Kick Up the Romance Through 10 Sensuous 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Husband (2019)

Kick Up the Romance Through 10 Sensuous 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Husband (2019)

If the usual gifts have been losing their appeal of late and you want to take your gifting up a notch, the 5 senses gift can make it fun again. Rather than one gift that'll appease a few of his senses a 5 senses gift can tease and tempt all five of his senses! Not sure where to start? Best Present Guide breaks it down for you along with great gifts and ideas you will be dying to try out yourself.

Get the Lowdown on 5 Sense Gifts

Why 5 Senses Gifts?

The senses play a vital role when it's the case of lovers or partners. Their smell, the way they touch us, and the way we see them is something that forms the basis of our feelings for them. Things that appeal to his senses are what we select when we are buying something for him. Don’t you often cook or order you husband’s favourite foods or get his favourite dessert from that shop that he likes? That’s because satisfying his senses is another way of showing him that you love him.

What Can Be Given as 5 Senses Gifts?

The five senses gift is one of the most charming gift concepts.

Five senses gifts can include anything that appeals to your husband’s senses. Gifts that excite him visually, or cater to his tastes can all be categorized under five senses gift. A box of his favourite flavor of cupcakes, a bottle of cologne that he likes, a beautiful painting, a great pair of headphones or a soft cashmere sweater that he finds uber comfortable, are all gifts that appeal to his senses. Loving him is all about satisfying his sensory needs. Therefore the gifts that you need to pick are things which make him feel comfortable, loved and happy.

Guidelines to Get the 5 Senses Gift Ideas Right

Appeal to your love's sense of sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell when you give them a gift they will never forget! The senses play a very important role in any relationship.

Guielines For Choosing Romantic And Thoughtful 5 Senses Gifts

  • A Perfect Fit: Seeing our loved ones and feel their loving touch, hearing their voice is so special. We associate certain smells with certain people. The perfume which our mother used all her life is something we associate with her presence. Similarly the woody aroma of a particular brand of cigarettes may remind us of our father; the smell of certain spices or hair oil, may bring back fond memories of childhood spent with our grandmother. Therefore pick a gift that personifies his essence.
  • Use Your Creativity: To truly give a pleasant surprise to all of his five senses, you have to think up a gift which is unique. Pick gifts which excite and comfort him. For example, you could pick up a soft fleece blanket that is big enough to cuddle under, or a set of aromatherapy candles in a flavor which is distinct but delicious like chocolate flavor candles for instance. You could give him a recording of nature sounds that he likes, may it be the sound of rain, chirping of birds or the sound of the ocean. Gift him some delicious chocolates in a flavor that he likes. You could pick chili or mint flavoured ones, or maybe with a hint of orange flavor in it. Gift him a beautiful poster or artwork for to brighten up his workspace or bedroom wall.
  • Add a Touch of Surprise: You know what your husband likes and the things that most appeal to him. But it’s always fun to switch up the gifts. A great idea is to build a gift basket containing things that satisfy his senses. You could also dedicate a whole day for this. Take him out for a gastronomic surprise or cook up a wonderful meal for him at home. You could go for a wine tasting session, a chocolate making workshop or a food festival. Get him scented candles or a bottle of cologne containing notes of his favourite aroma. If he is fond of art or photography take him to an exhibition at a gallery. If he is a movie buff or likes plays, book tickets for a show. Book him a relaxing massage at a spa or spend some erotic time at the bedroom. You could use sexual aids like massage oils, handcuffs, blindfold and feathers. Wear some sexy lingerie and use satin sheets for extra pleasure. Play some of his favourite music or dedicate a song for him on the radio.

Incredible and Unique 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Husband

Sight: Gifts that will Give Him Visual Delight

Turn Your Photographs into Beautiful Paintings

To fascinate your husband’s sense of sight, go to They will help you turn all your photographs into beautiful paintings. If your husband is fond of art then this would be the perfect gift for him. You can get your paintings done in different styles and with various different effects. You could get your photos transformed into digital art, pencil sketches, colour pencil art, graphic art, pop art or oil paintings. All you have to do is visit their website, upload you photo and fill out a digital form containing your personal information, select the services, your requirements, and your special comments, if any. They will give you a price quotation based on the services you have selected.

A Seductive Treat for His Eyes

Another way to give him a visual treat would be to dress yourself up in some sexy lingerie. Pick lingerie in his favourite colour. The fabric also plays an important role here. We recommend lace and satin. This Black Self Design Baby Doll from Zivame is the perfect choice as black is one of the sexiest lingerie colours and the most popular too. This sheer lacy babydoll is sexy and risqué. It’s made of nylon and available in sizes small to large. Put this on underneath a robe and invite your husband into the bedroom. We can guarantee that his jaw will drop to the ground when he sees you in this. Buy it for ₹1,895 from

Smell: Gift Him a Fragrance He will Not Forget

Cologne or Aftershave of His Choice


A bottle of cologne is the perfect gift to appeal to his sense of smell. Not only does it increase a man’s sexual appeal, but also keeps him feeling fresh and breezy throughout the day. Gift your husband a bottle of cologne that he likes. Blanc is a fragrance which we are certain that your man will find this cologne extremely alluring. The top notes of this citrusy cologne contain traces of lemon, birch leaves, cardamom, the middle notes consist of lavender, geranium and juniper. The bottom notes are mainly amber wood, musk and sandalwood. Buy this fragrance for ₹1,799 from

Fragrant Gift Basket


Some fragrances are capable of reducing stress levels and improving our mood instantly. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and is used for getting better sleep. Get your husband a lavender fragrance set to help him relax. The Iris Reed Diffuser Fragrance Gift Set is one the best selling items on It contains a bottle of French lavender essential oil, a reed diffuser, potpourri, tea lights and decorative glass holders for them. Use this set to create a cool and calm ambiance at home and for relieving stress. It’s priced at ₹575. Iris also has a lot of other fragrances that you can choose from like lemongrass, sandalwood and jasmine.

