Show Him Your Love Through Sound, Sight, Taste, Touch and Smell: Ideas for 5 Senses Gifts for Boyfriend (2019)

Show Him Your Love Through Sound, Sight, Taste, Touch and Smell: Ideas for 5 Senses Gifts for Boyfriend (2019)

What is the most romantic gift for a boyfriend? One that teases all five of his senses. Whether you are in a long distance relationship and want to make up for the distance through reaching out to all his senses or just want to make a big declaration of love, we have just the gift ideas you need to make your very own 5 senses gift for your boyfriend.

Why Give Your Boyfriend Gifts for All 5 Senses

A Great Way to Express Love

The bonding that has developed between you and your boyfriend is extraordinary and there’s no denying that. This bond is special and one tries to the best of their abilities to show their beloved person how very special he is. The bond of love tops all the rest of the feelings that may exist in a human being and it demands to be valued. People adopt several means to convey their feelings but the most effective and probably the most traditional one is to give gifts to your loved one. Gifts, in their own way, speak volumes when the words cannot.

Show How Extra Special This Guy Is for You

When you are in a mature and committed relationship with your boyfriend, you want to make sure that he understands what he and the relationship means to you. No matter what the occasion is, the first thing on your mind should be the significance this guy holds in your life. He is the one for you and you are inclined to spend your life with him. Remember, as you try to convey your feelings through sensory gifts he becomes more drawn towards you. The gifts you choose must show how special he is to you and the fact that you think of him almost all the time and cherish the moments that you have spent together ought to be evident. If the gifts symbolise your promise of being with him, it will strengthen your bond.

Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound and Sight

There is no doubt that love has a universal language. One falls in love with all five of their senses. When you are with him you can feel your senses being heightened. This is the beauty of love, it caters to all the 5 senses and so should your care for him! How to buy the best 5 senses gifts for your boyfriend? The idea lies in the perfect combination of the gifts that appeals to all the 5 senses. Gifting a combination of 5 senses items for your man is a worthy and thoughtful process that might have seemed difficult to deliver, until now!

  • Sight: the eye is probably the most receptive part of the five sensory organs. So the foremost way to satisfy your lover is to appeal to his visual senses first. Men are very visual so you can take him to a museum or a naturally beautiful place or you can gift him a frame of all your beautiful memories with him. If your man loves sports, take him to watch his favorite cricket game.

  • Touch: it is the most sensual of the 5 senses. Give your boyfriend a ring or a shirt. You can also gift him a grooming set. Notice your boyfriend’s habits and choose the gift that would please his sense of touch wisely.

  • Hearing: love is translated through sound and music. You can gift your boyfriend a mixtape of his favourite songs. If he loves playing instruments, you can buy him a guitar or other instruments. Noise cancellation headphones are also one of the best choice you can have.

  • Taste: people say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You can gift him chocolates or turn the tables and take him to a candle light dinner. Ensure that he remembers the date that you planned for him.

  • Smell: you can gift your boyfriend many novelty items which are found all over the internet. You can gift him cologne or if he is in love with his hair, you can give him scented beard oil or a nice smelling hair gel.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the 5 Senses Gifts

Choose the Combination Wisely

Giving sensory gifts is a nice idea but it requires a lot of planning. One must make sure that you appeal to all five of your lover’s senses. It should be a complete sensual experience for him or your whole effort won’t pay off. Moreover, the combination that you deliver must make sense and appeal to him. His likes and dislikes should be kept in mind and you should try to create the combo like a package where he gets all his necessities together. Matching the items or just their color or the general theme and look so that they can be paired together is also necessary to make it a perfect 5 senses gift combo. For instance, clocks or other decorative items must go well with his room colour and theme so that it doesn't look odd.

Consider His Preferences

The first thing that matters most while giving a gift is the preferences and likes of that person. It is quite useless to give a collection of books to a person who does not have a habit of reading or giving sports gear to a person who is not really into sports. So while you are choosing 5 senses gifts for your boyfriend, mind his nature and what his general preferences in life are. Giving him something that he has no interest in will not make any sense and it will ruin the idea of the gift i.e. to make him happy. Even if you are going for essentials, you should remember the colours or patterns that he likes in clothes, apparels or his favourite smell etc to make a smart buy. The time that you shared together with your boyfriend and the conversations that you had with him should guide you through his nature and preferences.

The Day Matters

It is not necessary to present gifts to your boyfriend only on particular occasions but if you are actually giving him something on a special occasion then you should always consider the nature of the occasion. Many gifts may not be appropriate for any occasion. Moreover, you may choose to give him anything for his birthday but on an anniversary or a special day that you celebrate together, you ought to choose some special items like romantic dinner dates, movies, cakes, photo albums or even handmade gifts which are much more appealing. Remembering the importance of the day will help you determine the 5 senses gifts combo that you should choose for your boyfriend.

Find the Most Exciting 5 Senses Gifts for Boyfriend


His Favourite Sports Equipment (Touch)


Sport and games are generally liked by most guys, so adding one such items in your 5 senses gift combo will surely be a great idea. You may or may not share the same interest but if he is a sports lover, you may consider giving him gears of the kind of sports he likes. Your boyfriend could be a fitness freak and you may give him home gym equipment or gym wear. One amazing gift at Amazon is Fit bit Ionic FB503WTGY Smart Watch that comes in blue and silver and costs Rs.23,700. It is a smart choice for a gift as it can be used by anyone and is a style statement all by itself.

