11 Nice Gifts for a Girl: Thoughtful Sweet Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

11 Nice Gifts for a Girl: Thoughtful Sweet Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

Mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends and colleagues, there are so many women who enrich our lives on a daily basis. But when it comes to buying a nice gift for a girl who is important to you, often you run short of ideas. Not today as we have a list of the top 11 gifts and gift ideas for girls in 2019.

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How to Go About Getting a Nice Gift For a Girl

A gift is not just a regular item purchased for someone, but a symbol of care and affection that shows that you remembered about the recipient’s special day. An effort to make someone feel special that comes directly from heart with a gift makes the receiver feel good irrespective of the price tag. On top of this, gifting someone gives you a self-fulfilling and self-gratifying experience, especially if it’s a special girl in your life. However, choosing a nice gift for a girl can be a tricky task and you are likely to get confused very easy.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Buy for a Special Occasion: if you are planning to buy a gift for a special woman in your life, waiting for a special occasion can ease the decision making process. It can be her birthday, a special day related to you both, or a festival like Christmas or Eid. It is advised to buy a durable, long-lasting item that reminds her of you every time she looks at it.

  • Consider the Relationship: Since every woman in your life shares a different type of relationship with you, the last thing you are expecting at the moment is that your gift offends someone, or goes unappreciated. Looking for a gift for your mom? Your mom works for you day and night, and you can make her feel special with a gift of gratitude for all her efforts. Gifts for your girlfriend shouldn’t be difficult to decide as you can go with the items that your girl likes, such as flowers, her favourite perfume or something from her favourite clothes shop. Observing her behaviour and listening closely to her ideas and hints, you can find a nice gift for a girlfriend. Alternatively, if your girl values your presence and time spent with you more than materialistic gifts, you can plan a day of celebration and joy.

  • Personal Style of Your Girl: Consider the kind woman the person you are buying a gift for is. Her likes/dislikes, hobbies and interests should help you zero in on something special
    • The perfect gift for the artistic girl could be something carrying little strokes of modern or contemporary art on small packages, like Andy Warhol printed scarves by Calvin Klein or artist Spencer Sweeney’s painting on Lady Dior bag.
    • A fitness tracker or a yoga mat would be appreciated your sport enthusiast
    • An activist would like to be gifted something she could use in her campaigns or something that defines her stands on certain issues.
    • Your fashion diva would love to see you getting her something that helps her keep a tab on the latest fashion trends.

Nice Gifts For A Girlfriend or Wife

Personalised Bracelet

If you are looking for something unique, consider buying a personalised gift. While mugs and cushions with images printed on top have become common, an elegant bracelet with her name would be a wonderful surprise. Be it your wife or girlfriend you can get a custom bracelet in a variety designs.

She will remember you every time she gets a glance of the piece jewellery. You won’t have to think twice while spending a mere Rs.1599 to show affection in such a cute manner and be remembered always. Order it from PipaBella.

Naughty Gifts

Don’t let the lack of excitement crush your desires for intimacy. Keep the monotony at bay with a Box of Kinky containing 50 naughty ideas of getting intimate with your partner. The cardboard box with thick card stock material can be preserved for a long time, and you can use the cards to ignite the sexual passion from time to time. Get the naughty box from Exciting Lives at just Rs.399, and keep the excitement in your relationship alive for a very long time.

Other than nourishing the soulful love, a relationship's intimate side too needs a boost and a gift can help you bring out your relationship’s sexier side. Let’s explore a few options of naughty and nice gifts for girls that you can choose from:

  • Demonstrate your love with sexy lingerie delivered to her at her doorstep, making the valentine’s more special for her.
  • Go mischievous in bed with your wife or girlfriend by gifting her a set of personalised sexy gift sheets and pillow cases. Get your names printed on the sheet, or find some nice or naughty message online, or anything else that keeps the spark in your relationship burning bright.
  • Add some naughty adventure to your love life with a sexy sleepover with your woman in the woods or in your backyard. Being outdoors will add an element of excitement to your romantic and intimate moments.

I Love You Cushion and Mugs

Source www.amazon.in

Sometimes the vibrant, unique methods fail to impress a girl but the traditional ones do better. A cushion or a mug with love message and a photo printed on them makes a perfect, personalized gift, and that too without making you go heavy on your pocket. Here are a few options for you to choose from, for a nice gift for a girl to express your love.

Buy her the Indibni I Love My Wife Cushion Cover 12 x 12 with Filler Pink and Coffee Mug Gift for just Rs.549 from Amazon. The 12 x 12 inches printed, fibre-filled cushion is made of soft poly satin material with envelop backing. The internal interlocking and outline seam stitch make it a nice decorating piece and easy-to-wash that requires a low maintenance. If you are planning to get this gift, do ask her to hand wash the cushion in cold water and avoid bleaching or soaking.

