Protect Your Eyes Fashionably: 10 Stunning Goggles from the Best Sunglasses Brands in India and 3 Tips to Help You Select Sunglasses!

Protect Your Eyes Fashionably: 10 Stunning Goggles from the Best Sunglasses Brands in India and 3 Tips to Help You Select Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, it is also gives protection from the harsh sun. As such, it should be chosen with care from top brands which provide optimum protection. Here are 10 sunglasses brands in India both international and national that has the latest and stunning sunglasses. Keep reading for tips to help you choose sunglasses.

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The Many Benefits of Sunglasses!

Are you having a headache when you are out in the sun for a long time? Or are you planning to travel to the snowy countryside? You will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun and the dust. Apart from being a fashion statement, sunglasses are also helpful to protect our delicate eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Protects from the Weather


Sunglasses protect us from the harmful elements of nature, be it in the cold mountains with the sun rays becoming unbearable, or in the hot summers at the beach. It makes the difference between harming your eyes and has pure fun and frolic with friends. The sun and dust can irritate your eyes that may aggravate with time.

If you think, your eyes will not be damaged in the colder weather, you are wrong. People are surprised to know that snow can reflect most of the UV rays and can even cause snow blindness. It is suggested that you must wear sunglasses when travelling to the snowy regions. Similarly, when you are visiting the beaches, your eyes can get affected due to the sand. Sunglasses can keep your eyes safe.

Protects Your Eyes if You Are Healing


If you have undergone surgery, you must shield your eyes. Some surgeries, like cataract, may require you to protect your eyes for a few weeks from the harmful sun rays and the dust. Otherwise, there could be an adverse effect and cause harm to your eyes. If you wear sunglasses, you will be protected from the sun and the dust. It will help your eyes heal quickly.

Prevents Various Ailments

If you wear a sunglass, it will prevent several ailments. It reduces the chances of skin cancer near the eyes and also prevents muscular degeneration. The UV rays enhance the process of degeneration, and it is essential to wear protective sunglasses.

For some people, the intense sunlight is also a cause for concern and causes headaches and migraines. These people must wear sunglasses to lessen the effects of harsh sunlight. Cataracts are also caused due to intense sunlight and can lead to blindness. Cataract can be prevented with sunglasses that also have UV protected lenses.

How to Select a Sunglass

The Shape of Your Face

The sunglass of your choice depends a lot on the shape of your face. If your face is oval-shaped, you can choose brown or black frames that are large. You may also select any frame with dark colours that will emphasise your cheekbone. You have to choose smaller frames if your face is smaller. The frames that are ideal for you are rimless, hingeless, rectangular ones or wayfarer.

If you have a square face, you can choose, round, bigger frame. The ideal ones for you are the aviators, square or teardrop styles. The black frames usually look more prominent so that you may choose a deep colour like purple, grey or dark green. You can also choose the frame based on your skin tone.

Smaller frames are ideal for those with a heart-shaped face. The round frames or smaller rectangular ones can be chosen. Those with a round face can choose a little wider frames.

Check the Features You Need

You must have an idea of the features that you need in the sunglass of your choice. If you are too bewildered to finalise the features, you may do an online search. The most-wanted feature in sunglasses is UV protection, and most brands do offer this feature. Your eyes are protected from the harmful sun rays and protect against eye diseases.

If you find the surroundings to be glaring when you go out, you must look for polarised sunglasses. Most of us prefer the lenses to be endurable, and a scratch-resistant lens is ideal for you. However, they are of premium quality and can be quite expensive. A widely used form is the photochromatic lenses that are primarily used for prescription glasses. The tint of the glass changes with the surroundings. Mirrored sunglasses are also quite in use.

The Lens Colour

Apart from trendy styles, the colour of the lens can also depend on the reason for buying a sunglass. If you need to look out for long distances, you must purchase an amber or brown lens. It is useful for hiking, playing golf or boating. If you are in a sunny area, your eyes must be protected from the glare. A black or grey lens will be right for you.

The latest fashion trends for lenses are lighter colours like green or blue. They provide fantastic tinge, and you will look fashionable. It can also be worn to all occasions and is ideal to go snowboarding. If you wish to have a good vision even in low light, you can choose a yellow lens. 

Best Sunglasses in 2020


It is an iconic brand that has wowed generations and is a classic brand. They are the house of some of the leading brands like Aviators, Clubmaster and Wayfarer. It is a timeless brand that is loved by both men and women globally, and more so in this country.

Their range of products is all about attitude and style that includes prescription and polarised sunglasses. Their range of products use bold colours, and the frames are the ones that can easily catch your attention. It suits people of all ages.

The Aviator Gradient is among the cheaper options that are available in 20 different colours. It is priced at Rs. 7490 and is available on the company website, Ray Ban India.



The Oakley brand is ideal for sports lovers and comes from the house of Luxottica. It is known for its authentic polaroid sunglasses. The brand has more than 850 patents, including one for its PRIZMTM technology. This technology allows the lens to emphasise the colours that are sensitive to the eye. It finetunes your vision for different environments.

