We All Need Those Huge Purses in Our Life to Carry Everything We Need on Daily Basis in Office and in Malls(2020)! Choose the Best Big Purses from Our List to Add to Your Collection!

We All Need Those Huge Purses in Our Life to Carry Everything We Need on Daily Basis in Office and in Malls(2020)! Choose the Best Big Purses from Our List to Add to Your Collection!

We all know the daily struggles of carrying our essentials with us to work or college. Most of us like to keep a bag we can easily load with some of our basic necessities, without having to worry about the capacity of the bag. Add a few of these to your daily wardrobe and you will be set for a long time! Here you will learn everything about them; from purchasing to cleaning and organizing them, properly!

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Effortlessly Add to Your Style with Big Purses

The task of finding a big purse, that would perfectly compliment your outfit and shoes, is tedious. A well-paired bag lets you grab the attitude to boost your style quotient. Many women look for big purses to help them carry all their needs with ease. Trouble in choosing a big purse is that one might feel that they enough lack elegance and style to make it work. On the contrary, online shops have multiple stylish and fashionable big purses for all occasions. So, you need not worry that you will have to compromise on either functionality or style. Find here how to choose them, and refined options to choose from.

How to Carry Your Big Purses with Style

The key is to pick a well-paired bag which is effortless to carry. So, you need to focus on how to choose the right big purse for you.

Choose According to Your Body Shape

Your body shape plays a vital role in identifying the best big purse. Saddlebags are for women who are bulk in the upper half. Low hanging big purses suit the women with curves. Do not use the bags with hip length if you are of the pear-shaped body type. Long hanging big purses can be perfect for women who are petite. Long and extra-large purses are apt for women who are tall and slim.

Apt for the Occasion

You cannot choose an inappropriate bag as it depends on the occasion. Sequin bags with embellishments are a big no for professional purposes. You can choose much bigger bags for travel and shopping use, while for workplace something that is of medium size is what you need to go for. Do not match an elegant bag with sober formals. For the office, you need to pick a purse just big enough to hold many kinds of stuffs that you carry to work regularly. Choose something dazzling if you are taking a big purse to a party.

To Match the Outfit

Your outfit style decides the bag design you need to carry. But, the colour also plays a vital role. Gold, pink, and blue colour bags cannot be matched with outfits of all colours. If you always prefer big purses, it is a good idea to choose a black one for regular use. Black totes are a perfect choice for everyday use. The different colour choices should be made based on the party colours you prefer. Elegant and classy red, bubbly pink, and bright blue are good choices.

Top 10 Big Purses to Complement Your Style

Looking for big purses that would let you carry all essentials effortlessly without compromising the style quotient? Then here is the list of big purses you cannot afford to miss. The compilation is of durable big purses that are stylish and also functional. Have a look at these top 10 big purses, and grab the one that fits your needs most.

Vintage PU Leather Large Capacity Female Solid Colour Women Bag

This solid patterned big purse has a single strap and can be carried on the shoulders or hands with ease. This vintage style bag is a perfect fit for your regular use or to carry to parties and get-togethers. The soft bag has a polyester lining, which ensures the bag is very durable. The versatility of this composite bag is a compelling reason to buy it. It has enough space for your small cosmetic goods, small wallets to hold cash and change, your phone chargers, and much more. The PU material ensures the sturdiness of the bag, and you need not worry about its longevity. Get this bag for Rs. 1,299 at onshopdeals.com.

Legal Bribe Women's Shoulder Bag

Source www.amazon.in

For the women who look for the combo of professional looks, and great style, this bag is a great choice. amazon.in offers this shoulder bag for Rs. 1,160. This green synthetic bag has a zip closure and 3 compartments, so you can keep many things in an organized manner. This is highly useful for women who carry lots of documents, and other stuff to the workplace. You will find this elegant and show your style quotient precisely.

Made of vegan leather, the inner fabric is of brown colour. While the bag is durable and can be used without the fear of wear and tear, you should not expose it to extreme heat, if you want to enjoy these pros. It is designed in a way that the inner lining fabric is also durable. The strap can be adjusted on the shoulder or can be removed when necessary.

Solid Colour Retro PU Leather Large Capacity Ladies Handbag (Red)

This PU bag is for women who want to carry things that can be a bit heavier. For instance, small devices, a couple of books or other things required at a workplace. It weighs 580 grams, which means it is sturdy and lets you carry a good amount of stuff. You can carry your wallets, glasses, mobile phones, and your cosmetics plus other fashion requirements. This is a versatile option, and you can carry it to work every day, while shopping or on a single day trip. Eassy Mall offers this bag at Rs. 1,841.