Touch: Gifts to Caress and Comfort Him

Body Spa Package

To help your husband rejuvenate through the sense of touch book him a luxurious spa session. You could make it a couple’s spa session as well if you want. The O2 Spa is a famous famous wellness services chain has multiple branches all over India. Visit their website to check out the various spa services on offer. They offer gift cards as well. Each gift card is worth ₹2,500 which can be redeemed for services of equal value. Buy a gift card here.

Luxurious Bathrobe


A soft fluffy bathrobe immediately puts one in the mood for lounging. That’s how much the sense of touch can alter our mood. Buy a comfortable bathrobe for your husband that he can lounge around in when he gets back home from work. Buy the Spaces Exotica Occasions Cotton Bathrobe from This blue bathrobe with yellow piping is made of the finest quality cotton with a thread count of 144 and a GSM of 380. It measures 42 inch x 23 inch or 106 cm x 58 cm. You can machine wash it but do not dry clean. Buy it for ₹1,945 here.

Sound: Wonderful Things for Him to Listen to

Tickets to a Concert of His Favourite Band

Take him to a concert or a show featuring his favourite band or singer. You can browse the various shows and concerts taking place around you by visiting websites like or Book your tickets as well through these safe and secure platforms. Surprise your husband with the tickets right on the day of the show. But make sure that he has a clear schedule. You could also visit a club or a pub which plays live music on a particular day. If he likes singing then go for karaoke.

A Nice Alarm Clock or Watch

A more practical gift for his sense of hearing would be an alarm clock that would wake him up in the morning. Buy him the JM Analog Voice Control Sound Sensor-306 Alarm Clock from Snapdeal. This clock runs on three AAA batteries and has some unique and interesting features. It has a projector clock function which lets you project the time on a wall by gently tapping the body of the clock or clapping your hands. It displays the time, date (2000 to 2099), week, temperature, and can realize the conversion of 12/24 hours. The alarm clock ahas a snooze function and you get to choose the daily alarm music from 8 different sounds. It’s made of ABS Plastic and measures about 14.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm. Buy it for ₹1,114 here.

Taste: Gifts to Tease Him Taste Buds With

Prepare His Favourite Food

To gratify his sense of taste, give the restaurant a break and cook a lovely meal for him at home. Look up recipes online. Practice a little beforehand and surprise him with a lovely home cooked meal. You could cook his favourite dishes or create something brand new that you have never cooked before. If he likes pasta and creamy sauces, then cook spaghetti carbonara for him. It’s a simple dish which has a very unique taste and flavor. For dessert serve the ultimate Italia dessert which is tiramisu. If he likes punchy and vibrant flavours, the cook some Mexican food for him like tacos and enchiladas. Serve churros with a chocolate dip for dessert. You husband will go to gastronomic heaven with this delicious surprise.

Bonus Tip: Ideas on Giving Your 5 Senses Gifts

Give the 5 Senses Gifts as One Gift Hamper

If you are short on time and need a quick five senses gift idea for your husband then we would suggest you go for a five senses gift basket. You could make one yourself. All you need to do is find a wicker basket or gift box and fill it with all the things that stimulate your husband’s five senses.

Add a soft warm wool blanket, a pair of mittens, a sweater or a bathrobe for touch, a jar of his favorite fruit preserve, cheese, or chocolates or a bottle of wine for taste, add some scented jar candles, tea lights or car freshener for smell, a pocket watch or a Bluetooth speaker for sound, and add a handmade card or a small framed photo for sight.

Or you could order this cute little Five Senses Gift Box from This cute steel boxes contain 5 gifts one each for taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. The box contains a small bell with a message which says ‘ring this for a kiss, 5 photos of both of you together, 10 heart-shaped homemade milk chocolates, a bottle filled with bath salt and potpourri with 2 scented candles.

Make the Whole Week About Him and Devote a Day for Each of the 5 Senses

If you have time on your hands, then you could turn your five senses gift into a full blown experience for him. Devote five days of the week to appeal to all his senses, one day each for a sense. Take him out on a romantic dinner or a wine tasting session on a day. Keep the next day for a play with the sense of touch. Give him an erotically charged massage or spend some time exploring each other bodies. On the third day send him a bouquet of aromatic flowers or light some aromatic candles at home. Keep some potpourri in bowls strewn around the house. You could use a diffuser to burn some aromatic oil. Keep the fourth day dedicated to sound. Take him to a concert or a musical performance. You could even play some of his favourite music at home. On the fifth and final day take him for a movie show or have a movie night at home. You could even take him to an art show.

Build Suspense by Leaving Clues on His Voice Mail

There is nothing that makes him feel better more than hearing the sound of your voice. So leave him some messages on his voice mail. You could drop hints regarding the upcoming surprise. Just let him know how much you love him and leave an emotional soul stirring message on his phone. He will be moved beyond words by your sweet gesture.

From our editorial team

Think of how you will present the 5 senses gift

Our senses are intertwined in an intricate way and when you are giving him gifts to tease and please all five of his sensations, so you may want to give some thought to how you will give the gifts to him. It all depends on what you've got for him, which sense you want to tease first and how you want to move forward. Making one big hamper and giving it to him may work for some gifts, others need you to lead him through the presents in a certain order to maximise their impact on him. You can take a creative idea and turn it into something mind blowing.