10 Lust Worthy Branded but Affordable Handbags for the Ladies Plus Bonus Tips That Will Make Your Luxury Handbags Last longer (2020)

10 Lust Worthy Branded but Affordable Handbags for the Ladies Plus Bonus Tips That Will Make Your Luxury Handbags Last longer (2020)

Handbags are woman’s best companions and no ensemble of hers is complete without a matching handbag. While purchasing a handbag it’s essential to not just look at its material and design, but also check the compartments it has to offer, the comfort of carrying it about and the closure mechanism it has to offer. Here we have shortlisted some top handbags for ladies you might want to consider before making a purchase.

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Tips: Ultimate Handbag Guide for Women

Keeping up with The Latest Trends.

With dime a dozen varieties of handbags in the market, you have to choose one that best matches your personality and adds value to your individuality, giving off a unique edge to your style. When looking at a perfect handbag to carry, consider your outfit, to begin with, whether it’s for a day time events or a night party, this would then make it easier for you to choose a handbag that matches the outfit without one outshining the other.

Also take into consideration your style and skin colour before making a choice, as every dress and every personality have a bag to go along with them. With the innumerable variations of handbags available, it is really difficult to look into each brand. The best way of identifying a perfect handbag for yourself or a loved one would be to choose one that fits a budget, is fashionable, durable and useful at the same time. While designer handbags are quite heavy on the pocket, they are more or less a fashion investment, extremely trendy and always visually appealing!

Types of Bags

It’s a given that handbags are a convenient fashion accessory that not only carries most of your daily essentials but also works well in line with the latest trends in the fashion realm. However, it can be a tad bit difficult to identify the right type of bag which is ergonomic, comfortable functional and nice looking as well. For instance, for convenient and daily use you should choose a bag that’s lightweight, and multi-functional, like a crossbody bag.

A handbag is a typical medium-sized bag every woman must own, while a hobo bag is a large one made of soft materials and saggily shaped. Featuring a crescent under the handle it has a distinct outline, making it a casual carry bag. A tote is a rectangular bag made of leather or canvas material and comes with a medium handle, spacious enough to hold most shopping, while a duffel bag has flat or rounded sides, top zip closure and a good amount of space. Then there are messenger bags, backpacks, wristlets, shoulder bags, baguette and bucket bags.

Choosing The Right Kind, According to Your Body Type

Besides serving a purpose its essential that your handbag also matches your body type just like it matches your outfit, style preference, et all. Ideally, the size of the bag should match your body type, for instance, women with short frames should carry a short purse, to help look slightly taller, while tall women, should carry small handbags. Petite women can carry a rectangular and slightly tall looking handbag, while tall women should carry a mid-sized round bag. The base of the bag should be levelled with where it matches your body, for example, short bags highlight your bust size, making it look a bit larger. If you have a pear-shaped body or round, or your shoulder is smaller as compared to your waist or hips, then choose a satchel purse, which will help accentuate your upper torso, but if your shoulders match your hips and waist, then it's best to carry a hobo bag.

Branded Handbags in India

Winifred Satchel

The Winifred Satchel comes from an established range of handbags adorned with quilting work and embellishments, also a futuristic design that features plenty of space, multiple compartments and durability, making it a leading brand in the Fashion Accessories Market for Women. Sized small, the Winifred Satchel comes with a metal logo and charm, with multiple sections, an organizer slot, adjustable sling handle, a back pocket, flap over closure, matching PU trims and branded lining. Measuring 23.5 x 10 x 18, the Winifred Satchel is priced at Rs. 2,799.

Baggit Shoulder Handbag

A perfect choice for today’s woman, this Navy and Turquoise Shoulder Bag from Baggit comes with colour block pattern and a zip closure. Conveying the urban vibe, the handbag’s complete with spacious compartments that can accommodate your daily essentials with safety and is made of cruelty-free synthetic material for longer life span. This shoulder bag comes with a double handle for added comfort and shows off its individualistic artistic brilliance, complementing both Indian and International Markets. Measuring 36cm in height, 29cm in length and handle that measures 14cm in width, the Baggit Shoulder Handbag is priced at Rs.1,388.

DKNY Beige Feminine Tote

The brand DKNY (Diana Korr) carries an international level quality and chic designs that exude a certain classiness, and add an edge to the Indian market’s increasing fashion demands. The Chic Beige Tote from DKNY brings a sense of femininity to the urbane woman clad in solid tops and pieces of denim, featuring a gorgeous printed scarf and chain that details on the strap. With multiple pockets, 2 on the inside and 1 externally, there’s ample space to store your essentials, providing a perfect blend of utility and style. An excellent addition to your fashion accessories the DKNY Beige Tote measures 12 x 5.5 x 12.5 and is made from leatherette material on the inside with a beige lining and polyester pockets on the outside. With a zip closure, the DKNY Beige Tote is priced at Rs.1,470.

Spruce Croco Tan Handbag

Source hidesign.com

Hidesign’s Spruce Croco Tan Handbag is one of the latest designs of the brand which features a perfect blend of sleek style and functionality, complementing any outfit you wear. With 2 zip pockets present on the outside, 1 main slot and a slip pocket, a zip pocket on the inside, the handbag has a top zip closure and measures 24 x 16 x 6cm in dimensions. Developed specifically for Hidesign leather, you can use the Hidesign Cream to clean, condition or polish the bag, store it in a cloth bag and during rainy season clean it with Dettol, in case there’s a fungus infestation. The Hidesign Spruce Croco Tan Handbag is priced at Rs. 3,006.

