10 Unusual but Affordable Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500 Rupees. Plus Cool Ideas that Cost Nothing To Make Him Feel Special(2020)

10 Unusual but Affordable Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500 Rupees. Plus Cool Ideas that Cost Nothing To Make Him Feel Special(2020)

Even when every rupee needs to count, your gift can still rock. Find out fantastic gift ideas for your boyfriend you had no idea you could buy for as little as Rs.500. We also have low-cost ideas that'll make him glow with happiness, so read on!

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When on a Shoestring Budget, These Gift Ideas Can Be Your Best Friends

Looking for a unique gift on his birthday or an anniversary or just because, but your tight budget is coming in your way? Worry not, gifts are valued by the emotions, not by the money. Even if its small, you can make it special by making it a thoughtful one. There are several awesome gifts under Rs. 500 that you can buy easily, you just need to search with a little bit of focus and thought. Start by considering the kind of things he likes and go from there! To help you out, we have here quirky options that will make your task easier.

Romantic Gestures and Gifts

Romance is the most beautiful sensation and something that makes people feel incredible. So try thinking along the lines of making sweet romantic gestures to your boyfriend on his special day.

There are plenty of romantic gifts that can be bought for him under Rs.500. Look for personalised photo gifts that make a great impact at lesser costs. Moreover, there are thousands of romantic DIY projects that you can undertake for under Rs.500. Just look online for ideas such as creating a memory collage or a knitting scarf for your boyfriend. Romantic gestures like welcoming him into a candlelit room strewn with rose petals doest not cost much at all. Or, you can put together a healthy home cooked meal for your boyfriend under Rs.500.

So if money is tight it doesn't mean the end of the world, only that you will have to look at your other resources, and use creativity!

Quirky Gifts are Often Inexpensive

Quirky gifts are always going to bring a big smile on your boyfriend's face, no matter what the occasion. Quirky Mugs or T-shirt with funny or sweet quotes, offbeat knick-knacks, novelty gadgets - these ideas don't always cost much, and many will surely be under Rs. 500! Some ideas selfie stick, cool mobile cover, gag gifts ...we have several that you can find out below!

Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Romantic birthday gestures are the best gift for boyfriend if you have limited money to spend since the value of romantic gifts isn't attached to money. No, these romantic gestures and gifts are directly connected to the heart. So, dwell deep into your heart and pick one of the loveliest birthday gifts for your boyfriend. However, some adorable romantic gestures that you can try on your boyfriend for his birthday are as follows:

Get Dolled Up

For your boyfriend, you are the most beautiful and gorgeous women, whether you are in your cartoon pajamas or in your sweaty work out clothes. You will always be perfect in your boyfriend's eye. However, it doesn't mean that you have to stop trying to please him. So, the best birthday gift for men is going to be dressing up for them. On your boyfriend birthday, get all dressed up in your finest clothes and add the extra coat of makeup. Style yourself the way your boyfriend wants to see you. Pick out your slinkiest outfit, it may not be something you're particularly fond of, but if it's something he loves to see you in, that's the dress for you. Surprise him with your new look on his birthday and trust us this is the best gift you can give him.

Give Him a Massage

If your boyfriend has worked straight 9 hours in front of the computer, then he is bound to get a stiff neck and sore back. So, be a caring girlfriend that you are and give your man a relaxing massage as his birthday gift. This unique gift for him will cost you next to nothing and you can even spend a little on a nice oil or on renting a massage table. For the perfect birthday romantic massage, you have to invest in somebody healing oils and aromatic candles, all of which can be easily arranged well within your budget. After that create a relaxing atmosphere for the massage with slow lightning and mellow, soothing music. This romantic birthday massage will energize your boyfriend for numerous days.

Write Him Something

Words are the reflection of our feelings. So, try to write something from your heart to your boyfriend for his birthday. You don't have to write any prose or poetry for your boyfriend, mere "I Love You" is sufficient enough for your man. But, the main thing here is to write from the depth of your heart as your true emotions are always tucked there. So, the best gift for boyfriend under Rs.500 or actually under no cash would be writing a romantic letter for your boyfriend. Don't think too much, just pick up the paper and pen, and start writing down your emotions on it.

Make Him a Special Dinner

If like half of the male population, your boyfriend also likes a home cooked meal. Then, you can create a home cooked meal and stay well within your budget. To cook a traditional Indian meal for your boyfriend visit the local vendors market and purchase all his favorite vegetables. If your boyfriend likes a meat heavy meal, then roasted chicken with spices is very easy to cook.

Take half day leave from your office and before your boyfriend returns from his office, prepare a scrumptious dinner for him. Or you can skip the traditional Indian food and make his favourite comfort food at home. Hint: it is not likely to be something healthy and wholesome so think pizzas, decadent burgers. And, don't forget to make something for dessert - either some yummy kheer or a cake. Don't know how to make something? You can always trust Google for recipes or YouTube videos.

Pack Him Lunch

You can surprise your boyfriend with a special lunch on the day. To make a lunch for your boyfriend that he can share with his office colleagues, you'll have to wake up extra early. Prepare something simple and easy that can be easily packed in a lunch box. Such as you can make brownies, pancakes, paranthas or pohaa as your boyfriend's birthday gift.

10 Quirky and Cute Gifts for Your Boyfriend Under 500 Rupees

Okay, so now you know the romantic birthday gifts for men. So, now to bring a smile on your boyfriend's face, you need to buy a unique gift for him under Rs.500 also. The quirky birthday gifts that you can order for your boyfriend are mentioned below.

