Look Stylish and Classy While Protecting Your Eyes. Top Trending Sunglasses in 2020 and Why You Need to Get a New Pair of Shades.

Look Stylish and Classy While Protecting Your Eyes. Top Trending Sunglasses in 2020 and Why You Need to Get a New Pair of Shades.

Your sunglasses are one of the most visible fashion accessories which reflect your class and style. Sunglasses have an important role to play in protecting your eyes from harsh lights and UV rays. So, if you are wondering which are the latest trending sunglasses in 2020 then you have just come to the right place. This BP Guide has curated a list of the top trends in sunglasses for both men and women and catering to all budget segments. Read on to know more.

Are Sunglasses Merely Meant for Style?

Did you know that the first primitive sunglasses were invented in China, and were made with a crude slab of smoked quartz? These were invented to protect the eyes from the hot glare of the Sun. Later on, sunglasses became popular when Hollywood stars started wearing them. Nonetheless, it wasn’t just for style! Sunglasses were usually used to protect their eyes from the harsh studio lights. In essence, sunglasses since long have served the purpose of protecting the eyes rather than simply being a stylish accessory to go with an outfit. It is a brainer that sunglasses can easily increase the style quotient of your overall look, quite effortlessly. But there is more to wearing sunglasses than simply adding up the oomph.

Protect Your Eyes Against UV Rays

It is a known fact that the Sun’s UV rays are harmful to your body, especially the eyes. Prolonged exposure of the strong UV rays can result in dangerous health consequences such as damaging the retina, blurred vision and even cataract. Moreover, it could also cause swelling and redness in the eyes. The area around the eyes is also sensitive. So, it is a matter of high priority that you protect your eyes and the skin around them from the Sun’s harmful UV light. So, the next time you step out of your house, don’t forget to put on those sunglasses; not just to impress but to protect as well! Sticking to the health perspective doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with style though. Get to know the latest trends in sunglasses of this year, and find out the ones that offer the best protection and suit your eyes the best!

Trending Sunglasses Styles

2020 is a year that is surely going through a lot of turmoil. You couldn’t ever be more careful about your health than now. So, any time you step out of the house, don’t forget to don your sunglasses, just like your mask! Fashion experts have predicted some amazing trends in sunglasses that quite presumably apply for the coming months as well. Here are the latest trends in sunglasses that are sure to catch some attention this year:

  • Oversized Frames:

    Oversized frames give the appeal of a mysterious and discreet look. The 70's style oversized sunglasses are making a comeback this season. So, make sure to check out if they suit your face, as they are sure to stay for a while.

  • Cat Eye:

    This retro classic is taking a funkier spin this season. The exaggerated wing shaped frames and the quirky and fun vibes are definitely bringing back the Hollywood charm.

  • Geometric Shapes:

    Strong geometric frames are surely “in”, reminiscing the 90’s look. Don’t be scared to go for the twists and turns in shapes, as they will make you stand out for sure!

  • Colour Tinted:

    Colour tinted glasses have made their way from last year to this. These glasses are perfect as a stylish accessory to go with your outfits. You wouldn’t have any trouble in finding the colour that suits you most; the options are endless!

Our Top Recommendations for Trending Sunglasses

Sunglasses are pretty much a part of your total get-up. Be it a trip to the beach, or on your way to a long drive with friends, sunglasses are simply a go-to solution to enhancing your personality, isn’t it? So, why compromise with the least? Here are some amazing designs of the trending sunglasses that are from the most popular brands in India. The comprehensive list of top brands feature sunglasses for men, women and unisex designs. Also, since they are from reputed brands, the quality, comfort and pricing cannot be compromised with!

Black Pilot Oakley Unisex Sunglasses

This perfect pair of unisex sunglasses from Oakley has topped it to our charts for more reasons than one! The black pilot pair of sunglasses is a perfect combination of quality, style and comfort, under the patronage of the reputed brand, Oakley. Pilot sunglasses are a style symbol since decades and are a favourite style icon among men. Nevertheless, this unisex design suits both men and women alike. The rimmed metal frame is sturdy and durable; not to forget the sleek and stylish element that it gives. These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are polarised. The lens colour is a reddish brown and the frame is black in colour. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of trendy sunglasses of a good brand, then this could be it. You can check out Titan Eyeplus to find these new trendy sunglasses for ₹ 8,190.00.

Fastrack Polarised Oval Women's Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

Ladies, keep your eyes wide open as you could be looking at one of the most elegant and trendy sunglasses to enhance your look! Fastrack is an Indian fashion accessory brand that is focused towards providing the most contemporary and fashionable accessories to define your look. These gloriously designed sunglasses are nothing short of the innovative design and charm that the brand promises.

This pair of sunglasses from Fastrack comes in the oval geometric shape, pretty much one of the prerequisites of the trend this season. The light brown demi-coloured frame is likely to suit people of all skin tones. The plastic frame tucks in the smoke coloured plastic lens in style. The elegantly designed sunglasses also have elements of being sporty and fun from a different perspective. Overall, these are trendy and good sunglasses for women of all ages, if you want to look lively and dynamic. The glasses are UV protected and polarised for better health of the eyes. Find these amazing pair of trendy sunglasses on Amazon for ₹ 2,012.00.

