It's All in the Name: If You're Willing to Spend for the Quality That Big Brands Come with, Here are the Top 12 Branded Bags for Men in 2020

It's All in the Name: If You're Willing to Spend for the Quality That Big Brands Come with, Here are the Top 12 Branded Bags for Men in 2020

Quality, design, craftsmanship, snob appeal, big brands mean different things to different people, but if there is one thing that unites them is the high prices these names command. Whether you're looking for your next great bag that will last years to come or simply looking to flaunt the latest offerings from the big labels, here are some bags that are worth your time.

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What is a Luxury Brand?

The technical term of a brand is any term, design, name, logo or the likes that differentiates the products of a particular seller from the products of another one. While this might suffice as the definition of a brand in commercial studies, in the social world it does not hold much weight. In the latter world, a brand is how we perceive an organization, an individual or a product. It is a relationship that we have with the objects that we use. Branding of a product gives it a personality and that is what allows us to build this unique relationship.

Top 10 Branded Bags for Men in 2020

There are hundreds of brands that manufacture various types of bags for men. Each of these brands is as good as the other but whether a particular brand will suit you or not depends on your requirement and what products the brand provides. This particular brand will have backpacks that suit your needs and taste perfectly while another brand will have barrel bags with characteristics that you want in it. Follow this BP Guide to know which branded bag to get for yourself, or to gift a friend.

Nike Black Printed Backpack

Backpacks are essential in our work and travel days. They are convenient bags that can carry a lot of goods while still being compact in size and shape. This black printed backpack from the house of Nike is a deal that you must not skip. It is a medium sized backpack with two separate compartments within. Besides these compartments, there is an external zip pocket. The back compartment is meant for a laptop and its accessories. The back of the bag and the straps are padded so that it rests easy on your back and shoulders.

The Nike Black Printed Bckpack comes at a price of Rs.2,995 and is perfect for office, college or an outing.

Fred Perry Barrel Bag

Luxury and convenience joins hands in this barrel bag from Fred Perry. It comes in Navy Blue colour and has a sophisticated polished leather finish. This hand held bag is compact but at the same time spacious to pack all your essentials. If you are a businessman or an academician who has to be in another city in short notice for work related purposes then this bag must be among your paraphernalia. This bag allows you to travel with all your essentials without weighing you down with much baggage.

It is priced at Rs.8,000.

Ted Baker Holdall Bag

This is a quality holdall bag from the house of Ted Baker. It is made of leather and is dark blue in colour. It has one main compartment that has enough space for all your belongings. There is also a zippered section at the front where you can carry those items that you need at hand while travelling, like medicines, makeup, water bottle and the likes. It comes with double handles for easy carrying and a shoulder strap as well. This bag is your perfect travel ally letting you carry every essential for a long vacation.

It comes at a price of Rs.20,000.

Lapis Bard Zip Backpack

Ultra stylish, sophisticated, smart, luxurious, professional and convenient, this Zip Backpack is a must have accessory for the fashionistas. It is a hand crafted leather bag that has been artistically dyed with two colour tones taking inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci’s sfumato technique. Keeping aside its luxurious and sophisticated exterior, the backpack has multiple padded compartments within for convenience in carrying items.

There are basically two main compartments; the one at the back is for a laptop and its peripherals, the one in the front is subdivided into further compartments for ease of storage. The front compartment consists of a padded division for a phone or tablet, another division for passports and other such documents, a key holder and an earphone strap that prevents earphones from getting tangled.

This bag is priced at Rs.18,995 and comes from the house of Lapis Bard.

Voloq Cross Body Satchel


This is a stylish cross body bag by Voloq that comes in military green colour. It has the look of a messenger bag and is made of vegan leather. It has one main compartment, one front pocket and a laptop sleeve. It has space enough for books, papers, outing essentials and a laptop whose diagonal measurement is 11 inch or less. You can this water- proof bag from the house of Voloq for shopping, field sales work, college and for an outing.

It is priced at Rs.5,999.

Hammonds Flycatcher Leather Office Bag


Speak of an office bag with style and there is nothing better than this leather office bag. This bag is made of pure leather and has a two toned rich brown colour. It has enough space within for your papers, files, laptop and other office essentials. It is perfect for your boardroom, courtroom and other places of industry and profession.

Priced at Rs.15,999, it is from the house of Hammonds Flycatcher. Give your workplace fashion a boost with this sharp office bag.

Croma Laptop Backpack


This is a trendy laptop bag from trusted electronics store Croma. It has front zipper pocket where you can keep small items and water bottle pockets on both sides. It has a padded sleeve for extra protection for the laptop and the shoulders straps are padded too for comfort. Made from durable polyester, this bag is water resistant and hence can be taken out in rainy season. If you are a person inclined towards fashion then this bag will be perfect for you. It lets you carry your laptop and other essentials without compromising your style statement.

It costs Rs.2,500.

Ted Baker Cross Body Bag

This is a convenient and functional cross body bag from the house of Ted Baker. It has a single compartment that is zippered and hence allows you easy and quick access to the items you need. It has a shimmery brown colour and looks classy and sophisticated. The black strap accentuates the warm tan colour of the bag. It is the perfect handbag when you are travelling where you can keep documents and items you need at hand.