Cheeky Boxers

Source wyo.in

The unique and bold birthday gift for men would be the funky pair of boxers. Ditch the boring designs and pick out something quirky and cool. Surely a useful and cheeky gift for him under Rs.500, isnt it?! Check out this Kook N Keech Disney themed boxers on wyo.in for merely Rs.419. Made of pure cotton the boxers are comfortable while being fun!

Funny Daaru Glasses

Source www.yedaz.com

A perfect gift for your boyfriend would be these cool quoted shot glasses. Featuring a tongue-in-cheek message, these shot glasses are made of high-quality glass and can contain 1.5oz of his favourite alcohol! So next time when there's a daaru party, he can take out these cool glasses for a laugh. This set of two glasses can be ordered on yedaz.com for Rs.449 only!

Dumbbell Water Bottle

Keep your boyfriend hydrated and fit with the hybrid of a dumbbell and water bottle. The dumbbell water bottle will be unique gifts for men as its cool water bottle in the shape of the dumbbell. Your boyfriend can use this dumbbell water bottle when he is at work or out on a workout. This quirky dumbbell water bottle is available for Rs.399 from bigsmall.com. The water bottle is available in three different colors red, green and blue.

Cord Winders

If your boyfriend has a pile of twisted wires on his work desk and bedroom, then you can order these cute silicon cartoon binders for his wires. For the lose and tangled earphones, phone charges, laptop chargers, and other accessories together your boyfriend can use these silicon binders. The silicon binders are very cute to look at and are very useful for your boyfriend. These silicon binders are available in pairs of two from bigsmall.com for Rs.299 only.

Fluffy Cushion Socks

How about cute fluffy animals protecting your boyfriend's feet from cold this winter season. Yep, the best birthday gift for boyfriend under Rs 500 will be these cute animal fluffy cushion socks. Because guys also like the cute stuff!. These adorable animal cushion socks are available in following animals shapes; white cat, yellow duck, grey bear, brown monkey, reindeer, Santa Claus and panda. The single pair of fluffy cushion sock is available for Rs.350 from bigsmall.com, but if you order all seven socks than it will cost you Rs.2,400.

Engraving Pens

If your boyfriend has an artistic inclination, then you should check out this engraving pen for him. With this engraving pen, your boyfriend can etch out designs or his initials on metal, glass and even hard plastic. This tool would be very offbeat and fun gift for him under Rs 500. The engraving pen is very cheap as its available for Rs.229 only so you can buy him one more gift. The engraving pen birthday gift for boyfriend can be ordered from snapdeal.com.

Personal Purifier Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

While traveling or working on the field job, your hard-working boyfriend has to face numerous problems such as non-availability of pure water. This Aquaguard purifier bottle is a great gift to ensure his good health. This water bottle has antimicrobial properties which purifiers all the dirt particles from the water and makes it fit for drinking. This water purifying bottle can be ordered for Rs. 508 from the Amazon store, just a bit above your budget.

Source www.amazon.in

Another cool option is this sleek double walled stainless steel travel-friendly bottle. It can keep drinks hot or cold for nearly 8 hours which makes it a perfect companion for his day. There's a special carabiner loop lock that helps in securing the bottle. Spillproof, and stylish, this bottle for just Rs. 499 is definitely a gift he will appreciate. Order it on Amazon.

Projection Clock

This is a bit small but a unique gifting idea for men. The mini LED Projection time clock that comes with a Keyring is a novelty gift that will intrigue your boyfried. Your boyfriend can attach this keyring to his car, office or home key. This Clock throws out time in the form of a digital projector a few feet away. This quirky keychain can be ordered from banggood.com for Rs.385 only.

Periscope Prism Glasses

Source www.amazon.in

These cool high definition prisma glasses are going to be a super interesting gift for your boyfriend. The high definition glasses provides the improved vision of the object to your eyes without disturbing the actual vision of the eyes. Your boyfriend can play cool 3D video games and can watch 3D movies at his home. If your boyfriend has a home theater system, then these high definition glasses are going to be perfect for him. These high definition glasses are available for Rs.495 only on Amazon.

Personalised Love Cushion

Love has different forms, from cute to bold expressions, each effortlessly capturing the attention of your loved one. Express your love in a cute manner by gifting this personalised cushion to your partner. You can easily choose the desired picture for the cushion of you and your boyfriend. This gift for him is totally inside your budget. This 12 × 12 inch customised cushion can be ordered for Rs.449 from bookmyflowers.com.

Men Too Love Chocolate!

With all your romantic gestures and quirky gifts, you can add one extra element to your boyfriend birthday gift in the form of sweet chocolates. Yep, your boyfriend will definitely adore the unexpected delivery of heavenly chocolatey delight at his doorsteps. Get hold of the bet chocolate your 500 rupees can buy. Many of the good brands are quite expensive in regular stores but you can snag some great deal if you look around. You can also order a box of your boyfriend's favorite chocolates from bookmyflowers.com and can make him super happy on his birthday. A decorated tin vase with 6 small bars Dairy Milk weighing 16.2 gm each will cost you Rs.499 on bookmyflowers.com. Alternatively go for this Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate box for Rs. 475 on naturesbasket.co.in/

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Gift according to occasion

Five hundred rupees may be a small, or adequate, amount to spend on a gift depending on the occasion you're buying it for. If it's his birthday, it may be a wee bit less and if you've feel your gift is lacking, make up for it through gestures or additional handmade presents. On the other hand if you're buying him a just because gift, 500 rupees is just fine so don't stress over it.