Black Croc Pattern Sling Bag

The Black Croc Pattern Sling Bag from Mango features a durable and stylish wardrobe accessory which is a must have! And can spruce up your personality instantly when paired with a fitted top, leather accessories and caged heels! Inclusive of a drawstring closure, a main compartment, non-detachable sling strap, the bag measures 22 x 26 x 11cm in height, width and depth respectively. Made of PU material, the Black Croc Pattern Sling Bag is best wiped clean with a dry cloth and is priced at Rs. 1,578. With its compartment closure, the drawstring is made in an animal printed pattern and is best paired with casual wear.

DressBerry Pink Solid Shoulder Bag

The uber-stylish Dressberry Shoulder Bag in Solid Pink colour is a tad classier than other handbags. A shoulder bag with a zip closure, the bag is made of synthetic material and has a main compartment with a detachable sling strap and 3 pockets on the inside. Ideal for casual outings, the pink solid shoulder bag measures 28 x 44 x 13cm in height, width and depth and are best wiped clean with a dry cloth. Available in a regular size, with 2 handles and 1 external pocket the DressBerry Pink Solid Shoulder Bag is priced at Rs. 1,319.

Magnolia Handbag-White

Source www.cyahi.com

The attractive Cyahi Magnolias collection is drool-worthy with chic designs on satin & vegan leather bags that presents a lovely blend of colour and design, making it a perfect choice as a daytime fashion accessory, both convenient and beautiful. The Magnolia Handbag comes with black satin lining, a main zipped compartment and measures 16 x 11 x 4”. Priced at Rs. 2,199. The White Handbag from Magnolia comes in a beautiful floral print and is available on Cyahi.

Van Heusen Women' Satchel

Source www.amazon.in

Known as a leading lifestyle brand, Van Heusen has now launched its women’s wear, accessories, aimed at ambitious, intelligent and dynamic women personalities with an everyday couture range, which is a mix of chic styling, polished and classy additions. The Van Heusen Women’s Satchel is made of synthetic material and is available in black colour, measuring 30 x 43 x 8 cm in height, length and width respectively. With a buckle closure, 1 main compartment and 2 pockets, this modern-day stylish handbag is spacious enough to hold all your daily essentials without compromising on its style. Priced at Rs. 3,299.

Twilly Scarf Woven Bucket Bag

Source www.shein.in

Available in a bohemian style, made of 100% PP, the Twilly Scarf Woven Bucket Bag comes in beige colour with a chain strap and small size with a plain woven pattern. Measuring 6 x 4.3 x 6.7” in length, width and height, the bucket bag comes with a strap length of 37” and is priced at Rs. 471. The Twilly Scarf Woven Bucket has a vibrant and chic scarf tied on the top in a bow style, which adds to its design.

Lino Perros Pink Handbag

The pink handbag from Lino Perros is made of artificial leather and features 5 pockets. Available in lush leatherette material with strong and polished handles, this handbag exudes a certain charm that’s both elegant and classy. Adorned with a printed floral pattern, the Lino Perros Pink Handbag is priced at Rs. 1,298 and has two compartments. It isn’t water-resistant and comes in a solid design with a zip closure, measuring 39 x 27cm in dimensions and weighs about 400gm. The Lino Perros Ping Handbag comes with 3 months domestic warranty.

Bonus Tips: How to Take Care of Your Handbags

If you’ve been apprehensive about using your handbags without damaging them, then don’t worry. We can help you with some quick tips to ensure they last longer, clean well and get your money’s worth.

  • Off the Floor - The floors are filled with germs and specks of dirt of all kinds, so why place your favourite handbag on the floor! Always place it at the back of a chair or on a neighbouring seat or better still, buy a handbag table hook to place it comfortably.

  • Over the Top Cleaning – Avoid getting all kinds of dirt and grime off your handbag in the first place, but if somehow do, then avoid over-cleaning it as the leather can get damaged due to exposure to an overload of chemicals. It is better to spot clean the bag with water when required.

  • Cleaning for Different Types – Cleaning every handbag is different just as the variety it comes in. For instance, suede handbags are typically delicate and prone to fading due to the sun’s rays and should not be exposed to water or oil of any kind. It is best to clean a suede bag with a soft brush and use a paper towel or eraser to get small marks out. In patent leather, the colour transfer is a challenge, so it’d be best to avoid having it rest against a surface, similarly, brightly coloured bags too can fade in direct sunlight and are best cared for by being stored in dark places.

  • Cleaning Agents – For cleaning handbags, having some baby wipes are good for removing marks, while a lint roller can come in handy to dust the hard-2-reach spots, and a bit of leather polish keeps vintage leather shiny and supple.

  • Storage – Storing your handbag using a purse insert and dust bag cover is perfect, and you can also use tissue paper inside the bag to retain its shape and put it away in a pillowcase to avoid catching dust. Opt for a handbag organizer that can be hung easily in your closet and help you pick out of your favourite lot quickly. Always remember that plastics or vinyl don’t breathe and trap moisture, which may lead to mould, so it's best to avoid storing your bags in them.

  • Swapping – To ensure the longevity of your handbags, it is good to swap them from time to time. When you use one handbag longer as opposed to the other, its life span will reduce. So be sure to rotate your bags.
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When buying handbag what really matters Brand, Design, Price?

Women believe somebody judge them for whatever they wear. Buying designer bags for them would mean a ticket toward them to being socially accepted. This is the reason why many of them have a desire to purchase brand name products and designed bag, particularly designer handbags. Design is most important. It must meet certain standards, for comfort convenience, practicality, and fits in with wardrobe. Bags are reflective of our personalities, so brand, design, and price all come into play, result in the bag that best suits our needs and wants.