15 Gifts for Little Girls Who Dream of Being a Princess and Other Ideas to Please Her Little Highness

15 Gifts for Little Girls Who Dream of Being a Princess and Other Ideas to Please Her Little Highness

Does your little one fancy herself to be a little princess? Then no ordinary gifts will do. BP-Guide India has put together all the top gifts baby girls and little princesses will be delighted by - from Lego castles to school bags, pearl bracelets and charm bracelets to unicorn socks and so much more.

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Pamper Your Little Princess with Spectacular Birthday Gifts

What Does Your Baby Girl Dream Of?

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. If you are the proud parent of a little girl between the ages of 3-12, then you must have at some point been asked by your daughter if she could be a real princess. A little girl grows up listening to stories about princesses and watching movies with princesses as the main character. Naturally, the idea of being a princess takes seed in her brain from a very early age. So why not bring your little girl’s dream come true on her birthday? Throw her a princess themed birthday party. Dress her up like a princess with her own little tiara, and a beautiful dress. Order a cake to go with the theme. Gift her things that will bring her joy. Toyzone My Beauty Disney Princess Mirror Set in pink will make your little girl feel like a princess every time she gets ready in the morning. You can also get her Disney Princess Chair Desk with Pull out under the Seat Storage Bin. The beautiful design and the pretty colors with princess motifs will surely win your little girl’s heart.

Buy Her Princess Themed Stationary

Every little princess wants her very own princess doll to play with. Present her with the Disney princess Cinderella doll ad watch her face light up with joy. You can also get her Disney School Kit Believe In Yourself school set. The set contains a lunch box, a pencil case, a water bottle, pencils and sharpener and an eraser. These pretty pink accessories will make your child more enthusiastic about going to school

Give Your Little Princess Custom Made Gifts

Children love seeing their name on things. Therefore giving them a personalised item would make them very happy. The Sweet Dreams single bedspread with pillowcase in pink or the two piece princess towel set from ThePipal.com is the perfect gift for a little princess. Get a princess themed dresser with her name made for her, pencil cases, sippers, school bags and even personal items like bathrobes and quilts can be personalised with her name and favourite princess. Her room would be one of her favourite places at home, you can buy furniture and room decor in a princess theme, have her room painted pink and decorate it with fairy lights. She will love the idea of being princess of her own little castle.

Helpful Tips on Buying Birthday Gifts for Your Little Girl

Select Presents That are Colorful and Appealing

Little princesses or no, girls love pretty colors and shiny things. So keep that in mind while selecting a gift for them. Pink is a safe bet that almost all little girls love. Other colors they like are red, yellow, purple, lilac, blue, magenta, silver and gold. Whatever gift you choose, make sure that they appeal to the girl who you are giving it to. No little girl will say no to something as pretty as the Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast School bag, or FunBlast Cute Mickey and Minnie Ears Headband.

Always Buy From Reliable Stores

Whether you shop online or from departmental stores, make sure that the products are branded and of good quality. Poor quality products will not last long and sometimes has parts which may break off and hurt your kids. Make sure that everything you buy for your little princess is made of non-toxic materials because kids often have a tendency to put things in their mouth while playing. You don't always have to spend a great deal but when it comes to a good deal over quality, always choose the latter.

Keep an Upper Spending Limit in Mind

Always set your budget beforehand to avoid overspending. Your little girl may be a princess, but soon she may grow up and want to be something else. So don’t spend a ton of money on things she may grow out of in a few years. Plan out your shopping, make a list of things that you want to get for her and look for deals online that will help you save money. Don't turn your child's princess fantasies into high maintenance real life habits.

12 Cool Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girl Princess

Here are a few cool princess themed birthday gift ideas that will make your little girl extremely happy.

Disney Charm Jewelry

Girls adore jewellery and pretty trinkets. You may not want her to start wearing imitation earrings just yet but bracelets, headbands and simple chain necklaces look rather nice on little kids. They are often made in cute and colourful designs that she can wear when she is dressing up to look like a princess or at parties. The Frozen Charm Bracelet is a cool piece of merchandise that your little girl will love to show off to her friends. It has 4 charms and two crystal like beads and will cost you Rs.1,341. You can buy it from amazon.in.

Girl's Bedding Set

Source www.amazon.in

What are some of the things that come to mind when thinking of princesses? Dreamy castles, pretty crowns, tiaras, and an enchanting four poster canopy bed! If she cannot have all of this, the next best thing is a princess bed-set that gently fuels her fantasy as she drifts off. Dream Weaverz Queen Size Printed Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers has pictures of all your child’s favorite Disney princesses. Available in a pretty peach color, you can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.699. These sheets have a thread count of 220 that makes them soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to sleep in. It's made of high quality cotton with blended microfibers that makes it durable.

