What Do 10 Year Old Girls Like? Here is Their Idea of Fun and Over 15 Creative Gifts for Girls Aged 10

What Do 10 Year Old Girls Like? Here is Their Idea of Fun and Over 15 Creative Gifts for Girls Aged 10

Having trouble selecting a gift for a 10 year old girl? BP Guide gives you over a dozen ideas for things to give her, as well as options so you can pick a gift that matches her tastes perfectly! Shopping for girls this age can be tricky as they are no longer little girls and steadily heading towards their tween years, but we make it easy! Find here great gifts for 10 years girls in India.

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Attractive Gifts Can Make Your Child Happy

Buying gifts can be a challenging task, and buying it for a 10-year old girl, is no different. Yet buying a gift can also be a very rewarding act. The moment you see a smile on the other person's face after you give her a gift, is a feeling of happiness that can last for a long time. Still, it is tricky to think of a gift that can make someone feel special but as long as we think of the other person's interest, it may not be impossible at all!

Now, what does a 10-year old girl like?

We all remember how it feels to be a 10-year old where we seek independence in a body of a child. A 10-year old girl would be yearning for that independence while also showing their creativity, thus their interests are often unpredictable. Therefore figuring out ideas on gifts to give a 10-year old girl may be tricky. But no to worry! Here are several tips on how to choose the perfect gift you can buy to make your 10-year old girl happy.

Strengthens Bonding Between Parent and Child

As a parent, your position in a child's life is at the highest. What you do means the world to them. Gift giving is a way for you to strengthen your bond between you and your child. Thus it is important to think of the best gift that is in favor to your little girl. Of course, the perfect gift is doesn't have to be the expensive, or even the gift itself! It is the though that counts. Like giving a present to a friend, it is essential to know what kind of person they are and find a gift that is suitable to their liking. Although figuring out a child's liking can be tricky, it is worth the hassle to win your child's heart.

How to Choose Gifts for Your 10 Year Old Girl?

Try Choosing Functional and Educational Gifts

What is the perfect gift? Some argue that it is something that is practical, some argue that it must be personal, and some argue that anything can be a perfect gift as long as it is unpredictable! Well, a perfect gift is a combination of all of them. You want to find something that is practical, suitable to the other person's taste and also unpredictable!

Now a 10-year old girl should still be interested in playing with toys, but they are also slowly growing out of them. The whole purpose of children's toys is that they catch the interest of children and educate them. So it is important to find something that is fun to play with but will also challenge them. In this case, a 10-year old girl would want something that can support their need of creativity and fun to play with.

Talk to Your Child to Know More About Her Interests

Another important thing to note is that girls at this age are in the process of identifying their interests and talents. It can be tricky for them to do, thus as the adults, it is our job to talk and review their life with us. A 10-year old girl is slowly introduced to different spectrum in life, it is important for us to be there for her but without interfering her at the same time.

The only way to that is to talk to them! Do not forget that they do have their own life, it is essential to ask them about it once in a while. That way you get to know them better as well. Ask them about school and what subjects they found interesting or fun! Ask them about their social life, what they like to do with their friends.
Ask them about what they like to do in the own free time! They won't be able to give answers as adults would. But it can definitely give you an idea on what their interests are!

On top of that, having that moment of talking and being interested in your child's life is rewarding for the child as well. It is something that is called "floor time" where you engage in the child's life. This will make the child feel valued in their child's play. So not only that you get to know more about your child, she will also be more confident in her tween life.

Presenting Gift Baskets Can Be a Great Idea

The last tip of the day is gift baskets! The thing about gift that element of surprise when they uncover many different items in that basket, one by one. That excitement is not something that is comparable to opening one normal gift. Gift basket is the perfect way to give your tween girl a variety of little games and creative crafts that she can enjoy. In normal situation, giving a bag of candies as a gift may be frowned upon, but it candies in a gift basket can be fun and interesting. Beside, nobody wants a gift that can disappear in a second, but getting it in a basket of surprises is not the same!

On top of that, gift basket can also be used as a container by your tween. So not only that she will have many little things to play with and sweets to enjoy, she will also have a memorandum of that special day by having a container that she can use for a long time!

What are the Special Occasions That Demand Gifts?

Her Birthdays

The first occasion is, of course, birthday! It is that one day in a year where you would look forward to no matter how old you are. To plan a birthday present for a 10-year old girl can be quite difficult, one wrong move and you are on the list of the "uncool people", but again, it is not as hard as it sounds. First thing to do, quoting what was mentioned before, is to make a list on the interest of the young girl. What are her dislikes and likes? What does she like to do on her free time? Narrow it down based on the price of the items that you can find then you'll have a list on what gifts can make them happy.