This bag costs Rs.11,000.

Puma Manchester City Backpack


This Puma backpack will be a great addition to your collection if you are a Manchester City FC fan. Consequently, you can also gift to a brother or friend who happens to be a fan of the club. The backpack is black in colour with blue accents. The Puma logo and the Manchester City FC sigil are of the same colour as the accent. It has got a single main compartment that can accommodate a 15 inch laptop among other things. There is also a zippered compartment in the front and a bottle pouch on one side. The straps and back of the bag are padded and cushioned for comfort while carrying.

It costs Rs.2,999.

Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Printed Backpack

This is a casual printed navy backpack from Polo Ralph Lauren. It is of navy and red colour that would go perfectly with casual attires. It has a single compartment and a small zippered compartment in the front. You can carry your gadgets, snacks, books, water bottle and other items you might need for college or a day of outing. The main compartment is quite spacious and the back of the bag is padded for comfort.

It is the perfect bag to flaunt your sophistication in taste when you go out and it comes at a price of Rs.18,990.

Tommy Hilfiger Casual Bag


This is a blue and grey laptop bag from Tommy Hilfiger. It is a fairly spacious brand that has two main compartments. The compartment at the back has a laptop sleeve. There is a zippered compartment at the front too. The straps are padded so that it doesn’t hurt in case the contents of the bag are heavy. The casual and stylish look of this bag makes it a perfect accessory for college. Put your notebooks and textbooks in the front compartment while you carry your laptop in the other one. Give your college fashion a comfortable elevation with this bag.

It comes at a cost of Rs.2,599.

Montblanc Document Case

This is slim document bag from the house of Montblanc that allows you travel light without compromising on style. It is a slim document case that comes in the colour black and made with nylon. It has a dedicated space laptop and some extra space where you can carry your important files and documents. The adjustable shoulder straps make it easier to carry the bag around. A name tag that comes with the bag enables personalization; you can emboss your initials on the tag.

This classy bag comes at a price of Rs.39,100.

Characteristics of a Luxury Brand

Ask people what they think is a luxury brand and they would reply that it is a name whose products are expensive. But that’s like describing the whole country with one sentence! A brand is much more than price. It involves quality, aesthetics and much more. Let us understand more about brands through the following characteristics.

  • High price of goods
    This is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when brands are mentioned. Not all expensive products are branded but all branded products are expensive. This is because of the rare and expensive materials they use to maintain quality of the product. Consequently they need highly skilled craftsmen to handle such rare materials and make unique designs. Such skilled craftsmen come at high remunerations. Expensiveness also is a quality of branded products. This adds to the aesthetics of the brand and people start to associate the product with class and high standards. It was not long ago that societies across the world were divided into classes. These classes were basically differentiated based on finances; the more money you had the higher your class was. The upper classes prevented the lower ones from using what they used, living their lifestyles by making the products quite expensive. Thus, products used by the elites got a hefty price tag along with being tantamount to high class and standards.

  • High quality craftsmanship
    There is one thing that everybody can be as sure as the sun coming up is that branded products do not compromise on quality. There is no concession on standards, craftsmanship and materials. Only the best goes towards making a branded product. The quality is not a one time show but consistent. Sometimes, the efforts to maintain this quality reach high levels of eccentricity. Example wineries that produce quality and branded wine might discard a whole year’s production if they happen to find that the wine produced is not up to their standards due to some reason. People might cry foul, call it wastage but in the world of brands, this is a necessary step to ensure the maximum and unparalleled quality of their produce.

  • High in aesthetic values
    Luxury or branded products are highly aesthetic and pleasing to the senses. The product’s make and look are such that it makes it pleasurable to own it. You will know for sure how branded products have a distinct look. They look rich, sophisticated and exudes a sense of status and power. We all love to feel in this way and if a product can make us feel so, we will definitely want to own it. Sometimes luxury products go up for bidding. Imagine yourself in one such bid and you put in the highest bid for a product. No other person can afford it. Only you can. How immensely does it increase the abstract value of the product? How pleasurable must you feel upon being one of the few owners of that piece?

  • Serve more than just utilitarian purpose
    Most of the products meant for the masses have high value of functionality but when it comes to branded products, the value transcends into the domain of abstract benefits. Not only do you get utility from a branded product but also benefits that cannot be adjudged physically. These benefits are usually related to human values and lifestyles. Our psychology is such that we want everything associated with us to express our personality, tastes, state of mind and preferences. That’s why we have beautifully designed, shaped and coloured objects. These stated characteristics do not contribute to the utility of the object but goes a long way in making them suit a particular personality.
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Be clear about your purpose of buying branded

Not all branded products spell quality and many of even the top labels have lower grade products that all said and done, are only a way to flaunt the brand logo. If you're looking for a quality bag that will last years, do not limit yourself to the big labels and look around and do your research. The more visibility a brand enjoys, the more likely its products have been extensively reviewed. Many a time a little known brand will have a far superior product, and then take a call on just how much you want that coveted logo.