People of all ages love the products of this tech-savvy brand. You can have several frames to choose from, and the brand has all the shades that follow the latest trends. The products are also known to bear any weather condition.

We have chosen this rectangular sunglass that is made from durable and stress-resistant material. It is priced at Rs. 7,011 and is available on Amazon.


The Fastrack brand is trendy among urban youth and adults. Since its introduction in the late 1990s, the brand has been able to capture the minds of the rebellious teenager. It is a brand from the Tatas Group that is renowned for its quality consciousness.

Its popularity stems from the fact that its products are available at a reasonable price. The youth fashion brand has a unique collection and also provides sunglasses that protect your eyes from the UV rays and has a wide range of products. The brand is available online as well as at the retail stores.

This retro sunglass from Fastrack is made from a polycarbonate material and comes with UV protection. It is priced at Rs. 759 and is available on Flipkart.


Polaroid is among the renowned brand for sunglasses globally. The brand produces sunglasses with a high level of UV protection and known for its elegant design and bold and sturdy shapes. You can have sunglasses in different styles like oval, pilot, navigator, rectangular, Wayfarer, etc. They are also the pioneers in polarised lenses.

The brand appeals to men and women of all ages and comes in an assortment of shapes and colours. Their products are a great combination of superior design and technology that are available at an affordable price tag.

This unisex black grey polarised sunglass is ideal for those with square faces. It is available at Rs. 2,730 and is available on Lenskart.


The eyewear brand is known for its chic products that are stylish and trendy. The range of sunglasses also falls in line with what the brand is known. It is the ideal brand for fashion-savvy youngsters and has an exhaustive collection for both the youth and adults. While it is a more pronounced brand for women, it has a sizeable collection for men too.

The products come with the best quality lenses that help you stay away from UV rays. The CR-39 lenses are also known to be scratch resistant. Currently owned by the Luxottica group, it offers some of the most fashionable eyewear globally. It has an exciting range of sunglasses available in an array of shapes and colours. You can choose the product of your choice online. Some of them are also available at select outlets.

This sunglass in white and brown is ideal for women and is priced at Rs. 4,952 on the Lenskart website.


Farenheit is one of the brands that is an automatic choice for people who prefer protection from the harmful UV rays. The products reduce stain on your eyes and are renowned for its quality. It is, however, not as popular as the other brands mentioned here. Yet, it has its own set of followers due to the different styles and high-quality lenses.

The products come with a protective film that helps to shield your eyes. It is available at all online stores.

The brand is also known for its low prices. This aviator sunglass from Fahrenheit has a list price of Rs. 2,999 and is available on Flipkart.


Velocity offers a collection of eyewear that appeals to men, women as well as kids. They have designs for all faces and moods. The sunglasses come with UV protected polarised lenses. The brand provides different styles like Wayfarers, Club Masters, Aviators, Browline, etc. They also have an exhaustive range for kids.

The sunglasses also ensure that you are exposed to minimal glare from the sun and are scratch-free too. They are made from fibre that makes them lightweight too. The products are also available at a price that appeals to all people.

These pair of polarised Aviator sunglasses from velocity is priced at Rs. 1,299 and is available at Flipkart.

Vincent Chase

Vincent Chase is known to be a brand that provides elegant eyewear at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of shapes and designs that appeal to a wide range of customers. There are products for men, women and kids too. It is known for its sophisticated style and has an overwhelming collection.

This polarised pair of sunglasses has a tortoise grey colour that protects you from UV rays. It is widely sought after by women. This model is priced very cheaply and comes at Rs. 899. It is available on Lenskart.

Joe Black

It is among the most popular sunglass brand available across the country. If you are looking for chic and suave looks, then this brand is ideal for you. The brand comes with the latest fashions and trends. It has a wide fan following and is widely searched over the internet and has raving reviews and testimonials.

Joe Black provides a refreshing look to you and protects your eyes from the sun through its polaroid lenses. The products are comfortable to wear, as they do not weigh much. You can try one of the vibrant colours of this stable.

It does not pinch your wallet much. This Wayfarer pair of sunglasses from Joe Black is priced at Rs. 625 on Flipkart.



The house of Prada is a renowned brand catering to the latest fashion in apparel, leather, shoes and eyewear. It is a brand usually worn by celebrities globally. If you indeed wish to step into the style of the stars, then you may choose one of these. It is a premium brand that comes in a whole assortment of colour and shades. The designs are out of the world and are a real value for money.

The Prada sunglasses are known to block at least 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. The bland also says a lot about your status, among others. This oval sunglass for women is priced at Rs. 36,190 and is available at Amazon.

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Tips to Take Care of Sunglasses!

However expensive your sunglasses are, its durability depends on you. Always carry your glasses in your case. It is always prone to scratches if carried without its case. Do not breathe and wipe. Wash your sunglasses with mild soap and warm water; wipe with a lint-free cloth. Absolutely avoid dry wiping. It can cause scratching. Never leave your sunglasses to face down. Again it could scratch the protective layer. And make sure they have UV protection. Remember sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory.