Looking for Easy Gift Wrapping Tips?  Our Gift Wrapping Ideas Will Make Your Presents Gorgeous in No Time

Looking for Easy Gift Wrapping Tips? Our Gift Wrapping Ideas Will Make Your Presents Gorgeous in No Time

Some say gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself! While this is not an universal opinion, a beautifully wrapped gift does heighten the charm and impact of the gift many times over. BP Guide India has put together an exhaustive guide featuring many different styles, techniques and materials so you can find the perfect way to wrap that wonderful gift you've picked out.

Quick Gift Wrapping Hacks That Will Reduce Your Lots Of Stress

If you have bought an amazing gift for your loved ones on the special occasions like their birthdays, anniversaries or for the festivals. Then, that’s the good thing, but your beautiful gift needs something else also, your gift requires the equally stunning wrap as well. Because the presentation of the gift is very important. So, if you have forgotten to wrap your gift in the haste, then don’t worry as there we have enlisted the quick gift wrapping ideas to help you out.

Instant Gift Wrapping Bag

Well, if you don’t have time wrap your gift in the fancy gift wrap or to decorate it with the stylish ribbons. Then, you can pull a very simple gift wrapping trick. Just search for the fancy gift wrapping bag online and put your gift simply in the bag. This might not give the thrill of tearing down the gift wrapper to your gift receiver, but to a quick fix, you can put paper shreds on the top of the bag so that some mystery can be created.

Strings & Green Plant Leaves

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You can go little natural and rustic with your gift wrapping ideas. Simply use the plain brown wrapper to wrap your gift and then, decorate it with the waste stump present in your home. Like, used stamps, tickets, natural leaves, peppermint twine, rope strings, etc., By using these bits and pieces from your waste bin, you can actually create a mind-blowing creative gift wrap.

Customized Wrapping Paper

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You can add special letters or notes to your gift to make it more personalized. To customize the gift wrapper, you don’t have to do much, just with the help of old books and potatoes you can create one. Cut the alphabets from the old books to paste on the wrap and to create different designs on the gift wrap, you can carve the pattern on the potatoes and they can dip them in the paint to stamp the design on the wrapper. This one is the most creative and unique way to create customized gift wrapping.

Magazine Paper Bow

Using ribbon bows on the gifts is now an old trick. To add your personal touch, you can cut down the strips from the old magazines and tie them in a bow shape. The cool and fluffy magazines bow will look totally creative on your gift. Moreover, this way you can use your old magazines in a good way, instead of throwing them in the waste bin.

Ribbon Flowers

Remember the simple flower ribbons that we all learned in the school. So, when you want to quickly decorate your gift wrap, then you can make lots of multicolored ribbon flowers and paste them on your gift wrap. In this way, you can easily salvage your gift wrap and can beautify it.

Paper Cup Wrap

If your gift item is something small which can easily fit in the paper cup like earrings, bracelets or hairpins, then use the old paper cup as gift wrap. You can decorate or personalize the paper cup using the markers or glitters. Nobody can guess that in the old paper cup you have packed your gift, so this will definitely surprise your gift recipient.

Triangle Shaped Boxes For Odd Gifts

If your gift has some odd dimensions and it’s getting hard for you wrap this gift in the regular box. Then, the best solution here for you is to wrap the gift in the triangular shape. Any gift can be accommodated in the triangled shape gift wrap. So, just go for the triangle when the regular circular or square shape won’t work for you.

Unique Alternatives for Gift Wrapping Papers

Music Sheet Gift Bag

This gift wrapping tutorial is very easy as you have all the items for this available in your home. The music sheet inspired gift wrap can be created in the following manner;

What you need:
  • Ripped piece of wallpaper
  • Unused gift wrap
  • A page from old dilapidated book
  • Ruler, glue and some strings
  • Plain brown bag

How to make it:
  • Take the music sheet and a plain brown bag first. With the help of ruler cut the piece of music sheet
  • Paste the music sheet on the both sides of the paper bag using the glue stuck.
  • Add the strings on the top of bag to put the handle like feature .
  • To decorate the bag put fresh leaves from your garden on it.

Sweater Gift Bag

If you know how to knit and want to add Christmasy theme to your gift wrap, then you have this gorgeous gift wrapping idea available to make your gift look unique. The sweater gift bag can be made as;

What you need:
  • One cable knit sweater
  • Ribbons
  • Embellishments of your preference
  • Sewing machine and some strong glue

How to make it:
  • To make the bag, first cut the sweater into pieces. For one bag, cut two pieces and one hem on the top for the opening.
  • Then, sew the three sides of the sweater together, leaving the hem side open. Or you can use the glue to join together the three sides of the sweater.
  • You can put your gifts in the bag and then tie the ribbon knot.
  • Use your favourite embellishments to decorate the bag further.

Grocery Bag Gift Wrap

So, if are looking something on the lines of recycling and uniqueness, then your regular grocery bag can become your gift wrap.

What you need:
  • Old grocery bags
  • Colourful tapes
  • Twine
  • Some extra embellishments

How to make it:
  • Okay, so take up your old grocery bags and covered them with the colourful tapes and twines.
  • Put your gift inside the bag and put other embellishments of your choice on it.

