Looking for 3 Month Gifts for Boyfriend? Here are 10 Amazing Gifts for Him on Your 3rd Monthsary

Looking for 3 Month Gifts for Boyfriend? Here are 10 Amazing Gifts for Him on Your 3rd Monthsary

When you're in love, no reason and no landmark is too small for a celebration, and we at Best Present Guide understand that perfectly! Whether you've been together for three months, or it's the 3 month anniversary of your first holiday together, we have gift ideas that are just right for you. Boyfriend not fully on board with your plans? Get him to read this and we'll convince him too!

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Add New Sparkle to Your Romance! The Importance of Celebrating 'Monthsaries' in Your Relationship

Let's face it: Relationships are fun, but they can be a lot of hard work. Have you made it to three, six, or maybe nine months together? If so, then you should celebrate that milestone with a monthsary gift!

There is often a debate on whether monthly anniversaries are truly a thing to make a fuss over or not. Opinions will, of course, vary among individuals, and some people protest that making a big deal over a month or two is silly or perhaps a bit clingy.

Well, consider those naysayers to be a grump and pay them no mind because we are here to tell you that there is no shame in honouring whatever relationship milestones you choose.

  • Acknowledging a monthsary is a lovely way to let your significant other know that the time you have spent together is worth celebrating simply because you've been together. There are other benefits in the observing of monthsaries as well.

  • It strengthens the bond between you and your partner, deepens your commitment, makes them feel treasured, and creates vivid memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Commemorating special moments like anniversaries, or in this case, monthsaries, adds joyous moments to look back upon during times when you need a boost or wish to share stories about your epic romance in the future.

  • Monthsaries can begin at any time during a relationship, so even if you have been together for quite a while, that doesn't mean it is too late to begin a new tradition. Simply pick a milestone to mark, for example: "It has been 14 months to this very day since you met my parents for the first time !" or "8 months ago we went on our very first holiday away as a couple!"

  • Commemorating significant yet small moments like this shows your sweetheart how much you appreciate all of those standout moments from your time together. If you are still in the early days, have fun breaking your celebrations down into three-month, six-month, or even once a month occasions.

Even the silliest moments, or incidents that may have seemed negative at the time still count as stepping stones that led to the strength of your love today. First arguments, a weekend spent home together with flu, a missed flight, being able to laugh together over the relationship stepping stones that almost everyone experiences are a great way to strengthen your bond and remind each other that bad times never last forever. That old saying "someday we'll be laughing about this" really is true, so don't be bashful about getting creative for your monthsary choices.

The important thing is to use monthsaries as a way to truly revel in your love for each other and take a moment to remember how much you appreciate the special person who always has your back, brings you joy and gives you something to celebrate every single day.

Things to Consider When Picking Out Monthsary Gifts

The Sentiment is Mightier Than the Price Tag

Anniversaries of any kind are at heart an achievement in a relationship and if you are celebrating one with your partner, exchanging gifts is a beautiful way to mark the occasion.

When choosing the perfect gift for your beloved, you must consider the meaning behind the present instead of fretting about how much you are (or are not) spending. After all, you are celebrating a monthsary to acknowledge the joy of being together, not to show off your paycheck.

There are many romantic tokens available in shops and online that have a sentimental value that will last a long time. If you live together you may choose to buy special couples pillowcases, romantic mugs, or similar household goods that will bring smiles to you both. A personalised engraved keychain can serve as a daily reminder of your affection as well as a little nudge to drive safely and return to you unscathed. Homemade gifts and cards can also be delightful, but be realistic and take your time and talent into consideration. If you've never been able to paint, don't expect to turn into Picasso overnight!

Ultimately whatever you choose should come straight from the heart and let your partner know just how much they are loved, appreciated, and cherished in your eyes.

Keep It Simple

The key to having a long, healthy run of enjoyable monthsaries is to keep each one meaningful yet simple and practical. If you are at the beginning of a relationship and decide to commemorate one month together with lots of elaborate planning and a huge amount of expense, then what on earth will you do to honour the second month?

Likewise, in a long term partnership, you should save the fancy stuff for major milestones so that the excitement of a big splurge doesn't begin to lose its lustre over the years.