Along with the cushion is included a ceramic coffee mug with a high-quality, digitally printed I Love My Wife message printed on it with glossy finish. The 330 ml, environment friendly, reusable, and odourless mug with non-toxic, BPA free material is safe to be frozen or to be used in a microwave or an oven.

Nice Gifts For A Mother or Sister

Let’s start with mom, your strongest support at home whose efforts and affection can never be thanked for or repaid in words, but a gift can help you show your emotions. If your mom loves collecting handbags or other leather accessories, gift her one of her favourites in her favourite shade. You can get some affordable options at Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop, or some lavish ones from Tommy Hilfiger or Da Milano.

Alternatively, you can give her the relaxation she needs on her special day with a fancy, all-inclusive spa treat. Your mom will love the gift and you will become her favourite child till the other siblings find a better option, and that’s a bit difficult. If you are really tight on budget, a handmade painting is your go-to love expression solution for your mom. Don’t buy one from the market, but collect canvas and colours, draw something by your own hands, and get it framed. You cannot imagine how much your mom will appreciate your efforts.

Next to mother, sister is the most respected lady in the home, who irrespective of her age, will never fail to amuse you, look out for you or give you a good dressing down if needed. Though there are a number of gifts options for sisters available online, but you can get something unique, such as a photo mug, a picture collage, a caricature, or something that she can keep and cherish for her life. Don’t worry if you are short on time, items like chocolates, flowers, wallets, bags, and soft toys are some options that are easily available. Get her a Customised Chocolate Box and she will pour all the sweetness in your relationship for long. This gift is great for you mom as well.

A Nice Vintage Gift

Is the girl, you are planning a gift for, more traditional than modern? Does she like vintage items more than modern stuff? Then, why not get her a vintage gift with an old world charm. What could be better for such a woman than a hand-crafted wooden box from the older times, which she can boast off as well.

Pick out one of her favourite pictures and get The Vintage Effect containing a vintage pocket watch and a golden scroll. Buy one today from Oyehappy at a nominal price of Rs.1,490 and get her a handcrafted wooden box with your personal message in the golden scroll inside.

Surprise Birthday Wishes

Birthday celebrations, in other words an anniversary of the day one entered this world, holds an important value for many and you can make it more special by arranging a surprise and nice birthday gift for a girl. There are a lot of surprises you can choose from, for the important woman in your life, like:

  • Add a personal note and share your feelings instead of the plain greeting 'Happy Birthday to you'.
  • If you live with the lady, get up early and prepare breakfast for her.
  • Don’t know how to cook? You can use balloons to fill the space around her bed to make her feel special as soon as she wakes up.
  • Throw a surprise birthday party for her. Connect with and gather her friends and other important people in her life, bring her favourite cake and snacks, and let her feel the joy of being valued, at least for a day.

Or if you want to do something unique, you can get Wishes by Strangers package from Oyehappy. Priced at just Rs.1,299, the birthday girl will get calls from random volunteers who will pretend to be her long lost friends, using the fun facts that you share. A total of 10 calls will be made from 10am to 9pm.

Digital or Charcoal Potrait

Capturing a memory in a high resolution digital portrait makes for a nice gift for a girl, and if the portrait is framed in a stunning wooden frame, the receiver can’t help but be admired by anyone who looks at it. Have a photo that she looks at time and again? Get it converted into a digital portrait of 13.7 inch x 18.5 inch; the frame is made entirely of wood and doesn't have glass over it.

The portrait can be solo, couple, or a family picture, depending on the receiver and the occasion, but if you can determine a happy emotional connect with the photo and the receiver, it would make for a great gift. Book a Digital Portrait to gift her from Oyehappy at Rs.4,350 , created by a professional.

More Nice Gifts That Most Girls Like

Still looking for something else? If your girl is a small one, teenager or perhaps younger, you might be looking for something that girls of that age group like. For younger girls you can consider matching headbands or hair accessories to give some of her favourite dresses, an enjoying bubble bath for a toddler or even some cute bath toys. Lotion sets are very popular with girls of all ages though keep her age in mind and buy something suitable for a child's skin if she an infant or a toddler. Pajamas and comfy slippers are always welcome, as are pretty scarves, and trendy jewellery that. Slightly older girls like the autonomy of spending their own money and may like gift cards to their favourite stores or coffee shop. Girls are fairly open about their likes and dislikes and quite easy to shop for, just pay some attention to things she favours and you will not go wrong.

Flowers and Cake

Source www.fnp.com

If she is your lover, flowers are the best way to express your love. Flowers are also great to gift to your mother, friend, sister or colleague as they are messengers of the care, respect, or emotional value you hold for her. Supplementing flowers with a cake adds joy to the celebration of the special day.