Clothes (Touch)


Clothes are generally preferable when it comes to giving gifts. Your boyfriend may not have the fashion sense that you possess but you can still make sure that he looks his best every time he goes out. While giving clothes as gifts you can opt for regular items like shirts or trousers or you may choose more luxurious items like waistcoats, jackets or blazers. The gift we suggest is Raymond's Men's Notch Lapel Slim Fit Blazer in an elegant grey. It’s ideal for casual wear and is comfortable. It comes at Rs.4,199 at Amazon.


Cologne (Smell)

When you are trying to find gifts that will appeal to his sense of smell, a mesmerizing cologne is the best choice. Everybody has their favorite fragrance that appeals to them, you've got to know your boyfriend’s. You can be assured that if you give him his favourite brand, he is going to remember this gift and your concern for his favorites, for a long time. Give him Giorgio Armani Men's Acqua Di Gio Edt. it comes in a universal aqua smell and possesses a musky base note, enhanced by rock rose and patchouli. The top note, with a combination of jasmine, rosemary and hespiradic notes, is accentuated by the marine heart notes. It will surely impress him. It costs Rs.7,900 at Shoppers Stop.

Aftershave (Smell)


Aftershave lotions, perfumes or balms are also great choices if you want to be practical and focus on your boyfriend’s life essentials. When it comes to gifts appealing to the sense of smell, the first thing that comes to one’s mind are colognes but aftershaves are also extremely useful and classy. It will protect his skin from infections and cuts and will leave a pleasant fragrance that will last for hours. At Skingene, get a bottle of Bleu De Chanel After Shave Balm by Chanel. It is an extremely luxurious item that comes at Rs.5,025. It protects the sensitive skin and relieves from itchiness and rashes that are common after a shave.


Themed Cake (Taste)


Love is enigmatic. The best romantic gift for your boyfriend is to give him a themed cake and surprise him at the midnight. That will surely tantalise his sense of taste. You ought to know what flavor your boyfriend prefers. Give him chocolate themed cake if he likes them and see how he drools. At Flowers n Petals, the best choice would be Red Roses Anniversary Fondant Cake Chocolate 1 kg which tastes delicious. Moreover, its decadent chocolate flavour and beautiful, elegant design makes it unique and attractive from all other cakes. It comes priced at Rs.2,049

Beer (Taste)

Beer is loved by many people, not to mention your boyfriend, and getting them a beer on their birthday is an easy process. It gets you to the core of his heart as if you know his choice of beer and it’s one of the best gifts for your boyfriend. Your beer loving boyfriend might love you more when you target his sense of taste with the right drink. But instead of the standard canned and bottled beer, go for something extra special. Madhuloka offers Kapittel Watou Pater 330 ml at Rs.1,153 a bottle. It has the best quality, taste and experience even though you do have to pay a lot more than you would for a standard bottle of beer.


Earphones (Sound)

If your boyfriend loves to hear music it is time to gift him some really good headphones. Its can be thought of as one romantic gift as both of you can cuddle up together while listening to music. While choosing such items you must remember to go for a good branded headphones as they come with proper ear cushioning plugs, noise cancellation and made in a way which will not damage hearing. After all, it is your responsibility to give him the best. On Flipkart, there is Bose Quiet Control 30 Bluetooth Headset with mic that gives enhanced control, has lightweight neckband design for all-day comfort and wearability. The volume-optimized EQ provides balanced audio performance at any volume. It costs Rs.27,000.

Wall Clock (Sound)

Fill up wall spaces with style with a statement wall clock. It’s one of the perfect gifts to consider especially for your boyfriend who is distanced away from you. This will definitely keep both of you connected as he will remember this wonderful gift being right on his room’s wall. You must consider his room’s theme and style before opting for the wall clock. The right wall clock adds an out of the box touch to the room. After all your special someone deserves all things special. Available on Modern Quests, this DIY Cubic Wall Clock in black is quirky and interesting. This clock features 12 understated blocks and two shiny hands. The cubes can be arranged in any pattern that suits his mood. It works with 1 AA battery (not included). Each clock comes with a 2-year warranty. It is frameless and costs Rs.4,695.


Movie Tickets (Sight)

Surprise your boyfriend by taking him out for a movie on this special day and appeal to his sense of sight! Buy movie tickets for you and your boyfriend and spend some time alone on a romantic movie date and ignite the fire of love within you. The gift of watching a movie is great with thrilling sounds and thrilling visuals which can be experienced in the various multiplexes dotting the city. It will be a great experience to watch the movie in ambiance cinemas like PVR Director's cut or INOX Insignia that costs around Rs.1,460 for two. Bear in mind you will have to pay extra for the internet handling charges, food and beverages. And remember, it’s not just about the movie, it’s about sharing some really good time with the love of your life, act accordingly.

Digital Photo Frame With Pre-loaded Images(Sight)


One of the best gifts to give to your boyfriend to cater to his sense of sight in the most perfect manner, is a photo album of the memories that you shared together. For a long distance boyfriend, it will be a perfect gift as whether he is far away or closer to you, he can cherish the beautiful memories with you whenever you are on his mind. Digital photo frames are smart choices when it comes to photo frames as they will take less space, the photos can be changed as per wish and the frame itself looks stylish on the counter. At Amazon, you have the Epyz HD Ready Digital Photo Frame which comes in a variety of sizes and colours, The 7 inches frame in Rose Gold is available for Rs.4,650 whch offers features like high resolution with motion sensor, SD and USB slots. It can play photo slideshows, has video and audio functions that can be operated using a remote, and comes in a luxury gold colour.

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Create an Experience for Him

When planning the five senses gifts, have a theme in mind so the gifts connect to each other in some way. While this is not necessary and your gifts can be independent of each other, teasing one of his senses after another with a grand finale will create a mind blowing experience for him. Think about how the surprises will be unfolded as presentation plays a big part in making this kind of gift giving complete.