Some items you might want to consider are:

  • Toys, every kids like toys. Young girls would most probably appreciate dolls and stuffed animals. Not only that it would spoil them on the last few years of childhood that they have. It may also stimulate their creativity. Unicorns are in right now!
  • Some make-up tools can also be appreciated. Girls at that age of creativity are often experimenting with their looks and discovering vanity. A little chapstick can't hurt no one!

In the end, of course it depends on the child and their personalities, other alternative can be a simple trip to the nearby theme park or a nice dinner. Nonetheless, birthdays can be a monumental day in someone's year. It is important to make it special for that person!

It Ain't Christmas without Gifts!

For some people, Chritsmas can be the biggest celebration of the year. It is a religious celebration day in a lot of places in the world, but for a 10-year old girl, it may just be one of those exciting day where presents exist! Now, what can you gifts can you give to your tween?

Christmas presents are often more simple. Presents are given to show love and care on that day. Simple hand made sweets, a cake, and accessories are enough to make them happy.

Diwali Gifts Can Make Her Day

Diwali is, without question, one of the biggest celebration of the year. What better way to have fun on the special than making others feel happy. Presents you can give on Diwali vary from sweets and toys. However, giving a traditional gift will be even more special such as traditional wall hangings that can decorate your 10-year old girl's room. That way you can, not only make her happy, but also teach her about culture. You may not celebrate Diwali but many of her friends would, and they will be receiving gifts so you can her something too. Since there's always a school break for this festival, she can play with her new toys with her friends.

Type of Gifts You Can Buy for a 10 Year Girl

Educational Gifts

Source www.amazon.in

First of are a list of gifts that are fun but also educational! Afterall, you would like kids to love you but you would also want them to learn! Here are some recommendation for you to give:

Genius Box is a science experimental kit that your kid can enjoy. It is a mini science lab that consists of 64-colored pages of a manual book. From optical illusions to experiments with liquids and sounds, it is an kit that can take the young girl's interest while also learning. The product can be found on Amazon for Rs.1,499.00 including the delivery!

Pictionary and the The Game of Quick Draw is also a fun activity for your kid to with you and friends! This game that stimulates creativity is available in amaon as well for Rs.758. Bite your lip and let your pencil move!

Source www.amazon.in

You can also get her the Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket STEM Educational DIY Toy is a kit that consists of parts that can be assembled to make a rocket/rocket launcher. Everyone dreams of going to space, let the little girl's imagination run free with this kit. Also available in Amazon for Rs.569.

Recreational Gifts for Fun Play Time

It is also important to gift something that can be enjoyed outside of the house, after all, outdoor activity is as important and fun as educational indoor activities. If she doesn't have a bicycle as yet, now is the perfect time to give her one. The BTWIN Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle is a bike that can be enjoyed on both trails and roads easily! It is fun to be used on a stroll in the park or on trails. Available in Decathlon for Rs.8,999.

Play 3 Kids Roller Skates is another alternative if your little girl enjoys to roll with their feet instead. It is sturdy and safe to use, and can grow up to 3 sizes thus will last longer for the growing princess. Decathlon offers the pretty skates for Rs.1,299, better get her one!

A Fishing Rod Essential Ledgering Set is perfect for the girl who likes to be outside but less physical activities. Going fishing can be very exciting and also relaxing. This ledgering set is sturdy and powerful but also perfect for freshwater fishing for both on shore or on a boat. Decathlon offers the set for Rs.1,999.

Creative Gifts

10-year old girls often experiment with their creativity. If your little princess is one of them, this next list might be perfect for her. Fold Origami Brain Teaser is perfect fun to improve creativity. It is a set of colorful origami that can be folded to different kinds of patterns. it is fun to play with but also may increase logic abilities and creative skills! You can find it on Fat Brain Toys for Rs.1,222.

Another option is a Lego set but for girls. Lego Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty's Fairytale Castle is for those girls who loves their princesses. The set includes accessories that can be moved around and played with inside the castle. Let your little girl free her imagination and creativity with this castle set! Available on Flipkart for Rs.3,298.

Source www.amazon.in

Painting is the basic activity for art and creativity. Every kids like to draw, why not take a step further and introduce your 10-year old girl to painting? Camel Artist Oil Colour Box comes in 12 shades and heavily pigmented paints thus makes it for easier to use. Available at offimart.com for Rs.329.

Technological Gifts for Tween Girls

Source www.amazon.in

Living on the edge of globalization and technology, your kid must not be left behind with their technologies. Here are recommended gadgets that you can give her! Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, a carry-on instant camera that is provided with a selfie mirror is a great way to capture memories. Not only that it is easy to use, it is entertaining and fun as well! If she has fun taking selfies, she will have a blast with this cool camera. Available on Amazon for Rs.3,890.