Not only flowers, girls love chocolates too, and when flowers are made of chocolates, they will surely captivate her. Do you need more convincing? Buy her a Chocolate and Roses Bouquet. You can add a personal touch to the bouquet with a personal message. Book one for your girl from FnP at just Rs.1099 and get a bouquet of red white and pink roses mixed with chocolates delivered with a ribbon decoration, enclosed in a safe packing to keep the beauty and excitement intact.

Fashion Accessory

As mentioned above, fashion accessories make for some very nice gifts for girls. They love dressing up and adorning themselves so buy her accessories that she would not only love to have, but may have been eyeing for a while. There is such a wide range of accessories for women, from all kinds of jewellery, bags, belts, scarves and more. However girls do favour jewellery the most and earrings are something that can be worn at almost any time of the year and at almost every occasion. If it’s your first time buying such a thing, get a trendy pair that can be worn with many different styles of clothes.

Funky Owl Earrings are a great option to start with. Made of metal and artificial turquoise, your girl will love to flaunt these pretty earrings to her friends and colleagues. But do ask her to keep them away from water and other liquids to avoid corroding the metal. Get a cool pair from Exciting Lives at Rs.199 only.

Cook a Meal For Her

You may often heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the same applies to girls as well. That was mentioned earlier too, and you might well remember some alternatives if you don’t know how to cook food. But, an effort to cook something for her is one of the best gifts that girls like and it is a great way to demonstrate your affection, kindness, care, and love for her. However, if you are still not confident, let’s take you through a few tips to ease the burden.

Get prepared for the day as you don’t want to be doing all the preparations for dinner when she’s at the table. This means planning in advance what you will be cooking, perhaps seeking help if you are not confident about the steps involved. Include dishes which can be made in advance to your meal so as to save time during your dinner date with your girl, that way you spend more time together than hovering around the stove. Ask her for her likes and dislikes and check if she is allergic to certain foods you have planned. Keep it simple, cook dishes you can create well. It is alright to supplement the meal with a few store bought things as long as you cook the main dishes. She will love the effort you took.

The Latest Makeup Set or a Skincare Set

Source www.nykaa.com

Every girl would happily accept a makeup kit as a gift because every girl loves to get ready and do some touch ups before going out. But you are not a makeup expert, right? So, you might be thinking what and how to buy. As there are a lot of makeup products available today like primer, base, concealers, and more, make a list of what items your girl uses the most. Research for the available products according to her skin type and explore return policies, in case she wishes to get something different.

Here's a set with essentials - a Lipstick and a Mascara from L'Oreal. Or consider a product like this cream base one from Bobbi Brown. A face cream is the minimum makeup that almost every has girl used at least once. So, this takes you to an easy choice of a nice gift for a girlfriend. You can try the vitamin E-rich, SPF 35 Bobbi Brown Cream which will keep her skin oil-free and hydrated, and you will love her even skin tone even with a light use throughout the day. Buy her this cream from Nykaa, where variants are available for different skin shades, at just Rs.3,850 to keep your girl happy, her skin healthy, and your relationship thriving.

Relaxing Massage at the Spa

Remember we mentioned booking a full massage for your mom just a short while ago? Yes, you can do the same for your girl also. Gift your girlfriend a relaxing, serene, and memorable time with Exotic Balinese Massage. The 60-minute massage at O2 spa is delivered by trained professionals at multiple locations.

Book the relaxing Exotic Balinese Massage by O2 Spa for your girl from Exciting Lives and she will receive a gift pack with all the required details, like booking and activity details, an interesting trivia along with a personal message from you. Available at Rs.3,200, the massage can be booked for one person with a year’s validity to be used by the recipient at her convenience.

Give Something Small, but Sweet and Thoughtful

So, here comes the last suggestion, but believe us, you will feel contended to know how small things can make someone happy. Give her something small that will have a better lasting effect than those costly, bigger ones. Further, you can also ensure the recipient’s personal growth & progress with something tiny, useful, and thoughtful. Here are a few ideas that you can consider gifting her, and why each one of them matters:

  • A classical, and not in the least old-fashioned item would be a decorative piece for her home. It could be a painting or sculpture or even a flower vase.
  • Buy her useful and practical things that she can use regularly.
  • Arrange for a special experience by gifting her a chance to do something she loves but hasn't gotten an opportunity to try out or doesn't have the time or money for.
  • If nothing above seems enticing enough, you can get a set of 10 paper lanterns, light them up and decorate her room or garden and you will be amazed to see the joy on her face. With some basic skills and careful handling, you can add a beautiful smile on her face and a happiness in her soul at a marginal sum.
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Girls Appreciate the Gesture

Often it is not the gift that makes the girls heart melt but the fact that you took effort to buy her something you thought she will like. Girls are not very hard to please. Pay attention to things she likes or needs and you will be easily able to find a nice gift for her. A gift doesn't have to be big, extravagant or cost a certain amount, even small and thoughtful presents chosen with care are sure to delight her.