On Navratri 2019, Gift Something Special to Your Loved Ones from These Hand-Picked Navratri Gifts Online

On Navratri 2019, Gift Something Special to Your Loved Ones from These Hand-Picked Navratri Gifts Online

Navratri is the festival which is celebrated widely in India. On this auspicious occasion, our loved ones get together to seek the blessings of the Goddess Durga. This year, why not put a little thought in our gifts for our loved ones? We have picked these amazing gifts which your friends and family members will cherish forever. Take a look.

Navratri: Celebrating the Victory of Good over Evil

Navratri is one of the famous Hindu festivals which is celebrated twice in a year for nine nights and ten days. Not only is it considered an auspicious and pious time for spiritual and religious practices, but also for purchasing new clothes, vehicles, home renovation, house warming and gifting to your loved ones is also considered as a good gesture to strengthen your relationship with family and friends; especially during these nine days.

Hindus observe fasts on these days and they end their fast after ‘kanya pujan’ on the ninth day when small girls (below 9 years) are invited to the home of the families observing fast and then the girls are worshiped like the ‘Avatar’ of Goddess. Thereafter, the family members touch their feet and provide them sweets and gifts along with some breakfast.

Navratri Celebrations in Various States

In eastern and northeastern states of India, this festival is called Durga Puja, where Goddess ends the devil Mahishasura to reestablish ‘Dharma’; whereas in northern and western states, this festivals is associated with one more big festival of Hindus i.e., Dussehra and marks the celebration of the end of devil king ‘Ravana’ by Lord Ram. In southern states, victory of goddesses or Rama is celebrated. Over the entire country, Navaratri’s are celebrated in a special way as per the ongoing traditions; but victory of Good over Evil is the common message for everyone.

Importance of Two Navratris in a Year

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The two Navratris mark new beginnings in the lives of Indians and both of them have a significant impact on the Indian culture and economy as well. Sales of almost all sectors get a boost during these two months and the markets also get the required momentum after a lull period of monsoon struggle.

Vasanta Navratri

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Vasanta in Hindi means Spring Season and this Navratra marks the beginning of Hindu New Year as the lunar calendar in some parts of the country. It falls during the months of March / April and falls close to harvest seasons, but preceding Rama Navami. Nav means nine and Ratri is night in Sanskrit and hence the occasion of Navratri. Devotees fast over the day and then visit temples in the evening before breaking their fasts.

Sharada Navratri

Sharada means Autumn in Sanskrit language and this is the most celebrated Navratri in India. This Navratri falls in the season of September / October after the monsoon and is based on the lunar month of Ashvin and the first day of rituals commence with the new moon of Ashvin.

Devotees worship nine different incarnations of Goddess during these nine days and apart from Goddess Durga, Gods such as Ganesha, Kartikeya and Lord Shiva are also revered. During Sharada Navratri, the last three days are celebrated at a grand scale and idol of the goddess is decorated and worshiped in temporary stages and covered halls called Pandals, which are built-in community places/parks and there are various cultural programs organized during these three days. Devotees are also provided ‘prasad’, which is purely vegetarian lunch in the afternoon and snacks in the morning and evening, which is dedicated to goddess first before distributing among devotees.

10 Best Navratri Gifts Online

Both the Navratris have significant importance for Hindus and bring lots of cheer and rejuvenation to their lives. We have picked a few gift items which can be gifted to your loved ones during Navratri festivals; and they certainly can bring good vibes and harmony to the lives of your friends and families.

Big Navratri Hamper

This big and beautiful Navratri gift hamper consists of half kg of Kaju Katli sweets (quite famous in northern part of India), similar weight of mixed dry fruits in a round and elegant looking box, 16 Ferrero Rocher premium chocolates pack and a nicely packed bouquet of 12 multicolour roses; thus, making this a complete festival gift pack.

This gift pack can be ordered from www.orderyourchoice.com for Rs. 2,998 and this big gift hamper will definitely bring a big smile on the face of your loved ones.

Wood and Clay Mini Chowki Throne

This classy chowki made of wood and clay has an elegant and ethnic design, completely handcrafted piece of art in which clay is carefully applied on the wood entrancing the design on the throne. It’s an ideal gift for someone who is a devotee of the goddess and they can put the idol of the goddess on this throne inside the temple of their home. Not only this serves as a throne for the idol of the goddess, but can also be used as an ethnic showpiece.

Nothing can be a better gift than this for a religious family and they will be reminded every day about your nice gesture while performing prayers inside their home in front of the temple where goddess would be sitting on this very throne. This attractive chowki is available on www.orderyourchoice.com for Rs. 1,690

Brass Durga Family Wall Sculpture Wall Hanging

Sculpted by master sculptors in cold cast brass using traditional sand casting techniques, the minute craftsmanship done on this piece of art will mesmerize you. This masterpiece is made of brass and hence has a long life. This complete Goddess Durga family sculpture will make an excellent showpiece in the living room.

‘Goddess Durga Family’ idols and sculptures are believed to bring positive energy, success and prosperity at home and remove obstacles from the life of your loved ones. The sculpture shows Goddess Durga slaying buffalo demon Mahishasur, which indicates the removal of bad energies from your life. Along with other gods viz. Ganesha, Kartikeya, Lakshmi and Sarasvati; this idol represents the complete family staying together in harmony. The Brass Durga Family sculpture can be ordered from www.amazon.in for Rs. 1,910.

Tant Saree

Tant Saree is a traditional Bengali Saree, but this fabric has fans all over the globe. Tant is a handwoven fabric made of precisely woven cotton and is a lightweight cloth. Tant became famous from Bengal and after the partition of Bangladesh and Pakistan, few immigrant Bangladeshis took the art with them to other parts of the country.

