10 Gifts to Charm Boyfriend's Sister and Simple But Effective Ways to Bond with His Family (2019)

10 Gifts to Charm Boyfriend's Sister and Simple But Effective Ways to Bond with His Family (2019)

Dealing with your partner's family can be tricky business. They are the people closest to him and getting along with his sister is an important step towards building a rapport with them. Want to learn how to befriend and charm your boyfriend's sister? These simple steps will endear you to her and an irresistible gift will gain you a new friend.

When Should You Buy Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Sister?

On Her Birthday

Building a stable relationship with your boyfriend’s family is something that you should focus on in a long term relationship because eventually you will become a part of that family. Your boyfriend’s sister is someone who you should befriend first. So if you want to build a good image in front of your future in-laws, she can be of great help.

Treat her as you would treat your own sister and she will be one of your best allies. Gifting is a sure shot way to win over any person’s heart.There are plenty of occasions too. Her birthday is something which you should definitely remember. Buy her a thoughtful gift for her birthday. It doesn’t have to be very expensive; just make sure it’s heartfelt.

A chocolate and flower bouquet or a little colorful notebook or diary works just fine. You can get her good quality costume jewelry or maybe a little make-up kit. She will not only appreciate the gesture, but will probably show it to her family as well. This will make them warm up to you even more. The effort that you put in will also help bring you closer to your boyfriend.

On Her Graduation or Wedding Anniversary

If your boyfriend’s sister is younger than him and is just passing out of college, then don’t forget to buy her a gift for her graduation ceremony. She is almost an adult now, so gift her something which makes her feel like one. How about a purse? You can also give her something to remember the day like a personalised mug with a photo of her in her graduation robe or with her name, class and year of passing printed on it. If your future sister in law is older and married, then don’t forget to give her a gift on her wedding anniversary. Engraved Mr Right Mrs Always Right Couple Wine Glasses with coasters are great gift options for both young and matured couples.

On Festive Occasions

Gift giving is an important part of festivals. If you are looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend’s family members then get to know about their traditions. Food is an important part of any festival, therefore cookie hampers for Christmas and dry fruits for Diwali or Id are classic gifts. Your boyfriend’s sister will also appreciate a piece of ethnic wear like a lehenga set or a pair of gorgeous earrings.

Build a Rapport with Boyfriend’s Sister Through Sensible Gifts

Take Your Boyfriend's Advice

There may be a chance that your boyfriend’s sister may not like the gift that you pick out for her. Therefore it’s always wise to consult with your boyfriend before selecting a gift for her. They have grown up together and therefore he will probably have a better insight into her like and dislikes. Either ask him before you head out to buy a present or run ideas by him.

Fashion Accessories are Popular with All Girls

Go for trendy and stylish items like bags, clothes, makeup and shoes. You can seldom go wrong with fashionable gift choices. If you are not too sure about what is currently considered fashionable then do a search on the net.

Sites like Pinterest and various fashion blogs will provide you with plenty of advice on what is hot and trending at the moment.Buying make-up for someone else is a bit tricky. But the Maybelline New York Gigi Collection Kit curated by supermodel Gigi Hadid is a limited edition makeup kit with all the basic make-up essentials like lipsticks in nude and red shades, gel eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow palette. The shades provided are suitable for most skin tones and therefore is a pretty safe option for a gift. We can bet that your boyfriend's sister will be thrilled to lay her hands on this. You can buy it from nykaa.com.

You can also buy her an 'it' bag of the season. Forever 21 white quilted sling bag from myntra.com is a stylish piece of accessory that will impress even the most stylish women.

Simple Items That Everyone Likes

When you are meeting your boyfriend's family for the first time, it would be a great idea to bring a small gift. It's not only a polite gesture but also portrays your warmth. You don’t need to go for extravagant gifts if you have just met your boyfriend’s sister. Simple gifts like a box of chocolates, a mug or a photo frame are perfect for first time meetings. Spending on what are obviously expensive gifts will make you seem too eager to please. You want to make a nice gesture, not beg her to like you.

Choose gifts which are tasteful and understated. As you don't know each other yet buy things of neutral taste in simple basic colors like white, gray, light blue and black. You can give more personal gifts once you are well acquainted.

Bonding Gifts

Bonding with your (maybe) future sister in law is important. Find out what kind of things she is into. Shared activities will help you find out more things about each other and strengthen your bond as future family members. You will also get to find out little tit-bits about your boyfriend like funny childhood incidents and about his awkward teenage years. Before you plan an outing with her find out what kind of things she is into. Plan an entire day of activities with her.

Go shopping, have a girl’s night out or have a lazy spa day. Whatever you do make sure that it’s something both of you enjoy. Who knows? maybe you will find a new best friend and a close confidant! You don't have to force yourself to enjoy her company. Stop viewing her as your boyfriend's sister and the whole exercise as some sort of project where you must win her over. Talk to her like you with any other girl and may just find plenty in common and actually enjoy spending time with her. If she likes you, well and good. If not, you tried.

