Classy, Swish Accessories Are Worth Every Penny: 10 Luxury Brands Handbags to Check Out! (2020)

Classy, Swish Accessories Are Worth Every Penny: 10 Luxury Brands Handbags to Check Out! (2020)

Despite being expensive, luxury handbags never lose their charm to leave you spellbound. The price tag of these bags may seem intimidating at first, but you will realise soon how wise it is to invest in such a splurge-worthy piece rather than spending time on ordinary handbags. Luxury handbags are durable and hold their value in the long run. If you are planning to buy a luxury piece online, then we are here with some tips to make your shopping smart and wise, along with the 10 curated products you can order online.

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Buying Luxury Handbags is Definitely Worth it!

It is not just enough to dress beautifully. It is equally important to accessorise your clothes with the right kind of additional pieces. And when it comes to accessories, no one can deny the power of a gorgeous handbag. Handbags have always been in trend since they were introduced to the world. There is hardly any woman who doesn’t have a few pieces of these beauties. Now fashionistas are more into luxury and designer handbags. Of course, they are expensive, but they are worth every penny you spent. There is nothing like pairing your clothes with a luxury bag to transform your style statement into something extraordinary.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Leather Products

  • Know your leather: When you are ready to spend thousands on a designer handbag, you must get assured that it is a value-for-money piece. The first thing that you must look in a designer luxury bag is the quality of the leather. Always make sure to purchase the finest quality of genuine leather goods. More specifically, it is best to grab a handbag made of full-grain leather. Such pieces are durable and don’t crack even after ages.

  • Read complete specs: While shopping for luxury bags online, don’t hurry to buy anything without going through every specification mentioned in the description. Mainly focus on the dimension section. This will tell you how much space it can offer you to accommodate your essentials. Also, pay attention to the quality of metals they have used to make the handbag sturdy. Chapped metal parts are never acceptable in a high-end item.

  • Look out for best deals: Never buy your luxury handbag online after visiting a single digital marketing platform. Browse through several other websites to know where you can have the best deal without compromising on the quality. Do not fall for the cheapest price as they might be the first-copies. Look for the original tag or authenticity certificate to get your hands only on the right product.

Top 10 Luxury Handbags That You Can Buy off the Internet Under 10,000 Rupees!

#1 Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Tote Monogram


If you are looking for something classic, then Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Tote Bag is just for you. Crafted with passion and utmost care, this handbag is made of pure leather. Featuring a pebble grain finish and leopard print exterior, this bag is a born captivator. The bag comes with one main compartment, one interior and one exterior slip pocket paired with a chain-leather shoulder strap. This multi-coloured piece is fitted with a turn-lock closure, which keeps everything safe. A dust bag is also included with this tote. To own this beauty, you have to go to and need to spend Rs. 6,317.

#2 Calvin Klein Orange & Grey Reversible Solid Tote Bag


Calvin Klein is one of the most reputed luxury handbag makers in the world. Their products assure nothing but supreme quality. Calvin Klein Orange Grey tote bag is a must-have for ladies who want to pair their outfits with something that can never go wrong. This bag is reversible, which means both the colours can be flaunted depending on the colour of the dress. It features a large compartment paired with a detachable pouch. This tote bag is best to be coupled with casual attires. You can buy this trendy tote bag from Myntra for Rs. 8,499.

#3 Armani Exchange Pink & White Large Reversible Tote

When you are looking for a stylish yet comfortable handbag, then this dark pink and white Armani Exchange Reversible Tote is just for you. This handbag is crafted with high-quality polyester fabric to ensure fabulous durability year after year. It features a double handle strap, which makes it super easy to carry. The textured exterior pattern is captivating. Flaunting one main compartment, this luxury tote bag is big enough to keep all your make-up and daily essentials handy. This classy bag is available on Tata Cliq at a discounted price of Rs. 7,199.

#4 Ted Baker Light Grey Nylon Tote Bag

When it comes to manufacturing vibrant and timeless pieces, Ted Baker is the undisputed front-runner in the arena. Their bags have always been known for those mesmerising floral patterns and designs. This Ted Baker Light Grey Tote Bag is not an exception to this. The tropical print with a dash of pink is designed to match your casual mood. This nylon tote bag flaunts a double-handled strap paired with a single compartment. The zip enclosure makes it easy to reach the main compartment. This Ted Baker Tote is coupled with a matching pouch that offers additional storage for your daily essentials. You can shop for this bag at The Collective, and the discounted price of the bag is Rs. 6,750.

