Get Stylish with Slim Wallets for Men: Different Styles Available in the Market and Best Options to Choose from in 2020

Get Stylish with Slim Wallets for Men: Different Styles Available in the Market and Best Options to Choose from in 2020

We think when it comes to buying things for men, there are limited choices. But that is not true anymore. Nowadays, there are different options available for men as well. One such product is wallets for men, and in this article, we've listed down some great and stylish options to choose from along with some other tips!

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Importance of Carrying a Wallet

It is not only women who like to stay in style and carry accessories, men love it too. One of the basic things to carry with you when you head out the door is a handbag for women and a stylish wallet for men. We have compiled a list of some of the best slim wallets available in the market but before that let us look into why carrying a sleek wallet important for men.

Wallets are a necessity to carry all the important documents and of course your cash and cards safely in one place. Carrying a wallet goes back to the archaic period when they looked like a small knapsack made from leather. They were small in size and used to carry important things and food items when men went out of their homes. They were carried by attaching them to the belt or hanging them with a drawstring. These small knapsacks have evolved and now are found as wallets.

Most men think that wallets in an accessory and are optional but wallets are a necessity. An obvious reason to carry is to keep important papers safe but another reason is that shows a man's style and personality. It also demonstrated the power of a man as it carries his wealth and is seen as a status symbol. It also makes it easy to carry things and keep your hands free. Simply put it in your pocket and you are all set. It also ensures that you will find all the important papers without looking for them every time you need it. In the end, it is a fashion statement and can make a man look more appealing. You can find tons of different types of wallets made from various materials and colors.

How to Choose a Perfect Wallet

If you are looking for a good slim wallet for yourself the following tips can help you find the best one for you.

  • Choose the kind of material you like your wallet to be. There are several materials used in making wallets like:
    Leather wallets are of good quality, most of them are made from cow or sheep leather. You can also find some expensive ones made from alligator leather. You will also find many wallets made from fake leather and it can be difficult to find the difference between the two. Wallets made for fake leather are not durable and a good way to tell a difference is to look at wallets edges. A real leather wallet has rough edges and has inconsistently placed pores on its surface. You can also find wallets made from random materials like cotton or wallets made with old tires or vehicle seat belts etc. They are cheap and fall apart soon.

  • Look for a neat wallet because simplicity defines a man's individuality. A neatly made wallet with plain solid colors looks very good and can be used in both formal and informal events. They can be carried with any attire of any color with confidence. A cheesy wallet will make you stand out so look for class and style when buying one.

  • As always, size matters. Look for the right size for your wallet. Think of the things you keep in a wallet and then buy the one which is the best. A good way to do that is to take everything out of your wallet and clean the trash. Now look for the size of a wallet that can carry all the remaining things in it comfortably. If you carry a lot of cards you can go for a wallet with card slots if not you can look for a bifold one.

  • Research on the kinds of wallets available in the market. You can find wallets with different features, here are some types that are commonly found in the market:

    Foldable wallets:

    These are very common among men. They are either bi-fold or tri bold and you can carry a good amount of cash in it. They are folded and fitted in your pocket and keep the things in it secure.

    Minimalist wallet/slim wallets:

    These are slim wallets and made for men who like to carry a few things in their wallets. You can carry around four cards and some cash in it. If you don't like that bulge in your trouser, you can go for this type of wallet. If you like to carry coins then you should not choose the minimalist wallet.

    Travel wallets:

    These wallets are nothing but small. They are made to keep all the documents you need while you travel. They are very convenient and easy to carry. It also has a separate pocket to keep the coins that are always needed during travel.

  • When buying a wallet buy it as a long-term investment. You can easily find wallets ranging in various prices but you should buy a good wallet as cheap wallets are not durable. If you are not one of those people who like to buy things often then invest a good amount of money in it and buy a premium quality leather wallet. It will last longer and look very stylish.

  • Also look for a wallet with compartments in it, it will help you put things in neatly.

  • If you like to be in trend and want to keep your things safe in your wallet you can buy the RFID blocking wallet. This will prevent it from being stolen especially if you keep it in your back pocket. They are a little more expensive but keep your things safe.

Slim Wallets for Men: Classy and Elegant Options Handpicked for You

Titan Brown Men's Wallet


This Titan Brown Men's wallet is a sleek looking wallet which would look good on men of all ages. It is made of brown leather and has a hook and a loop in it to keep your things safe. It comes with three compartments to keep your money and cards safe in it. You can easily fold it and keep it in your back or front pocket. The compartment for cards holds four credit cards and has a coin pocket to keep your change in. You can buy this stylish wallet for Rs. 869 from

TITANRFID Protected Anti Theft Wallet in Dark Brown

Another cool wallet to own is the TITAN dark brown wallet. It comes with RFID technology and makes it an anti-theft wallet. It is made of high-quality leather and looks very modern. The wallet has a cool mat knitting design on the top which makes it look very stylish. You can easily keep your bills and money in it, fold it and keep it in your pocket. It is available for Rs. 1,295 from

Ness Front Pocket Wallet

This wallet is a tri-fold wallet and is made to be kept in the front pocket. Its slim and stylish design makes it very easy to carry without giving a bulge in your trousers. It is made of 100% Polyester and has a compartment for cash, another compartment for cards, and 2 slide pockets to keep our small documents in it. The dark black color makes it look very profound and can be used with different attires. It has a Velcro attached to it to close it and keep your belongings safe. You can order it for Rs. 1,248 from