10 Gifts That Will Make Your Boyfriend’s Sister Your Fan

Certain gifts are special not because of their price tag but because they are thoughtful and heartfelt. If you want to win over your boyfriend’s sisters heart with such a present then take a look at the list of fun gifts that we have curated for you.

No. 1 Sister Mug

If you want to pick a gift for your boyfriend’s sister which is simple and at the same time will make her your fan then pick the Homesogood Number 1 Sister Ceramic Mug. Its microwave safe, non-toxic and BPA free and has a 325 ml capacity. She will be reminded of you every time she enjoys her morning coffee. You can buy it from Flipkart for Rs.399.

Cute Summer Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

A wallet is one accessory which we use daily. Therefore a cute wallet is not just a pretty but also a thoughtful gift. The Daily Objects Summer of Love Women's Wallet will cost you Rs.1,099. It’s made of PU leather with 8 card slots and a coin pocket with button closure. It has a zipper closure and a beautiful flower design on the top. We can bet that it becomes the go to accessory that she will carry everywhere. Buy it from amazon.in.

Adorable Panda Stuffed Toy

Source www.amazon.in

Think soft toys are just for babies and children? Well, we beg to differ! An adorable panda toy is a gift that definitely will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Or are you shopping for his little sister? She may be shy around her big brother's girlfriend, draw her out with a cute soft toy she will find it hard to say no to. Get the NB Panda Soft toy from amazon.in for Rs.299. It will be daily reminder of the fun equation that you both share.

Silver Bling Anklet

Pretty jewelry is something that all girls love and we are sure that your boyfriend's sister will agree. Buy the Golden Peacock Oxidised Silver-Coloured Textured Multipiece Anklet with toe ring available on myntra.com for Rs.599. It has an adjustable lobster clasp and is made of high quality metal. It will definitely put a spring in the step of anyone who wears it!

StyBuzz Cartoon Cushions Cover

Source stybuzz.com

The fun and quirky cartoon cushion covers from Stybuzz will make great gifts for almost anyone and we are sure that your future sister in law will love them. Printed with funny animated characters, they come in four different sizes, 12 x 12,14 x 14,16 x 16 and 24 x 24 inches. They are priced between Rs.139 to Rs.349, depending on which size you choose, and are made from high quality polyester. Buy one here.

Decorative Hanging Lamp

A pretty hanging lamp can brighten up any living space and are great gifts. The Red Yarn Hanging Light by Salebrations is artsy and tasteful and can be placed in any room to instantly add an element of style to it. We are sure that your boyfriend's sister will appreciate your fine taste.You can buy it on pepperfry.com for Rs.1,559.

PoppadumArt Cup and Saucer Heart Planter

Does your boyfriend's sister have a green thumb? Then the Poppadum heart cup and saucer planter is the perfect gift for her. It’s made of terracotta with a little heart made out of slate attached to the front that you can write messages on in chalk. We are sure that it will find a place of prominence in her room or office. You can buy it from giveter.com for Rs.680.

Sheesham Wood Engraved Box

Source www.amazon.in

Storage boxes are handy gifts and the ExclusiveLane sheesham wood multi-utility cum spice box with spoon can be the perfect one. With intricate hand craving on the side, this box measures around 24.13 cm x 8.89 cm x 5.59 cm. it can be used to store candy, dry fruits, dry spices and knick knacks. Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.949.

Pearl Encrusted Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Pearl watches are like both a bracelet and a watch. They can be the ideal gift for your boyfriend’s sister. Buy the Nikado Analogue Mother of Pearl Dial Women's Watch from amazon.in. It costs around Rs.360 and is a pretty piece of accessory perfect for any stylish woman. The band measures approximately 36 cm or 14.17 inches and the dial has a diameter of approximately 2 cm. It's made of stainless steel and alloy. Buy it here.

Safe Gift Option: A Box of Chocolates

Source www.amazon.in

If you are not sure what your boyfriend’s sister likes or if you are stretched for time, then the safest gift choice would be a nice box of chocolates. Most people like chocolates and if you splurge on an expensive box of chocolate, there's no doubt she will warm up to you. Something like the box of Lindt Swiss Luxury Finest Selection of Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Pralines is a good bet. The 195 gm box of chocolates has a variety and they are delicious enough for someone to forget their diet. Get it for Rs.1,200 on amazon.in.

From our editorial team

Know When to Stop Trying

Wanting to build good relationships with your boyfriend's family is a good idea for everyone concerned. Not only will it help your relationship, it will put your man in a good place too. However, there is a fine line between making a genuine effort and pretending to like someone you don't, and trying too hard. It takes two to forge a friendship, or cordial relations at the very least. In an attempt to get someone to like you, do not buy expensive presents or do things you aren't comfortable with.