Celebrating Your First Monthsary? 10 Superb 1 Month Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend That Show Him How You Feel (2020)

Celebrating Your First Monthsary? 10 Superb 1 Month Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend That Show Him How You Feel (2020)

Excited about your new relationship and keen to celebrate the milestone of finishing a month together? Here are some sweet gift ideas for your new boyfriend. Also find tips to make your 1 month anniversary special and memorable for both of you. So read on!

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Why Give a Gift to Boyfriend on One Month Anniversary

Celebrate the Milestone with Gifts

Anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and special occasions are an important milestone in a person’s life. Show your love for your loved ones and Make the occasion more special and memorable for them by getting them meaningful gifts A special gift to commemorate the occasion will make them feel happy and appreciated. Showing your love via gifts at the beginning of a relationship helps strengthen the relationship. Giving gifts when in a relationship has become a social norm nowadays as it is a way to convey our feelings and thoughts to the other person, and acts as a token of our affection.

You may be apprehensive about getting a gift to show your love since you have started dating your boyfriend only recently. Don’t shy away from the idea but ensure to opt for small thoughtful gifts to surprise him or to celebrate your one month anniversary together as a couple.

Keep it Simple and Don't Go Overboard

Being a new couple in a relationship, you might be confused about what gift you can get your boyfriend. As you are still in the initial stages of a relationship and learning about each other it is best to keep your gift simple. But you can add a special touch to the gift and show your appreciation by customizing your gift. Your boyfriend will feel surprised about the effort and the time you have spent to customize his gift. However, you should ensure that the gift you are choosing should not be extravagant. Choosing an extravagant gift or going overboard with gifts for your one month anniversary is not considered to be appropriate.

Choose an Appropriate Gift

Choosing a gift for someone special is a tedious and stressful task as we want them to like our gift. While choosing a gift it is better to avoid off-the-shelf gifts as they tend to lack the novelty factor. While choosing a gift, it is necessary to choose a gift that resonates with him.

Choosing a gift based on his passion makes the gift thoughtful and reassures your appreciation for him. Such gifts also help you discover more about him. Remember to customize your gift to add a touch of speciality and to make your gift stand out from others. The customized gift will impress your boyfriend and he will cherish it for years to come. If you are planning to order your gift online, ensure to plan ahead and order your gift in advance so as to avoid last minute disappointment. To save you from the stress of choosing an appropriate gift for your boyfriend to commemorate your one month anniversary we have compiled a list of top ten items that you can get for him. Read on, for more perfect gifts and gift ideas to surprise your boyfriend with.

10 Gifts for Boyfriend on One Month Anniversary

Customised Keychain

Does your boyfriend like to keep everything neat and organized? Get him a keychain to keep his keys organized and safe in one place. You can get him a small rectangle keychain that looks stylish and elegant. You can customize his keychain by printing his picture or your couple picture on the keychain to signify your one month anniversary.

Moreover, you can customize the keychain by adding a special message to your boyfriend. The customized keychain is available in a variety of shapes and colours. This special one month anniversary gift for your boyfriend will make him feel special and cherished. This elegant keychain is a perfect gift for your loved one to cherish their important milestones in life. You can purchase a customized keychain at Printland from Rs.199/- onwards.

Customised Coffee Mug

Is your boyfriend a coffee lover who loves to start his day with a cup of steaming hot coffee? Gift him a coffee mug to make him remember you every time he gets his dose of coffee. A coffee mug is the perfect one month anniversary gift for your boyfriend. You can customize the coffee mug by printing his picture, his favourite quote, and your memories together or the date of your first meeting.

Make the event more special: surprise him by filling his special mug with a bag of gourmet coffee or his favourite chocolates. This thoughtful gift is sure to make him smile whenever he sips his cup of coffee. The cost of customizing coffee mugs start from Rs.100/- onwards from Vistaprint and based on your preference the price may vary.

Quirky Bottle Opener

Does your boyfriend like to chill out with a drink or loves to socialize with his friends? Gift him a quirky bottle opener which serves as a perfect accessory for his drink time. The whiskey and beer shaped bottle opener is sturdy and made of acrylic material. The quirky bottle opener is available in various designs and when it is not used for opening bottles it can double up as attractive fridge magnets.

This stylish and elegant bottle opener is sure to make your boyfriend light up with delight and will occupy a place of pride during his drink time routine. These quirky bottle openers cum fridge magnets are available for Rs.149 only from Amazon.in.

Bottle of Wine

Is your boyfriend the type who loves to celebrate every occasion with a bottle of wine or champagne? Gift him a bottle of uniquely, original and expertly crafted wine or champagne to make his celebrations feel special. A perfect glass of wine or champagne serves as a stress buster to unwind oneself after a tiring day. You can add an element of surprise by adding in some flowers and a plush toy with his bottle of wine to make his celebrations more special.

Moreover, both of you can cherish a glass of wine or champagne to celebrate your one month relationship anniversary. A tasteful bottle of wine along with flowers and a plush toy can be shipped to your boyfriend for Rs.2,199/- from the international site flowersncakestoindia.com as they specialize in worldwide delivery.