Dress-Up Clothes

Little girls love dressing up in pretty clothes. The Babyoye Party Wear Sleeveless Frock with Bow Appliqué in Peach from firstcry.com will make your little one look as beautiful as a real princess. It's a sleeveless dress with back button closure and is made from poly cotton which makes it very comforatble to wear. You can buy it for Rs.1,499. Pair it with a tiara and a wand to make all her magical dreams come true.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Source www.amazon.in

If your child’s favorite fairytale princess is the Little Mermaid then gift her the Roluck Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls. This pretty pink hand crocheted knit blanket with a fishtail design will keep her toasty during cold winter months and will also let her channel her favorite fantasy character. The design is quite useful because it slides on like a glove and stays in place, allowing her to change positions at whim without letting in cold air. Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.2,099.

Unicorn Girls Socks

Source www.amazon.in

Want your kid to have happy feet? Then give her Gluckliy Girls Unicorn Print Low Ankle Socks from amazon.in for Rs.499. These socks are made with polycotton and your kid will never want to take these off her feet! Magic, princesses, fairies and unicorns are what a little girls fantasy world is filled with. She will grow up soon and move on to more serious pursuits so what's the harm in indulging her a little. Besides, aren't these terribly cute and you're tempted to get yourself a pair?

A Lego Castle

Every little princess needs her own castle. Let her build one for herself with the Lego Disney Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale Castle. It is a modular castle with 322 pieces which your little one will have a lot of fun putting together. It features a balcony, vanity and a bed with hidden storybook tile, plus maleficent' s lair with throne. Buy it for about Rs.2,170 on Amazon.

Princess Story DVD Collection

With the Disney Princess Stories: Volume 1 and 2 DVD collection you can teach your little one true values like the importance of friendship, truth and love. Through these delightful tales, she can get transported to magical lands with the help of her favorite princess characters. It will also keep her occupied while you finish up important chores around the house. You can buy both the volumes from amazon.in. The first one will cost you Rs.599 and the second one Rs.352.

Animated Umbrella

No more missing out on school because of rainy days. With the Superfie Girl Printed Umbrella – in a fetching Purple color, your little girl will be ready to face rain and even the harsh rays of the sun at all times. Suitable for children of 2 to 10 Years, this umbrella has a diameter of 73 cms. It’s lightweight and made from a quick dry material. You can buy it on firstcry.com for Rs.799.

Customised Princess Clock

A pretty pink clock with princess motifs on the clock face will look really pretty on your daughter’s nightstand. What makes it better is that it can be customised! The clock measures 8 inch in diameter and is made of 3 mm thick MDF board without a glass in front. Buy it for Rs.600 from prettyurparty.com.

Personalised Pearl Bracelet

Source www.etsy.com

A princess must have pearls, mustn't she? If your little princess is fond of pretty trinkets and jewelry then gift her the Girls Personalised Kids Pearl Bracelet from etsy.com. It’s a handmade item made of stretchable elastic and blush pink glass pearls measuring 8 mm, with a silver black alphabet charm. It costs $19 which is around Rs.1,288.

Cute Disney Shoes

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your little one a pair of Disney Girl’s Mary Jane Flats to complete her princess look. It’s made of synthetic material and is silver in color with sequin work on the top. The strap is made of synthetic flowers with bead detailing. This pretty pair will cost you around Rs.596.

Animator's Series Doll

Source www.amazon.in

If your princess shopping budget is on the higher side and you're in a mood to splurge, consider buying your little girl a Disney Animators' Collection Dolls which are original merchandise from the Disney Studio. These are perfect gifts for your little one and can even be a collector's item. The Disney Animators' Collection Snow White Doll is available on amazon.in for a price of Rs.4,339. It’s 16 inches in height and is dressed in the iconic Snow White dress with blue bodice, puff sleeves and a red ribbon in her hair.

Your Little Girl May Love Princesses but She Must Be Anything but Helpless

In today’s world girls are considered no less than boys. With the change in gender roles, the traditional image of a princess as a damsel in distress is slowly fading. In modern animated movies, characters like Merida from Brave, Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Rapunzel from Tangled are all princesses, but instead of being saved, they are the ones who are doing the saving. Therefore teach your little princess to be strong and independent. Introduce her to strong female characters both in fiction and in real life. She has to learn that being a princess means much more than being pretty and delicate. Princesses can be strong, self-reliant and brave. These are the values that you need to instill in your children.

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Introduce Her to Other Interests

It may be due to social and environmental conditioning but little girls are often obsessed with princesses and fairy tales till a certain age. A little harmless indulgence is fine but steer your little one to other pursuits as well. Introduce her to the pleasure of reading books other than those about princesses, the wonders of science and math, a healthy dose of sports and an interest in nature. Children start off as blank slates, it's what you fill that slate with that spurs her choices to a large extent. Preening in front of the mirror in princess outfits is hardly what you envision for your little darling, do you?