This holds especially true when you are introducing the concept of frequent celebrations for the first time because you don't want your partner to feel embarrassed by being unable to produce an equally expensive gift in return. If your mate isn't in as cosy of a financial situation as you are, going over the top with your gifts might lead to them feeling bashful or unworthy and could turn a happy occasion into a negative memory altogether.

Pay Attention to His Interests

Part of a happy relationship is paying attention to all of the little things your partner loves and remembering to acknowledge them whenever you can. One way you can show them that you're listening is by tailoring gifts to their interest and hobbies so that nothing you give them ends up gathering dust on a shelf. Building a future together means knowing the things that make each other happy, and putting that knowledge into action. Choose to give meaningful or practical gifts on every occasion to show how much you care.

Assembling a treat bag of favorites can be both fun and practical, and is easily tailored to almost any interest. He will be impressed by how closely you pay attention to what he says, and it will definitely brighten his day.

  • In love with a film buff? Put together their favorite theater snacks, a gift card for movie tickets, and a DVD you know they'll love and package it all in a clean popcorn tub.

  • Gourmet cook? Track down a few exotic ingredients, a blank recipe book that they can jot down favorite meals in, good quality kitchen utensils, and dish towels or potholders.

  • A basket filled with relaxing aromatherapy items would be appreciated by anyone who is overstressed by work or school, while putting together a fun assortment of candy, chocolate, and biscuits will hit home with a sweets lover.

  • Be creative and consider not only ongoing interests or hobbies but also things they've recently mentioned, like a new book title they're dying to read or how they need a new wallet.

Unique Gift Idea for Boyfriend on Your 3rd Monthsary

The Gift of Time: Time Capsule Journal

Few things may be as touching as being given the opportunity to look back upon a blossoming relationship as it grew over the span of years. Whether a grandparents photo albums or the recovered love letters of strangers we never even met, the story of true love has a way of tugging at the heart. If you love the thought of preserving your own tale for future generations or even to remind yourself of the early days as you grow older, this beautiful time capsule journal is a wonderful gift.

Designed to be shared by two, this 20-page journal provides charming prompts to help you and your beau capture a window of time that can be treasured for years to come. Each of you will be asked to fill in 10 pages a piece filled with everyday moments that range from simple, such as "I've laughed out loud recently at ..." to more philosophical: "Five or ten years from now I see myself ..."

Add photos, ticket stubs, menus, or other mementos to complete a charming picture of yourselves and your relationship that you can enjoy time and again. If you wish, add this booklet into a complete time capsule full of modern treasures for a project you can share and future grandkids can take delight in. Either way, this makes for an elegant, thoughtful gift for an anniversary at any point in your story. Order your Time Capsule Journal for Rs.514 from Amazon.

Hidden Message Tie

Source www.gifts.com

Wearing a suit and tie everyday can quickly become boring, but adding a secret love note is a touching way to add romance to the daily grind.

This beautiful red silk tie holds your love note in a secret compartment only two of you will know about. Change your hidden message as often as you like to make this a gift that truly keeps on giving for many years to come. Holding your words close to the heart is a surefire way to remind your beloved that you are always standing behind him even while he is at work.

This elegant tie and pin set comes packaged in a red and black box ready for giving. Order one for Rs.3,700, from gifts.com.

Cards Against Humanity

Source www.amazon.in

Humour is the key to a long lasting relationship, and this wildly popular and cheeky card game is sure to lead to a lot of laughs.

Cards Against Humanity asks players to pair question and answer cards in the most depraved way possible to show off just how despicable their sense of humour can be. Best played by groups of 4-10 players, this game is the perfect way to break the ice while introducing your respective friends to each other in a budding relationship.

Throw a party with friends, snacks, and beer to get to know your partner like never before. Get the game for Rs.2,250 from Amazon.

Where It All Began Poster

Source www.etsy.com

This may be the perfect gift to celebrate an anniversary with. Commemorate a special moment in your love story with this hand cut art that zooms in on the exact location where it happened. Whether a first date, proposal or wedding, X marks the spot on this high-quality map that is completely customised to your specifications.

As with most personalised gifts, be sure to leave plenty of time for the artist to complete and ship this token of a treasured moment in time. Pricing starts at Rs.3,699 on etsy.com.

Engraved Wooden Watch

Source www.etsy.com

Time flies when you're in love, and a unique wristwatch is a classic, elegant anniversary gift that can be passed down for generations to come.

