10 Best Toys and Birthday Gifts for 6 Years Old Girl in India Plus Tips on Choosing What's Best for Her (2020)

10 Best Toys and Birthday Gifts for 6 Years Old Girl in India Plus Tips on Choosing What's Best for Her (2020)

Wondering what to buy a 6 year old for her birthday in India? BP Guide India brings you all the best and latest toys, games and activity sets - Art boxes, books, games and crafting kits, these are all perfect gifts for a 6 year old girl, read on to see more ideas!

How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Gift for a 6 Year Old Girl

Choose Things for a Growing Child

At the age of 6, finding the best gift for her may seem a little more challenging than usual. Usually by now, kids have a fair understanding of how things function, are more aware of their personality traits and have a firm sense of their likes and dislikes. Her mind is getting sharper and she’s more curious to look into new experiences. With these points in mind, choose gifts in line with the latest trends. Gifts that will help further her learning skills like constructing things, building blocks or puzzles that nurture her mind would be beneficial. If she enjoys reading books or toys that further her learning skills would be appropriate, not to forget a gift she’d use regularly.

Look for a Gift that Encourages Her Curiosity and Develops Her Creative Skills

When you choose a gift for her, you take into consideration her interests and hobbies. For a girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty while having fun or learning something new, an art and craft gift set would be fascinating. In addition, she will be excited to share her craft with her friends and be proud! You can choose from a variety of crafts like paper quilling, quilting, scrapbooking, etc. Personalise her gift by etching her name on the gift and she’d be jumping for joy! In a world of endless gifting opportunities, choosing one that makes for a good learning experience and develops the child's cognitive skills is a significant choice to make. The best proposition would be to go for a combination of fun play and educational potential.

Or Something to Bring Out Her Adventurous Streak and Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Buying presents for girls is more fun than buying for boys, simply because there’s a whole lot more to choose from which differs in style and interests. You can buy training wheels for her that will help with her balancing skills and also let her have fun. Children at this age are fragile and susceptible to getting hurt. When selecting a gift to enhance her flair for adventure or promote her physical activity, consider gifts that aren't an immediate threat to her, don’t come with sharp edges or rusting properties and are non-toxic.

Best Birthday Gifts to Buy for 6 Year Old Girls in India

My First Temporary Tattoo Kit

Temporary tattoos are a rage these days among kids for their colorful designs and easy-to-apply properties. Before you go ahead and buy one, its best to check if they are non-toxic and are produced by a trusted brand. Buying temporary tattoos can enhance a child’s imaginary skills and promote freedom of expression from a young age.

Have her imagination soaring with this tattoos set. The set includes 100+ designs in every pack, All tattoos are from a kid friendly theme, can be easily transferred onto the skin from a transfer paper with a sponge and once applied, can be adorned with colors and glitter and be designed in any way. The tattoos are all skin friendly. You can buy this stylist kit for Rs.399 from Amazon.

Jenga Board Game

Building games help develop a child’s vocabulary, improves on her mathematical skills and enhances her knowledge of geometry, gravity and balance. This activity is all about the size, shape, weight, leverage and balance of an object and as she continues figuring all of it out, her games will evolve and become more complex, leaving more room for improvement!

A tower building game, Jenga is played with wooden blocks, each 3 times as long as it is wide, smaller in height though. The game entails stacking the blocks in a tower formation, with each story placed beside the other along the longer side and each story lined upright to the previous story. It can be a wonderful source of inspiration for a 6 year old, challenging her physical and mental faculties where the objective is to build a tower and remover the blocks, one after the other without toppling it all over. Jenga includes 54 wooden blocks and can be played by 2-6 players at a time. You can buy it at Flipkart for Rs.584.

Jewellery Studio

Most kids are hooked onto electronics and technological devices from a young age, and it is every parent’s woe to wean their child off these things! Craft kits provide an excellent opportunity to do just that. With a fun and creative task on hand, which allows her to express herself and create something beautiful in the process is something every young girl would enjoy.

A fun and beautiful pack to help the birthday girl express her creativity this splendid jewelry studio is a complete set of material required to design and create paper jewelry like bracelets, necklace, earrings, hair clips, anklets and more. Using a form of paper craft called quilling, the kit includes 4 tools – a super quiller which is an automated multi-functional quilling tool, a beading buddy attachment that can be used with the super quiller, a quilling board and a mould, not to forget 500 paper strips with 350 plus beading strips in 20 patterns and 6 varied shapes.

It also has a design booklet to help inspire the young designer with some 20 plus ideas. Some additional material for designing is also provided to accessorize her jewelry. You can buy the jewelry studio from letsquillon.com for Rs.1,499 with an extra shipping fee of Rs.50.

Princess Castle

All children are naturally drawn to fairy tales, for it creates a world different from reality around them. Fairy tales provide a platform for children to use their imaginary skills and be personally involved in them, perhaps even as a prince or a princess in the story! With the royalty always inhabiting in castles, it is only natural that the kids are drawn to castles.