Wooden Beer Holder

Majority of men love to unwind themselves with a bottle of chilled beer. Gift your boyfriend a wooden beer holder to organize his pack of beers. This specialized wooden beer holder is handcrafted with love and made of high quality pine wood. The wooden beer holder is capable of holding six bottles/cans of beer in a single serving. The wooden box can also double up as an organizer for storing his supplies.

The wooden box is compact, comes with a holder and a bottle opener making it easier to be carried around easily. The aspect of using this wooden holder for a variety of purposes makes it the perfect gift for your boyfriend to mark you first month anniversary. This versatile wooden holder can be purchased at Claymango for a discounted price of Rs.1,499/- and see your boyfriend show off his prized possession.

Cocktail Kit

Does your boyfriend love to impress you and his friends by dishing out exclusive cocktails? Surprise him by gifting four piece cocktail accessories set to prepare his favourite cocktails. This lightweight cocktail set is made of stainless steel which makes it sturdy. The cocktail kit comprises of a cocktail shaker, jigger, strainer, and a twisted spoon.

The shaker can be used to mix various ingredients required for making a cocktail drink. The jigger is used to measure the proper amount of alcohol that should be added for making a cocktail. The strainer that comes with the kit is used for filtering the macro ingredients and the twisted spoon is used for mixing the cocktail with ice and the final ingredients. Get your boyfriend this cocktail kit and watch him show off his bartending skills. This amazing cocktail kit is available for a special price of Rs.2,587/- at Bar World India.

Leather Organiser

Gift your boyfriend an organizer to organize his essential things and travel accessories. The high quality handcrafted leather organizer helps your boyfriend to organize his electronic gadgets. The dark brown leather organizer comes with a striped cotton lining and is capable of holding A5 notebooks, tablets or iPad mini. He can also use the organizer to store his credit cards, pens, ID cards, and other sheets of paper. The leather organizer is compact, travel friendly and is available in an alternate colour as well. You can purchase this dark brown stylish organizer from Nappadori for Rs.5,200/- and see your boyfriend smile.

Messenger Bag

Does your boyfriend travel often for professional commitments and likes to travel light? Get him a leather laptop cross-body messenger bag to carry his laptop while going to the office or for work commitments. This stylish and elegant messenger bag is made of real leather and has a matte finish. The messenger bag can also be used to carry paper or files related to work and can also be used for leisure purpose as well.

This bag is a perfect one month anniversary gift for your boyfriend and we are sure that he will cherish this thoughtful gift for a long time. This stylish and elegant messenger bag can be purchased from Amazon.in for Rs.2,379/- and it has also bagged the Amazon’s choice award.

Relaxation Kit

Your boyfriend might face an immense amount of stress every day and in order to rejuvenate it is important to practice relaxation techniques. Get him this relaxation kit designed by sound healer Jim Oliver. The relaxation kit comprises of a CD that consists of keyboard compositions with relaxation pulses created by Dr.Jeffrey Thompson. The divine music offers a relaxing effect which melts away stress and provides harmony to the mind.

The kit also consists of a herbal gel eye mask to be placed over the eyes to smooth tired puffy eyes. Inside the kit is a relaxation aromatherapy soothing balm that can be applied to the pulse points to relieve pressure from the nerves. You can purchase this relaxation kit for your boyfriend and it is available for Rs.1,400/- from Amazon.in.

Scratch Off World Map

Is your boyfriend an avid traveller who lives and breathes for travel? For your one month anniversary, gift him a scratch-off poster World maps to unravel the places once he completes his visit. The scratch off map consists of an upper foil layer of the countries and underneath the foil layer, you can find the detailed map of the country.

The map comprises more than thousands of places to be visited. This poster sized scratch off map can be hung anywhere and it also includes information about the various time zones, altitudes, and climate. Gift your boyfriend this thoughtful scratch off journal available on Amazon.in for Rs.622/-.

Bonus Idea: Write Him a Love Letter in the Old Fashioned Way

Whenever it comes to expressing your love and thoughtfulness for your loved one there is nothing better than communication. Communicating your thoughts and feelings to your loved one is the most crucial aspect when it comes to a relationship. To make sure that our feelings are conveyed in a proper manner, it is necessary to use simple words to express our feelings rather than complex ones.

Impress your boyfriend for your one month anniversary by writing him a heartfelt letter conveying your appreciation and love for him. Pen him a traditional love letter showing your admiration, appreciation, affirmation of your feelings and highlight his positive traits. By including all these points in your love letter, your boyfriend feels appreciated and happy that you feel the same way about him.

As we had highlighted before, it is necessary to keep the letter short and simple to preserve its essence. Remember to avoid long quotes or poetry as men find it difficult at times to interpret the letter. Conveying to him on how much you appreciate his dedication towards your relationship is a sure way to make him feel special and to make him fall in love with you.

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Gifting Your Boyfrined On The One Month Anniversary

To sum up on some of the tips provided above, make sure to make it elaborate that you are celebrating the one month anniversary. This is with milestone gifts. Also, do you best to keep it simple and stylish and finally, remember to go for appropriate gifts depending on the level of the relationship. This will create a celebratory ambience and spark up the romance that you wish for in the relationship. To spice things up, you can go for a traditional trick or maneuver by writing a love letter and embellishing it with truly heartfelt feelings.