aren't crafty - or you can buy a suitable ribbon and do it yourself. Our guide covers both so you can go with whatever makes most sense to you

Ready Made Gift Wrapping Ribbon

Organza Bow With Ribbon – Silver

Check out this Silver Organza Bow With Gold ribbon that you can use when you are going for a classy look for your gift. Perfect for use in gifts for dinner party gifts or any such festive occasion. Available for Rs.149 at itsybitsy.in.

Another similar option is the Organza Pull Bow Ribbon which features delicate stripes, in a variety of colours, all at the same price.

Satin Bow With Ribbon – Pink

This cute pink polka dotted satin bow comes with a pink ribbon and is a great option if you are giving a gift to a child or trying to strike a cheerful fun note. Pink of course is also perfect for someone who likes the girlie style. Available on itsybitsy.in for Rs.149

Curly Ribbon Bow – Pink

This Curly Ribbon Bow in pink will add effusive burst of colour to your gift. You will however receive only a bow in the packet - you will need to buy a matching ribbon separately if you want the full look. This bright and shiny bow is a little on the over the top in design so use it for occasions like weddings. Get it on Itsy Bitsy for Rs.69.

7 Amazing Ribbon Options for Your DIY Effort

If you are going the DIY way, fantastic! You will of course first need to find right the ribbon, so we've gathered a sample of interesting ribbons for you to consider

Merry Christmas Printing Glitter Ribbon

Source www.amazon.in

Quintessentially Christmas-sy, this sheer glitter ribbon with its vibrant colours will add festive joy to your Xmas gift. Since the ribbon is wired, you can expect it to be strong and have more flexibility as it will hold shapes. The ribbon is 3 cm wide, and you can get 200 cm of it for Rs.297 on Amazon.

Lavender Wired Taffeta Ribbon

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for something more sophisticated? Then these plain-coloured taffeta ribbons are an excellent choice. This wired ribbon has a satin sheen on its face which gives it an elegant look. The width of the ribbon is 38 mm. You have the option of ordering 2 lengths - the 2 yard one costs Rs 85 while the 5 yard one costs Rs. 205. Order it on Amazon.

Multipurpose Printed Curly Ribbon

Source www.amazon.in

Brightly coloured thin ribbons add vivacious appeal to your gift. The Inflnxt Multipurpose printed Ribbon is a set of 10 roll in varying colours and designs.

Source www.amazon.in

Another option is the Segolike Multicolor Double Sided Grosgrain Ribbons. Made of polyester, the plain ribbons will come in 16 different colours. Each of them will have a length of 1 yard or 914 mm. There are 2 widths available- the 6 mm one costs Rs. 278 while the 9 mm one costs Rs 304. You can get them both on Amazon.

Pastel Green Ribbon with White Stitches

Source www.amazon.in

This Meraki Cards Ribbon in cool green shade is decorated with white stiches in the middle giving it a dual look. One part of the ribbon is sheer while the other is satin. The length of the ribbon is 5 yards and it has a width of 16mm, making it a wide ribbon. The cool, chic design of the ribbon makes it perfect for gifts for women. Order it on Amazon for Rs.130.

Burlap Lace Ribbon

Source www.amazon.in

If you looking to strike an earthy look, then the burlap lace ribbon is perfect. Made of durable burlap, this ribbon is decorated with delicate lace giving it a striking appearance. The length of the ribbon is around 5 m while the width is approximately 5 cm. Get it for Rs.409 on Amazon.

Woven Edge Sheer Golden Organza Ribbon

Source www.amazon.in

Going for a formal, classy look? Then opt for this simple Sheer Golden Organza Ribbon from an international brand DwayneWolff.. The glitter ribbon has a subtle shine that will add a touch of elegance to your gift. As it is wired, the ribbon is flexible and lightweight making it easy to work with. the length of the ribbon is 25 yards and its width is 20 mm. Buy it on Amazon for Rs.299.

White Grosgrain Ribbon with Black Polka Dots

Source www.amazon.in

This pretty polka dotted ribbon brings a girlish charm that will make your gift stand out. The White Grosgrain Ribbon from Meraki Cards has a width of 25 mm. You can buy 2 yards length of the ribbon for Rs. 50, while the 5 yard is priced at Rs.120 on Amazon.