With a castle and some interesting characters to go along with it, your girl can weave a lovely story around them all as well as include any other toys that she may have in her personal fairy tale. Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse will be a dream come true for your 6 year old. It has a pretty intricate exterior that reveals a beautiful palace, fully furnished and adorned with two removable turrets, balconies, an arched walkway, towers, and a working drawbridge. The wooden set is 27” H x 15.25” W x 17.5” L inches in dimension. Priced at Rs.5.020 this charming castle is available at Amazon.

A Picture Book

With so much happening in a young girl’s life, like learning to ride a bike, tie her shoes or perhaps practice cutting shapes with scissors, the child experiences a continuous development cycle at her age, and hence this is also the perfect age for encouraging her reading skills. Whether she enjoys reading independently or with assistance, whether she enjoys picture books or text reads, here is a book that would be interesting, entertaining and educating for her. ‘Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True’, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, with illustrations by Brigette Barrager is essentially inspired by ‘follow your dreams’ ideology. Priced at Rs.319 for a hardcover edition, you can buy the book at Amazon.

A Hopper Ball

Made for intensive gymnastics and educational purposes, a hop ball encourages creativity, movement and exercise for children. Kids love to jump and prance about usually and hopper balls allow for the development of their balancing skills, coordination & motor skills, also improving on their sensory strengths.

This 60 cm hop ball from Decathlon is a stimulating and fun toy that makes for an active game both indoors and outdoors. It is made of anti-burst material for added safety and comes with an ergonomic grip to make it easy for the child to hold the ball. The ball can be inflated between 55-60 cm according to her height and comes with a warranty of 2 years. If the ball gets punctured, it deflates slowly. Buy it for Rs.599 here.

Wrist Watch

A gift can also be another way of making the kids responsible. By gifting her a watch, you can be instrumental in her becoming more responsible in her daily routine. She can learn to keep time and monitor her study time, her play time, her nap time, etc. It will also encourage her to become independent while becoming responsible. The Zoop analog white dial watch comes in a beautifully bright and funky design. With its plastic & multi-colored band the watch is water-resistant up to 3 ATM and comes with a year’s warranty. The dial finish is silver and shape round. You can gift her this lovely watch from Amazon at Rs.645.

Stylish Dress

Every girl has a different style of dressing up and most girls enjoy decking up like a princess. Make her feel like one with a combination of a stylish dress and matching jewelry and hair accessories to go with it. This party dress from pinkblueindia.com is a sleeveless frock with an oversized statement on the shoulder, a bow at the back and small little flowers all in blue. The dress can however, be customised in a color of choice and size as well. Pair it up some matching hair accessories like a clip or bow, available for different prices. The dress is priced at Rs.3,950.

Hair Chalk Set

Girls love having fun with colors, paints and glitter. Coloring hair is quite a trend these days among young girls. The Spa Metallic Hair Chalk from Alex is perfect for her time with her friends. To create a lovely shimmering look, she can experiment with different colors and add the shiny beads as accents! The 10 x 10 x 2 inch gift set comes with 5 easy-to-wash off hair comb colour and an instructions booklet. Buy it for Rs.819 from Amazon India.

Mitashi Skykidz Art Set

Kids love playing with color and trying their hand at different forms of art. With a perfect art kit, her creative mind can come to life! What better way to encourage her creativity than with this set of 12 pieces of water colors, a white paint, 6 oil pastels, 12 crayons, pencil, sharpener, an eraser, a brush, scissor, 5 paper clips, ruler, glue and a paint palette. With everything she’d want for her creative endeavor in one place, the gift will save her from running around looking for things from different places, or stuffing her bag with multiple sets. This compact art set is easy to carry and she can use it for her drawing classes, competitions, school or just during her free time. Amazon offers this art set at Rs.396.

Bonus Tip: Encourage Her to Cultivate New Hobbies

Every child is different and unique in his or her own way. Observe your child's personality traits, skill sets and her interests and look for some creative new hobbies that she could get involved with and learn from. A six year old usually finds herself growing with more advanced physical skills such as riding a bike, playing football or playing music, singing and dancing, among others. Helping her find her something to hone her inherent talent can also be a wonderful present. A wide array of activities which are inspired by nature (like gardening, treks, photography, horse-riding), outdoor sports (handball, cycling, skating), art and crafts (baking, cooking, knitting, writing, painting) or history (visiting museums, collecting vintage items) will help her explore different avenues.

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Introduce her to a variety of toys and activities

Did you know the first seven years of a child are the most impressionable? Things that leave a deep impact on them at this age will often turn into lifelong habits and inclinations. Children are naturally curious so it will not take much effort to get her to try a variety of things. Keep an open mind and let her try her hand at multiple things so that she too can figure out what she likes. She may love certain activities more than others and that's fine, as long as she gets to play with different things and broaden her horizons.