10 Gorgeous Gift Box Ribbons & the Art of Tying Gift Boxes with Ribbons in Different Ways to Make Presents Look Stunning (2018)

10 Gorgeous Gift Box Ribbons & the Art of Tying Gift Boxes with Ribbons in Different Ways to Make Presents Look Stunning (2018)

Ribbons are the epitome on the presentation of a gift. Simply wrapping it will make it look dull and not gift worthy. Ribbons therefore, play a major part in making the wrapped gift look glamorous. There are many different types of ribbon threads as there are many ribbon tying designs. To understand this hands on and intellectual art, peruse through this feature from BP-Guide to get to know more. We also ave some great options for gift boxes you can buy online.

How to Make a Classic Ribbon Bow in 4 Easy Steps

Ribbons are the multiple varieties of threads which are made up from the different materials in different rainbow inspired colors. They are an important part of our childhood and so many beautiful memories of our life include ribbons in them. Such as the memory of receiving a surprise gift always includes lots of colorful ribbons.

Ribbons are used to decorate gift boxes promptly, nowadays numerous different ribbons are being used in decorating the gifts, but the traditional ribbon bows are always popular. So, if you want to decorate your gifts with the colorful ribbon bows, but don’t know how to make ribbon bow, then let’s check out a quick tutorial to make ribbon bows in 4 simple steps.

Embellishments Required to Make a Bow

Okay, so to make the cute little ribbon bows in multiple colors to decorate your gift box, you don’t require much stuff. All the ribbon bow embellishments are not at all expensive and can be ordered online easily. It’s just the simple technique that makes the ribbon bows so special.

However, to make the ribbon bows you need; a ribbon of your choice, sharp pair of scissors, double-sided tape, ruler, and florists wire. Just with this stuff, you are ready to make your ribbon bows.

Step 1: Make Loops

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Foremost step to make ribbon bows is to make two loops in your ribbon. Make the first loop from the left side. Also, make sure that the tails of the ribbon remain in the back and the slack between the two loops is pointed towards you.

Step 2: Cross Loops

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Before moving forward to the second step, make sure to pick the double side satin ribbons for the bows as it becomes easier to work with them. And, never use the wire-edged ribbons to make the bows as it will make difficult for you to work with them. So, in the second step, cross the left loop over the right loop.

Step 3: Continue Looping

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The third step is the most crucial step, here you have to continue the process of looping right and left sides of the ribbon. Once your ribbon is finished, then pull one side from the opening created in the stack area and tie both sides of ribbon with the loose knot.

Step 4: Add the Final Touches

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By now, your ribbon bow is ready. It just required little adjustment with the loops and tails. Tie the loops properly and cut any loose ends to give refined look to your ribbon bow. You can use some beads or glitters to further decorate the ribbon bow.

Different Types of Ribbon Knots to Put on Your Gift

Well, the above-shared steps are just for the simple ribbon bow, however, there are plenty of different types of ribbon bows available. The basic difference between all the ribbon bows is the style of knot mainly. There are three main types of ribbon bows that you can use to decorate your gift box and these are as below:

Simple Bow

The simple is always better, so this festival season you can use this simple bow knot to decorate your gift box. This is a perfect bow when you are already running behind the schedule and have to quickly design your gift. It is a simple knot which even the child can tie. So, when you want quick touch, then go for simple bow knot design.

Layered Bow

If you want to add the theatrical and dramatic centerpiece on your gift, then this bow not is perfect for you. It is a perfect way to attract the attention of the gift receiver. This bow can be used to decorate gifts for your girlfriends or for the younger kids. Just wrap your gift in the plain gift wrapping paper and complete it with the giant layered bow knot.

Flower Bow

This is the perfect bow for the gifts for the occasions like baby showers, bridal showers, etc., in short, for the girly gifts, it’s perfect. You can attach the bobby pin to the bow, in this way your friend can wear it in her hairs after opening the present. This will definitely make your gift wrap unique and stylish among all the other gifts on your besties' birthday.

10 Different Types of Ribbon Threads

Well, today you have multiple options to make ribbon bows to decorate your gifts. The ribbon is available in numerous different styles and textures. So, you can add variations to your ribbon bows by making them from the different types of ribbons. Few popular ribbons are mentioned ahead.

Satin Ribbon

These are the most used soft ribbons, usually available in silk, cotton and nylon fabric with a very shiny appearance. Generally, the shiny part is on one side of the ribbon, but in some cases both sides are shiny. One side of the satin ribbon is matte to offer good grip to the ribbon. To make the bows, satin ribbon with the double-sided shine are good. Satin ribbons are available in numerous different sizes and solid color options, moreover, they are not very expensive ribbons and can be easily ordered from anywhere.

Taffeta Ribbon

The woven ribbon which is made up from the lightweight and shiny silk, polyester or rayon are called taffeta ribbons. They are mostly wired to the florist's wire. Even if you don’t use wire in this ribbon still it has a solid crisp texture which can hold the ribbon straight. The silk taffeta ribbons are the most pretty ones and bows made from them looks very stylish, but the silk taffeta ribbons aren’t easily available. However, rayon taffeta ribbons are also very pretty to look at and can be easily ordered as well.