Daily Objects Black Faux Leather Fatty Women's Tote Bag

If you are looking for a high-quality bag without a great focus on small details, then this DailyObjects Black Faux Leather Fatty Women's Tote Bag is an apt choice. It has a zip closure and there is another compartment inside the bag to keep your valuables safely. The lining inside is soft poly-cotton. You can use it for daily office, or shopping. A good companion for a journey is this light in a weight travel bag, that can easily contain a few important things like your charger and make-up items. It is durable and you can carry it easily on the shoulders. You can also hold it in the hands if you want. You can get this tote bag for Rs. 1,250 at nykaa.com.

Black Solid Oversized Tote Bag

Myntra offers this Black oversized Tote bag for Rs. 1,679 from Ether. The best thing about this solid bag is that it is very easy to maintain. One of the major problems with the solid bags is that you need to clean it with care. You can simply wipe this bag with a clean and dry cloth and remove dust and dirt. Use a soft cloth.

It has 2 handles, and you can carry this bag on your shoulders. The bag has one major compartment. So, if you are not looking for multiple compartments, then you can find this bag a great choice. This is an elegant option for all casual occasions. This structured and well-designed bag helps you look stylish with all of your outfits.

Oriflame The Style Collection Weekender Waterproof Shoulder Bag

This is a fine choice if you are looking for a huge bag suitable to carry all your daily essentials. A big plus of this bag is that it is also waterproof. A few women carry shakes or juices to work or other places. The biggest fear is spilling any of these, resultant in getting drenched all your important stuff in the bag. Using this bag lets you stay away from these worries. The stylish design lets you carry it to outings with friends, and it is not too gaudy, so you can take this to work too. A great choice with different solid patterns comes from Oriflame. Grab this one from Flipkart for Rs. 1,279.

Jianxiu Genuine Leather Crocodile Pattern Luxury Handbags for Women

This is the ultimate choice for the fashionista in you. This crocodile pattern shoulder bag is fun to own. Made of cow leather, it includes a cell phone pocket and an interior zipper pocket. This casual tote bag can be hung on the shoulders or carried down. These bags will definitely garner attention when you carry them. Get it from onshopdeal.com for Rs. 2,998.

Mark & Keith Gray P.U. Handheld

Source n3.sdlcdn.com

A gray bag that would perfectly suit all casual occasions is this one from Mark & Keith. This PU bag is a handheld one and comes with a zippered closure. This is a classy bag, and you can easily carry this for occasions, and using it at the workplace is also not a problem. The main compartment is designed to hold a lot of stuff, but of course, you need to keep it organized. This durable bag is also very light in weight. Snapdeal lets you buy this bag for Rs. 999.

Metro Black Tote Bag

A simple and nice-looking Black Tote Bag from Metro is something you need to own if you want to look stylish without much ado. This tote bag lets you carry a lot of stuff. While you can carry it for any occasion, it is suitable for the workplace and travels the most. There are 2 large compartments. So, you can put in your chargers, purse, phones, keys, make-up goods, and even a book into it. If you can neatly organise the things, the bag is capable of holding a lot of things. Rs. 1,990 is the price tag of this tote bag, and it is available at metroshoes.net.

Designer Leather Bags Set of 3

Source stylezone.co

A set of 3 bags- a tote, a cross-body bag and a clutch all come for the price of just Rs, 2,990 from Style Zone. The red tote is designed to adjust all important things a woman needs every day. You can place the clutch with the change, pen, and keys inside the bag. Hang the tote from the shoulders or hold it in the hands, the bag looks impressive. You can also hold the tote, and hang the cross-body bag, when you need to use too many things out of the bag while shopping. An elegant look is guaranteed with this set of bags.

Tips to Make the Most of the Big Purse

Many who grab the big purses find it difficult to carry lots of things. One of the reasons is that the purses weigh a bit more if you want to carry many things. There are other things to consider.

Organise Things Clearly

Source www.today.com

A big purse definitely holds lots of things, provided you organise it neatly. For instance, a few would clumsily drop the things inside the bag, and it would be a huge task retrieving them from the bag, when needed. The tangled earphones, clanging change, and sharp pens everything can damage your big purse. So, use a clutch or wallet to place the cash, keys, and pen. Use the extra compartment in the bag to place the earphones. This is an easy way to ensure your bag holds lots of things and is neatly organised. You can also get things out of it with ease.

Don’t Stuff Too Much to Prevent Shoulder or Back Pain

The capacity of the bag can be huge. There are bags that are of 5 litre capacity. But, when you use it to the maximum every other day, you need to keep in mind that you cannot carry the bag easily. Prolonged usage of the heavily loaded bag can lead to shoulder ache. The big purses are designed to carry a little stuff of lighter weight. Purse, cards, keys, a couple of books, a small water bottle, cosmetics like face washes, talcum, creams, of small quantities, lipsticks, combs, and small mirrors are few examples. In short, it can hold too many things that are not too heavy.

Clean It Often

Ensure that the bag is clean from the bills, receipts, and other unwanted stuff. Only then the necessary items can go in. Clean the big purses frequently to make the most of the big purse you own.

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