AL FASCINO Leather Men's Wallet


Here's another RFID protected wallet - the AL FASCINO wallet. It is made with 100% pure croc leather which makes it highly durable. It is made by combining two beautiful colors, Brown and Blue which makes it very retro. The wallet has beautiful self-design on it and comes with 2 slots to keep your money it. You can also keep 6 cards in it and use the 2 hidden pockets in it to keep your documents in. It can be used as a gift for your dad or your husband, they will love it. You can buy it for just Rs. 499 from

Hornbull Buttler Navy Mens Leather Wallet


If you are a man of style you will fall in love with this wallet as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The Hornbull leather wallet is in a Navy blue color with a hint of gray in it which makes it look outstanding. It is made with top-grain leather. It comes with 7 slots for your credit cards, 2 slots for cash, and 2 secret compartments to hold your personal belongings. It comes with RFID blocking to block 13.5 MHz or higher RFID signals. This cool wallet is made to hold all your things without looking bulky. You can buy it for Rs. 648 from

John Slim Bifold Wallet


Looking for a classy slim wallet? Check out the John slim bi-fold wallet made for men. This is a stunning wallet made to keep only the important things in it. You can easily slip it into your front pocket and forget about it. It comes with one pocket to hold your cash and two slots for your cards. It also has 2 hidden pockets as well. The wallet is unique as it is handcrafted using premium quality leather which makes it highly durable. It is available for Rs. 1,495 on

Timberland Men's Blix Slimfold Leather Wallet

The Timberland wallet is another very cool slim wallet made of 100% leather. It is thin but can hold your important things in it. It has three pockets in it to keep your cash and cards. It also comes with a see-through window to keep our ID in it. The wallet is bi-fold and can be kept in the front or back pocket easily. The wallet is black with a beautiful stitch design with white thread on the edges which makes it stunning. You can buy it for Rs. 2,065 from

Urban Forest Kevin Green Leather Wallet for Men

Check out this Urban Forest leather wallet made for men with taste. This wallet is tri-fold and is crafted by hand to make it look very unique. If you are one of those men who like to keep a lot of things in their wallet, this one can be very useful for you. You can keep different sized cards in it and keep as much cash you like in it safely. You can easily hide some of your cash in one of the pockets to save it from party people. The wallet is available for Rs. 1,499 on

Vintage Slim Money Clip Bifold Short Wallets

The Vintage slim wallet is another great choice for men who like to show off their style in public. This wallet is beautiful yet stylish. It has compartments to keep your cash and cards separately and also has a money clip in it to keep your money intact. The wallet is made to be kept in the front pocket although you can carry it in your back pocket as well. You can buy it in tan, black, or dark brown color for Rs. 899 from

Clove Slim Coin Wallet

The Clove slim wallet is another stunning wallet and can be used by men of all ages. The light blue color of the wallet makes it look appealing. It is an extra slim wallet and is specifically made to keep your coins in it. You can also keep 5 cards in it with your cash. This stunning wallet can be a great gift for your college-going brother who would need a change in the cafeteria. You can order it for Rs. 2,120 from

Things That Don't Belong in a Wallet! Keep Your Slim Wallets Slim!

Wallets are made to keep your important documents, cash, and cards but we should not forget that wallets get stolen often. There are a few things you should avoid keeping in your wallet to be on the safe side.

  • Condom:

    You should always keep a condom handy but don't keep it in your wallet. According to experts condoms should be kept in cool and dry places to maintain their efficacy. Keeping it in your wallet is not a good idea because it may cause microscopic tears in the latex and would be of no use to you.

  • Receipts:

    You do need to keep your receipts but don't let it sit in your wallet for days. Receipts contain your home address and phone numbers and if stolen can be used against you.

  • Social Security Card/Adhaar Card:

    Most of us keep our Adhaar card in our wallets but it's not a good idea. People can easily misuse it and cause a lot of damage to you financially.

  • Checks:

    Checks are meant to be kept at home, not in your wallets. People these days are good at using them to clean out your banks. Avoid keeping them in your wallet unless you are to use it immediately.

  • Gift cards:

    You tend to get a lot of gift cards while you shop and most of us shove it in our wallets. If you like to use gift cards then don't keep them in your wallet or you'll lose a chance to benefit from it if misplaced.

  • Numerous credit cards:

    If you have multiple credit cards you should keep them somewhere safe. Keep the card that you use frequently in your wallet to avoid it being misused.

  • Original Photos:

    People like to keep family pictures in their wallets to show it around but keeping original pictures is not a safe thing to do. You can cancel your cards if you lose your wallet but you can't cancel the pictures you lost and they can be misused.

  • Business cards:

    It is good to keep your business cards with you to not to miss any opportunity but use a specific cardholder to keep it rather than in your wallet. Your business card contains your phone number, address, and name of the company which can be misused easily. You may also end up folding your business card when you keep it in your wallet which makes it less presentable.
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A Wallet That Suits Your Needs

There are many options available out there these days, both offline and online, and that can be confusing. Ideally, what you should do is find the one that is not only stylish but practical - a wallet that suits your needs. Because only then will it be used properly every day, rather than it being a style showpiece only.