Polaroid 100% UV Protected Striped Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Source www.ajio.com

Polaroid is an Italian brand that has captured the Indian sunglasses market since long. The brand is known for the exceptional comfort and build quality of its sunglasses. This striped cat eye trendy sunglasses speak volumes of the stylish saga that it offers. Cat eye sunglasses are known for the feline inspired shape that became a hit as early as the 1930's. This trend has made a strong comeback this season and is visibly noted in the new models of sunglasses across all brands. This pair of sunglasses from Polaroid is made of poly-carbonate and is made from a plastic frame that is full rimmed. The lens is polarised and features 100% UV protection from the sun (UV 400). The half transparent brown shaded frame gives a playful look, yet keeps up the sophistication at par. You can find this stylish and trendy eye-wear on Ajio for ₹ 2,870.00.

Vogue Oversized Sunglasses

Futuristic sunglasses for the year 2020 have seen exaggerated sizes in the frame. Oversized sunglasses were made a hit in the 1960's and have evolved ever since. Bring in some vintage and class with these edgy and unique oversized sunglasses from Vogue. The fashion brand, Vogue is well known for the excellent detailing and contemporary styling in all its products. These grey sunglasses are sleek in design and perfect for the fashion savvy user. These new trendy sunglasses have a clean-cut profile and a glistening layer, perfect to flaunt your urban glamour look. You can find these trendy sunglasses on Flipkart for ₹ 5,990.00. Also, the product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer

The original wayfarer from Ray-Ban is one of the most celebrated and recognisable pair in the history of sunglasses. The distinct shape, size of the frame and the tilt angle are highlights of these sunglasses. The Ray-Ban original wayfarer holds a predominant position among sunglasses and is surely making its presence felt in the current season, by being one of the best sunglasses in trend. These unisex sunglasses come in a turquoise coloured frame with green lenses. The full rimmed frame is made from acetate and is incredibly durable and long lasting. This collection features 6 unique shades that will marvel your stylish and bold appeal. Want to check out these trendy sunglasses? Head straight to Smart Buy Glasses to buy this pair for ₹ 11,813.00.

Ray-Ban Octagon 1972

Yet another trendy pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban. The brand is very popular in India and has many dedicated customers who swear by the quality and durability of their sunglasses. These unique octagon shaped lenses, bring out the 70’s vibe quite stylishly. In fact, it exudes a high impact character to the wearer and straight away gives you the edgy urban look. The sleek and modern frames come in gold and silver shades with acetate temple tips for a full metal look. Available in 6 amazing shades, you can quite easily pick the one that suits your style the best. These trendy sunglasses will not only look good on you, but will also ensure the best of eye protection and optimal visual clarity. Find these trendy sunglasses on Ray-Ban for ₹ 11,813.00.

Inexpensive Stylish Sunglasses

While the above-mentioned trendy sunglasses might have captured your interest, it is a fact that at least some of you may have thought these to be absurdly high priced for accessories. Or maybe you would want to keep them in your wish list, while picking up something that is relatively more affordable. We hear you guys! So, here are a few stylish and trendy sunglasses that are also pocket friendly and relatively cheap to buy.

Dervin UV Protection Octagonal Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

These lightweight and small size shades are perfect as a modish accessory to go with your fab outfit; yet friendly on the budget. The stylish full frame sunglasses from Dervin, are designed to be worn by both men and women. The octagonal shaped glasses are ideally the perfect fit for trending sunglasses this season. Well, apart from the minute shortfalls of coming from a lesser known brand, this pair of sunglasses positively fulfils all the prerequisites of a trendy pair of sunglasses at first look. The glasses also promise to offer 100% UV protection and eye protection. The octagonal shaped sunglasses match with contemporary clothing and easily give a stylish vintage-inspired look. The full rimmed metal frame comes in a golden shade and perfectly complements the black lens. These sunglasses are great to be worn occasionally, as you might have to compromise on the quality if used frequently. Find this pair of sunglasses on Amazon for ₹ 239.00 only; which is a decent buy for the quality of the product.

Aislin UV Protection, Gradient Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Price shouldn’t be a hurdle while acquiring the assets to revamp your look, right? Cat-eye sunglasses are the trend in the coming season and so, must be on top of the list while choosing a pair of sunglasses for you. Here is a stylish pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Aislin that has gained much popularity in the Indian market. The brown shaded sunglasses match with almost all outfits and make for a perfect accomplice to complete your look. The sleek slide design comes with a high-quality metal hinge. The premium finished frame gives the shades, a polished look. The gradient sunglasses also feature 100% UV protection for the wearer. So, if you are looking to buy a trendy pair of sunglasses that fit you budget, then this is a good option. You can buy this pair of sunglasses on Flipkart for ₹ 475.00.

Fravy Black Shade Unisex Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

Here is yet another stylish variant of what looks like a combination of a classic wayfarer with modern hues. The interesting shades of the lens and the creative design of the frame are the highlights of the Fravy brand. These sunglasses from Fravy not only offers you a fashionable look but also promise to offer 100% UV protection to your eyes. It must be mentioned that the packaging is not impressive compared to the quality of the product. But overall, we liked the innovative geeky look that these sunglasses offer which have acquired many positive customer reviews. And of course, also the fact that it is priced at a substantially lower budget. Find this pair of trendy sunglasses from Fravy on Amazon for ₹ 168.00 only.

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Invest in Good Quality Sunglasses

Keeping your budget in mind, you should invest in good quality sunglasses which not only ramp up your glamour quotient but what is more important, is the protection that your eyes need, particularly when you are outdoors in the daytime. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which pair of sunglasses you would like to buy next. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.