#5 Dune London Black Medium Damien Tote

This black-hued contemporary tote bag from Dune London is a classic blend of sophistication and style. This bag features a slightly tapered upper portion, which enhances its beauty quotient as well as its usability. The bag flaunts a textured exterior that catches your attention instantly. Metal riveted straps can bear the load effectively. Designed with high-quality synthetic material, this Dune London bag comes in a measurement of 26 cm x 34 cm x 15 cm (H x L x W). The main compartment opens with a snap closure. This black tote is neither too big, nor too small. It is just right to match every type of occasion. This bag is available at a price of Rs. 8,999 on Tata Cliq.

#6 Lacoste Anna Reversible Bicolor Tote


What can be better than owning a reversible bicolour handbag that will save you from investing in another piece? This spacious tote bag from Lacoste enables you to flaunt your style statement to the world without going flashy. Made of coated canvas, this Lacoste tote comes with a detachable pouch, which means your small essentials now have a room of their own. This handbag measures 35 x 30 x 14 cm (L x H x W). Logo of Lacoste has been designed from a shiny piece of metal and tucked to the front side of the bag. If you have fallen for this wonderful large-sized tote, you can buy it from for Rs. 6,416.

#7 Carvela Pink Textured Tote Bag

When you want to talk to the world, not through your words but your impeccable sense of style, you must own this splendid mauve tote from Carvela. This brand is the unbeatable winner when it comes to designing masterpieces for working women. Crafted from the finest leather and finished with pebble texturing, this Carvela Tote showcases a classic golden brand plaque on top front. Fitted with three compartments, this bag can be secured with magnetic button closure. Twin grab handles of this bag are meant for hassle-free carrying. If you wish to buy this elegant piece, then rush to and purchase it for Rs. 6,000.

#8 Hidesign Handbag

Hidesign is that one brand that not just deals in hand-made leather items, but they also showcase nothing but pure heritage through their extensive range of handbags. Owning a piece from Hidesign is undoubtedly something to feel proud of. This maroon tinted handbag from Hidesign has been crafted to match the need of modern women. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for the office or the family get-together, grab this handbag and show your classic side without putting much effort. This style comes with a single compartment secured with zip closure. Metal details twin handle strap make grasping easy. Brand plaque is fitted on the top front of the bag. This bag is made of genuine leather and comes with a warranty of one year. You can shop for this Hidesign maroon tote bag at Nykaa Fashion at a price of Rs. 7,195.

#9 Guess Women Handbag


Who says the best things come only at exorbitant prices! Take a look at this Guess Women Tote Bag. This glossy handbag is a chic and stylish handbag that adds a splash of bling to any of your regular outfits. This single compartment and the double handled piece is simply gorgeous and enough to turn heads when you enter the room. This Guess tote is available at almost half of its original price on for Rs. 5,999.

#10 Michael Kors Light Pink Convertible Medium Shoulder Bag


When you are looking for a designer bag without worrying about the budget, then go for the Michael Kors handbags. This brand has redefined the game of accessorising with its spectacular range of handbags. This light pink convertible shoulder bag speaks of nothing but sheer grace and class. This medium-sized shoulder bag is made of pure leather. Fitted with a single compartment, zip closure, removable shoulder strap, and iconic MK logo at front, this item offers just the right amount of space to keep your daily essentials within your reach. This bag costs Rs. 9,950, available on

Top 3 Questions Answered on Caring for Luxury Handbags

  • How to store luxury handbags?: Every luxury bag comes with an original box; don’t discard that box! Try to keep the bag in that box and, if possible, stuff it with acid-free tissue. You can even stuff your expensive bags with soft sweaters and t-shirts to keep the shape intact.

  • How to save luxury handbags from moisture?: Moisture is probably the worst enemy to your luxury bags. To keep them safe from this invisible enemy, you should put a tiny sachet of silica gel inside the bag. Silica gel not just absorbs the excess moisture but also saves your bag from those foul smells. In case your bag shows any fungal mould, you should wipe it with a piece of soft fabric and leave it under sun rays for a whole day. You can also spray dehumidifier to stop the moulds from growing.

  • How to care for luxury handbags?: Apart from moisture, dirt stain is another factor that makes your expensive bags look dull within a very short period. As soon as you notice any mark of stain, you should wipe it out by rubbing the spot with gentle soap and a piece of soft fabric. Always carry your cosmetics, sanitisers, and other liquid items in a small pouch and put it inside any compartment of the bag. This prevents them from rolling around free and staining the interior of the bag in many places. If possible, get a professional to place metal feet at the base of your luxury bags. This keeps the base safe from accumulating scratches and dirt when you put the bag down.
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A Luxury Bag is Your Prized Possession!

Luxury bags are nothing short of the prized possessions. So, when you have convinced yourself to spend that hefty amount for a single piece, it is obvious to expect those iconic beauties to last for years. If you want a good return of the fortune that you spent over your luxury bags, you have to take care of them. Follow these tips and keep following BP-Guide for more interesting stuff like this!