List of Stylish Handbags That  Fit all Your Daily Must-Haves Comfortably(2020): Equal Parts Fashion and Function, They Work 9 to 5 and Beyond.

List of Stylish Handbags That Fit all Your Daily Must-Haves Comfortably(2020): Equal Parts Fashion and Function, They Work 9 to 5 and Beyond.

Raise your hand if you're finally going to swap that overused tote you've been bringing with you to work the past two years once this is all over? Give these 10 stylish bag trends a look so you are in the fashion, and if any of 'em strike your fancy, shop them below!

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Your Guide to Stylish Handbags - The Different Types

Handbags are essential wardrobe staples and a woman’s guilty pleasure. They are not a fashion accessory anymore; instead an ultimate combination of utility and style. They make it easy to carry essentials around. Likewise, handbags also complete and add visual intrigue to the outfit. Such an essential accessory should be chosen with care.

Handbags have evolved quite a lot over the years. Here are a few that vary in size, style and comfort. Choose one depending on your need and occasion.


Satchels are one of the most versatile bags around, similar to a doctor’s bag. With structured sides, wide interior, a foldover top and a clasp or buckle closure, the handbags are perfect for people who prefer to be organized. Even though the bag is capacious, it is quite small in structure. Apart from the short strap, it also comes with a longer strap, for wearing it crossbody style.



Totes are of many types. One common factor among all the types is that they are big in size. They have a flat bottom with tall sides not necessarily stiff. Due to their size, tote bags are apt for shopping, though its leather counterparts are office appropriate. Square or rectangular shape with lots of room and little to no pockets are characteristics of these bags.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags get their name from their unusual shape. If you are looking for a non-fussy bag ideal for summer vacations, this is it. With a structured base, the bags are taller than it is wide. They have a drawstring fastening and a short or long strap. Few also have backpack style straps.


A crescent-shaped bag with a short strap, stud fastening and a bohemian vibe is the hobo bag. Perfect for your weekend shenanigans, the hobo is particularly roomy for its small size. The slouchy look makes up for the size that can fit all your essentials and some more.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are not a different shape but the way the bag is worn. The bags are worn across the body, hence have the longest straps among all bags. The design lets you have your hand free and subsequently make your life easier. Depending on the style, you can either use it casually or as a fashion accessory at a party.

Shoulder Bags


Similar to the cross body bags, shoulder bags refer to a variety rather than a specific type. It broadly refers to the type of bags that you can wear over the shoulder. The straps are adjustable and can be short or long but not long enough to be worn as a crossbody bag. These bags also tend to have many pockets and slots both interior and exterior.


Designed with its use in mind, the clutch bag is perfect for night outs and formal occasions. They often come without a strap and the wearer holds it in her hands, hence the name. Clutches are usually adorned with beads and sequins in bold metallic colours. But the only drawback is that you can carry only the bare minimum.



Though first used for academic purposes, it later evolved as a fashion accessory with designs that complement any outfit. The hands free design enables you to carry your belongings easily. Backpacks are particularly roomy, even the smallest of bags making it ideal for day outs and vacations.

Messenger Bags

This is probably the only bag enjoyed by men and women alike. It gets its name from the origin of the bag. It was first used by bike messengers and mail carriers. It has a fold over top with a clasp and a long strap, also usually worn sling style. Women’s bags are usually smaller but can still carry your notes, laptops etc.

Duffle Bags

Though not traditionally a handbag, the duffle bags are a must-have for short vacations, weekend outs and such. Smaller versions of the bag are available, which are ideal for gym and athletic pursuits. A duffle bag is characterized by its flat size and rounded ends. It possesses both long and short straps.

Stylish Bags for Every Occasion

Miraggio Medusa Women's Satchel Handbag

Searching for a statement bag to accessorize your outfit? Look no further than Miraggio Medusa Women's Satchel. Measuring 23x29x12, the bag is made of faux leather with snake textured corners. The features of the bag include 1 middle compartment with a zipped closure, smartphone pockets and zippered pockets. The bag has a rolled top handle with a metallic bar and an adjustable long strap. Buy it from Miraggio Life for Rs. 3,849.

Dune London Green Dinidavard Large Shoulder Bag

A bag big enough for daily use; Stunningly simple and Elegant; The Dune London Green Dinidavard Large Shoulder Bag has everything you would imagine in a handbag. Made of synthetic material, the bag measures 14 cm wide and 30 cm long. The crossbody strap, a short strap and a snap closure facilitates you to carry the bag any way you want without fear. With a height of 23 cm the bag is quite large enough to fit in your essentials and some more. The shoulder bag is green with rose-gold metal accents, 2 large compartments and 1 zippered compartment. Priced at Rs. 7,999, the handbag is available to buy at Tata Cliq.

Aldo Martis

Walk to your office in style with the Aldo Martis Satchel. Costing you Rs. 7,999, the bag is pink and white with gold accents. Typical of a satchel, the bag has a foldover top with a twist lock. It has one compartment and a zippered pocket on the inside. As for straps, it has a short handle and a longer crossbody strap which is adjustable. Measuring 22x10x17 cms, the satchel is rather on the small side. Being fashioned from high-quality synthetic material, the handbag also features a chain detail and tassel on the front. Buy it from Aldo Shoes.

Steve Madden Camel Multi Bisabel Small Cross Body Bag

Designed for ultimate comfort the Steve Madden Camel Multi Bisabel Small Cross Body Bag is the epitome of style and fashion. Featuring a foldover top and a buckle closure, the bag is beige and white perfect for any attire. It is surprisingly roomy for a small bag and has two compartments separated by a smaller zippered pouch. Made of PU, the handbag has a wide strap. Consequently, it doesn't hurt when worn for longer periods at a stretch. Buy it from Tata Cliq for Rs. 3,899.

Cyahi Lavender Secrets


Inspired by the Chinoiserie style of art is the Lavender Secrets by Cyahi. The classic Cyahi handbag is made from satin and vegan leather with a black satin lining. In lavender with peach floral details and birds, the design has a quiet understated beauty. Measuring 16 x 11 x 4 inches, the handbag has a single compartment with a zippered closure and a double short straps. Priced at Rs. 2,199, the handbag is available to buy from Cyahi.

Lavie Marble Laptop Bag

Your laptop bag need not be the ever-practical black backpack? It can be as beautiful as the Marble Laptop Bag from Lavie. Available in 2 colours, the laptop bag also doubles as a large tote. It measures 26 X 11 X 32 cm and can fit in a laptop up to 16 inches. Being a large tote the bag itself is quite roomy. Apart from the laptop sleeve and the smartphone pouch, there are not many compartments. Coming to straps, it has a removable longer sling strap and smaller handles. The handbag is available to buy from Lavie World for Rs. 2,119.

Accessorize London R Gold Bucket Bag


Accessorize London R Gold Bucket Bag is every young woman’s dream of a handbag. With textured metallic gold outer and gold hardware, the bag is the height of fashion. Made of faux leather, the bucket bag has a foldover top with a twist lock. Carry it using its twin handles or go handsfree with the detachable crossbody strap. As for compartments, there are 2 separated by a zippered pouch. Priced at Rs. 2,912, the handbag is available to buy from Nykaa.

Caprese Denise Satchel Small Burgundy


Crafted in exquisite faux leather, the Denise Satchel by Caprese has everything you seek for in a satchel. In the stunning metallic burgundy colour, the satchel is everything you would look for in an evening bag. Additionally, it has multiple compartments and multiple zippered pouches. The flap closure and top zip help keep the contents of the bag safe and secure. The adjustable sling handle and top handle ensure a comfortable carry. Costing you Rs. 3,399, the exquisite handbag is available to buy from Amazon.

Satya Paul Tote Bag


Satya Paul is known for its contemporary outfits and this bag is no lesser than what you expect from the brand. The Printed Tote Bag with its multicolour print made from fashion leather is the picture of sophistication. Designed using polyurethane, the bag boasts of one main compartment with multiple interior pockets with zip closures. With a bottom depth of 4.9 inches and 10.2 inches height, the bag has ample storage capacity. Make it yours for Rs. 2,693. It is available to buy from Amazon.

Van Heusen Spring-Summer 2019 Satchel


A bag for the smart and sophisticated women of today; The Beige Bucket Bag from the Van Heusen Spring-Summer 2019 is a must-have in your wardrobe. The bucket bag with its crosshatch texture and gold-tone hardware is truly reflective of the brand’s simplistic elegant designs. It features both PU mix shoulder strap and chain-link & PU mix longer strap. It also has a zip closure with the main compartment, a zipped pocket and smartphone pouches. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 1,537.

Store Your Handbags for Endurance

For most women handbag is much beyond a means to carry essentials and would like a good many of them in their wardrobe. Storing them can be a conundrum. Handbags tend to be fragile and should be taken care of appropriately. Here are a few ways to prolong the life of your handbags.

Clean Your Bags Occasionally

The most important step before storing your handbags is to clean them. Every bag requires a different cleaner depending on its material. Let them dry completely before storing them. If your bag came with a dust bag store it in the same when not in use. This prevents the formation of mildew.

Protect Their Shape

It is also essential that you store the bag upright with its shape intact. An ideal way is to stuff the handbag to retain its shape. You can use a purse pillow or stuff it with newspapers. In the case of newspapers, change out the newspapers occasionally. Also, make sure the base of the handbag is also secure to prevent sagging.

Store It Away Safely

Depending on your closet space, you can either store your handbags in cubbies or in the case of lack of space you can hang your bags on hooks behind your closet door. Look at the available space, and decide from one among the following options.

  • Bag Organizer
    This is by far the easiest option to go for. Your bag organizer could be cubbies or bins or pouches. Have no closet space for a cubby or a bin, go for pouches. They can be hung anywhere, even at the back of a door.

  • Cubbies and Bins
    Cubbies are the one for you if you would like to display your bags in your closet. You can purchase cubbies that fit your closet space on Amazon. Bins are apt for storing handbags that you rarely use.

  • Hooks
    Hooks are more of a DIY option when you do not want to spend on a organizer. Place removable hooks anywhere where you’d like your handbag to be; on your closet or doors. They are ideal if you’d like your bags to be within reach at all times.

  • Shower Curtain Rings
    Does your closet come with a rod for hanging stuff? Use shower curtain rings to hang your handbags. It positions your handbags to hang sideways saving space.

  • Shelf Dividers
    Shelf dividers are cheaper alternatives to cubbies. You can keep your handbags separated and stand them upright.

  • Bookshelf
    Have a bookcase waiting to be filled? Use it to store your handbags. Stuff your bags to help them stay upright and display them on your bookcase.

Sort According to Usage


Avoid unnecessary handling when your bags are not in use. Sort your bags according to the usage. Hang your daily bags on hooks or place them in an easily reachable position. Place handbags that you use for occasions at the back in cubbies or store it away in bins. Whether you categorize it by colour or occasion depends on you.

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