This Saree is characterized with its special thick border and decorative fall woven in various designs crafted in floral and paisley designs. Some other artistic patterns like fish, palace, bumblebee, spiral, star, flower, half-moon, blue sky, a garland of moons and elephant are few of the popular artworks on a Tant Saree. Tant Sarees should be soaked for some time in warm water mixed with rock salt before first-time use; this avoids any colour bleed in subsequent washes. So, make sure to share this advice if you are gifting this to a non-Bengali. You can order them from www.ajio.com and a decent saree would cost around Rs.1,500 – Rs.2,000.

Maa Durga Face Pendant Gift with Chain

This alluring pendant is not just a religious symbol, but also gives a strong style statement. It’s not the ordinary pendant which can be wore in a casual way, but this Maa Durga Face Pendant gives a different aura to the overall personality of the wearer. Made of sterling silver and fitted with cubic zirconia, this pendant comes with an 18-inch silver chain and is provided in an elegant gift packaging. This pendant looks great with both ethnic wear as well as formal wear and is an exclusive gift material. This Maa Durga Face Pendant with Chain can be purchased from www.amazon.in for Rs. 1,999

Maa Durga BIS Hallmarked 10 Grams Pure Silver Coin

Gifting silver coins has always been considered auspicious in India and coins have always been considered as one of the best gifting options during festivals of Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali. This is such an exquisite gift which finds its place straight into the temple of house. This pure silver coin has an image of ‘Goddess Durga sitting on a lion’ engraved on one side and ‘Shree’ on the other. BIS certified for 99.9 % purity coin can be gift wrapped as per your instructions and comes in a beautiful box. This shiny gift can be ordered on www.amazon.in for Rs. 900.

Silver Plated Pooja Set

One of the best gifts which can be considered as a present in Navratri is this Silver Plated Pooja Set. It consists of a Plate (9 Inch), Chandan Vati, Kankavati, Achman Loti, Spoon, 2 Divi’s, Katori, Traditional Bell and Agarbati Stand and makes a premium gift item. An Ashvagandha powder is provided free with this set and has a nice fragrance. The plate has the auspicious symbol of swastika engraved on it on the circumference in red colour and all the items have 99.9% pure silver plating on them.

This pooja set can be used for a long time if used with care, cleaned properly and put back in the box after every use as it demands the same care as a pure silver item. This silver plated pooja set can be purchased from www.amazon.in for Rs.799.

Rose Door Set

Navratri is considered as a festival of new beginnings, welcoming the good in life and ending the darkness and evil from our lives. What better than a gift which itself is welcoming everyone? Right! A beautiful and elegant door set. This door set has multiple off white roses patterned over red, green, yellow and golden colours. The colour combination itself is so pleasant and so is the design.

This handcrafted door set is apt for a 3 to 3.5 feet door and is made of washable material, hence long-lasting. The recipient would remember you every day, whenever he will enter his house from that door. And you will be surprised how a single gift can change the aura of the entire room. This Rose Door Set is available on www.jjmoderndesigns.in for Rs. 1,175

24 K Gold Plated with Wooden Base Hindu Goddess Durga Devi Handicraft Statue

This idol of Goddess Durga is made of fine grade marble powder and polished wooden base. The entire golden colour used in the idol is 24k Gold plating and hence is long-lasting. The idol can be cleaned by a wet or dry cloth and can be used as a decorative idol in the living room or for worship purpose in the temple of house. It is considered auspicious to place the Goddess Idol in Northeast direction of the house brings health, wealth, peace and happiness in the house. This beautiful idol is around 15 inches tall and weighs 3 kg. It can be ordered on www.flipkart.com for Rs. 4,351

Casio Digital Portable Keyboard

An unusual gift to present someone on Navratri, but is definitely an auspicious one. The tunes and harmony produced by this Digital Portable Keyboard can definitely bring positive vibes in the house. The learning and practicing of music itself is a great healer and antidepressant and the sound waves produce positive energy in the atmosphere. Thus, this is a gift which can invite happiness and harmony in the lives of your loved ones.

This Keyboard has 61 piano-style keys, two powerful speakers of 2 W each and 48 note polyphony along with a sustain pedal jack. It also has 400 high-quality tones and 100 rhythms with auto-accompaniment. This digital portable keyboard comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty and can be purchased on www.flipkart.com for Rs. 6,455

Bonus: Gift an Abode for Goddess Durga

Why not gift an abode for the Goddess? A small temple for home would be an excellent gifting option on Navdurga and your loved ones would be really happy to get this kind of religious souvenir as a gift. This Wooden Home Temple with Doors created in Rajasthani Art form is as beautiful and elegant as the Rajasthani tradition is. It has one foldable shelf and one LED bulb inside; one drawer for keeping accessories and one pull out tray for keeping pooja diyas etc. This temple can be mounted on a wall or kept on the floor as well. You also get a beautiful photo frame with God pictures, arti thali and pooja book free with the Mandir. The best part is that using the foldable shelf, you can convert it into a two-story mini temple. This wooden home temple can be purchased from www.amazon.in for Rs. 4,850

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Gift Your Loved Ones these Amazing Gift Items in Navratri 2019

The composite festival of Navratri is highly ceremonious and is celebrated all over India. This rejoiceful event of Navratri combines several religious, devotional, cultural and recreational activities making this gala a famous and joyous event. Gifts have always brought happiness into our life. This Navratri sends heartwarming gifts among your lovely acquaintances making this festival special and memorable for them. It is believed that during Navratri, Goddess Durga visits the earth and blesses all her devotees. So, this Navratri, seek her blessings and gift your loved ones these thoughtful items.