Picot Edge Ribbons

These ribbons are especially used for decoration purposes. They have fine decorative loops on them called picots. Because of the picot loops, they are known as the picot edge ribbons. The loops are embedded on both the sides of the ribbon. These ribbons are generally available in satin or grosgrain materials with the fine loops along the edges. If you want to make decorative ribbon bows to decorate your gift or home for the holiday season, then this ribbon is perfect for you.

Embroidered Ribbon

On these ribbons, special designs are woven on them. On the one side of the ribbons, beautiful embroidery design is woven with the hands or the machine. The side one which design is embroidered is considered as the right side and the plain side is the wrong side of the ribbon. These ribbons are very useful for home décor projects. Earlier, these kind of ribbons were handcrafted, but nowadays machines have eased out the work of the people. The bows made up from the embroidered ribbons looks painstakingly beautiful and unique.

Velvet Ribbon

This kind of ribbons has cut pile on the surface, just like the velvet fabric. They look very graceful and stylish in the decoration. In the velvet ribbons, plenty of bold colors and solid textures are available. You can make velvet ribbon strips from the old velvet dress. The velvet bows can give the extra loyal look to your gift.

Silk Ribbon

If you are looking for the soft, shiny and pure beautiful ribbon to make the bows, then nothing is better than the silk ribbons. The ultimate beautiful silk ribbons are hand-dyed in numerous shades and to give the edgy look to the ribbon. This ribbon can be used to embed designs on your gifts. If you have to decorate gifts for special occasions like weddings, then the luxurious silk ribbons are a good option as they are a bit expensive as well.

Curly Ribbon

These are shiny ribbons made up from the synthetic materials. That’s why they go well for the decoration purpose. They are the ribbons which are mostly used in the decoration of the gifts. Curly ribbons are inexpensive and can be easily ordered from anywhere.

Zari Ribbon

This ribbon is specially carved from the zari thread which is a metallic thread mostly available in silver, gold and copper shades. If you want to add the bling in your gift, then using the zari ribbon is a good idea. However, these ribbons can be used for embroidery purpose and decoration purpose as well.

Acetate Ribbon

This is a stiff ribbon but gives the feel of the satin ribbon. It is because they are woven from the acetate threads in a satin weaves. This ribbon is mostly used in packaging that’s why to make ribbon bows from this ribbon is a great idea. Moreover, acetate ribbons can be easily ordered from any website online.

Burlap Ribbon

Burlap is a cloth based ribbon which is made up from the materials like jute, flax or hemp. It is a natural ribbon which gives rustic look to your décor. To add the edgy and bit spunky feel to your gift wrap, you can use the burlap ribbon to make bows.

Creative Gift Boxes and Ribbon Bows to Buy Online

Polka Dot Ribbon Box

The beautiful green polka dot ribbon box is a gorgeous way to present your gift. If you don’t have time to decorate your gift box with the ribbons, then you can order an already decorated ribbon printed gift box online. This durable, lightweight and excellent looking green gift box can be ordered from indiamart.com. This supreme quality gift box’s price can be quoted from the site according to your requirements.

Ribbon Bows

The fine quality unique ribbon bows can be simply ordered online to decorate the gift box. These ribbons are extensively used in the gift wrapping purposes to give the attractive and fancy look to the gifts. These ribbon bows are ready made and you just have to pull the string and paste them on your gifts. The easily applicable nature of the ribbon bows making them super popular. Moreover, from indiamart.com, you can order them for just ₹3 per piece.

Multicolour Handmade Bows

The latest and the trendy bows to decorate gifts are the hair bows. As they can be first used to decorate the gifts and as hair accessories. The gift receiver can create to the effortless fashion statement by pairing this accessory with a stylish dress and comfortable shoes. Especially, if you are giving to a girl, then these multicolored handmade bows are a good idea to decorate the gift. These handmade cute bows are available on firstcry.com for only ₹160.

Golden Ribbon Bows

The golden bow is made from high-quality soft material but classic stereo, which makes them easy to use and can be used easily on any gift. Tulle bow without clips, you can hot glue or sew them on clips or clothes. These bows are great for decorating the gift box or wrap., These lovely golden bows will make your gift appear elegant and stylish among the other stack of gifts. They are very easy to apply that’s why when you are looking for the last minute quick option, then you should order these rose bows from Amazon.in. They are very affordable bows for just ₹219.

Ribbon Bow Designs Box

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This festival season you can order the pack of 8 colorful ribbon bow boxes from the amazon.in and present to all your near and dear ones. The package contains the 8 small jewelry boxes with the cute ribbon tied on the top to protect the material of the box. The boxes have puffy pillows inside to protect the gift item inside the box. The corrugated card gift box with the satin ribbon is available for ₹599 for 8 multicolored boxes.

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Accentuate Gifts with Beautifully Tied Ribbons

Inasmuch as ribbons make gifts look presentable, it is a good idea to learn how to tie the ribbon bows as it won't cost you much. This is a DIY skill and with the right tools, it can all be acheived in minutes if not seconds. This is a fun skill and the accessories such as the floral bow clips even don't cost much. All the same, presenting a gift that has been decorated with ribbons will look cool and it will stunning.