Source www.amazon.in

If she likes to read give her an e-reader so she can take all her precious books with her without weighing down her backpack. Kindle Paperwhite has a big storage and protects the users' eyes against glares. It gives the experience as if reading on paper instead of a tablet. Perfect item for that little girl who likes to read. Available on Amazon for Rs.8,999.

Source www.amazon.in

If you have a girl who likes to move to her own rhythm and seeks an escape in music, now is a good time to give her headphones. That way she can listen to her music without making it impossible for everyone else at home to have a conversation. Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Headphones give the perfect experience as it block outside noises and let the user feel the optimal music. High quality music to enjoy up to 6 hours! Amazon offers the perfect deal for only Rs. 2,299.

Some Popular Gift Options for a 10 Year Old Girl

Jewellery Making Kit

Source www.igp.com

When in doubt, jewelry is your way out! There are a lot of options to choose and they are practical to use! Here are several recommendation on jewellery-related gifts that the princess may like! Fashion Jewellery Kit is a great option for jewellery kits for children that you can get. For only Rs.550 you can make a set of different kinds of jewellery. Available on igp.com.

Source www.amazon.in

If she has been crafting her own jewellery and is past the charms of a kit meant for children you can get her a more generic kind of jewellery making kit that contain a lot of material to make different accessories. Such as the Goelx Silk Thread Jewellery Making Kit which is perfect for your young girl. It consists of many selections of threads and beads of different colors and shapes. Over 50 jhumkas can be made from this kit! It is fun and stimulating for a 10-year old girl. Available on Amazon for Rs.799.

A similar kit is the Craftkit Jewellry Making Mini Kit which is also a jewellery making kit that can guarantee your child's satisfaction, in a more affordable price. Nevertheless, it consists of threads and beads in dfferent colors to make cute earrings! This one is for Rs.299 on Flipkart.

Garden Tool Bag

Coming up next are gardening tools! Gardening is a fun activities that can be educational at the same time. These tools are quality made and can be used for the long-term benefit. There are many types and sets that you can choose from, here are several of those options. Visko 613 Complete Garden Tool Kit consists of 11 tools including a trowel, a cultivator, a water gun spray, etc. A fun way to entertain your child and educate her about plant lives at the same time! She may need supervision initially till she has learnt to use all the tools properly but if she enjoys gardening, she will be thrilled with this set. It is available at Moglix for only Rs.1,085.

Source www.amazon.in

If you're looking for a more basic set with fewer tools for a girl who has just started trying her hand at gardening, the Truphe German Style Garden Tool Set is ideal. It has fewer items but has all the essentials - a small trovel, big trovel, cultivator, weeder, fork, German style pruner; it is also more durable. If gardening is a new interest for your child, then this one might be the answer. Available at Amazon for only Rs.479.

Cute Bedding Set for Kids

Another practical option will be bed linen. Although to be honest, parents will appreciate this gift more than the child, but there's nothing wrong with bed sheets featuring cartoons as well! Here are a few options on beddings you can choose from. Unicorns are very popular these days and if your little one likes to delve into magic and fantasy she will love this Paper Rockets set featuring a unicorn print. It is a popular choice as well. Made from high quality cotton, it will ensure your child's comfort. Buy this on Myntra for only Rs.1,650.

Source www.shein.in

Or would she rather prefer cute ducks lined up in a row? Get her this adorable Cartoon Animal Print Sheet Set as you can do no wrong with animals. if not ducks, look for a cute bedding set with your child's favorite animal in it and mission accomplished! This set is available on shein.in for Rs.1,800.

Source www.shein.in

How about a bunch of cute pandas then? Give her this cute Cartoon Panda & Letter Print Sheet Set, because everyone loves pandas! The big ol' adrobale black and white bear is a fave for kids these days. A simple design and muted colours can be refreshing for them as well! You can find this on shein.in for only Rs.2,100.

Girly Wristwatch

Watches are often a preferred choice of gift as well. That is because of its practicality and durability. It is often thought as a simple meaningful gift. Girly watches can also an option for your 10-year old girl. Here are several options you can choose from. FCUK Silver Dial Analog Watch for Women can be perfect for you. With its white leather strap and sprinkle design, it gives out the sense of femininity and elegance. Its a simple yet classy design that is easy to match. Defnitely something a girl should have! Available on titan.co.for Rs.8,950.

Daniel Klein watches are known as well to be simple and classy. This navy blue watch is perfect for girls who prefers darker colors. Easy and fun to match with simple denim and a t-shirt or a shirt! This Daniel Klein Women Navy Blue Analogue Watch is available at Myntra for Rs.1,500.

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Children are very open about what the like

Finding out what a child likes and is currently into is not that difficult: look around her room (look, not snoop as she likes her privacy), browse through her pile of books, ask her parents or just hang around with her for a while. She will more than readily share her latest interests with you. A little variety is nice, and introducing her to new things is also good, but those too should align with her preferences.