Junk Mail Gift Wrap

You can use the creative rubber stamp techniques to design the cute gift wrapping ideas for your friends.

What you need:
  • A plain sheet
  • Stamp
  • Ink pad
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissor
  • Ribbons

How to make it:
  • Stamp your image on the top of design you preferred.
  • You can seam pieces of paper together by flipping the page.
  • Connect with the other sheet and don’t forget about the seam.
  • Tape the two side folds in and secure. Place double-sided tape along the triangular edges of the last flap, and fold in toward the center. Secure in place. Repeat these steps on the other side.

Vintage Scarf Wrap

This one is the most simple and easy gift wrapping ideas, you might have plenty of discarded scarfs that you don’t use anymore. So, use those vintage scarfs to wrap your gift in them. Just place your gift box inside the scarf and fold it in the scarf, to keep the gift seal tie a bow knot on the top of the gift using the ends of the scarf. It is easy, simple and quick gift wrap method.

Newspaper Gift Wrap

Just like the scarf method, this gift wrap idea only requires a stack of old newspapers. Use the two piece of rectangular shaped newspapers to form a pocket-like shape. Seal the bottom and other two sides of the bag, keeping the one side open. You can further decorate the newspaper pocket using the tiny embellishments, otherwise, it’s alright the way it is.

Cereal Box Gift Wrapping

Again one simple gift wrapping idea for the people who don’t like to create much fuss. The only limitation of this method is that your gift has to fit in the box of the cereal. So, the rest is quite simple, just put your gift inside the cereal box and gift it your friend. This will surely confuse the hell out of your friend that why are you giving him or her the cereal box, so when they open it then this will be a real surprise.

Plastic Containers Gift Wrap

The old plastic containers of cookies and chips can become a great gift wrapping idea as well. Just store lots of plastic containers and do as follows;

  • Peel off any kind of labels from the plastic containers.
  • Cover the containers with the gift wrapping paper
  • Decorate the top of the container as well.
  • Use ribbons and other embellishments to finish the decoration.

Word Search Gift Wrap

This gift wrap idea is very nerdy and perfect for your geek friend. From the puzzlemaker.com, you can print the different word puzzles on the plain A4 size sheet and solve the word puzzle using colorful markers. And, simply just wrap your gift in the word puzzle gift wrap to add the unique appeal to your gift.

Aluminum Foil Wrap

With Foil Gift Wrap Rolls, you'll certainly cast a spell on everyone who sees them. Your presence will get a shine unlike any other, and your recipient's face will brighten up just as much. From metallic foil to matte foil, from solid colors to beautiful designs, we have it all. Use our paper for any kind of occasion, from Christmas to birthdays, from weddings to anniversaries. With this shine there isn't even a need for a bow or ribbon, they stand alone! You can order the aluminum foil gift wrap online or can use the aluminum wrap laying in your kitchen to wrap the gift also.

Expert Martha Stewart Tips To Wrap Gift Nicely

Martha Stewart is a queen of all the domestic chores. She has taken the regular housework and elevated it into the grand job. She is the real role model for all the homemakers who thinks that running home is less than a corporate job. If you are a big Martha Stewart’s fan, then you would be pleased to read the special Martha Stewart tips on gift wrapping ideas.

Start Wrapping Earlier

If you don’t want your gift wrapping to crumble or get torn, then it’s advised by Martha that immediately wrap your gift whenever you buy the wrap. Don’t put the gift wrapping paper in the drawer as it will destroy the crisp texture of the wrapping paper. So, always buy gift paper when you are ready to wrap it. Also add all your assortments like bows, ribbons, tags, and stickers one time on the wrapper. As decorating your gift again and again might as well makes the wrapping crumble.

Store Supplies in a Gift Wrap Bin

Always store your old gift wrapping papers and supplies in the separate basket so that delicate stuff won’t get destroyed under the weight of other stuff. Place smaller bind filled with your gift supplies so that they can be reused next time. The best time to stock up your gift supplies is before the Christmas from the clearance sales as at that time you can get gift wrapping supplies at very affordable rates.

Gather Gift-Wrapping Supplies

When you are ready to wrap your gift, then make sure that you have all sort of supplies with you. To wrap a professional looking gift, you not only required a nice gift wrapping paper but lots of other supplies as well. Like, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, ruler, clips, pins, etc., So, before starting your gift wrapping make sure that you are stocked up with all the other essential supplies as well.

Make a Gift-Wrapping Pegboard

If you have a smaller workstation to wrap the gift, then to make your task easier, you can attach a gift to the pegboard to a wall or the back of a door with the wood screws. By doing this you can easily attach ribbons, clips, wrapping papers, hangers, and trays. Having proper workstation to wrap the gifts is very important as wrong space can affect your creative juices from flowing better.

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The Icing On The Cake!

Make sure your gifts receive the gift wrapping paper they deserve. To make this happen, planning is essential. Leaving it to the last moment will leave you no choice but to do a quick wrap with what's available. But if you plan ahead, you can choose the kind of wrapping that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient. Romantic, quirky or funny - you can find something that will strike a chord with the person. Indeed, with so many great styles and resources available , preparing a perfectly wrapped gift has never been so easy.