Do You Want the Best But for Less? Here are the Top 10 Luxury Fashion Items You Can Buy for Under 10K!

Do You Want the Best But for Less? Here are the Top 10 Luxury Fashion Items You Can Buy for Under 10K!

We all have been in a situation where our dreams are bigger than our pockets! Most women want the style and comfort offered by luxury branded items, but are unable to do so as these products are usually very expensive! While these products are always worth penny we spend on them, yet we often find them to be much beyond our reach. Not every brand is expensive. Here we have made a list of some luxury items you can buy for as less as under 10K!

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Buying Luxury Brands Online

Online stores offer the latest trends in luxury brands items for unbeatable prices. If you want to make the right choice, you need to be careful about the sites you pick. Genuine sites are where you can find reliable products. When you are looking to invest in luxury brand items, here are some tips to get the best, and also ways to care for them.

Things to Remember When Buying Luxury Items Online

When you are fond of luxury items, you would discover that the best place to get them is online. You will be amazed to see the number of options available. But, with the pros, there are certain cons too. You need to be sure about a few things before you are ready to spend money on them. Here are the most vital things to keep in mind, before you pay for the luxury brand items you have found on an online site.

Ensure Authenticity

Many sites can sell you great looking branded luxury items. But, do they really come from the brand? Most often than not, they might just be replicas. This is where the authenticity certificate plays a vital role. When you find the product coming with an authenticity certificate, you can be assured about the product’s genuineness. Do not get carried away by the price tag and images, but choose the authentic luxury items only. Checking the genuine online sites is essential to get authentic products.

Look for Warranty and Guarantee (Available on Certain Items)

All branded luxury items come with warranty and guarantee. If you have chosen from a lesser-known or a new brand, check the reviews. This is going to be rare, as all the manufacturers assure guarantee and warranty with the shoes, handbags, and dresses. But you cannot expect the same with all the items. It is a good idea to go for the items that come with a guarantee and warranty certificates. Replicas too can come with a guarantee and warranty. But, you need to first confirm the authenticity of the luxury item, to be benefitted by warranty.

Look Out for Best Deals

You need to look out for the deals that are alluring. Visit many sites. Then compare the prices. But, again, the price should not be the only factor that you should be concerned about. Take into the note, if the item is genuine and comes from a trustworthy brand. Else, even the best deal can be a loss. When you want to get the best deals, you should also be ready to spend time. Check for similar items on numerous sites. Also, when you buy a couple of items together, you will be able to grab a good deal.

Top 10 Luxury Fashion Items You Can Buy for under 10K!


We looked throughout the internet and found some amazing deals on luxury brand fashion items that you can get for under Rs. 10,000. So, listed below are the top 10 such deals available right now:

Ralph Lauren Millbrook Chain Crossbody Bag

A super stylish luxury brand crossbody bag for women is available at This Rose Gold bag comes with the price tag of Rs. 9,000. It is a must have bag if you are looking to make yourself in trend with the current style. This bag is made of pebble leather, has a brass tone exterior and looks stunning. The site offers the bag with the Authenticity and Grading Certificate, which is an additional advantage of purchasing the bag here. You can be sure that this item is genuine.

Armani Exchange Metallic Silver Analog Watch


This analog watch with white dial is a perfect fit for professional wear. Boost your personality with this metallic watch that has a strap looking like a steel mesh. Armani Exchange Metallic watch guarantees an impressive look, wherever you wear it. Wear it to your workplace, or for your business presentation, to steal the show. The Armani Exchange logo in the dial gets you the cool look. Place an order for one at at Rs. 9,995.

Guess Women Lace-Hem Blazer Dress


A flirty sleeveless dress for women that comes with the back zipper and Notch lapel. This is a blazer inspired dress that looks stunning for parties and other casual events. It fits elegantly, and grabs attention anywhere you go. This crisscross back dress has a button-front accent lane. Hand wash is mandatory if you want the lined and laced hem dress to hold the grace forever. Do not machine wash, or wash roughly. Made of polyester and spandex the dress measures 39 inches from shoulder to hem. Grab one for the bold look at The black dress comes for Rs. 8,934.

Armani Exchange Black Above Knee Dress

For a striking and elegant note, the Armani Exchange black dress is a perfect choice. If you want to garner attention without much ado then try this classic feminine wear that comes with a jewelled neckline, and there is a zip-up closure at the back, too. The closure is concealed, so the dress seems to be a perfect fit. The asymmetric tie waist is also the vogue of the day.