DIY Gift Wrapping With Ribbons: 5 Cute Ideas

Adding the trademark bow on top of your gift using ribbons is a fun art to learn. You may need a little practice but it it worth the trouble. Here are 3 different ways to tie the bow.

Tie a Perfect Bow

Take a suitable length of ribbon such that it sufficiently wraps around the gift and leaves around a meter for the bow itself.

Tie a neat double knot to secure the ribbon firmly. Now make two even sided loops with the two ribbon lengths

Cross over the right one over left. Take the right loop now and take back behind the left one and bring it through the center.

Pull both loops to make the knot tight. Adjust the loops to make them look even and neat. Cut off the ribbon edges into a v-shape to give an elegant look, after ensuring they are of even length.

Make the Tiffany Bow

  • Leave ribbon equal to around half of the gift box's length at the bottom of the box.
  • At the bottom of the box, place the ribbon at the centre and hold with your thumb.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the box once. Again at the bottom, place another ribbon and secure it with your thumb.
  • Fold the ribbon now at 45 degrees such that it crosses over the first piece of ribbon cross-wise Wrap the ribbon across the box, lengthwise.
  • Now is the most important part - tuck the ribbon in your hand under the ribbon you are holding with your thumb and then across it. The aim is to make a U-shape hook.
  • Now centre the ribbon and tighten it.
  • Using the ribbon that on the upper layer, wrap around the other loop and make a regular bow. The bow may not look very neat now, but that's because we need to center it and make it even. Once you do that, cut off any excess ribbon and you’re done!

Rosette Bow

Source www.bhg.com

Making a Rosette Bow

You will need:
  • A slightly wide ribbon
  • A length of craft wire
  • Pliers
  • Scissors

How to make it:
  • This bow looks difficult but is not that hard to do actually. From one edge of the ribbon, start wrapping it around palm, four fingers' width, around 8 times to 10 times depending on the size of the bow you are going for.
  • Take out the stack of ribbon loops, hold it firmly in the middle. Cut a small v-shaped notch on both sides of the ribbon right in the middle of the stack.
  • Cut a small length of the wire and wrap it tightly around the notches to secure it. You can also use another ribbon or a string.
  • Now from the center pull apart the loops to the side in a circular flower petal-pattern, in an even manner.
  • This should give you a floral bow or a rosette. Glue it onto your gift box or to the ribbon tied around the gift.

Alternatives to Ribbons & Bows: Make Your Gift Stand Out

While the standard gift wrapping involves adorable bows, you can always try something different to add that finishing touch to your gift. This is also a great way to make the gift wrapping reflect the personality of the receiver, showing further thoughtfulness on your part.

Use Lace

Using lace is perfect when you are going for a sophisticated and delicate look. Use a length of good quality lace just like a ribbon and tie it around your gift. You can make a simple bow with it or tie a simple knot and leave the ends trailing to make it more charming. Another interesting way to incorporate lace is to use lace-like length of cloth in place wrapping paper and tie it up with a contrasting ribbon.

Use Charms or Embellishments

Looking to beautify your gift wrapping even more? Then try adding something small and meaningful as decoration atop the ribbon instead of a bow. This could be a small-size photo, any cute trinket or even a few fresh flowers. Choose your decoration such that it resonates with your giftee making it special from the get-go.

Decorate the Wrapping Paper

Take personalisation to another level by personalising the gift wrapping paper itself! You could buy stamping supplies and stamp a message or your giftee name across the paper. Or print the wrapping paper with quirky designs or special messages. Or even add stickers to it.

Use Colourful Tape

Don't want to make it a fussy affair? Then just use colourful washi tape! Buy a few tapes in different vibrant colours and let loose your imagination. They are really easy to use as you just need to stick them on the paper. You can find many ideas to try such as pasting the tape across the box mimicking a regular ribbon, pasting in a bow shape, creating cute patterns or even making a monogram with it.

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Don't gamble on that last minute creative energy

Procrastination and spurts of sheer brilliance at the enth hour is something most of us are familiar with. The trouble is, that creative genius hiding behind the last minute may play hooky and you could wind up with an uninspiring looking gift at best, or a hot mess at worst. Look around for ideas on how to make the best use of the materials you have, having a pretty piece of ribbon doesn't mean you just wrap it around the gift and be done with it. And having a little time to play around with ideas isn't such a bad thing.