This handcrafted timepiece has a black sandalwood face and a genuine black leather band with a stainless steel clasp. No two watches are alike, and you may personalise the back of the watch with an engraved message to create something truly unique. The high-quality Japanese quartz movement keeps your sweetheart on time for every date. Order a one-of-a-kind watch for Rs.1,994 on etsy.com.

Elegant Cologne

Source www.amazon.in

A fragrance can take us back in time to a memorable moment in our lives, be it the scent of grandma's cooking or the flowers in bloom while you were on your first holiday. Creating a scent memory is a surefire way to capture an important event, including your monthsary celebration. Giving your partner a cologne that you love will ensure that every time you catch a whiff you

This Jaguar Classic Black cologne is blended with heart notes of lotus flower, spicy ginger along with the aromatic smell of oranges mixed with green apple, mandarin, white musk, and sandalwood which creates a woody feeling. You can order this cologne for Rs.825 on amazon.in.

You & Me Photo Frame Wine Topper

Being in a relationship is all about showing that how much you love and care for each other. You always try to put all your efforts to make him feel special and happy as his presence is special in your life. On your 3rd monthsary, give him this You and Me Photo Frame Wine Topper to express your feelings. This gift will definitely bring back all your beautiful memories, and he will always wake up with a smile.

This is two in one type of gift. It has a photo frame attached above the beer bottle. The size of the photograph measures 6 cm in length and 4 inches in height. The photo frame is carefully placed above the bottle using a rolled coil. Once the bottle is empty, he can remove the frame from the bottle and keep it on the table. You can get it for a discounted price of Rs.660 on uncommongoods.com.

Good Quality Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

A wallet is a necessary accessory in our everyday life. We can keep receipts, cash, cards, and coins safe in the wallet. On your 3rd month anniversary, replace his old wallet with this elegant Wild Dragon leather wallet which is not only compact in size but also fitted with amazing features. He will love it for sure.

This leather wallet has 8 pockets to hold his credit, debit, or ATM's cards safely. It also features a compartment to keep coins. The outside notch can push out the cards easily. This wallet is planted with RFID blocking technology which will protect his cards from electronic pick-pocketing at security checks. He will also get an integrated metal money clip that he can use to clip several bills and cash inside the wallet. Its compact size allows it to slim down the pocket easily without bulging out. Get this beautiful wallet for Rs.1,399 on amazon.in.

Amazon Echo Dot

Source www.amazon.in

Is your boyfriend a tech fiend? If yes, then this echo dot is something he will appreciate and enjoy. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) can be used to play music, make or receive calls, answer questions, and many more. It can provide vital information like news, cricket scores, weather etc. He doesn't need to do anything with a touch. It's a hands-free device which works on his voice.

This device has a built-in speaker, and it can also be connected to external speakers. Just connect it to its cloud-based voice service called Alexa and you are done with its setup. It has seven microphones set up, beamforming technology, and noise cancellation feature which enables it to hear your voice from any direction and environment. Its advanced features allow it to control smart tube lights, fans, and other electrical equipment just with your voice. Get him this super amazing gift just for Rs.2,999 on amazon.in.

52 Things I Love About You

You have completed 3 months of your relationship together so why don't you take it to the next level this by doing something unique and romantic for him. Instead of buying anything from market let's make something romantic for him. Just imagine, how would he feel when you will tell him not one or two but 52 things you love in him? You will be going to remember this moment forever. Let's make it.

52 things I Love About You

    Things you will need
  • A deck of cards
  • Hole punch
  • Two round metal clips
  • Colour markers
  • Glitter
  • Pen

  • First of all, You should make two holes on each card. You can use any hole puncher machine to do that.
  • Decorate each card according to your choice and write down your personal messages for him on every card. You can take the ideas from niftymom.com.
  • After completing step 2, insert those 2 metal clips in hole and bind them tightly so that cards don't fall out from the clips.
  • Place this gift in a box and wrap it beautifully. Present it to him and he will definitely enjoy reading it.
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Regular celebrations keep the magic alive

It's all too easy to fall into a routine, do mundane things and get bored. It is keeping a relationship alive and sparkling that takes work, it doesn't just happen! And gifts for no reason, or the smallest of reasons, impromptu celebrations and cute surprises keep things interesting. Everything is so exciting and fun in the early stages of a relationship, and we are here to tell you that the newness doesn't have to go away if you're willing to put in the work.