The dress is designed with much attention to latest trends. The regular fit dress looks glamorous with a fit and flared silhouette. It goes well with stilettos. The solid print black dress can be washed with like colours in the machine. You can try this for parties and even make it your casual wear. This round-necked dress is made of 100% polyester. It is apt for women with a chest size of 38 inches. Get this for Rs. 6899 at

Salvatore Ferragamo Multicolor Fabric Varina Bow Ballet

For the women who want to go classy and never want to compromise on comfort when it comes to shoes, then these flats from the house of Salvatore Ferragamo is a great choice. It is a multi-coloured footwear with leather lining. With the gold tone hardware and insole of leather and rubber, these flats are appropriate for US 8 size. Check your size before you place an order. On the vamps, the signature bow of the manufacturer is seen and comes with round toes. These flats come for Rs. 7,349 and you can get them at the

Karl Lagerfeld for Cover Story Red Regular Fit Rogue Dress with Belt

The red rogue dress with a belt gives you a stunning look. This Karl Lagerfeld dress comes with a V neckline. It is a regular fit dress with conveying short sleeves, and fit for women with a chest size of 32 inches. It can be washed in the machine with cold water. If you wash it with other clothes, then ensure they are all of like colours. Made of 100% polyester, the dress is something you must own. offers this dress for Rs. 7,490.

MICHAEL KORS Luggage Alice Ballet Flats

Make heads turn with this Luggage Alice Ballet flats from Michael Kors. This leather flat has a bow detail at the vamp. The flat sandals also come with an authenticity certificate. You can flaunt with style during the parties and outings. The detailing footbed makes the flats comfortable, and the design makes it stylish at the same time. You can place an order for these flats at The flats come for Rs. 9,950.

Kate Spade Row Watch

Adorn a fashionable look with this Kate Spade Row Watch and also get a 2 years warranty on this watch. You can be assured about the quality, as there is a warranty for 2 years. This alloy watch for women has a silicone strap and comes with a grey strap. The dial colour is grey, and the case is 34 mm. You can get the watch from for 9,273 INR.

Guess Sunglasses for Women

Made from the finest frame, these Guess sunglasses for women can give you the most impressive look. Give a stylish look with these high-quality glasses. These sunglasses are durable and last long. The best thing about these glasses is that they are available in various styles and multiple colours. The tortoise style sunglasses is the most preferred design of their products.

The brand is known for the ‘G’ nose pads that keep the glasses on the place without slipping. Get the smart look without suffering from any allergies while you use these glasses. The material used keep off any hypoallergenic hassle. So, you can be free from the worries of any allergies. The site offers the glasses for Rs. 9,579.

SWAROVSKI Womens Gold plated Crystal Necklace

A beautiful necklace every woman would love is the Swarovski gold plated crystal necklace. It brings together the traditional heart design with a romantic modern twist. A bond of love means two hearts coming together. And in this necklace the two interlaced hearts symbolise the love between two hearts. It has a circle motif around the heart, and the red crystal pava adds to the elegance and beauty of the necklace.

If you want to gift your partner a splendid piece for Valentine’s Day, then this is the best choice for her. Made of alloy metal this jewellery creates an additional impact. It comes with gold plating and a 1 year warranty. sells this for Rs. 7,690.

3 Tips To Care For Your Luxury Brand Fashion Items

Luxury items enhance your personality and boost your self-esteem. When you have invested so much on them, you should also focus on taking care of them. You need to clean, wash or maintain them with utmost care. They are not ordinary fashion items that can withstand any rough handling. You must ensure proper care and maintenance, and remember you have paid a lot for these fashion items! Get to know the 3 important tips on taking care of your luxury and branded items:

Luxury Denims Shouldn't Be Washed Often

Wash your luxury denims only when it is really necessary. Each time the denim jeans are washed, it fades. Especially, when you have got new denim jeans, do not wash them at least for the first two to three months. Every time you put the jeans in the washing machine, the glow is lost. This is because during this time, when you keep wearing them, the dye is getting set.

When you want to know the right time to wash the jeans, check if the back of the knees has become creased. If yes, then you can wash them, but turn the jeans inside out and wash in cold water. When you think, it needs to be cleaned before the back of the knees are creased, then clean quickly with a damp sponge wherever required. This is enough to clear the dirt and spots. The time you give helps the jeans to get moulded to your body. So, avoid washing every time you wear them, or frequently.

Clean Your Watch Often and Get Servicing Done Regularly

If you want your watch to shine like new, clean it often. Dust particles can damage the minute parts of the branded watches. Cleaning should be done gently. Use a soft cloth to wipe and clean any dirt or dust particles. Cleaning alone is not enough to keep the watch in shape. Every two years, or at least once in three years, service your watch. The benefit of servicing the watch often is that you can identify any issue even before it can cause trouble. When you take the watch to an authentic service centre, the watchmakers will help you in keeping your watch new and durable.

Store Luxury Shoes in the Correct Manner

If you think cleaning is the only thing you need to keep your shoes new, then you must realise that storing them properly is also vital factor. Don’t throw the box, tissues, and the dust bag of the shoes. Keep them safe. Pack your shoes when you do not use them regularly in the box. When using them regularly, you can clean and store them in your closet or any other secure place where you keep your shoes. When infrequently used, storing them properly is mandatory.

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Start Opting for Pre-Loved Items!

When you have got an expensive taste but a small budget then you should consider buying pre-loved items instead of new ones. There are many websites and authentic dealers on social media sites that specialize in buying and selling used products in good conditions, but for half the original price. It is a good option if you believe in saving money, yet keeping your wardrobe up-to-date! Still, you should be careful when buying from such dealers and check the condition of the products carefully before purchase!